'Harbinger Man' interviewed on 'Joni Table Talk'

www.wnd.com   July 11, 2016

Some may say Jonathan Cahn is a prophet of doom.

After all, the messianic rabbi who caught the attention of the nation with his bestselling book,  which remained on the New York Times bestsellers list for many months, made his reputation warning the country about God’s judgment.

But in a recent appearance on “Joni Table Talk” on Daystar TV, Cahn brought a powerful message of hope.

He recounted how so many people are asking him what they can do to prepare or defend themselves during what some believe are the end times.

Cahn said the answer is simple.

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May 5th, 2016 will no doubt be a powerful day in the spiritual realm. Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and the National Day of Prayer coincide today, joining together hearts that mourn and hearts that are carrying the hope of Yeshua our Messiah. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, along with many other renowned Christian leaders, has been asked to speak at the Central Event for the National Day of Prayer in Washington D.C.

Be in prayer for Rabbi Jonathan Cahn as he prepares to speak and pray on behalf of the Messianic Community before such a great assembly. This is yet another moment for God to use His people to be a light to the nations and to our Jewish brothers and sisters who are mourning today.  

The event will begin at 9:00 AM and will go until noon. You can watch the event live here or on GOD TV. For more information about the National Day of Prayer, visit the official website
'Where do you get the authority to overrule the rulings of the Most High?'

One year after “The Harbinger” author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn warned that America was at a tipping point and that to defy God’s commandments and create “same-sex marriage” would be to “follow Baal and go to hell,” he returned to “Washington: A Man of Prayer” to ask the U.S. Supreme Court justices where they got the authority to overrule God.

“As ancient Israel turned away from her God and His ways, so, too, has America,” he thundered from the podium recently occupied by dozens of members of Congress who came to pray.

“The city on hill, founded for the purposes of God, drove God out of its government, out of its culture, out of its public square. It celebrated ungodliness and called evil good and good evil. It lifted up the most innocent and helpless of its inhabitants and slaughtered them on the altars of self-obsession.

“The last time we gathered, it was the day after the Supreme Court heard the case to decide the future of marriage,” he said. “Two months after we gathered here, America’s highest court struck down the order of God!

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Rabbi Cahn on Capital Hill

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will once again be making history speaking on Capitol Hill before a group of leaders and members of Congress. Wednesday, April 27th Cahn will be sharing a message the Lord has placed on his heart for America in this meeting which is being held from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Cahn is the author of New York Times Bestsellers The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.  He is also the rabbi of Beth Israel Worship Center, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Wayne, New Jersey and founder of Hope of the World ministries.

Due to the doors opened before him in response to his powerful books, Jonathan has had the opportunity to share the Word of God in front of Congress, the United Nations, countless churches, conferences and so much more.

It is with great favor that this event is happening, and it will be with much support of strong prayer that it will be a success for the Kingdom.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn before UN

On March 2nd, Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn spoke before the United Nations in a Symposium on Peace, Reconciliation, Sustainable Development and Multicultural Understanding. This was an unprecedented second appearance before the international body of delegates.

Cahn is the president of Hope of the World Ministries, the rabbi of Beth Israel Worship Center (a Messianic Jewish congregation in Wayne, New Jersey) and a New York Times best-selling author. His books The Mystery of the Shemitah and The Harbinger awaken the Body of Messiah as a whole to a realization of the prophetic relevance of God’s Biblical calendar and the way history repeats itself for the purposes of drawing God’s creation to repentance.

For roughly twelve minutes Rabbi Cahn spoke boldly and emphatically about the call of God upon His people to be a light unto the world, sharing the love of God with the world. Cahn stood before the UN, the international political body that has so often come across as being opposed to the Body of Messiah and especially to the people and the land of Israel, and powerfully spoke of Yeshua HaMashiach and His proclamations and Scriptural fulfillments.

To watch the video of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s ground-breaking second appearance before the United Nations, please click here.

Jonathan Cahn at UN

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn will be speaking before the United Nations for the second time tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2nd. This is a very important and timely opportunity that God has opened up for a Messianic Jewish rabbi to speak before an international governing body that has had such a negative approach to Israel.

Rabbi Cahn is the rabbi of Beth Israel Worship Center, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Wayne, New Jersey. He is also the acclaimed author of two New York Times best selling books, The Mystery of the Shemitah and The Harbinger.

Please lift up Rabbi Cahn as he humbly and boldly approaches this miraculous opportunity to shine the Light of Messiah before the UN.

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