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July, 2015


Shalom Friend,

During the months of June and July, our staff spends a great deal of time traveling from one major conference in the USA to the next, promoting our newspaper and website.  Our goal in attending these selected venues is primarily to expand our ministry exposure and of course, increase our subscription base to either our printed publication, or to one of the various digital options we have available. 

Believe it or not, there are many people who have never heard of The Messianic Times.  We want to change that.

It is important for us to have representatives at each of these conferences, not just to increase our recognition and become a familiar face, but also to show our support to the various Messianic organizations that we promote and encourage by our presence.

While it is a necessary yearly commitment, these conferences extract a considerable drain on our budget.  We do everything we can to limit the costs incurred to attend them, yet it still ends up costing us thousands of dollars each year.   Expenses include everything from travel, housing and meals, to the costs for booths and displays, which include the promotional materials and newspapers we give away to increase our exposure and readership base.  Connections for advertising and future business partnerships are made and often it takes months before the results of these financial benefits are finally realized.

With this in mind I would like to draw your attention to two things this month:  

First:  I would like to ask each of you to consider making a small donation this month simply to offset the amount of money we will be spending to attend these conferences. 

Second:  I would like to ask a small favor of each of you, which will not cost you a penny. As a matter of fact, not only will it cost you nothing, it will give you an opportunity to provide a double blessing.  I am asking that you provide to us a list of 10 people and their email addresses so that we can send them a free digital edition of The Messianic Times.

The blessing of providing these names is two fold.

1)   You will bless your friends or family members with a free digital copy of our paper, exposing them to a sample of our coverage of the worldwide restoration of the Jewish people to their Messiah Yeshua.

2)   You will help us to expand the number of people who are exposed to our ministry without us having to incur the cost of travel, hotels, or advertising.

This is what is known as a win/win/win situation. You win by blessing friends and family.  Your friends and family receive a free gift, and The Messianic Times expands the number of people who are familiar with our publication.  Hopefully they become as excited about our newspaper as you are and subscribe.  This thereby helps us with our commitment to reach out globally with the Good News of Yeshua, the Messiah, while sharing the miraculous revival brought about when Jews and Gentiles truly become ONE in Messiah.

Click here to enter the name and email addresses of up to 10 people that you know will be blessed by receiving a Free Digital Edition of The Messianic Times.  Please simply submit the information.

Immediately upon receiving your list, we will send the most recent edition of our paper directly to their email, with a message that lets them you that you have provided this for them.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you can indicate that on the form.

Please also consider our request for a special gift to help us with the extra expenses incurred this month by attending the major summer conferences.  Your donation will go far beyond the grounds of these venues and broaden our reach throughout the globe.   Your response is most appreciated. 

Sincerely in Yeshua,


Eric Tokajer



P.S.  Haven’t ordered your calendar yet?  There is still time to get yours before September and the start of the Jewish New Year.  Send in your order this month, or call our office toll free (866) 612-7770 to reserve your copy.  Discounted bulk rates are still available at a substantial savings.  We look forward to hearing from you.