Ted Pearce in Newcastle, WA

This Saturday, August 13th at 6:00pm Beit Tikvah Messianic Congregation in Newcastle, Washington will welcome special musical guest Messianic singer-songwriter Ted Pearce in concert.

Ted Pearce grew up in Vidor, Texas. There he began his professional career as a singer at the age of 15, and at the same age became an atheist. But in summer of 1989, Ted began reading the Bible to prove it was wrong. In January of 1990, he made a decision to trust in Yeshua (aka Jesus) and began attending a messianic Jewish congregation.

In the late 90s, he recorded with two Christian rock bands. In early 2002, Ted signed with Galilee of the Nations Records. In 2006, he did his first tour of Europe and met Pastor Jobst Bittner of TOS Church Tubingen. This began an activist partnership of addressing historical Church anti-Semitism around Europe through extended prayer walks called "March of Life".

In August of 2012, March of Life went to Poland, where Ted met Polish soul-singer and superstar Mietek Szczesniak, who introduced him to Producer Wendy Waldman in California, which led to an opportunity to work with Polish Producer and Pianist-extraordinaire, Pawel Zarecki (and his incredibly talented wife, Jadzia). These introductions led Ted to work with the Longhouse Crew, and with Israeli Producer/Guitarist/Singer Jamie Hilsden. Working with these friends in Warsaw, Hollywood, and Jerusalem was the inspiration and foundation of the Cultural Xchange Series recording sessions.

Beit Tikvah is located at 7935 136th Avenue SE in Newcastle, Washington and is lead by Rabbi Hylan Slobodkin.

Ted Pearce on Bagels and Blessings

Ethel Chadwick, host of Bagels and Blessings, will welcome Messianic recording artist Ted Pearce live in studio on the show this week. The show airs at 2:00 pm (EST) in the Rochester, New York area and can be heard online.

Ted Pearce grew up in Vidor, TX, a city known for racism in the 60s & 70s. There he began his professional career as a singer at the age of 15, and at the same age, he became an atheist. At age 17, he began playing six nights a week at the Foxy Lady club in Beaumont TX, opening for the Scott McGill band over the next three years before making a move to Dallas in 1981. There he fronted various bands, including Side Effex, nominated for "Best Rock Band" by the Dallas Observer and was invited to write "Roll On Ranger" for the 1988 Texas Rangers MLB.

But in summer of 1989, Ted the atheist began reading the Bible to prove it was wrong, and everything was about to change...

In January of 1990, he made a decision to trust in Yeshua (aka Jesus) and began attending a messianic Jewish congregation. In the late 90s, he formed and recorded with two Christian rock bands; Nomadic Farmers, a "good news blues" CD of street evangelism music (1998) followed by his band, Big Methuselah and their CD Human Sacrifice in 2000.

In early 2002, Ted signed with Galilee of the Nations Records, (Sony/BMG/Provident/Integrity) and debuted with "Zealous Over Zion." In 2005, Galilee of the Nations produced a collaborative effort with Joel Chernoff & Ted Pearce to revive messianic music pioneer group "Lamb." In the same year, Ted co-wrote the theme song for the new ministry of Promise Keepers founder, Coach Bill McCartney, called "Road to Jerusalem."

In 2006, he did his first tour of Europe and met Pastor Jobst Bittner of TOS Church Tubingen. This began an activist partnership of addressing historical Church anti-semitism around Europe through extended prayer walks called "March of Life." In 2009, Ted established March of Remembrance in Dallas TX, which is now an annual prayer walk held in more than 50 cities worldwide that seeks to honor Holocaust survivors and their descendants, while educating and engaging a new generation. These themes found their way into Ted's music and the powerful music video "The Forgotten People" was released at Dachau in 2007 on the "For Zion's Sake I Will Not Be Silent" CD.

In 2008, Ted collaborated with the German band "Beersheva" to release a 19-song album entitled "Hallelu Et Adonai" which included several songs co-written with friend, Rabbi Michael Stepakoff.

He followed that by producing "Battle For Zion," which featured the world-renowned guitarist Andy Timmons, drummer Dan Wojciechowski (Peter Frampton), Dan Castillo (Jonie Show on Daystar), Tom Demer (Dallas Symphony Orchestra), Liberated Wailing Wall (Jews for Jesus), and a few more notable musicians. Later that same year, Integrity label mate Paul Wilbur also recorded 2 of Ted's songs on his "Desert Rain" project in Israel.

In 2011, Ted produced his first independent project in a decade called "emergency" with Dallas Producer Phil York.

