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JNN News Update October 15, 2014

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JNN News Update October 8, 2014

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SUCCOT 2014:

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JNN News Update October 6 2014

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“You who answer prayer, to You all people will come. When we were overwhelmed by sins, You forgave our transgressions.” Ps 65:2-3


ISRAEL JOINS GLOBAL AID EFFORT TO COMBAT EBOLA EPIDEMIC: Israel's Foreign Office, responding to world-wide requests from many governments, has decided to increase the contribution of Israeli aid to combat the spread of Ebola. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send three mobile emergency clinics to areas of West Africa where there is a high risk of Ebola infection. This contribution comes on the heels of Israel sending medical health experts to Cameroon in September. That team was received favorably by the local government. Israel will also be providing clinic staff and medical experts to run operations and equipment in the West African areas. Staff training will focus on preventing the spread of the disease and raising awareness among populations with high infection potential. In addition, the Foreign Ministry sent emergency equipment to the Government of Sierra Leone and in recent weeks has shipped personal protection equipment for the African Union. (Arutz-7)

MOODY’S: WAR OR NOT, ISRAEL A GREAT PLACE TO INVEST: Despite the costly summer war in Gaza, last week the international credit rating agency Moody's issued a report maintaining Israel's previous A1 stable outlook. Last month, S&P gave Israel an A+ Stable rating, and Fitch assigned Israel an A Positive rating. A high agency rating means a country can borrow money at lower interest rates from international banks and agencies. (Times of Israel) “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season…and whatever he does shall prosper.” Ps 1:3

NETANYAHU: IRAN IS ‘MAKING BOMBS’: In one of his last, and perhaps his best, interviews before returning home to Israel for Yom Kippur, PM Binyamin Netanyahu told media sources: “Iran is making bombs. That's what their whole program is about, making bombs.” Netanyahu explained that if President Barack Obama, in a nuclear “bad deal,” were to allow the Iranians to keep “thousands of centrifuges,” he would be giving the Iranians the capacity to, in a few weeks or months, operate those centrifuges and enrich enough uranium to make a core of a nuclear bomb. The prime minister explained that though the Iranians say they need it for civilian non-military nuclear program, that's not true. “17 countries around the world, big countries, like Mexico and Canada and Indonesia and others, have civilian nuclear energy. They don't have one centrifuge. Because the centrifuge is needed for one thing, not for civilian nuclear energy, but for making a bomb, for military use.” The Prime Minister explained Israel’s place in the world’s strategic landscape, “They call us the Small Satan because we are just a frontal position, a forward position of the United States. They want to destroy us so they can get to you. The greatest danger is that should any one of these groups, either ISIS on the radical Sunni side, or Iran that leads the radical Shiites, get nuclear weapons, it’s a tremendous threat to the future of our world, a tremendous threat not only to Israel but to the US as well.” (Arutz-7)

IDF UPS PRESENCE NEAR SINAI BORDER AMID HEIGHTENED TENSIONS: The IDF's Southern Command has reinforced its forces along Israel's southern border, a senior IDF officer revealed Sunday, due to rising unrest in the Sinai Peninsula. "The Egyptian Army has raised the volume on its terror crackdown, and terrorists in turn have increased their efforts to harm Egypt," the officer stated. An additional reason behind the deployment is the number of ISIS 'copycat' attacks in the peninsula, he added - noting that beheaded bodies have been found 'continually' in the Al-Arish area over the past several weeks. Thus, the IDF has "decided not to take unnecessary risks," he said, for fear that members of Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis will turn to attacking Israeli targets in an attempt to destabilize the region. The group has claimed responsibility in the past for several rocket attacks that targeted the Israeli resort city of Eilat. The Southern Command has increased its posts along the Gaza-Egypt border near Rafah, commanders in the field said, adding that the Egyptian Army "faces significant challenges." (Israel National News) Pray for the safety of Israel’s southern Gaza-Egypt border. May any and all terrorists from various extremist sects be turned back by divine intervention, as well as Israel’s security and military forces.

ISIS LOSING HEARTS AND MINDS OF RESIDENTS IN ITS HEARTLAND: Fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the northeastern city Syrian of Raqqa partied over weekend. Their leader, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, decreed that each man in his ranks in the city would receive a pay bonus, as well as a lamb to roast for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. Their subjects however - many of the roughly 220,000 Raqqa residents remaining in the city - weren't so lucky. Many were poor to start with, and they've become poorer since this small city was taken over by ISIS extremists. Many had their Eid meal in a soup kitchen, paid for by the few wealthy citizens who can still afford to bankroll charity. "Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi," an alias adopted for his own safety, is an activist in Raqqa. He and his compatriots are dedicated to letting the outside world know what life is like in the city that's become ISIS' command center and the de facto capital of the group's self-declared "Islamic State." He said in a phone interview that perks for fighters started right away. "As soon as they arrived, they became the elite of the community. They are given comfortable homes and cars - and they get a generous salary every month." He continued that Raqqa's hospitals are now all shut down. “Their premises have been turned into ISIS headquarters. Residents who needs care have to travel to Turkey," says Ibrahim. "It's a rough and dangerous journey and some just don't make it." The ISIS fighters wounded in battle however, get treatment at local clinics run exclusively for them and their families. (CBS)

