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Each month I sit down to write a letter to you our supporters. Each month this letter is prayed over with the hope that it will inspire each of you to send a donation of support to help our ministry reach out and share Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) through both our Newspaper and our website (www.messianictimes.com). These letter one way we reach out in order to get you to give.

Every once in a while though we are able to not only ask you to make a gift to us but we are also able offer a gift to our supporters in way of thanking them for their support. This month is one of those times.

For all of those who are able to provide a gift of $30.00 or more to our ministry we will mail postage paid (US and Canada) a brand new hard cover edition of the Holy Scriptures Tree of Life Version.

The Tree of Life Bible is being released this June and the Messianic Times has acquired 1000 copies of this brand new Messianic translation of the Holy Scriptures to give as gifts to all those who continue to help us reach out and share Messiah around the world.

This new Bible is a amazing production, just managing to get involvement from every major Messianic organization to work together to produce a fully Messianic Jewish translation of the Bible is a miracle in and of itself. Each organization not only supported the project financially but representatives labored together for over 5 years to complete this historic project.

Over 70 individuals worked together from start to finish in order to bring this Bible to you. The goal of the translation was to translate the text from Hebrew and Greek in such a way that it would be both highly readable and highly accurate. Bringing a Bible that would restore Judaic concepts to the New Testament while at the same time establishing the grace and mercy already found within the pages of Tanakh (Old Testament).

I know that many of you have been following the process of this translation for many years as we have ran articles both in the newspaper and online as first the Book of John was released then the Four Gospels, followed up by the complete New Covenant. A special Book of Pslams with commentary by Dr Jeff Seif, Paul Wilbur and Dr. Glenn Blank. The addition of the TLV New Covenant to You version and and then the full Bible being made available on http://www.tlvbible.com.

Each step of this process has been covered by our paper because of the unique unity of this project and involvement by so many across the spectrum of our movement. It is always exciting to see what happens when we work together fulfilling the Scriptural expression. Henay Ma Tov Umeniyim Shevet Achim Gam Yachad. How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.

I know that the unity involved in achieving the completion of this project makes it special to the Lord and with that knowledge I know it will be special to His people.

Thank you again for your continued support which is helping us to do above and beyond our expectations in reaching out with the Gospel. 

Shipping Included in USA and Canada Only




PS: In accordance with both USA and CDN tax regulations, a portion of your donation will be deducted to cover the fair value of the Bible. The remainder will be credited to you as a gift for which you will be receipted.