In August of 2012, the March of Life went to Poland, where Ted met Polish soul-singer and superstar Mietek Szczesniak. Mietek introduced him to producer Wendy Waldman from California.This led to an opportunity to work with Polish producer and Pianist-extraordinaire, Pawel Zarecki (and his incredibly talented wife, Jadzia). The meeting with Pawel Zarecki led to the opportunity to work with the Longhouse Crew, which led to working with Israeli Producer/Guitarist/Singer Jamie Hilsden. Collaboration with these friends in Warsaw, Hollywood, and Jerusalem was the inspiration and foundation of the Cultural Xchange Series recording sessions.

Bagels and Blessings is weekly Messianic Jewish radio program hosted by Ethel Chadwick and aired in the Rochester, New York. The show is aired on 990 AM WDCX in the local Rochester area and can also be heard online at www.wdcxam.com.

Greg Silverman in Pensacola, FL

This Saturday, July 23rd Dr. Greg Silverman will be in concert at Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue in Pensacola, Florida in their Shabbat service beginning at 10:00 am.

Greg is a gifted and talented vocalist, musician, choral conductor and songwriter. He has blessed the Messianic Jewish movement with his music since the early 2000s. He’s shared his music and heart in concerts in congregations and conferences all across the United States, he has also appeared on Daystar, TBN, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis and the Inspiration Network.

Silverman comes from an intermarried family, his father a Polish-Jew and his mother an Italian American. He has a unique understanding of both the Jewish and Christian approach to faith because of his experiences growing up. He came to faith at eight years old in his grandmother’s church. Over the years having learned various varieties of musical styling, Greg ended up at University of Massachusetts earning a degree in Vocal Jazz and Gospel Music. Shortly thereafter he was ministering in music with well-known Gospel musician Ron Metcalf in New York City. Ron took him under his wings and mentored him, and it was Ron who first encouraged Greg to visit a Messianic Synagogue.

While at Temple University working on his master's degree, Greg was invited to Congregation Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia. This experience changed his life as it was here that he immediately felt he had found his spiritual home. He was on staff at Beth Yeshua from 2004-2010, he met his wife at Beth Yeshua and their family grew there.

In the summer of 2010, the Silvermans moved to Arizona where Greg was accepted into the doctoral program in Choral Conducting at University of Arizona. In 2013, Greg finished the program and had fully earned his doctoral degree. He and his wife Rosa now work full time for their own ministry, Greg Silverman Ministries, through which he is sharing his music in concerts, recordings and other media as well as doing worship leading seminars and teachings on choral music. He is also on the Choral Music faculty at Eastern University.

Brit Ahm is located at 6700 Spanish Trail in Pensacola, Florida and is lead by Rabbi Eric Tokajer.

Joshua Aaron in New Jersey

Joshua Aaron will be in concert at Beth Zion Messianic Synagogue in Jackson, New Jersey this Shabbat, Saturday, July 16th in their service starting at 10:45 am.

Joshua Aaron is an award winning Messianic Jewish singer and Integrity Music songwriter. He and his wife Jeannie have four children (Emma, Josh “Shuki”, Max and Levi). They currently reside near the Sea of Galilee and continue to maintain citizenship with both the nation of Israel & the United States of America.

Since the release of his first album, Joshua’s music has grown to an international level, with over 10 million YouTube views of his music videos. The 2012 release “You Are Holy“ won Joshua two Independent Music Awards for his original songs, “Hoshiana“ and “You Are Holy“ while his latest CD release “Hu Yavo” (July 2014) soars to new heights, continuing to powerfully connect both Israel and the nations through music. Joshua travels in a full-time capacity, sharing G-d’s good news through Hebraic worship, powerful testimony and Biblical teaching… proclaiming a message of hope in Yeshua (Jesus), a love for the Jewish people and a desire for the return of the Messiah.

Beth Zion is located at 66 Bennett Mills Road in Jackson, New Jersey and is lead by Rabbi Jan Rosenberg.
Shoresh David of Brandon, Florida is unveiling their new effort at Worldwide Outreach with a goal to see 1 million people find their Messiah. This new outreach project is being unveiled LIVE this Friday evening at Shoresh David Brandon!

You will see 7 professional, made-for-the-Internet commercials that will be seen throughout all the major social networking sites like Facebook, and on Google and at the beginning of YouTube videos which are seen all over the Internet (you know those 20-30 second ads that play before each YouTube video?).

The ads will be promoting secular topics that ultimately lead to talking about God and the Bible, and these ads will bring people to the Lord. How do we know this? Because we have already seen tens of thousands of people being saved using just one of these topics!

You will also see how we are engaging the Christian world, as well as the Messianic Jewish world, to partner with us and how we will be able to finance this ongoing outreach campaign.

This will be a groundbreaking night for His Kingdom!

Shoresh David and Rabbi Goldstein invite you will join us this Friday evening, July 15, at 7:30pm either in person at 445 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Brandon FL, or watch the Live Streaming of this event by going to the Shoresh David Brandon website and clicking on "Live Stream".