ECONOMIC CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED AGAINST ISIS: The Western world has sought to physically hinder Islamic State (ISIS), which has burst the Middle East asunder, through a series of targeted airstrikes. But last week, an additional campaign was launched to break the terror organization's hold on the region: an economic one. ISIS is widely known as the richest terror group worldwide, revealed this year to have roughly two billion dollars from looting alone. According to a media expose, the group makes - on average - three million dollars per day. The Counter Extremism Project seeks to change all that. The project, which was launched last week, aims to expose the inner economic workings of ISIS and to stop its campaigning through social media networks. Fran Townsend, the Project's leader noted that it is money - not power - which makes terror organizations go 'round. "Money is the oxygen of terror organizations," Townsend stated. "ISIS makes millions every day through gas sales, and that money allows it to continue fighting, and to strengthen the 'state' it claims it has in Syria. Without this regular income, they will be a significantly weaker organization." The main problem, according to Townsend, is that while the struggle against ISIS has been made a top international priority - there is simply not enough information about its sources of revenue. "The main challenge is to reveal who meets them, who engages in economic relations with them - and then to put pressure on governments and private companies to stop their direct or indirect links with this gang," she added. (CBS)

ANTISEMITISM SPIKE IN GERMANY RAISING OLD FEARS:  Armed guards were posted at synagogues throughout Germany for the start of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Antisemitism is once again on the rise in Europe, especially in Germany. The tensions have been building in Germany since demonstrations against last summer's Gaza war exposed a clear anti-Jewish sentiment. Chants were heard that echoed from Germany's darkest times. "Jew, Jew! Cowardly pig," they said. "We haven't had this dimension at all before," said Deiter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Imagine in German streets, people chanting - a roaring mob chanting – ‘Jews to be gassed, to be slaughtered, to be burned.’" He said he doesn't believe the sentiments have spiked because of passions that were stirred up by the events in Gaza. "It is cited as a reason for that but I don't think it's a reason. It's an occasion to let it out," said Graumann.  Monika Friesel, of Berlin's Technical University, has studied thousands of antisemitic emails sent to German-Jewish institutions and made a disturbing discovery. "We saw that more than 60% of the writers, who clearly evoke antisemitic stereotypes, come from the middle of society and many of them are highly educated," she said. "Anti-Israeli protests that become antisemitic demonstrations may be taking place across Europe, but nowhere are the echoes more sinister than they are here in Germany. This may not be 1938, but once again the Jewish community here says it feels like it's under siege. They are worried," said Graumann. "And many Jews here ask the question 'Has our Jewish population a future in Germany?' I haven't heard that question for many, many years. Now, though, the question is being asked again.” (CBS) Continue to pray that Jews in Germany, France, and across Europe will take heed in the midst of mounting antisemitism and make the decision to reside in Israel.

EU CONFERENCE ASKS ARIEL U. LECTURERS TO HIDE THEIR ORIGINS: University of Ariel lecturers have been permitted to attend the European Association of Israel Studies' annual conference - despite a policy biased against institutions in Judea and Samaria - but only on condition of hiding where they teach. Ariel University Chancellor, Yigal Cohen Orgad blasted the "absurd" policy on Sunday. "This is a ridiculous event, in which a small minority is trying to boycott us by saying to researchers: ‘you are acceptable to us, just don't say you're from Ariel University.’" Orgad added that the representatives' place of work is "obvious" in any case. "Everyone knows they haven't appeared from a vacuum and are working in Ariel." Orgad dismissed the notion of the incident having a permanent impact on the university's credibility. "This is a shameful act," he said. "It is important that it garners no response. We will continue to appear at conferences around the world." Several months ago, the European Union (EU) published new guidelines which boycott Israeli entities operating beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines, including Ariel University. The guidelines are part of the EU's policy toward Israel in general; it has threatened Israel multiple times to further its agenda in the Middle East. Despite the EU boycott, Czech Ambassador to Israel Tomas Pojar visited Ariel University in January, becoming the first European ambassador to do so. (Arutz-7)


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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff


JNN News Update October 14, 2014

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Messianic Jew Deported from Israel Will Appeal to Supreme Court

Reported by Crossmap.com

Banned from country for 10 years, Barry Barnett fights for rights.

ISTANBULTurkey (Morning Star News) - A British messianic Jew deported from Israel last year for participating in an evangelistic outreach to Jews confirmed that he will appeal his case to the nation's supreme court.

Barry Barnett, 50, left the country on Dec. 2 under a deportation order issued by Israel's Ministry of the Interior. He was banned from the country for 10 years. Barnett said his primary concern is returning to Israel but that the case has religious rights implications that go far beyond him.


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