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When people visit Jerusalem’s Old City, they may believe it’s the same place King David set up as his capital more than 3,000 years ago. But that’s not exactly the case. Archaeologists are uncovering the original city and telling others its amazing story.

Anarina Heymann serves as the outreach coordinator for the City of David.

“Welcome to the City of David,” Heymann told CBN News. “It’s the home to the ancient biblical Jerusalem and up until 150 years ago, everybody thought that the ancient biblical Jerusalem lies within the confines of the Old City right behind you in the wall – within the walls there. So the question is what happened 150 years ago and where is the ancient biblical Jerusalem?”

She then helped answer that question by explaining how the City of David lay hidden for nearly 2,000 years until a British archaeologist began a discovery that continues to this day.

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Abundant Life, a non-profit organization in Israel, fights for the protection of a mother and the unborn baby in her womb – and then supports in practical ways mothers who have chosen life.

Just as its name implies, the organization believes in the gift of life. Abundant Life upholds the sanctity of life and identifies with the words in Job 1:21: “The Lord gave (life) and the Lord has taken away (life) – may the name of the Lord be praised.”

The vision of Abundant Life began in 1999 when a young girl with an unwanted pregnancy contacted Anat Brenner for counseling. Following the counseling she received from Anat, the young girl decided to keep her baby instead of having an abortion.

Because of the pregnancy, however, the girl was fired from her job and, when she returned home from the hospital with her newborn baby girl, the landlord ordered her to leave the apartment claiming she failed to pay rent.

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For the past five years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has threatened to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes. Last week, the tables were turned when Jerusalem Institute for Justice (JIJ) CEO Calev Myers, an Israeli lawyer, filed a complaint against the outgoing Hamas leader for war crimes against not only Israelis but Palestinian citizens as well. Ismail Haniyeh was Hamas’s leader for 10 years until a month ago when he left to become the chief policy writer for Hamas.

In 2012, the PA complained that Israel’s plan to build in disputed territory was akin to war crimes and that Israel should be brought before the ICC. Following the conflict in 2014 between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel, the PA has attempted to prosecute Israel at the Hague-based court a number of times. In 2015 and 2016 the Palestinian leadership of both Hamas and Fatah have asked that the court investigate alleged ongoing Israeli war crimes.

JIJ’s complaint filed at the ICC is against Haniyeh. Myers asserts that during the 2014 conflict, Haniyeh encouraged the use of Palestinian men, women and children as “human shields” while calling for ongoing rocket fire into Israeli populations. Myers claims that Haniyeh personally funded these activities, which not only violated international law but human rights as well.

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Everyone at a bar mitzvah ceremony in a Bat Yam synagogue was singing siman tov u’mazal tov (a good time and good luck), until the rabbi noticed something “strange” about the tallit (prayer shawl) of the bar mitzvah boy. The inscription in Hebrew caused panic.

Blessed are You O Lord our God, who has fulfilled all the Torah in Yeshua the Messiah and covered us all in his righteousness,” it read.

I received the image through the WhatsApp group of the secular Israeli radio station where I have a weekly program in Hebrew, about Brazil. The person who sent it, an Orthodox Jew himself, attended the event. His message to the group, along with the picture, read: “Oy vey!”

What I found interesting were the many and varied comments among broadcasters, some secular, some religious, as well as those in the “scoops” Hebrew website rotter.net.

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A Messianic soldier was injured during an Israeli army operation early on Thursday morning near Nablus, the biblical city of Shechem, after an explosive device was thrown at a group of soldiers. David B., one of the worship leaders at Kehilat Nachalat Yeshua in Beersheba, was in the area to guard the tomb of Joseph the Jewish patriarch, when he was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. According to the Injury Severity Score (ISS) the soldier’s injuries were classified as “minor” because they were not immediately life-threatening. However, the soldier lost the bones in his right index finger.

After news of the attack made headlines in Israel, word quickly spread through the believing community in Israel that the injured soldier was David (whose last name we are withholding due to military rules).

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During restoration work on a synagogue in Peki’in, a Druze village in the northern Galilee, workers made a surprising and significant discovery: A limestone apex block of a column with Hebrew inscriptions dating back 1,800 years. It has always been rumored that Jews had ancient ties to the village, but experts say this find provides solid proof.

Pending further research, the Israel Antiquities Authority has disclosed that the Hebrew engravings found on the capital block of limestone appear to be dedications by donors to the synagogue. This confirms the age of the inscriptions based on known Jewish tradition at the time of the Roman occupation.

The capital was buried beneath a courtyard of a home near the village’s non-active synagogue. This is not the first significant discovery at that location. Excavations at the Peki’in synagogue in the early 1900s revealed numerous decorated stones that most likely formed part of an ancient synagogue. The pieces dated back to the late 2nd or early 3rd century – the same time period as the newest discovery.

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Shai Sol’s testimony in music

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It all started at my 6th birthday.

My mother bought me a Goblet drum.

My mom and I went together to the music store, for the first time.

The minute I held that drum in my hand I felt right at home.

On the day of my 6th birthday, the execution office came knocking on our door. They took all the electrical devices we had in our home. My mom said something to me that’s been embedded in my mind ever since: “You are the music. Nobody can take that away from you. It’s a gift from God.” And so it was. I kept on drumming that Goblet drum and we happily celebrated.

I received a greater gift than I could have ever imagined.

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If you enjoy reading the Bible while traveling throughout Israel, raise your hand! This is exactly what the organization Lech L’cha does on its discipleship programs for young Israeli believers.

With a passion for teaching the young in both age and faith in Yeshua, Alon Grimberg and Yochanan Stanfield established Lech L’cha, which means “go forth”, the very words God spoke to Abraham (Gen. 12:1). The organization has various training programs “for life and service” for young Israeli believers interested in deepening their study of the scriptures, academically and spiritually, providing guidelines for a healthy, faith-based lifestyle of serving the Lord.

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We experience many cases of terrorism and mourning in our small country, all of which affect us as Israelis and as believers. But sometimes terror strikes closer to home.

On January 8, 2017, another disaster struck our country when a truck driver in Jerusalem sped toward a group of cadets from the IDF officers school killing four. A number of believing soldiers served alongside the victims in various units.

“In this terror attack I lost a dear friend”

One, a friend of Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel, who was killed in the terror attack, shared her perspective with us.

“When you enlist in the education unit of the IDF you never think you will need to sacrifice your life for the country. You imagine instead that you will need to sacrifice a lot of yourself for the soldiers, educate the future generation of citizens and assist the new enlistees.

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Ten months after a single shot shook the entire country, Sergeant Elor Azaria’s trial has come to an end as a military court dismissed all claims by the defense and found Azaria guilty of manslaughter for shooting and killing a neutralized terrorist in Hebron about a year ago. 

This incident was documented by a resident of the city and the video that became public caused an uproar and a commotion that shook the army, the Israeli public and the political system. Outside of the court during the trial violent riots took place as hundreds of people came to demonstrate and express their support for the soldier.  

“This is a difficult and painful day for all of us – first and foremost to Elor and his family, to the IDF soldiers, many citizens and parents of soldiers, myself included,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I call on all Israeli citizens to act responsibly toward the IDF, its commanders and the Chief of General Staff. We have one army which is the foundation of our existence. The IDF soldiers are our sons and daughters, and they must remain above all controversy.”

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