The Day the World Changed

08 November 2016 Written by  Rabbi Eric Tokajer
Today the Presidential elections are taking place in the United States and people all over the world are concerned about the result and the effect it will have on our world. No matter where we go, who we talk to or what news sources we look at the discussions are about the predicted possible changes coming as a result of whichever candidate is chosen.

Pundits opine about everything from the obvious political implications to the vast social and economic impact that both sides (or all sides) predict. It seems as if no matter who wins the expectations are that our country and perhaps our world will never be the same.

While I am sure that some of the prognosticators are correct about the effects the election of a new President will have globally. I am equally certain that much of the rhetoric is political spin in order to motivate the voter to choose one candidate over the other.

However, lost in the midst of the struggle to keep focused in the middle of an billion dollar effort to distract us is the absolute truth that every day the world changes. As day passes into night and the sun sets and raises our world and everything within it changes.

We should not be in fear of change rather we should prepare for it. Each day when we get out of bed we greet a brand new world with brand new opportunities. Each person we come in contact with no matter how new or old the acquaintance is experiencing the same new world we are. The world wants us to walk in fear of a changing world but as believers we should not walk in fear of change instead we should walked in expectation and excitement of change. Because each day is “The Day The World Changed”

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