10 April 2017 Written by  MAOZ Staff

Music and musicians are a KEY to the restoration and revival of Israel, and will be a catalyst to bring the truth to Israelis that Yeshua IS their Messiah! As you help us with the development of these musicians and worship leaders, Israel will again return to their God, and the nations of the earth will be blessed!

Shani and Kobi Ferguson, daughter and son-in-law of Shira and Ari Sorko-Ram, are passionate about making this a reality. Their activities through the Israel Worship Initiative have partnered with musicians and songwriters in Israel and participated in recording two new Hebrew worship albums (with a third on the way) making them available online for free to musicians, worship leaders, and congregations all over Israel, and even the world. (

About a year after of the birth of the Israel Worship Initiative, the Lord surprised Shani and Kobi by dropping a rental space into their laps that will serve as their new ministry base. This ministry base will be a place where Israeli believers and artists can hone their craft, and also spend time building relationships and deepening their walk with God.

Shani and Kobi have a one-time opportunity to purchase the state-of-the-art recording equipment, already installed in the studio, for $70,000. They have raised $40,000 and need only $30,000 to close the deal. In addition, the award-winning studio owner has offered to train our young people on the equipment, increasing the number of trained Israeli believing technicians exponentially!

Maoz Israel is partnering with Shani and Kobi to purchase this equipment that will make a difference in the lives and ministry of many believing, talented Israeli musicians, and in the lives of those who will be impacted by their music.

Would you consider investing with us in this center where young believers can be discipled, and Israeli worshippers can practice, perfecting their skills and creating music that will bring salvation to our Land?

To learn more, and partner with Maoz to bring more worship music to Israel, visit this link.

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