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When the bottom line becomes the top line.

When the bottom line becomes the top line.

I like almost everyone else have been watching the process of the presidential election going on in the USA. What has amazed me is the amount of people who claim to be Believers in the Bible who are not only standing with but promoting people for office that promote activities and lifestyles that are abhorrent and anti-Scripture. I have heard comments like "We have to vote for the best of two evils," or "We can never win with a candidate that is Biblically conservative, we have to take what we can get," Or the one that gets to me the worst "We are not voting for a religious leader we are voting for a political leader."

As the process has continued I have watched as people I care about and that lead very active ministries that affect thousands of lives began to fight against other leaders based on their choice for President. I could almost understand if the argument was between two God-fearing people to decide who was the best choice. But in these cases, the argument was over-justifying their decisions to support a candidate that goes against the very tenets of faith these leaders have spent their lives advocating passionately.

The choice of candidate has ceased to be based upon who would make the best President to lead our nation ahead according the Judeo-Christian values that our country was established upon. Instead, these leaders are promoting candidates based not upon Biblical Principles but upon Worldly Principles. Not who will make us great people but who will make the nation great. Instead of who will lead us in restoring the foundation based upon rights provided by our Creator they are promoting restoration of the economy alone. If those who lead our communities of faith don't understand that we can only prosper fully when our souls prosper, we will never recover from the spiraling descent of our nation.

We get what we pay for, and the price of a leader cannot be allowed to become our values and our testimony. We cannot let the bottom line become the top line. Said another way "What does it profit to gain the world and lose our souls."
The Unrealistic Expectation, of Expecting Humans, not to Act Human.
On February 13, 2016 with the death of Justice Scalia our country was thrown into the middle of a crisis. This crisis was not caused by a failure to plan. In fact the designers of our government planned for exactly such an event. They constructed our government is such a way, as to provide checks and balances that would allow for the men and women involved in the government to keep any single branch from accessing to much power and overthrowing the balance of power between the Executive (President) Legislative (Congress both Senate and House of Representatives) and Judicial (Court system with the Supreme Court at the pinnacle)

This system was to provide protections for the citizens of our nation and keep any one man or woman (or group of men and women) from becoming a ruling class such as seen in Europe at the time. There is an old Jewish proverb that says “Men plan and G-D laughs” which unfortunately is to often very accurate. Why? You may ask? Because this type of system only works efficiently if there are no humans involved.

An example: The Judicial branch was designed with one purpose, to review Laws and determine if they violate the Constitution, Hence determine if they are constitutional or unconstitutional. However, years ago those justices decided that they would rather legislate then judge and began to read “Into” the Constitution “wording” and “intentions” that the Constitution didn’t contain. They let their personal feelings and beliefs “Their Humanity” override their obligation to Judge and our system went of kilter.

This by design should have brought the Legislative Branch into service to compel the Judicial Branch to stay within their role and simply determine based on the Constitution if something is or isn’t constitutional. But, because the Legislature is also made of humans they didn’t do their jobs either because some of them agreed with the decision of the Justices even if they were wrong in why they determined their decision. So now we have the Judicial and Legislative Branches unbalanced our hope then would turn to the only branch left. The Executive. The problem there is that the President is also a human. Who upon realization that the other two branches were not going to actually perform their function in the Checks and Balance system designed by the Founders, started to legislate his own laws through Executive Actions. So now we have total dis-function in our government.

This result was inevitable because the Founders establish a system of government Of the People, By the People, For the People. While somehow forgetting, that this would involve people who are ruled by their humanity.

Bernie: The Jewish Savior...???

Bernie: The Jewish Savior...???

I watched the New Hampshire primary elections this week and when Bernie Sanders won the democratic primary, I rejoiced. Not because I am a socialist or even a supporter of Bernie. Truth is I am diametrically opposed to Bernie’s positions on almost every issue.

However, when I see people following someone, whose entire platform is based upon hopelessness. I am encouraged because it isn’t Bernie Sanders that has the answer for hopelessness, it is the believers in Yeshua that have the answer.

