JNN News Update May 30, 2017

SHAVUOT 2017: This year’s festival of Shavuot begins in the evening of Tuesday, 30 May and ends at dusk Wednesday 31 May. The Biblical holiday of Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai, 50 days after the exodus of Moses and the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. The holiday is also the celebration of the wheat harvest and ripening of the first fruits. The deeply moving Book of Ruth, a biblical story of love and covenant, is read and reflected upon during what is also known as the Feast of Weeks. Meals eaten during the holiday are traditionally based on fruit, vegetable and dairy products. We at VFI extend to dear friends, near and far, joyous 2017 Shavuot greetings. Please pray for the joy and refreshing of Israel’s people and for protection from all violence during this time.

TRUMP FURIOUS WITH ABBAS: ‘YOU LIED TO ME’: President Donald Trump has lambasted Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, after the president claims the PA leader deceived him regarding his party’s involvement in anti-Israel incitement. Trump, recently met with Abbas in the PA-controlled city of Bethlehem during his two-day visit to Israel. The two held a joint press conference, at which time the president praised Abbas’ commitment to restarting negotiations with Israel for a final status agreement. But according to a report by Israel’s Channel 2, the closed-door meeting between the president and the PA chairman was anything but cordial. A USA official present during the meeting claims the president expressed outrage with Abbas, yelling at him regarding Abbas’ claims that his Fatah faction was not involved in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement. “You tricked me in Washington,” the president is said to have yelled at Abbas, referencing the PA leader’s March 2017 trip to the USA capital. During his March get-together with the president, Abbas claimed he was dedicated to advancing peaceful relations with Israel, and that the PA was not engaged in incitement against the Jewish state.

PM Binyamin Netanyahu publicly called out Abbas’ claim, noting the PA’s continued material support for jailed terrorists and promotion of hateful propaganda encouraging young Arabs to take up arms against Israel. "I heard President Abbas yesterday say that the Palestinians teach their children peace,” said Netanyahu. “Unfortunately, that's not true. They name their schools after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists,” he said at a meeting in Jerusalem. According to the American official, Israel also provided the White House with proof of the PA’s support for and promotion of terrorism. “You talked to me about peace, but the Israelis showed me that you are personally supporting incitement,” Trump told Abbas. The USA president alluded to the PA’s funding for jailed terrorists, calling it an obstacle to peace. "Peace can never take root in a place where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded,” said Trump. We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single, unified voice." (INN) Intercede that President Trump and his administration will be aware of every exposure of the Palestinian Authority and its leader Abbas’ treachery - and that they will not be deceived as to the agenda PA leaders have in place beneath their sheep masks for the Jewish state - destruction and control over all of Israel.

CULTURAL CENTER NAMED FOR TERRORIST MURDERER: Despite President Donald Trump's straight talk to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas about the need to stop supporting and commending terror, another educational institution in the Palestinian Authority has been named for Dalal Mughrabi, who headed the brutal murder of no fewer than 37 people in the Coastal Highway massacre in 1978. The most lethal terror attack in Israel's history, it included the hijacking of a bus by Mughrabi and other Fatah terrorists, as well as random shootings at cars on the highway and passengers on the bus. The dead included 12 children, and over 70 people were wounded. The new center's inauguration ceremony was held last week in the PA town of Burqa, near Nablus. The sign on the new building includes logos of the PA's Ministry of Local Government, United Nations Women, and the Norwegian Representative Office to the PA. Ironically, the center's purpose is billed as "focusing especially on the history of the struggle of Martyr Dalal Mughrabi and on presenting it to the youth groups." Thus, this is yet another "show of admiration for terrorist murderers," in accordance with the Palestinian Authority's "policy of presenting them as role models for Palestinian youth." (Arutz-7) Case in point, regarding Abbas’ lies about Palestinian schools “teaching their children peace.”

ISRAEL RIPS UN OVER SUPPORT FOR PA CENTER GLORIFYING TERROR: The Foreign Ministry expressed concern over the UN’s financial support for a PA women’s center named after notorious female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. Foreign Ministry representative Elon Bar spoke with the UN’s “Humanitarian Coordinator” for the Palestinian Arabs, Robert Piper. During their conversation, Bar expressed concern over the UN’s continued support of Palestinian Arab incitement and glorification of terrorists who murdered Jews. He demanded that Piper clarify the UN’s funding, and expressed Israel’s expectation that the UN act so that such occurrences do not happen in the future. Hours earlier, Norway condemned the PA for its use of Norwegian money to fund the new women’s center. He called on the PA to immediately remove the logo of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry from the center and demanded that the PA return the money from Norway that it had used to fund the center. The Foreign Ministry praised the action. “Norway has done the right thing. Standing strongly against the positive commemoration of terrorists is an essential part of the international effort to eradicate terrorism. Israel suggests that all members of the international community check where money invested in the PA ends up, and expects all other partners in this project to follow Norway's example,” the Foreign Ministry said. (Arutz-7)

