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Against the backdrop of the BDS movement and calls for international celebrities to boycott coming to Israel, the National Basketball Association is bringing its Basketball Without Borders (BWB) program to the Jewish state this summer. The basketball camp will be based at the Wingate Institute in Netanya and will run from Aug. 13 to 16. The best teenaged basketball players from 30 countries, including Israel, will participate and be privy to training from coaches and star players for the NBA and FIBA (International Basketball Federation, the world governing body for basketball).

Former Spurs All-Star player David Robinson, known as a dedicated Christian, is scheduled to be one of the coaches. Among the other professional players who will be on hand are Marc Gasol of Spain, Danilo Gallianari of Italy and Omri Casspi, an Israeli who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA.

Since its inception in 2001 BWB has organized 49 camps in 25 countries, including India, Mexico and Italy. It has hosted more than 2,700 participants from some 134 nations.

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Open for prayer in Haifa

www.kehilanews.com May 4, 2017

Towers are mentioned in many different places in the Scriptures.

The first tower, Babel, was an ambitious and infamous building project begun by Nimrod (according to rabbinic tradition). The objectives of that tower were revealed in the name of its architect. The name Nimrod comes from the word riot and rebellion. He and the other builders with him rebelled against the Creator and wanted to raise their own name “against the heavens.” When the Lord mingled their languages, the building process stopped. They couldn’t understand each other anymore and were “confused.” (The Hebrew word Babylon comes from a root word that means confusion.)

Scripture also tells about another tower whose builder made miscalculations regarding manpower and finances. As a result the building was not completed (Luke 14:28-30).

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Distributing God’s love to women in need

www.kehilanews.com May 3, 2017

At the Dugit Distribution Center, located in downtown Tel Aviv, we are continually looking for ways to impact and improve the physical and spiritual conditions of the needy and homeless of Tel Aviv.

On March 8th, the world celebrated Women’s Day and took time out to honor women for their achievements and contributions to society. There are many women in Tel – Aviv that would not typically get to be a part of this special day because of their socioeconomic status. Here at Dugit, we decided that we wanted to do something to honor these women. Dennis and Nadia who manage the Dugit Distribution Center ran with this vision and organized a fantastic event.

We secured a ballroom for the evening and invited believing, professional musicians to perform and share their testimonies. We also had a woman Pastor attend and give her testimony. She was a shining example of how much God can do with someone who fully commits their life to Him. She truly touched the hearts of all who were present.  After the testimonies had been shared, more than half of the group came to the front and asked for prayer from the Dugit staff. Some were prayers for health, others for blessings, and some to feel God’s love in their lives.

After this time of fellowship and ministry, we invited the ladies to a fabulous buffet dinner. As they sat and enjoyed the meal, the sound of joy and laughter could be heard throughout the hall. You could see on their faces that they were relaxed and enjoyed their time. It was a welcomed break from the reality of the struggle of living in Israel today.

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A new and encouraging phenomenon is taking place among Messianic young people in Israel: Israeli students who are believers are openly sharing about their faith in Yeshua at their schools. This sort of boldness seems to have been unprecedented until now.

After years of being suspended between their parents’ beliefs and a mostly secular society, Israeli Messianic youth are defining their identity and growing in confidence. Thanks to them, more Israelis hear the gospel every day.

Israeli law forbids adults from evangelizing minors, but there is no law prohibiting children from sharing their faith. The Kehila News Israel team contacted a few Messianic students who have shared their faith in their class. Here is what they had to say:

Sarit Roitman, 18, Jerusalem

“I wanted to do something more than just believing in my heart, beyond the fact that everyone knows me as a ‘Christian girl’ or ‘the girl with the strange religion.’ Specifically, I wanted to take a significant step in my life for Yeshua, to glorify His name, not just to introduce who ‘Messianic Jews’ are. I really wanted to tell my classmates about Yeshua, and that is what pushed me and gave me the courage, the will and the faith to share in front of the class.

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Cliff Keller – Sunny Side Up!

www.kehilanews.com  April 25, 2017

A Kehila News Israel (KNI) writer recently launched his fourth novel, the retro-romance comedy Sunny Side Up!, now available for sale in paperback and Kindle versions at Amazon.com.

Author Cliff Keller, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, now resides in Jerusalem. In addition to keeping busy with his numerous contributions to KNI, Keller has been actively researching and publishing novels.

Keller’s work has been well received, garnering almost exclusively five-star reviews at Amazon. Before Sunny Side Up! became available, a fan wrote on his website, “Because this book is written by Cliff Keller – it’s going to be good!”