Bernie’s followers come behind him because they feel left out, with no hope of ever not feeling left out. They feel poor and disadvantaged with no hope of ever rising above that level. No one in their right mind would be excited about taxing the rich at 90% if they even thought they might in the future ever be rich. The American Dream was based upon an understanding that everyone had the opportunity to prosper. But in the minds of the followers of Bernie that dream no longer exists.

So, This large group of Americans has turned their hopes, to a Jewish man, who has promised them hope. In a time when people are looking for and grasping for anything that promises hope, they have turned to Bernie. His promises are based on equality for all. Not by raising people up but instead by lowering those who have succeeded to the level of the non-successful.

Now, this is the part that excited me. There are now millions of people looking to a “Jewish savior” to bring them hope. Bernie’s hope is false hope based upon failure. However, we know a Jewish Savior, Yeshua, who doesn’t bring false hope, nor is His hope based on failure of lowering the successful. Instead His hope is based upon raising everyone up. So that each of us can be successful where we are in in doing whatever we have been gifted to do.


One of the most misunderstood abilities the human being possesses is the ability to cry. We cry when we are sad and when we are happy. We cry at weddings and funerals. We cry when a baby is born and when a baby dies.

Many times it is impossible to see or know the reason a person is crying. Because the event causing the tears is happening inside their heart. And because we are unable to view what is in their hearts we cannot know if the tears are “happy tears" or "tears of grief and agony".

The truth is that all around us every day there are people who are shedding tears. They are not beside a gravesite or standing in a maternity ward. They are crying because within their hearts they are experiencing moments that are overwhelming to them. But because we cannot see inside of them, to see the reality of what they are seeing in their heart, we don't know how to respond to their tears. So, many times, we simply try to ignore the tears or pretend we never saw them.

However, ignoring them or pretending we don't see the tears flowing will only add one more reason for those people to shed tears. Instead of avoiding the situation, let them know you saw their tears and let them know that although you don't know why they are crying that you don't need to know if they're unable to share. But, that you do notice that they are crying. Then offer to pray with them. Not pray for them. Nor pray at them. But pray with them. Because their reality is real.
The day after tomorrow

The day after tomorrow

Next month we will be observing the High Holy Days consisting of Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets/New Years), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). And as we celebrate, for the first time almost the entire world will be watching, due to the many books, movies and articles about the "Blood Moons,” 'The Shemitah Year," "The Star of Bethlehem" and the many other events that have been preached, written, spoken about and promoted on social media.

Never before have so many people the world over had their attention on the Fall Feast days or looked at Biblical prophecy through a Judaic lens. With all this focus on the Messianic Movement and Biblical prophecy from a Jewish or Judaic perspective, a single question keeps rolling around in my mind.

Most of those who have been studying these events, watched all of the teaching and read all of the books have made plans for what they will do if everything that has been projected happens in response to all of the different events listed above.

My question is, what are you going to do if nothing happens? What if the day after comes and there are no cataclysmic events? If the stock market doesn't crash? If no earthquakes or tsunamis happen? What if we wake up the day after and everything is exactly the same as the day before?

I am not in any way saying that nothing is going to happen, nor am I speaking against those who have preached or taught the possibilities of massive end time events taking place during the Fall Holy Days. What I am saying is that just as it is possible that major events may happen? It is also possible that nothing at all will happen and as believers we need to have the plan to deal with nothing happening.

If nothing happens, we will still be here serving God and living our lives according to his Word. We will still be looking toward a future in which all of the events that were possibly going to happen this year will happen sometime in the future––because they will happen. The Bible is accurate, nothing about that will change. Our friends and neighbor, people we know from synagogues and congregation, will all be asking us, "Why nothing happened?" and we are going to have to be able to answer those questions. We will have to be honest, and upfront that we were wrong in our understanding of the text and fulfillment of the text and we will have to be honest to proclaim that those who spoke "Thus saith the Lord" were not only wrong but false prophets.

