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November 2015 

Shalom Friends.

As we get ready to gather this month to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving with our families and loved ones, we thought it would be an appropriate time to thank you for being a supporter of The Messianic Times.   With the help you have provided us during this past year, we have been able to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with good news about the Good News.   We have been able to share our message through inspiring articles and testimonies in our paper and on our website, which tell of the amazing revival that is happening worldwide among Jewish People. 

Your faithful support through subscriptions and direct donations have allowed us to expand our reach and broaden our vision to affect lives in real ways with the redemptive Message of the Jewish Messiah.  Every day when we update our website and every two months when we print our newspaper, you are part of our unified voice proclaiming to both Jew and Gentile that God is alive, well and actively fulfilling His prophesies right before our eyes around the entire globe.

Each month I spend time in prayer and hours thinking prior to penning these letters. My desire is that you will feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to do all you can to help us with both prayer support and financial gifts. 

I know that there are many outstanding Messianic ministries that you can support each month, and each of them is accomplishing great things for the Kingdom of God.   Many of these incredible ministries are featured in our paper and on our website.  Our role is to keep you informed with all of the news of that is taking place in the International Messianic Movement through those organizations.

We are in a very real way the public relations wing for hundreds of international Messianic Ministries.  Every time you donate to us you are also providing a blessing indirectly to them. Many of them are impacting hundreds of thousands of lives in countries around the world; yet do not have the needed resources themselves to let the world know how they are impacting Jewish people in their nations. Through your help, word of their outreach in places like Israel, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Former Soviet Union and Central and South America can be published and circulated to our reading audience.

This month I would like to ask you each to do something significant to help us with reaching our goals for this New Year.  Here is one particular way that your help can benefit The Messianic Times and assist with spreading the news occurring within the International Messianic Movement.

We know that many of you attend congregations or churches that are not listed in our paper or on our website.  We have two categories that profile these organizations who have partnered with The Messianic Times.  Our larger directory lists Messianic Congregations in the USA, Canada, Israel and around the world.  The smaller directory lists Churches (primarily North American) who love Israel. 

If your congregation or church is not represented in our publication, perhaps now would be a fitting time to provide a gift subscription to your Rabbi, Pastor or congregational leader.  Gift subscriptions are only $21.99 for one year.  We have found that many people and leaders who are involved in ministry or pastoral work are not familiar with our newspaper, nor are even aware of what God is doing amongst Jewish people.  The wonderful news that you and I enjoy is not commonly known amongst all Pastors and ministry leaders.  It often takes someone who is in the know to bring this to their attention.  The Messianic Times would be a great tool to bring awareness of this wonderful movement to them.

Regarding the ‘Churches Who Love Israel” section in our paper, we want to increase that section to properly include those that truly support Israel, Jerusalem and her people.  This section is not free, however.  For $300 per year, a church can receive recognition for partnering with us, and receive 10 copies or the equivalent of 10 subscriptions to our publication each time we publish our newspaper.  These are free for them to distribute to their members and adherents, guests and others even as welcome gifts.   

If you feel you would want to enlist your Pastor, Rabbi or leader to receive a gift subscription, kindly fill in the information on the back of your preprinted form to include with your payment.  We will send them a letter to let them know of your gift on their behalf.

Perhaps you would prefer to see your church listed as one who has a love for Israel.  Your $300 gift or $25 monthly donation directed specifically towards this effort would provide this on their behalf as well.  Of course, it would be appropriate to inquire first if this is something they would want to participate in.  Simply fill in the form with their information, or call us toll-free at 866-612-7770 to provide us with the details. 

As always your regular gifts help us to continue each month with the mandate, we are called to fulfill.  We want as many people to know about what the Lord is accomplishing in these last days before the return of Yeshua, or Jesus, with Israel and the Jewish people around the world.  And your participation in this particular area would extend our reach even farther as more people become aware of this incredible revival taking place. 

More exposure to this Good News is something we can all assist in increasing.  Thank you for considering extending your gifts to inform more people about God’s faithfulness to His people in these incredibly uncertain days.  Your gift response to this month’s theme can bring a blessing to both the readers and the ministries featured in our paper.

In Messiah, 

Eric Tokajer