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“We are Israelis – you know war is going to come, it’s just when and what magnitude!” This is what mother and high school teacher Dana Dickenson, a Messianic believer from Haifa, told KNI as Israeli schools were running, for the first time, a comprehensive initiative to prepare children — and their parents — to study from home in the event of war.

The children have a set time to go online and complete the tasks set for them by the teachers, no excuses, Dickenson explained. They can even use smart phones, which most school age children have these days.

“The experiment worked. In fact we found that the children responded very well and almost everyone completed the tasks we set them,” she said. “We kept it as simple as possible and made sure that the parents were aware of what was happening."

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As the bombs were dropping in the beleaguered city of Aleppo, an Israeli organization comprised of local believers came up with a strategic move: They would donate a container of valuable medical supplies and equipment meant for Israel to internally displaced Syrians.

The Joseph Project – the largest importer of humanitarian aid in Israel – teamed up with Israeli Flying Aid to reallocate the container intended for Israelis to Israel’s neighbors in crisis.

“We made a decision during the catastrophe in Aleppo to divert the shipment because this was an emergency,” Jim Schutz, director of The Joseph Project, told KNI. “When you’re hearing of hospitals getting bombed and you receive the kind of aid that can really make a difference and save innocent lives, you want to do whatever you can.”

The shipment contained items such as much needed incubators, infant warmers and surgical lights.

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Should Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian leaders living in Israel speak out publicly against terrorism and religious extremism? Kehila News Israel (KNI) recently conducted a survey to find out. This is the second article in our four-part series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which we compare and analyze the survey responses of Messianic Jewish leaders and Arab Christian Leaders.

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The four-day conference sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College, known as Christ at the Checkpoint, was held for the fourth time on March 7-10, 2016. The theme was “the gospel in the face of religious extremism,” and each day of the conference was devoted to examining one of the monotheistic religions for this dangerous flaw, and then offering a Christian-gospel response.

The second day, devoted to Muslim extremism, potentially held the most promise and the greatest challenge. The international think-tank Gatestone Institute recently analyzed the 2016 World Watch List of nations condoning or conducting Christian persecution (published by the global organization Open Doors), and noted that 41 of the top 50 persecuting nations are motivated by Muslim extremism. What’s worse, in 35 Muslim-majority nations this persecution is driven by a policy of ethnic cleansing of Christians from their country. Most relevant to the Bethlehem conference was that the Palestinian Authority ranked no.24 (up from no.26 last year), with their persecution of Christians rated as “very high”. The response to this Muslim trend was therefore anticipated as a litmus test of the ability of CATC to “speak truth to power” on behalf of the local and regional Christian community.

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So the big news in Israel this past week, the news that is on our talk shows and on the front page of every newspaper and website is this: Two knife-wielding Palestinians attacked and stabbed a soldier. One was killed by other soldiers and the other was wounded. Another soldier, moments later shot the wounded (and probably dying) Palestinian terrorist.

This Israeli soldier has been arrested and he will stand trial.

Obviously, if the soldier did not feel that he and others around him were at risk, he should go to jail. He claims that he thought the wounded terrorist had a suicide belt. It is not my point to defend or condemn him. That is for a court of law. My point is simple. I want you to read some of the statements from our leaders and then ask yourself, what if the roles were reversed and a Palestinian policeman killed a Jew? First read the statements.

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I recently attended a conference for Messianic soldiers. I heard Jonathan share his testimony and was amazed to hear how God healed him. I hope that this testimony will encourage you and strengthen your faith in God. God can heal anything, you only need to believe and thank Him for everything. Our God still performs miracles!

Jonathan’s Testimony:

I’m Jonathan, 22 years old, born and raised in Israel. I grew up in a Messianic family where my parents taught and raised us according to the Bible and faith in Yeshua.

I have believed in Yeshua from a very young age, accepting Him into my life in 2004. As a kid, I was very shy and introverted, and the type of child who does everything that’s expected of him. I wasn’t rebellious. When I was 11, I decided to take a step forward and was baptized. Many people asked me, “Aren’t you too young to decide this?!”, but this decision, I believe, kept me from falling away because I always knew to whom I belong, and knew that I represent Yeshua here in Israel.

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On January 25, 2016, David Davis, Founding Pastor of Kehilat HaCarmel, a Messianic congregation in Haifa, underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his neck. Click here to read the initial prayer request. Below is a post-surgery update from his wife, Karen.

Halelujah!! Thank you all so much for praying today!! The surgery went extremely well! Dr Contreras is VERY pleased!! He said the tumor had already shrunk to half the size of what the PET scan showed (due to the 2 weeks of treatments)!! He removed it safely with expert precision.
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Ygal Gitelman had a very practical goal in mind when he founded his business, Achva Multimedia Solutions. “I saw what Messianic organizations were being forced to pay for a quality sound system here in Israel, and it was ridiculous,” said Ygal. So he decided to do something about it.

Achva was established specifically to make advanced multimedia capability accessible to the Israeli Body of Messiah with affordable prices, custom-ordered components and expert guidance. In 2012, when Ygal took the plunge into the Israeli business world, it was a unique combination. Now, four years later, Achva is still the only company filling this niche for Israeli believers.

unnamed-2The Israeli Body benefits from Ygal’s multimedia background in several ways. His consulting, tech-support and training services enable congregations and event organizers to customize professional sound systems for their needs and get the most out of the components. Achva’s stock of name-brand multimedia devices can be rented for conferences and other special events together with freelance photographers, soundmen, DJs and musicians, giving fellow-believers access to state-of-the-art equipment without having to purchase these high-priced items on their own. And for those with the financial means, Ygal is becoming an address for providing imported equipment, including media and communication devices like computers, printers, smart phones and video projectors.
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