Like every other believer in Yeshua, I want this year to be the year. I look forward to and long for His return and His kingdom to reign from Jerusalem. But if it doesn't happen this Fall, there will be a day after. What will that day be like for you?
The Joy of Life

The Joy of Life

This last week I had an experience I have only had a total of three times in my life. Last Saturday evening I became a grandfather again. The feeling of joy when I first saw the little bundle of joy held in the arms of her mother was a feeling that can only be understood by a grandfather. It was amazing when my sons were born a feeling that I had always thought would be the most wonderful experience that a human can have interacting with other human beings, but I was wrong. Seeing my children have children somehow seems more significant to me. I look at the expressions on my sons' faces as they look into the faces of their children and deep within me I understand a little more about heritage and legacy. In Judaism, this concept is spoken with the words "L'dor V'dor," "From generation to generation." The most important job a parent has is to pass on to their children a connective sincere and heartfelt relationship with Adonai. This is done by sharing life with your children; a life that includes prayer, worship, study and joining together in living a life centered on God and serving Him through spreading Good News of Messiah Yeshua with our families and our extending community family. This has always been a part of my heart and life. However, it wasn't until my children began to have children that I understood what it was like to see the baton passed from one generation to the next. The feeling that I feel is not age or mortality, when I see the children of my children. Rather it is a connection to something more ancient than a couple generations. It allows me in a very real way to understand what Abraham felt like when he first held Isaac in his arms and when at Isaac's Brit Milah (circumcision), he knew that the covenant would continue to be passed on throughout history. That history is mine; that heritage is mine. As I look at my grandchildren, I know that someday they will look into the eyes of their grandchildren and know that Biblical Judaism and the covenants that God made with the Children of Abraham are now and will always be eternal.
If you don't have 1-5, you will end up with a lot of 6
When I was a small boy the typical example of a good young person was that they would help an old woman across the road. It seemed as if every cartoon episode or sitcom at some point had a depiction of a young boy stopping what he was doing and helping a woman across a road. Life was simpler back then and doing a good dead when an opportunity arose was expected. Especially if that good deed involved a young person showing honor and respect to a senior citizen.

Today things are different, instead of encouraging generational respect for adults children's programming and sitcoms almost always show the senior citizens and even the parents as dimwits who have to be "taught" reality by their children. Disrespect and insults are the languages of the day, and you will almost never see a young person helping a senior citizen across a road. Mostly because young people are not away from their video games and cell phones long enough to even notice a senior citizen may need assistance.

This epidemic of dishonor has affected our entire society and the impact upon not only the world at large but even the body of believers has been catastrophic. We desperately need a restoration of respect and honor.

If we think about it, there is a reason that the commandment to Honor your father and mother come between Commandments #1 & #4 which honor God and Commandment #6 Thou shall not murder.
The Changing World

The Changing World

As believers we live in an ever changing world. It only takes a few moments watching television, listening to radio or viewing social media to see that things have dramatically changed since I was a child—for instance things that would have at one time started riots in the street and gotten people angrily demanding politicians to arrest the perpetrator immediately.

In front of our eyes, the foundations of our society have been eroding. People of faith have been convinced that politics and faith cannot coincide and as a result we have allowed people to rise to places of authority which made it possible to radically change our world without input from those who believe that their needs to be a Biblical spiritual foundation to all that we do. As a result we see the bedrock of our nation has ceased to be the family and now has become feelings and emotions. The winds of reaction sweep in all directions blowing a rudderless ship aimlessly shifting, dependent not on a clear course, but instead being steered by whoever's feelings are most hurt and whatever emotion is felt deepest at the moment.

Humans are emotional beings, we were designed by our creator that way. But we were never supposed to be steered only by our emotions. We were given the Scriptures to temper our tempers, to bring rationality to the irrational and to balance the unbalanced.

