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(Black and) Blue and White

By Cliff Keller — We have been misinformed. Recent events suggest that the world’s oldest profession, contrary to longstanding claims to the contrary, must surely be criticism. Criticism’s probable precedence over all other human pursuits makes perfect sense. Passing judgment is fun, easy to do, has no age limitations and requires neither logic, training or education to participate.

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The Mystery of the Burial Caves of Israel

The Mystery of the Burial Caves of Israel- By Chana B. -Magical and mysterious is an ideal description of the Galilee and Golan regions of Northern Israel, areas steeped in history and tradition. Intriguing structures, several crowned with blue domes that sprinkle the land. Research has determined that the mysterious structures are the final resting […]

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PURIM – Joy in the Midst a Miracle of Uncertainty

PURIM – Joy in the Midst a Miracle of Uncertainty- By Cliff Keller -Was Qasem Soleimani’s recent death a “moment of liberation?” Purim is many things to many people and, like most Jewish holidays, replete with paradox. It is the “classic account of our people’s confrontation with brute anti-Semitism,” wrote the late Dr. Rabbi David […]

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