HAMAS INSISTS: WE’RE NOT A TERROR ORGANIZATION: Hamas - the terrorist group ruling the Gaza Strip - continues to blast USA President Donald Trump for saying in a speech last week that Hamas and Hezbollah were on par with other terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Hamas member Mushir al-Masri claimed that the description of Hamas as a terrorist organization by Trump was an expression of bias in favor of Israel which, he claimed, serves the interests of the "enemy". He accused Washington of a double standard, and stressed that Palestinian Arabs would continue to liberate “Palestine” by fighting the [so called] “occupation”. Hamas Vice President Mousa Abu Marzouk said in response to Trump’s speech that the organization is a movement for national freedom from the Israeli "occupation." "The USA is partnering with the Zionist occupation, and providing them with money and weapons so they will be able to carry out terror attacks against our oppressed nation," Marzouk tweeted. "The political blindness is painting as innocent those who destroyed Gaza and placed it under siege, killed and injured thousands of innocent victims, called Hamas a terrorist organization when it protects its nation, and refuses to compromise or to negotiate about the rights of the Palestinian people," he added. (INN) Lies! Lies! And more lies! “Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with malice. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they tell lies,” Ps 5:9GAZA’S MISERY IS NOT ISRAEL’S FAULT: Palestinian misery in the Gaza Strip portrays a harvest of hatred for all the world to see: Billions of dollars of humanitarian aid have been seeded into an endless pit of Islamic disdain for Israel and the Jewish people - have been spent on weapons instead of schools and sanitation facilities - squandered or siphoned into foreign bank accounts by terrorist leaders. The Palestinians could have had thriving orchards and green houses, businesses and homes built by Israelis - forced to abandon the Gaza Strip “for the sake of peace.” But Gaza is in ruins, racked with poverty and despair because her hate-filled Hamas terrorist leaders continue to shout out, plot, and perpetuate violence and destruction against the Jewish nation. Instead of a new state, global assistance to prosper, a future for their young, Hamas leaders rule over an oozing, putrefying sore of human misery. Like madmen they are always preparing for the next war against Israel; building terrorist tunnels, better projectiles, hurling rockets at Israel’s Negev communities - then howl to the world they have no food, no fuel when Israel, after restraint beyond human understanding, enforces defensive measures to defend her harassed, shocked, disrupted and outraged citizenry. When mercy comes, Palestinians resume tunnel building, terrorists bomb Israel’s well-laden aid trucks, and return to potshotting the Jewish communities of Sderot and Ashkelon. What Gaza is, is what Gaza Palestinians and their Israel-hating, jihadist leaders have chosen. All that was ever asked of them was to recognize the Jewish nation, stop terrorist violence, and abide by previous peace agreements. They continue to choose instead; gall, destruction and chaos. Their harvest is bitter fruit of their own sowing. (JNN)

HOMELAND SECURITY HEAD SAYS TERROR SITUATION IS SCARIER THAN YOU KNOW: Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday 26 May 2017 said if people knew what he knew, they’d “never leave the house.” Kelly cited four different terror attacks that have unfolded in the past few days as proof - including the suicide bombing in Manchester and strikes in Egypt, the Philippines and Indonesia. He claimed they were all carried out “by generally the same terror groups,” meaning ISIS. “I was telling Fox host Steve Doocy on the way here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,” Kelly said. “But the good news is, we have the finest men and women in uniform, out of uniform - police officers, and local law enforcement - protecting us.” The ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombing in Manchester, which left 22 people dead and scores more injured. In Egypt, dozens of Coptic Christians were shot and killed by masked gunmen on Friday 26 May 2017, as they were heading to a monastery. At least 28 people were killed, and 25 more wounded. On Wed. 24 May 2017, ISIS-linked terrorists set upon the southern Philippine city of Mindanao - beheading a police chief, capturing a Catholic priest and his flock, and burning down buildings. That same day, suicide bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia, left three police officers dead and 12 others injured. (NY Post) How essential it is to pray over oneself, family members and friends as we go about our daily business or travel further afield in these dangerous times.

ISRAELI COWS ARE WORLD’S BEST MILK PRODUCERS, NEW REPORT SHOWS: The report, released ahead of the 2017 Shavuot holiday, said the average Israeli cow produces some 3,162 gallons of milk a year. Between milk and other dairy drinks, yogurt, cheese and pudding cups, Israelis consume an average of 47 gallons of milk a year per capita, the report showed. Some 774 dairy farms operated in Israel in 2016 compared to 1,026 in 2006. Still, the average dairy farm production has increased by 71% over the same period. In 2016, consumer demand for dairy products saw a 53% spike ahead of Shavuot. The data also showed a 3.5% increase in demand for milk and dairy products in 2016. (Israel Hayom)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

