14 March 2016 Written by  MAOZ Staff
In Jerusalem, just south of the Mosque of Omar, is an area called Silwan.

It is considered by archeologists to be the site of the ancient Israelite capital where King David reigned, also called Zion in the Bible─the city of David and the city of God:

“The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the other dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are said of you, city of God.” Psalm 87:2–3

In 1884, the Old City of Jerusalem (including Zion/Silwan) was not much more than a run-down, neglected village. But because of its significance to Judaism, Yemenite Jews settled here that year. The Jewish neighborhood flourished for over 50 years until they were expelled by Muslim mobs in 1938. Zion would not see its Jewish people who “take pleasure in her stones,” until the 1967 war when Jerusalem again was back in the hands of Israel.

About 35 years ago, devout Jews revisited Silwan and began to buy property in this area. They have since returned to live in that neighborhood, amidst, as you can imagine, a great outcry from the world. But for these “settler” families, this city is a priority in their struggle to reclaim their national Jewish heritage. They have bought homes, much to the rage of Arab officials, the UN and the EU, not to speak of the Muslim nations of the world.

But as you can imagine, the Jews who have returned to live on Mount Zion will never leave their roots again, no matter what resolutions are passed by the UN.  Read more here.

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