The truth is that our world didn't really change we did. We decided that instead of God being the center of all things and that our role is to love Him with all our hearts and might, we now decide if God is correct based on our feelings and emotions. When faced between a choice to do what the Scriptures teach and command too often we base our choice not on what is Biblical, but what we feel. We try to validate our feelings instead of proclaiming truth. The bottom line is that the Law of God is stronger and more powerful that Newton's Law and no one really believes that just because it might hurt our feelings won't stop gravity from causing a branch to fall upon our heads if we sit under a tree. Likewise, just because a commandment may hurt our feelings because of our choices doesn't mean the commandment becomes invalid.


This past week, Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole, passed from this world into the next. Most people know her from the song “Unforgettable” which was recorded through the power of modern technology so that it was a duet sung with her father who had passed away in 1965. The song which was popular when it was first recorded by her father as a solo, was reignited as it was released both in audio and video. Natalie was able to seemingly reach into the eternal to join together with her father and blend their two hearts proclaiming that to each other the other was unforgettable.

When I saw the song played again last week honoring the life of Natalie, I was brought to the understanding that we actually can connect with our Father in Heaven in a unique duet of heart as we sing songs of our faith and lift our voices together. As we declare the Words from the Bible in our worship and sing them with our voices we, in actuality, join together in those lyrical verses with the One who first authored and then breathed life into those Words. We do not, however, need special effects and technology to accomplish this because it is all accomplished through the power of the Ruach (Spirit).

Also to be noted is that while we often, due to our busy lives and life choices, seem to allow Adonai to become forgettable, Adonai never, ever let us become forgettable. In His heart and mind we are always Unforgettable! As the words of the song say, “That’s why darling it’s incredible that someone so unforgettable would think that I am unforgettable too.”
Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and Kittens

When I was younger, my oldest brother found a little puppy on the side of the road, and it “followed” him home. I am not sure how much effort it took my brother to teach that puppy to follow him, but that is another story for another time. Upon arriving home, my brother went into what was clearly an Academy Award performance in efforts to be able to keep that cute little bundle of fur. Before I go on let me make it clear, we were not without dogs growing up, both of my parents were dog lovers. At this time, we had a Great Dane living in the house with us. However, the fact that we already had one large dog didn’t stop my brother from pleading, begging and promising to “take care” of the new puppy.

To our surprise and amazement, my father agreed to let the puppy stay and become a part of the family until we found it a “permanent home.” My father then provided detailed instruction on what needed to be done to take care of the dog. He needed a bath to clean him up, and he would have to be house broken if he was going to live inside. My brother filled up the sink with warm soapy water and then picked up the puppy and gently dropped it into the water. The puppy stirred a little at first but very quickly adapted to the water and seemed very much to enjoy the bath. He came out of the water clean and looked every bit like a pet instead of a stray.

A few years later my sister found a kitten on the side of the road on the way home. Having seen the willingness of my parents to take in lost and needy animals, she helped it to “follow” her home also. My sister outdid my brother’s performance, and now we were going to have a kitten. Like with the puppy, my father explained what would be required to make the kitten a house pet also. Just as with my brother, my sister filled the sink with warm water, and soap and gently picked up the kitten and placed her ever so carefully into the water. However, the reaction to the bath by the kitten was significantly different than the puppy. She scratched, clawed and bit anything and everything around her. My poor sister may still have scars on her arms from that day, and I know she has to have scars on her heart. After all, she was only trying to help the kitten and provide a safe place for it to live.

I know some of you are reading this blog may wonder what this has to do with Messianic Ministry. Well, let me try to help. Through the years, I have shared the Good News of Yeshua with many people all who had needs, all of whom needed to be spiritually bathed and washed by the Word. Some of these people were like the puppy; they were in need of love, and they were welcoming to being washed and cleaned. They didn’t mind the water and even quickly submitted to the washing. Others were more like the kitten, they fought, scratched, bit and did everything they could to keep from being washed. But, the bottom line was that both needed to be cleaned. One was easier than the other, but both eventually were washed. People, like stray animals, are looking for love, and God is love. Some people take more care, time and attention than others, but like the kitten with effort and love they become part of the family.
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