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JNN News May 28, 2017

GUNMEN KILL AT LEAST 28 COPTIC CHRISTIANS IN CENTRAL EGYPT: Gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians to mass in southern Egypt on Friday 26 May 2017, killing at least 28 people in the latest bloodshed targeting the country’s Christian minority. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but ISIS has both targeted and claimed responsibility for previous deadly attacks against Egypt’s Christians, which comprise about 10% of the population. A journalist said many of the victims appeared to be children. The ambulance authority said 40 people were riding in the bus on their way from the city of Beni Suef just south of Cairo to Minya, about 150 miles south of Egypt’s capital. Much of Egypt’s Christian population is concentrated around the center of the country near Minya and Assiut. Both places have several pilgrimage sites. Last month, twin bomb attacks rocked churches in the Mediterranean port Alexandria and the northern city of Tanta, leaving 44 dead and prompting Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to declare a state of emergency. In December, a bomb hit the main cathedral in Cairo, killing 25 people as part of what is being described as a new strategy by the ISIS to target Christians. Egypt launched six air strikes on jihadist camps in Libya on Friday night, 26 May 2017 following the terrorist attack. Israel strongly condemned the terrorist assault in Egypt, in a statement from PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s office. “There is no difference between the terror of the attack in Egypt and that of attacks in other countries. Terror will be defeated more quickly if all countries work together against it,” said the statement. (Washington Post/Arutz-7) Pray for the injured and grieving Christians in Egypt - and for their desperately needed protection from ISIS-affiliated terror groups.

REPORT: IRAN BUILDS NEW UNDERGROUND BALLISTIC MISSILE FACTORY: Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Thurs. 25 May 2017 in a development likely to fuel tension with Arab neighbors and Washington. "Iran's third underground factory has been built by the Guards. We will continue to further develop our missile capabilities forcefully," Fars quoted the head of the Republican Guard’s airspace division, Amirali Hajizadeh, as saying. Since taking office in Jan. 2017, USA President Donald Trump has imposed new sanctions on Iran in response to Tehran's recent missile launches, putting Tehran "on notice." Iran's Sunni Gulf neighbors and its arch-enemy Israel have expressed concerns over Tehran's ballistic missile program, seeing it as a threat to regional security. "It is natural that our enemies America and the Zionist regime [Israel] are angry with our missile program because they want Iran to be in a weak position," Hajizadeh said. In retaliation for the new USA sanctions, Iran had added nine American individuals and companies to its own list of 15 USA companies for alleged human rights violations and cooperation with Israel. (J. Post) Pray that the threat of increasing sanctions and military reprisal from Israel and other Western nations will come upon the Islamic Republic for its illegal and defiant missile programs and nuclear ambitions. Pray Western nations and allies will be unified with effective solutions to prevent Iran from moving ahead with its regionally, and globally, endangering programs.

USA PLANNING TO BOOST SANCTIONS ON IRAN: The USA Treasury is reviewing licenses for Boeing Co and Airbus to sell aircraft to Iran and will increase sanctions pressure on Iran, Syria and North Korea, department head Steven Mnuchin said on Wed. 24 May 2017. "We will use everything within our power to put additional sanctions on Iran, Syria and North Korea to protect American lives." Mnuchin told a Ways and Means Committee hearing that sanctions "really work" and were responsible for bringing Iran to the negotiating table ahead of the nuclear deal. The Trump administration recently imposed new sanctions on 25 individuals and companies connected to Iran's ballistic missile program and those providing support to the Revolutionary Guard Corps' Qods Force. The sanctions came in response to a ballistic missile test conducted by Iran, in violation of UN Resolution 2231, which bars Iran from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years and which went into effect after the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers was signed. Iran has responded angrily to the sanctions, with the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah AliKhamenei, dismissing calls from the Trump administration to cease the country’s ballistic missile tests. Iranian President Hassan Rouahni, who was just reelected for a second term in office, stressed this week that the Islamic Republic would continue its missile tests and does not require permission from anybody to do so. (INN)

‘WE WILL NOT DIVIDE THE LAND WITH OUR ENEMIES': Speaking at a traditional Jerusalem Day celebration, Education Minister Naftali Bennett responded Wed. night 24 May 2017, to a report that the USA is demanding that Israel transfer parts of northern Samaria from Area C, under Israeli rule to Area B, part of the Palestinian Authority where Israel is only in charge of security. According to the report by Israel’s Channel 10, PM Netanyahu also opposes the move, which would effectively cede control over the affected areas from Israel to the PA. Bennett said that: "the era in which we treat the Land of Israel as a mere piece of real estate - that era is over. We will not take a saw and slice off parts of our land to give to our enemies. That era is over. I come now from the march of flags to the Western Wall. The organizers and the police said that it was the largest march for Jerusalem Day ever, and the most people who have been at the Western Wall since 1967. He said that when speaking about 'united Jerusalem,' "the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the entire Old City, the City of David, Ma'aleh Hazeitim, The Mount of Olives, and Nof Zion" should also be remembered. "All of Jerusalem that will remain united under Israeli sovereignty and only under the sovereignty of Israel forever." (Arutz-7) Bravo and amen! Nations whose leaders have sought to divide the land and the people of Israel will clearly face God’s judgment. “In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land,” Joel 3:1-3

