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Compassionate Hatred

17 May 2016 Written by 
A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from one of the men who attend our congregation. His grandson had fallen while playing, and it appeared he had broken his wrist. The reason it appeared that way was that his arm now had a right angle bend to it that was not in the original design. I was close to the hospital, so it only took me a few minute to arrive and enter the young boys emergency room, room. There was this adorable little boy laying in the bed crying and begging for something to take away his pain. My wife and I as well as the parents prayed for the little guy and waited impatiently for the doctor to come and assess the young man's arm and determine the course of action. During this time, the child was provided with a very mild pain reliever even though he was begging for something to take away the pain. But, the doctor would not prescribe a strong pain medicine because the medicine might affect the response of the child during his evaluation and cause the doctor to miss something in the assessment and diagnosis. It was very hard for his parents to watch their son writhing in pain when pain medicine was available. Their compassionate hearts were demanding strong pain relief but at that moment, it was more compassionate to deny the medicine because providing relief could very well have also prevented healthy healing.

After the doctor had completed his assessment and diagnosis, the next step was the treatment plan which in this case meant manual manipulation to reset the bones into their right places. So he and his nurses took a firm hold of the arm and moved it until it returned to its correct position. This action as you would imagine caused increased pain to the child who was already in pain to begin with. Yet, once the arm was restored to its place, there was an almost immediate dramatic reduction in pain and discomfort.

This all happened while the parents were watching. The pain in their eyes was almost too much for people watching to bear. These people were causing increased pain to the child that they love so much. Yet the parents bore their pain because they knew that the only way their child could be restored was to endure the discomfort through the adjustment. If they had not allowed the doctors to repair their son's arm, they might have shown great compassion, but it would have been compassionate hatred, not compassionate love.

Our society today is very much like that young boy, we are broken. We know we are broken because we can see that we no longer look like our original design. The problem though is that we have forgotten that true compassion does not make excuses or refuse proper correction when needed so that real healing can come to those who are broken. We look at those who commit a crime, have an addiction, or get caught up in sexual immorality through the eyes "Compassionate hatred." We want them to not feel pain or discomfort but not enough to allow them to endure the pain of correct through the adjustment brought through Godly repentance.

People we love have "arms broken" and are in real pain. The way to stop their pain isn't with the temporary relief of compassionate hatred it is through the real permanent relief of compassionate love which doesn't just dull the pain. It provides an adjustment that re-aligns the broken so the pain goes away and restoration takes place.
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