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The Jews and Christmas: A Deep and Complicated Romance

– By Yaniv Romanowski – Christmas is one of the most festive holidays in North America. As soon as fall begins, you start seeing the department stores bringing in the decorations, trees, wreaths, and lights. As the holiday draws closer the festive smells and sounds dominate every bookstore and coffee shop. It’s this time around that […]

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Standing for the traditional family

Standing for the Traditional Familyby Dvora ElishevaIt took a secular Jewish woman, a group of traditional Jewish people, and two Messianic Jews to wake up Haifa. This flame has become a torch spreading throughout Israel.Never before in history has the traditional family been under attack more. Worldwide, family values are being compromised on all levels. […]

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A Jewish Thanksgiving?

A Jewish Thanksgiving? By Yaniv RomanowskiA Familiar Jewish scene during the festival of Sukkot would be family and friends joyfully sitting around the delightfully decorated table in the Sukkah, giving thanks to G-d for blessings which include the bountiful foods from the harvest season which usually falls in October/November, and thanking G-d for all of His […]

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