CZECH PARLIAMENT CALLS FOR SANCTIONS AGAINST UNESCO OVER ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS: The Czech Chamber of Deputies called on the nation’s government on Tues. 23 May 2017, to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to stop paying membership fees to UNESCO until the organization stops its anti-Israel bias. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, the lower chamber of the Czech Republic’s bicameral parliament passed two pro-Israel resolutions, both critical of the United Nations’ cultural and scientific agency. In an unusual step, the country’s president also sent greetings to an event hosted by the Israeli embassy in honor of Jerusalem Day. “The Chamber of Deputies calls on the government of the Czech Republic to stop all payments of membership fees to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) from the state budget this year,” the nonbinding resolution read. The Czech lawmakers further resolved to urge the government to freeze payments to UNESCO in future years if it does not cease allowing itself to be politicized for an anti-Israel agenda. Israel’s ambassador to the Paris-based agency, Carmel Shama-Hacohen, welcomed the resolution. “Another blessed decision and another sane voice against the stream of delusional resolutions on the matter of Jerusalem,” he said. “This is indeed a nice present from Prague to the people of Israel on Jerusalem Day.” (Times of Israel)

STUDY: JERUSALEM RESERVOIRS USED BY PILGRIMS 2,000 YEARS AGO: The gigantic ancient pools in the Old City of Jerusalem serviced Jews making pilgrimages to the Second Temple some 2,000 years ago, according to a new research paper to be published soon. Jerusalem contains a large number of such pools. Next to the Temple Mount is a massive cistern named the Pool of Israel, which is over 360 feet long, 111 feet wide and over 78 feet deep. Between the houses of the Christian Quarter lies the Pool of Hezekiah. Jerusalem residents are familiar with the Sultan's Pool, which was converted into an open-air venue for public performances. There are also two pools located on the Church of St. Anne's property, another deep pool known from Western Wall tours, and the Shiloah Pool that was discovered under the City of David. "While residents of Jerusalem had private wells under their homes and the ruling authorities had aqueducts, another solution was needed for the masses of pilgrims. The visitors used water for drinking, cooking and other day-to-day tasks. Two of the pools were also used for ritual cleansing," said Hebrew University archaeologist, Dr. David Gurevich. These large complexes are the elephant in the room that researchers have ignored. Even though some of the pools were excavated and researchers suggested the use of individual pools, they ignored the larger picture. The question was never asked, 'What are these facilities doing specifically here?' It turns out there has never been another city on the Mediterranean coast with such a large amount of these pools of water." (Israel Hayom)

ISRAEL – 70 YEARS CELEBRATION TOUR: After a very fun and successful tour this month of May in Israel, we are already announcing next year's "Israel - 70 Years Celebration" tour for 2018. The date of arrival and beginning of the tour in Israel will be April 15 and the departure date or end of tour will be on April 23. This is a one time opportunity to celebrate with the Israeli nation 'for such a time as this' during Independence Day. 'For more information as it develops, go to www.visionforisrael.com or make sure you are receiving theJNN news and prayer updates. We also have a new VFI Facebook page at: VFI - Vision for Israel

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

JNN News Update May 24, 2017

JERUSALEM’S CELEBRATES 50th YEAR OF REUNIFICATION: Jerusalem Day is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. On Wed. 24 May 2017, Israel will celebrate 50 years of Jerusalem's reunification. During the week of 21 May to 25 May 2017, the Jerusalem Municipality is offering a wide variety of attractions and shows for the benefit of residents and visitors. The event "Jerusalem Celebrates 50", which includes a breathtaking audio-visual display shown on the Old City walls and a variety of performances, will take place across the city. Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat said, "50 years have passed since Jerusalem has been united, and this year we will celebrate this with a wide variety of events, allowing more and more people to connect with Jerusalem and take part in the festivities. I invite all the residents and visitors to come join the celebrations in honor of the reunification of our nation’s capital." (Janglo) “Rejoice with those who rejoice,” Rom. 12:15

NETANYAHU ON JERUSALEM DAY: “WE DIDN’T OCCUPY, WE LIBERATED”: Speaking at celebrations on Sunday 21 May 2017, marking 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Fifty years ago, we didn't occupy, we liberated. By the heroism of our warriors and the love of our people, Jerusalem was liberated. Jerusalem was and always will be the capital of Israel. The Temple Mount and the Western Wall will always remain under Israeli sovereignty." The event included an audiovisual show projected on the walls of the Old City and the Tower of David. (Ha'aretz) “I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them," says the Lord your God.” Amos 9:15

