Life is not Cracker Jacks

13 April 2016 Written by  Rabbi Eric Tokajer
I was talking the other day with a friend who said that they were searching for answers for the problems of their life. I asked them where they were searching, because, if you are searching in the wrong place you will never be able to find what you are looking for. No matter what you are looking for you wether it is your car keys, a spouse or the answers for life’s problems. If you fish in the wrong pond you will always catch the wrong fish.

I realized that my friend, like so many others related life to a box of Cracker Jacks. You know the candy coated popcorn with peanuts and a prize. They really believe that the only way to get the rewards of life is to dig until they reach bottom, and then hope what they find there is a prize that will bring happiness to their life.

Life however, was never designed that way. The Prize in life is right on top and no digging is required in order to find it. G-D has given us the prize of a eternity, and he did all the work to provide it for us through the atonement of Yeshua. Now you can choose to continue searching for a different prize or a what you might consider a better prize, but you won't find one. Because there is nothing that can ever compare to spending forever with G-D.

Life is not digging until you find a prize, hoping it is what you always wanted. Life is about recognizing that you already have the prize you’re searching. Once you do, life can become something you enjoy and not just something in the way of your prize. Just as the candy coated popcorn peanuts and a prize can become a treat instead of something to get out of the way while you search.

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