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Maiyim Chaim - Living Water

11 June 2017 Written by  Rabbi Yosef Koelner

During Sukkot and in particular on Hoshanah Rabbah (1) - (Hoshanah Rabbah being the final day of Sukkot and according to tradition the day when we cry out to HaShem to pour out rain upon Eretz Yisrael) -  Yeshua made the following declaration:

37 Now on the last day of the festival, Hoshana Rabbah, Yeshua stood and cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him keep coming to me and drinking! 38 Whoever puts his trust in me, as the Scripture says, rivers of living water (Maiyim Chaim)  will flow from his inmost being!” 39 (Now he said this about the Spirit, whom those who trusted in him were to receive later — the Spirit had not yet been given, because Yeshua had not yet been glorified.) (Yochanan (John) 7:37-39)

To enable you to understand the profound significance of the phrase “Maiyim Chaim” let me share with you the following story.

We used to live in Eretz Israel in the city of Katsrin. Katsrin is in the Golan Heights and during the summer this part of Yisrael is extremely hot.

One August while our daughter was visiting we decided to visit Gamla (2). Gamla shares a similar history with Masada that is why it is often called “The Masada of the North.” The ancient city of Gamla is located in a valley and to enter the city one must descend down upon a treacherous path that begins at a cliff the overlooks the city.

This path is narrow, rocky, slippery, twisty, as well as exhausting to navigate.To keep one’s balance a person needs to constantly grab onto the trees and bushes that are growing along the path.

In addition one needs to carry enough water with them to survive the ordeal of descending upon that narrow footpath.

In hindsight we were very foolish to try to visit Gamla on a fiery August day. In fact, we were advised against making an attempt to visit the ancient city. But for some unknown reason we stubbornly ignored the advice we were given.

By the time we got down to the entrance of the city we were exhausted and beginning to exhibit the symptoms of heat exhaustion. To complicate matters we had run out of water and there was no visible sign of any fresh water supply. I decided to call for help but my cellphone had no signal. The only thing that I could do was climb up that infernal path to get help.

And to complicate matters, my wife and daughter were literally getting sicker by the minute!!!

As I made my way back to that unhappy trail -  I noticed out of the corner of my eye a little brass spigot that was sticking out of a rocky outcrop. that we A source of Living water that we had not previously seen. And believe me we were desperately looking for water!!!

Please remember that I am blind on one side and that I have limited depth perception so it was a miracle that I could even see the brass colored spigot. Furthermore, the color of the rocks and the color of the spigot were almost exactly the same essentially making the spigot invisible even to a person with 20/20 vision!

Anyway, I ran to the  ‘Invisible” spigot and turned the handle and “Mah Pitom” (3) fresh water began to pour out.

I called to my wife and daughter and they came running to the source of “Maiyim Chaim.” We filled our hats with water, soaked our clothes, splashed each other and drank ourselves into oblivion while proclaiming - Baruch HaShem! HaShem had preserved our lives even though we had made a foolish decision!

Surely this is what Yeshua meant when he declared that out of our “inner most being” would flow rivers of “Maiyim Chaim.”

Chaverim (my friends) perhaps TODAY - you find your self in a dry and weary land - thirsty for the Living God. Perhaps you find yourself in your present circumstances because of ignoring Godly advice and subsequently making a foolish decision!  Be assured that The Living God wants to rescue you!

Simply lift your hands to HaShamayim (Heaven) and embrace the promise of Yeshua and he shall certainly pour out upon you “Mayim Chaim.”

  3.    No way, why now? in the sense of suddenly surprised.