TRUMP ADMIN. DECLARES JERUSALEM PART OF ISRAEL IN MAJOR POLICY SHIFT: The Trump administration declared this week, the President is in "Jerusalem, Israel," for a series of meetings with Israeli officials, a proclamation that breaks with years of American policy refraining from stating that the city of Jerusalem is part of Israel. Senior Trump administration officials had ignited a wave of controversy over the past several weeks when discussing Jerusalem, with some top officials refusing to say that the ancient city is part of Israel. Decades of USA policy has refrained from formally labeling Jerusalem as part of Israel due to concerns this could negatively impact the Middle East peace process, in which Palestinian leaders have staked a claim to the city as their future capital. Ahead of a joint press conference with Israeli PM Netanyahu, the White House, on its official website, provided a live stream of the event. Prior to its start, the White House included a frame stating, "President Trump gives remarks with Prime Minister Netanyahu." The location provided was "Jerusalem, Israel." The statement appears to be part of an effort to normalize this language, which is widely backed by USA lawmakers and senior officials in the administration, sources said. (Wash. Free Beacon)

TRUMP MAKES HISTORY, BECOMING FIRST SITTING USA PRESIDENT TO VISIT WESTERN WALL IN JERUSALEM: Within hours of arriving in Israel on Mon. 22 May 2017, Donald Trump made history by becoming the first sitting USA president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. Donning a black kippah, the president stood solemnly in front of the wall for a few moments and placed a prayer note inside one of the ancient facade’s cracks. Trump arrived at the Western Wall after earlier touring the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He was greeted by Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch and Western Wall Heritage Foundation director Mordechai Eliav. Eliav provided the president with a brief historical overview of the site. Trump was joined during his Western Wall stop by his wife Melania, as well as his Jewish daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Speaking later at the residence of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Trump addressed the growing threat to the region posed by Iran. “Most importantly, the United States and Israel can declare with one voice that Iran can never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon, not ever, ever, and must cease its training and funding of terror groups and militias, and must cease immediately,” Trump said. This is a “deep consensus in the world, including in the Muslim world,” Trump added. Israeli PM Netanyahu earlier welcomed Trump on the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. “Hello, my friend,” Trump told Netanyahu, as they shook hands. “Welcome, my good friend,” Netanyahu responded. (Algemeiner)

NETANYAHU LAUDS TRUMP FOR ‘REASSERTION OF AMERICAN LEADERSHIP IN THE MIDDLE EAST’: After their meeting in Jerusalem on Mon. 22 May 2017, Israeli PM Netanyahu thanked USA President Donald Trump for his “reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East.” Netanyahu said in remarks before the two leaders, joined by their wives, sat down for dinner, “I look forward to working closely with you to confront the dangers we face together in this violent and volatile Middle East. I believe that together we can roll back Iran’s march of aggression and terror in this region and we can thwart Iran’s unbridled ambition to become a nuclear weapons state.” Furthermore, Netanyahu praised Trump for his deep commitment to Israel’s security, its well-being and its future. “I have no doubt that as we work together, the alliance between our countries will grow ever stronger,” he said. Trump responded, “We have so many opportunities in front of us. But we must seize them together. We must take advantage of the situation and there are many, many things that can happen that would never have been able to happen before.” Regarding a potential Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, Trump stated, “I have a feeling we’re going to get there eventually, I hope.” (Algemeiner)

IN HISTORIC SPEECH, TRUMP IMPLORES MUSLIM WORLD TO RIP OUT ISLAMIC EXTREMISM AT ITS ROOTS: Standing in the heart of the Muslim world Sunday 21 May 2017, President Trump told leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa that it was up to them to rip out extremist Islam at its roots within their homelands. In a historic speech, Trump vowed that the USA would be a strong partner in the fight against terrorism but that Muslim nations would have to lead the way by preaching religious tolerance and ferreting out extremists - even from within mosques and religious schools that often have received a free pass or blind eye. “There can be no coexistence with this violence. There can be no tolerating it. No accepting it. No excusing it and no ignoring it,” the president said in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “They don’t worship God. They worship death. This is a battle between good and evil,” he told a gathering of 50 leaders from Muslim countries. “Our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism and providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to God.” Trump also called for a unified front to combat and isolate Iran, a common enemy of many in the room. He delivered the speech on the second day of his first trip abroad as president, before heading to Israel and Vatican City in a journey aimed at uniting three major world religions and laying a foundation for Middle East peace talks. (Washington Times)

MANCHESTER TERROR ATTACK: TRUMP: TERRORISTS ARE ‘EVIL LOSERS’: At least 22 people were killed and over 60 wounded in an explosion at the end of a concert by singer Ariana Grande in the English city of Manchester. British police say the attack which took place Monday night 22 May 2017 was carried out by a single individual who died at the venue after detonating the device. President Donald Trump, the following morning, offered his condolences to the victims and families of the bombing attack. Speaking during a press conference with Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, President Trump called upon “all civilized nations” to band together to destroy terrorism. “I would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people in Manchester, England.” The president called the perpetrators of Monday’s attack “evil losers”, adding that the international community must “obliterate” terrorism completely. “This is what I've spent the last few days during my trip overseas talking about. Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed. We cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people. And in today's attack it was mostly innocent children. This wicked ideology must be obliterated - and I mean completely obliterated. All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and peace. (Arutz-7) Pray for the injured victims of this terrorist onslaught in Manchester and for the families who have lost loved ones. May comfort and healing be out-poured. Many of us in Israel, understand and “weep with those who weep.”

