Rabbi Shapira's Ahavat Ammi Holds Seminar at Beth Yeshua

Messianic Jewish Rabbi Tzahi Shapira of Ahavat Ami Ministries will be presenting a yeshiva at Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation on Saturday, October 5th.

Starting time for the yeshiva will be 3:00 p.m. He will be teaching on the book of Genesis from a Hebrew perspective.

Rabbi Shapira has recently released his book, Return of the Kosher Pig. The book takes a setting of a court of law where evidence is presented for and against the claims of a Divine Messiah. The worldwide release of "The Return of the Kosher Pig" took place in June of 2013.

Ahavat Ammi Ministries is led by Rabbi Shapira, who says the goal of his work is to reconcile Yeshua to the Jewish people and train others to do the same. Ahavat Ammi Ministries, in English "For the Love of my People," was founded on the 13 attributes of love and mercy towards G-D's chosen people. This love is focused around the most loving act towards the Jewish community by sharing with them the message of hope, mercy and life in Yeshua of Nazareth.

For more information about Rabbi Tzahi Shapira or Ahavat Ammi Ministries, please visit www.ahavatammi.org.

Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation is located at 5685 Westcreek Drive in Suite 301 in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information about this congregation, please visit www.bethyeshuaftw.org.