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New life in Nazareth

www.kehilanews.com  April 12, 2017

On a vibrantly beautiful Shabbat spring morning I am greeted at Netzer HaGalil Congregation with warm smiles and loving hugs. This fellowship was planted in Nazareth in 2004 by our own daughter congregation in Haifa, Shavei Tzion (Return to Zion).

Netzer, in Hebrew, is a sprout, shoot, offspring, young branch, or a descendant. “New life budding in the Galilee,” might be a free poetic translation of their name. This is indeed a season of new life and fruit in this growing congregation of 50 members. For its first dozen years, Netzer conducted worship services and operated a soup kitchen/food distribution ministry out of a tiny facility. If 25 people arrived for a Shabbat service the place was packed!

Last year, in a step of faith, the congregation took over the rent contract from a neighboring pub. It had finally closed after years of intercession to remove the seedy joint from next to their Messianic worship center. You can imagine the joy that accompanied remodeling and expansion. Now, the sanctuary seats 100 easily, and its high ceiling gives a far greater feeling of freedom and spaciousness.

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www.kehilanews.com April 6, 2017

Christians from across the world have been sharing the love of Yeshua with Israelis by opening their homes and offering free, or almost free, accommodation to them as they travel.

In the year 2000 Israeli-born Messianic believer Omri Jaakobovic founded a network organization called Hosting Israeli Travelers (HIT) through which believers who love Israel can offer hospitality to young Israelis abroad.

HIT now has over 550 registered host families in New Zealand, Australia and Britain – with plans to add further destination countries and hosts to the network. Currently more than 15,000 Israelis have been in contact with Christians and with the gospel through HIT.

Young people in Israel typically travel abroad after finishing their compulsory army service and before going to college. Many travel far as Australia and New Zealand. As the travelers  are usually on a backpacker’s budget, the provision of safe, quality accommodation that is free of charge or available for a nominal amount, is greatly valued by these young travelers.

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Eagle weekends

www.kehilanews.com  April 4, 2017

We at Return to Zion Congregation believe that in order to receive good fruit, one must spend time sowing, watering and cultivating. After these tasks are completed comes the joy of seeing the fruit produced by our labors.

With this in mind, we have been gradually developing Project Eagle since 2015. The project provides a time of refreshing and renewal for Messianic young people who have recently completed their compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Through the project they are given the opportunity to receive renewal and discipleship in the beautiful setting of Norway, as well as the opportunity to meet young Norwegian believers.

Project Eagle has revealed a great hunger for more fellowship, more of God’s Word and more answers to the many questions asked by this special generation. We read in I John 2:14, “I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the wicked one.” According to this verse the younger generation has a special place in the eyes of God. He has committed into their hands, the sword, which is the Word of the Lord. They must use that sword expertly in order to obtain victory against the enemy. We see this victory only occasionally in our midst. This fact should compel us to invest greater efforts in each of the young people in our congregations, that we might see good fruit in their lives – including them becoming the servant leaders of the next generation.

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The mother of a kindergarten girl in the city of Ma’ale Adumim yanked her daughter out of the school after she claimed that a “Christian” girl in the class told the other children that “Yeshua is the Messiah.”

The “Christian” child is the daughter of M., a Messianic Jew and mother of three children who have been attending public schools for several years. The teachers know the family and their beliefs have never presented any problems.

But late last month, another parent accused M’s daughter of confusing the children by claiming, “Yeshua is the Messiah and He will deliver us.”

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 7, the other parent complained that the preaching and “brainwashing” by the Messianic girl had confused her child and brought her, the mother, to the brink of tears. She said that “the way of life in the kindergarten must be compatible with the lifestyle of the family.” The school is a religious public school and the mother claimed that allowing a student to talk about Yeshua as Messiah is “hypocrisy towards religion and the kindergarten itself.”

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What happens when Israeli high school students literally dig into their past, invest in their present and prepare for their future?

That’s the story behind hundreds of young Israelis who spent a week excavating a 2,000 year old Jewish village near Beit Shemesh. First, they needed money to make the trip from Israel to Poland for what’s called the “March of the Living.”

It’s this annual pilgrimage for thousands of Jewish young people to commemorate the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) that brought them to the dirt and dust of an active excavation site in the heart of Israel.

“This unique project, which connects the country’s past and Israel’s heritage with Holocaust studies and the journey to Poland, provides students with an educational experience in which they are exploring and investigating,” Boyer High School Principal Dafna Menashe Baruch said.

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