‘ISRAEL AND THE UK ARE UNITED AGAINST TERRORISM’: The Israeli government strongly condemns the terrible terror attack in Manchester," PM Netanyahu said in a statement released Tues. morning 23 May 2017. "I send condolences to the families of the murdered and wish the wounded a speedy recovery," he continued. Terrorism is a global threat and enlightened countries must work together to defeat it everywhere." Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely responded to the terror attack in Manchester Monday night, 22 May 2017, saying Israel and the United Kingdom were allies in the war on terror. “Deep sorrow on the loss of innocent young life in terrible Manchester attack,” Hotovely wrote on Twitter. “Israel with the UK in the fight against terror.” The attack was carried out at 10:33 p.m. local time by a lone bomber, police say, though they have yet to determine whether the bomber acted alone or in conjunction with larger terror network. Grande, whose show was the scene of the attack, wrote to fans that she was “broken” after the bombing. “From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.” (INN)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News Update May 22, 2017

TRUMP IN SAUDI ARABIA SIGNS $110B ARMS DEAL WITH PERSIAN GULF ALLY: President Trump in Saudi Arabia on Saturday 20 May 2017 signed a $110 billion arms deal to help the Persian Gulf ally with its military-defense system. The White House says the package includes defense equipment and other support to help the Arab nation and the rest of the Gulf region fight again terrorism and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, according to the White House. Trump during his winning presidential campaign and in the first several months of his presidency has argued the United States can no longer be the world’s police officer and that other nations must become more self-sufficient in efforts to combat terrorism and in protecting themselves against rogue nations like Iran and North Korea. Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia early Saturday as the start to his nine-day, overseas tour that will also take him to Israel and Europe. The international trip is Trump’s first since taking office in Jan. 2017. First lady Melania Trump did not cover her head for the arrival, consistent with custom for foreign dignitaries visiting Saudi Arabia. (Fox)

TRUMP’S HELICOPTER RIDE TO JERUSALEM: Donald Trump has never been to Israel. After landing on Mon. 22 May 2017 at Ben-Gurion Airport, he is scheduled to fly via helicopter to Jerusalem. Deputy Minister Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the USA said that Trump's seeing Israel and its geographical dimensions for the first time with his own eyes will likely increase the president's appreciation of the country's security concerns. "Seeing the actual dimension of Israel is shocking to people. They understand our security concerns much more. 'Wow, this place is tiny. Wait a minute, that's Judea & Samaria, and that's the sea? Let me get this straight: that's all there is of Israel?' It's literally that moment, that holy cow moment. I've seen it again and again." (Times of Israel)

PALESTINIAN FACTIONS CALL FOR 'DAY OF RAGE' DURING TRUMP VISIT: Palestinian factions in Judea & Samaria are calling for "A Day of Rage" to coincide with USA President Trump's visit to Bethlehem on Tues. 23 May 2017 where he is expected to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Trump will arrive in Israel on Mon. 22 May 2017 and meet with PM Benjamin Netanyahu where the two are expected to discuss prospects for peace negotiations and security issues. (J.Post) Please intercede against all Palestinian rioting, violence and terror attacks during USA President Trump's visit to Israel.

ISRAEL’S DEMOGRAPHIC FUTURE: CROWDED AND VERY RELIGIOUS: According to a government report to be released in full this week, the Jewish state’s population will double in about 40 years. Some 29% - or 5.25 million of its projected 18 million residents - will be haredi Orthodox Jews. That’s more than triple the current 9%. “Israel will have the highest population density in the Western world,” said Sergio DellaPergola, a preeminent Israeli demographer and member of the report’s steering committee. “Interestingly, haredim will overtake Arabs as the largest minority.” Israel - with a land area of some 8,000 square miles -will be more densely populated than Judea & Samaria and the Gaza Strip taken together are today. Gilad Malach, who analyzed the Central Bureau of Statistics report for the Israel Democracy Institute think tank, noted that other societies have proven able to adapt to high population density. “It’s not necessarily a disaster. Singapore and Hong Kong are even more populated than Israel is projected to be, and they are successful states. Great cities also function almost like states.” Israel is growing rapidly mostly because of its birth rate, which DellaPergola said is the highest of the world’s 100 most developed countries, “some of which aren’t that developed.” (J.Post) “The children born during your bereavement will yet say in your hearing, ‘This place is too small for us; give us more space to live in,’” Isa. 49:20.

