Beth Shalom Acquires New Home in Corona

After a quarter of a century as a community Beth Shalom Messianic Congregation has a home of their own.

Beth Shalom began as a home fellowship in 1987. Originally named Shalom Fellowship and lead by Bill and Nancy Rothschild, the began to meet a true need within the Jewish Community in Southern California. The early years began in Colton, a small city east of Los Angeles, and by G-d's grace an amazing opportunity presented itself for the purchase of our own synagogue in the city of Corona. Ironically, this particular building was planned and developed by a Conservative Jewish Community named Congregation Beth Sholom.

By faith Rabbis Rene and Robert Bloch (and the Beth Shalom community) made an offer to purchase the property and the rest is history! they believe this property was destined for their community, and hope this becomes a sign and a catalyst to the surrounding Jewish community of Corona and beyond for Messiah's sake.

The congregation is now in the process of making their new home, their new home. With repairs, painting, new equipment and all of the other upgrades needed they are looking forward to the day they can hold their first service in their own sanctuary. If you would like to find out more about Beth Shalom visit www.bethshalom-congregation.org.