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Lesser of Two Evils

23 August 2016 Written by 
I cannot remember a time when I have heard the statement we have to choose between the lesser of two evils more than this year’s election. Nor can I remember a time when the two candidates from the major political parties have had such low likability numbers. I have listened to and participated in discussions concerning the election and as with almost everyone else I really would prefer having someone I would be able to enthusiastically support for President. With this in mind, I also know that this election is not a choice of the better of two evils.

The truth about this year’s Presidential election isn't a choice between two evils, but rather a choice between two humans. This statement is not intended to say that either candidate has not done evil things in their life, especially since I understand all sin to be evil. Nor is this blog intended to justify their actions in a “well everyone sins” kind of way.

However, our votes cannot be a choice made out of anger, frustration or emotionalism. Because this choice isn't just going to affect only me, it will affect my children, my grandchildren and their children. This election is about the future and as such we need to recognize the fallacy of the statement “I will not choose the lesser of two evils.” Contrary to this popular statement, this election isn’t about choosing one evil person over another, it is about our future and our families’ future. Consider this and place yourself in the scenario below; it accurately speaks of this election and our responsibility to vote.

If I was in a flood with my family and two helicopters flew up to save my family, one flown by a murderer and one by an adulterer, I would not stay and drown with my family because my values would not let me get into a helicopter with either a murderer or adulterer. I would save my family by getting into the helicopter I thought would be safest for all of us. My getting into either helicopter would not demonstrate my support for murder or adultery, it would simply show my support for the lives of my family. It is just that simple.

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