The Harbinger

by Jonathan Cahn
Frontline Publishing, ©2011, 272 pages

Review by Leah Lawrence

The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with hewn stones. The sycamores are cut down, but we will replace them with cedars... Isaiah 9:10

The Harbinger is a non-stop thriller that will grab your attention with the very first page, and hold you in a state of suspense. Though the characters may be fictional, the substance of this book is based on actual events. With a brilliant narrative, author Jonathan Cahn has proven himself to be a master storyteller.


Guided by a mysterious prophet, Cahn’s protagonist, journalist Baruch Nouriel Kaplan, is anonymously mailed a series of seals, each holding clues to the connection between Isaiah 9:10 and, not only of the destruction of the Twin Towers, but the domino effect that continues to boil in its wake. Nouriel, with the aid of the prophet, peels back the layers of September 11, 2001 including the shattering of the American economic structure, revealing the evidence as the hand of God.

Just as Israel was unrepentant and defiant following the Assyrian invasion, failing to see it as a divine warning of impending judgment, so the leaders of the USA have failed to understand the attacks on the World Trade Center. The arrogance of ancient Israel in vowing to rebuild with stronger materials, rather than turn to God, has been mimicked word for word in speeches by Tom Daschle, John Edwards and even President Obama. All use Scripture from Isaiah in an attempt to inspire America. But the message of Isaiah 9:10 was not demonstrative of courage, but of defiance. Will history repeat itself? Will the seals reveal the ultimate destruction of our country?

As Nouriel contemplates each seal, he discovers that the prophet is always one step ahead of him. When the appointed time arrives to reveal the meaning of a seal, the prophet always mysteriously appears. Nouriel cannot escape the path upon which he finds himself. Can this nation escape the course we have set for ourselves?

What took place on 9/11 and what follows take on a new and more profound significance as they are tied to ancient history. The Harbinger, already a New York Times best seller, proves the adage “fact is stranger than fiction.” While The Harbinger is a fast paced, surprise-a-minute read, when you finally put it down you may not find yourself feeling so much entertained as forewarned. It promises to change your view of September 11th but in doing so, it just might change your life. Here is an excerpt: What would you do if you were presented with a manuscript whose author claimed it held an ancient secret, the key to America’s future? Ana Goren sits in her office, high above the streets of Manhattan. She has a reputation as a woman who does not waste her time, nor does she suffer fools gladly. She is well established and far beyond taking risks. Yet Nouriel Kaplan, a virtual unknown, presents her with something that tempts even her skeptical sensitivities.

“An ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.” “Yes.”
“What would I think?”
“Yes, what would you think?”

“I’d think it was a plot for a movie. Is that it? Is this a movie manuscript?” “No.”
“A plot for a novel?”

“Then what?”
He was silent.
“Then what?” she repeated.

He paused to carefully consider what he was about to say and how to say it. Her reputation among those in media was that of a woman who neither wasted her time nor indulged those who did. She was not known to suffer fools gladly. The discussion could meet an abrupt end at any given moment and there would be no second chance with her. The fact that there had even been a meeting in the first place, that she had even agreed to it, and that he was now sitting in her office, high above the streets of Manhattan, was nothing short of a miracle—and he knew it. He had only one concern—the message. It didn’t even occur to him to remove his black leather overcoat, nor had anyone offered to remove it for him. Leaning forward in his chair, he gave her his answer, slowly, cautiously, carefully deliberating every word.

“An ancient mystery...that holds the secret of America’s future...and on which its future hangs. And it’s not fiction—it’s real.”

She was quiet. “An Indiana Jones movie,” she said. “An ancient mystery hidden for thousands of years under the sands of the Middle East...but now revealed...and upon it hangs the fate of the entire world!”

Her flippancy provoked him to become all the more resolute. “But it’s not fiction,” he repeated. “It’s real.”

“What would I say?” she asked.
“Yes, what would you say?”
“I’d say you were crazy.”
“Perhaps I am,” he said with a slight smile. “Nevertheless...it’s real.”
“If you’re not crazy, then you’re joking...or you’re doing this all for dramatic

effect...part of a presentation. But you can’t be serious.” “But I am serious.” MT

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