‘WE MUST HAVE AN AIRPORT, DEAD SEA RESORT’: In March 2017 Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas met with President Trump in the White House, laying the groundwork for the President’s plan to reboot negotiations between Israel and the PA. The two discussed a variety of policy questions, including “measures to empower the Palestinian economy and provide economic opportunity for the Palestinian people.” During the meeting, the PA delegation headed by Abbas submitted a list of infrastructure projects the PA claims are necessary for its economic development and the establishment of peaceful relations with Israel. Among the items demanded by the PA delegation are the construction of an airport inside the Palestinian Authority for use by Arab residents of Judea and Samaria, a new power station in northern Samaria, a cement factory in Bethlehem, and control of part of the Dead Sea area and establishment of a hotel resort at the beach. A senior PA official said that no specific plans had been drawn up for the airport’s construction, but that the PA would be willing to negotiate with Israel over its location. Since the beginning of the Second Intifada in 2000, Israel has barred the Palestinian Authority from independently operating airports, shutting down the Gaza Airport in October 2000 and nixing proposals for joint control over Atarot Airport in Jerusalem. The PA has received billions in aid money, but has not built a state-of-the-art hospital - glaringly missing from its list of demands. (Arutz-7) Perhaps the Palestinian Authority should stop paying salaries - with foreign taxpayer’s money - to terrorist prisoners who sit in Israeli jails for murdering and injuring innocent Israelis. Then the Palestinians might be able to a build a decent hospital or two, more schools, more housing. Maybe not an airport for a while, which could only too obviously be used to fly in missiles for use against Israel. Even cement is a dangerous commodity for the Palestinians, as priority use for cement is the means to build terrorist tunnels.

NO BREAKTHROUGH FOR PEACE WITH ABBAS: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas inherited from his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, an authority that is completely malfunctioning. Nothing has changed over the past 20 years; the PA still fully relies on contributions from other countries and on Israel's government for electricity and transportation infrastructure. During all these years, the PA has never developed any industry and almost every Palestinian family depends on Israeli employers for its livelihood. The most likely scenario is that Abbas will do nothing remarkable before disappearing into the annals of history. We should hope that the next PA leader will revolutionize the Palestinian community, be willing to support a peace settlement that Israel can also live with, and forgo fantasies and unrealistic aspirations. The writer is a former brigadier-general who served as a division head in the Israel Security Agency. (J. Post)

GEORGE SOROS BATTLES $10 B LAWSUIT, FOR FAMILIAR CHARGES OF WIELDING POLITICAL INFLUENCE: A $10 billion suit against George Soros accuses the self-styled humanitarian of meddling in the politics of a poor African country in order to settle his own scores, a charge the billionaire’s critics say reflects his longtime modus operandi. The 86-year-old investor, who controls a web of international nonprofits in addition to his vast financial empire, used his sway with the government of Guinea to freeze Israeli company BSG Resources out of the West African nation’s lucrative iron ore mining contracts, according to the suit filed last month in NY Federal Court by BSG Resources. "Soros was motivated solely by malice, as there was no economic interest he had in Guinea," BSGR alleges in court papers. Americans do not understand the extent to which Soros fuels this anti-constitutional, anti-American agenda.” Whatever the ultimate outcome in the current case, it is not the first time Soros has been accused of sowing political upheaval to advance a personal agenda. Critics around the world, including in the USA and in Soros’ homeland of Hungary, say the liberal financier often masquerades as a humanitarian while manipulating the political landscape. “We are committed to use all legal means at our disposal to stop pseudo-civil society spy groups such as the ones funded by George Soros,” Hungary’s top education official, Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog said recently.

In the USA, Soros has spent heavily on politics from local district attorney races to presidential campaigns. Critics say he has used his money to buy massive influence within the Democratic Party. Soros has also been accused of using his Open Society Foundation and USA diplomatic connections to interfere with the government of Macedonia, according to Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. In 2002, Soros was convicted in France of insider trading for buying stakes in companies previously owned by the government. In the current case, BSG is controlled by fellow billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who accuses Soros of orchestrating a bribery probe to manipulate the administration of President Alpha Conde to strip BSGR of mining contracts. Soros was said to be motivated by a 20-year-old grudge against Steinmetz regarding a business in Russia and his [Soros’] hostility towards Israel. “To Soros, Steinmetz’s success, as well as his active, passionate promotion of Israeli life, business and culture are anathema,” BSGR said in the complaint. “Soros is also well known for his long-standing animus toward the state of Israel.” (Fox)

AGRICULTURE ‘THE MAIN PILLAR’ IN INDIA-ISRAEL RELATIONS: Israeli agricultural know-how has become a staple resource on farms across the Indian subcontinent. “Undoubtedly, agriculture is at least one of the two main pillars in India-Israel relations – definitely the main pillar from the civilian angle,” said Gil Haskel, head of MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation. Experts believe the highly anticipated visit by PM Narendra Modi to Israel in July 2017 will boost an already strong agricultural partnership between the countries, paving the way for new joint ventures in an ever-evolving industry. Describing agriculture as “a key factor in the Indian economy and Indian livelihood,” Haskel said Modi is well aware of this fact and is investing significant funds in developing the sector. Across India today, 15 of 27 planned Israeli “Centers of Excellence” are already thriving, showcasing Israeli agricultural expertise and providing Indian farmers with a value chain of know-how and practical tools. The Centers of Excellence are the fruits of the 2008 Indo-Israel Agriculture Project to which India contributes the physical infrastructure and Israel the innovation. (J.Post)

