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Shalom Friends,

The first annual Messianic Times Tour of Israel took place from November 23rd through December 4th. A group of 28 representatives from the United States and Canada spent their days travelling around the Land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and walking in the footprints of Yeshua.   The evenings were spent meeting with representatives from various Messianic Ministries located throughout Israel.

Why is this important to you?  If you remember, back in September we petitioned all of our supporters to donate not to The Messianic Times, but rather through The Messianic Times.  Every dollar received in response to this appeal was directly given to these ministries in Israel.

Because of your generosity, we had the opportunity to meet with leaders from Maoz Israel, The MJIF (Messianic Jewish Israel Fund), Tikkun Israel and The MJAA/ROI Joseph Project.   A very exciting yet humbling privilege was being able to hand over a check to these committed people, to help further their work in Eretz Israel. 

Between these four ministries we were able to provide donations just under $104,000.00.  We also mailed a check to The Joseph Storehouse who, because of scheduling problems, was unable to meet with our group.

Being there and participating in this effort allows me to tell you first hand that your offerings blessed these leaders tremendously.  Each gift was received with tears of love, joy in their eyes and huge smiles on their faces.  Everyone who gave toward this offering did so with a willing heart, as the Scriptures tell us in Exodus 25:2:

             “…You are to take My offering from everyone who is willing to give.”   

Each evening, we were blessed as we listened to the accounts of real life stories and testimonies of how lives are being touched and changed by Yeshua through their ministry efforts.  Now we have become a real part of the miraculous work God is doing throughout Israel.

Someone inquired how we determined whom we would support with the donations we had received. Well the answer to that question was very simple to determine. We felt it was important that we support those who have sown into our ministry. Each of these groups has been faithful supporters of The Messianic Times for many years. Not only have they provided timely and informative articles which we have carried either in print or on our website, but they have also partnered with our work financially.

So when it became very apparent that help was needed following the Gaza conflict in July last summer, our hearts went out to them and we knew we had to do put wings on our prayers.

When our team first began to speak about passing each and every donation received during the month of September to these ministries, we did not know what to expect.   We set a conservative goal of raising between $8,000 and $10,000 which would allow us to send a couple thousand dollars to each organization. 

We were blown away by the way God worked it out, bringing in above all we could ask or believe. Your response was far beyond our limited vision and we were able to give approximately $26,000 to each of the four ministries mentioned, and a smaller donation of directed funds to the Joseph Storehouse.

When we decided to give 100% of all the donations given by our supporters for this Gaza relief fund last fall, some people said to me, “You’re crazy!  How are you going to pay your bills?” We had many other such “words of encouragement” from well meaning people.   My response was “I believe this is what God would have us to do and that we believe He will provide if we are faithful.”

This act of obedience by our staff and by our readers and supporters will have innumerable impact on the people of Israel and was such a demonstration of our love that it will continue to touch lives for many months to come.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to represent you to these leaders in Israel.   To be the face they saw your generosity through.   To stand before them, presenting them with your offering, on your behalf.  It will be something I shall remember and share with friends for the rest of my life.

Beyond that I wanted to remind you that our job is not finished. We are still reaching out globally with the Message of the redemption of Yeshua and we still need your help to continue our mission.

Thank you for your faithfulness.  May the Lord bless you and keep you as we begin 2015 together. 


Sincerely in Yeshua, 

Eric Tokajer

Publisher and Executive Director