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The Messianic Times has grown to become the leading international Messianic Jewish newspaper since it burst onto the scene in 1990.

Launched as a quarterly publication, it is now published six times per year by Times of the Messiah Ministries.

The Messianic Times features:

  • news from the worldwide Messianic community,
  • Israeli current events and analysis,
  • incisive opinion pieces,
  • current book, music and film reviews,
  • teaching articles, and
  • our popular directory of Messianic Jewish congregations.

The Messianic Times alwaysseeks to provide accurate, authoritative, and current information to unite the international Messianic Jewish community, teach Christians the Jewish roots of their faith, and proclaim that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah.

Our newly designed state-of-the-art website provides a format that reaches beyond our many readers and supporters. The best-known Messianic ministries have chosen to display online ads with the knowledge that they are spending their advertising dollars wisely, alongside important news and information sought by those interested in all things Messianic.

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