Be healthy and blessed,
Rabbi Don Goldstein
www.kansascity.com   July 12, 2016

The Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation in Overland Park carried its Torah on a procession from its former synagogue to a new location Tuesday evening.

An Overland Park Messianic congregation on Tuesday observed an ancient tradition as it carried its Torah scroll by hand from its former building to a new synagogue four miles away.

About 35 members of the Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation formed a procession to carry the Torah from the building at 7029 W. 74th St. that served as their synagogue for 21 years to another building at 9898 W. 95th St.

The congregation of about 140 people includes Jews and non-Jews and follows many Jewish traditions while believing Jesus was the Messiah. In addition to the Torah, the group also carried a scroll containing the Gospels.

Click here to read the full article at www.kansascity.com.
'Harbinger Man' interviewed on 'Joni Table Talk'

www.wnd.com   July 11, 2016

Some may say Jonathan Cahn is a prophet of doom.

After all, the messianic rabbi who caught the attention of the nation with his bestselling book,  which remained on the New York Times bestsellers list for many months, made his reputation warning the country about God’s judgment.

But in a recent appearance on “Joni Table Talk” on Daystar TV, Cahn brought a powerful message of hope.

He recounted how so many people are asking him what they can do to prepare or defend themselves during what some believe are the end times.

Cahn said the answer is simple.

Click here to read the full article at www.wnd.com.

UMJC Annual Conference

The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) will be hosting their annual international conference July 13-16 in Ontario, California. This year’s theme is “From Strength to Strength” with a deep and passionate desire to build for the future of the Messianic Jewish movement.

The conference opens up on Wednesday, July 13th at 6:00 pm, with a welcome picnic and a 5k fun run/walk at the near-by Cucamonga Guasti Regional Park. This special event is to benefit Project LifeServe, a new Israel-based ministry that helps meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of Israeli Messianic families that have Special Needs members.

Throughout the day on Thursday and Friday, July 14th and 15th, conference attendees will have a plethora of seminar sessions to choose from. These sessions will offer the opportunity to learn from Messianic Jewish leaders from all over the movement.

Friday night the conference as a whole will welcome in the Shabbat together with a special Shabbat dinner. This will be a unique community bonding experience combining the Erev Shabbat celebrations with the collective gathering of Messianic Jewish believers. There will be a special Journey Story shared by Rabbi Russ Resnik.

Saturday morning all will gather to celebrate the Shabbat with a special Torah service and a message will be brought by Rabbi Elliot Klayman. Saturday afternoon will be a special interactive, roundtable style study of the Torah parasha.

Saturday evening conference attendees will be delighted with a special reunion of the infamous Messianic Jewish musical group Israel’s Hope, as Rene Bloch, Marc Chopinsky and Paul Wilbur join together again to share their music. This awesome service, which will close out the conference, will also have a special message from keynote speaker Eitan Shishkoff who lives and ministers in Israel.

This is sure to be a conference that will be regrettable to miss.
www.kehilanews.com    June 30, 2016

On August 7, 2015, I was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer. After a very intense year, the power of God has been wonderfully manifest and today my brain is cancer free! The doctors are happy and my life is ever more a testimony to the wonder, power, love and faithfulness of our God and his Messiah, Yeshua.

Last month I noticed that my tonsil was very enlarged and went to the doctor to have it examined. Simplifying a long story, the end report is that I have cancer in the right tonsil and one adjoining lymph node. The doctors are certain that this attack HAS NO CONNECTION to the cancer that attacked my brain. This one is a different type and according to them it is an independent and a separate occurrence.

After lots of prayer, doctor appointments and numerous tests, we sat with a team of physicians several weeks ago to review the results and determine treatment. The tests showed there was no evidence of cancer in any other part of my body and the consensus was that I undergo seven weeks of radiation treatment on the area surrounding my right tonsil. They also assured me that the success rate for the treatment of this viral related cancer IS VERY HIGH. We anticipate that I will be beginning the treatments on or around July 10th.

Click here to read the full article at www.kehilanews.com.

Heart of Galilee on Bagels and Blessings

This week on Bagels and Blessings host Ethel Chadwick will be joined by Heart of Galilee on Saturday, July 2nd. This will be a pre-recorded interview. Bagels and Blessings is a Messianic Jewish radio program aired in the Rochester, New York area.

Heart of Galilee is an international klezmer trio privileged to call Israel their home. The clarinetist, Lori Kate, is a former member of Jews for Jesus’ Liberated Wailing Wall. Using their musical prowess to embrace genres such as klezmer, folk and Mediterranean, Heart of Galilee seeks to use Jewish flavorful music to communicate the Good News to the lost. The remaining two members of the group are Lori Kate's husband, IIan Gorny on the drums and Sasha Fishman on strings.

“Bagels and Blessings” is on 990 AM in Rochester, New York, and online at www.wdcxam.com from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST on Saturdays.
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