‘The Miracle of Israel’ Premiere

'The Miracle of Israel' a film produced by Jewish Voice Ministries  will be premiering in seven major cities on Friday April 6, 2013.  

Over the next two weeks the film will be airing in primetime slots on local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates, coinciding with the 65th anniversary of the State of Israel.

This documentary is a historical snapshot of the Jewish People and their miraculous survival and restoration.  This film looks at how the story of Israel's restoration may hold the key to our future.  This film details both the birth of Israel and the prophetic significance and destiny of the chosen nation.  It is rich in the history of Israel.  Taking over three years to make, it is narrated by Leonard Nimoy.  The movie includes views on Messianic and Last Days' prophecy and the identity of the Messiah.

To find out if this film is showing in you area, click here.  For more information on this film, to order the DVD of this program please visit www.themiracleofisrael.com/order-the-dvd/.