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JNN News Update May 20, 2017

POLL: TRUMP'S POPULARITY PLUMMETING AMONG ISRAELI JEWS: The percentage of Jewish Israelis who consider USA President Donald Trump more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian has taken a nosedive since his inauguration, according to a Smith Research poll published on Thurs. 18 Nov. 2017. The poll of 500 Israelis representing a statistical sample of the adult Jewish population found that, just days ahead of Trump’s arrival in the country, he will need to take steps to persuade Israelis that he is on their side. Only 56% of Jewish Israelis said they considered the Trump administration more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian, down from 79% on 11 Jan. 2017. But the 23% of Israelis who no longer believe the administration is more pro-Israel did not shift to believing it is more pro-Palestinian. There was only a one percentage point increase in people who consider the administration to be more pro-Palestinian, rising from 3% to 4%. Rather, there was an increase in those deeming the administration neutral on the issue or saying that they did not know what the president’s stance was. The percentage who called Trump neutral about doubled from 10% to 21%, while those saying they did not know climbed from 8% to 19%. Another poll will be taken following the president’s visit in order to determine its success. (J.Post) “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man,” Ps.118:8

PA CHAIRMAN CHEERS PRISONERS, PRAISES TERRORISTS – BUT SAYS HE WANTS PEACE WITH ISRAEL: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas during his trip to India praised "martyred" terrorists as well as the jailed terrorists who are on a hunger strike, calling them heroes. "We will never forget the heroic prisoners sitting in occupying Israel's jails. I salute these people, I admire them, and I respect them. I promise, we will not rest until every prisoner has returned to his family with his head held high." Abbas also called on the international community to pressure Israel into agreeing to the hunger-striking terrorists' "humanitarian, legitimate, and justified demands, as a preface to the prisoners' release, without preconditions, and without exceptions." Abbas' speech ended with "Praise be to our pure-hearted shahids (martyrs), and freedom to our heroic prisoners. Long live free and independent Palestine!" On 16 May 2017, Abbas told Indian officials that he "wants a state alongside Israel. We are striving to implement the two-state solution - living in peace alongside the State of Israel," Abbas said. "We hope that the Israeli Prime Minister will accept this invitation to realize peace. We are ready and reach out in order to achieve the desired peace." Out of over 1,000 terrorists, 300 gave up the hunger strike after less than two weeks. In addition, arch-terrorist and strike leader Marwan Barghouti was caught secretly eating in his prison cell. Among other things, the hunger-striking terrorists demand more TV. (Arutz-7)A society, whose leaders persist in perpetrating hatred and lies against the Jewish state, can never be considered a peace partner with who Israel can reasonably negotiate! PA run-schools and their textbooks continue to teach children to abhor the Jewish state and to promote its destruction. Terrorists who have murdered and maimed Israelis, including babies and children, are openly glorified as “heroes.” Their political leaders name streets and public squares after them. Intercede that changes will come from within the Palestinian society that result in softened hearts, educational and media shifts, and a true desire for good relations. Until such transformations occur, Abbas’ talk of peace is only a deceptive illusion.

DAYS BEFORE TRUMP VISIT, PALESTINIAN MAYOR NAMES SQUARE AFTER TERRORIST: Mere days before USA President Donald Trump arrives in the region, the Palestinian Authority which claims it wants to reach a peace agreement with Israel, continues to take actions to glorify killers of Israelis. Earlier this week a square in the Judea & Samaria city of Tulkarm was named after Maher Younis, who has been in prison in Israel since 1983 for the killing of IDF soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980. The square, in the Palestinian city located just eight kilometers east of the Israeli city of Netanyah, was dedicated in a public ceremony attended by the mayor and other local dignitaries. Maher Younis was convicted, along with his cousin Karim Younis of killing Bromberg and stealing his rifle. Both are Arab-Israelis and are among the longest incarcerated security prisoners serving sentences in Israeli prisons. While many Palestinian-born terrorists were freed in various prisoner releases over the years, Israel has consistently refused to free Arab citizens of Israel convicted of carrying out similar crimes. Avi Bromberg, the victim's nephew spoke to KAN radio Tues. morning 16 May 2017 and decried the honor being bestowed on his uncle's killer. (J.Post)

ISRAEL TO FLY OVER GULF STATES? The Gulf States are offering Israel an agreement according to which they will permit Israeli planes to fly over their airspace and will allow direct telephone communication to be established. In return, Israel will freeze all settlement activity in Judea and Samaria and will ease restrictions on commerce with the Gaza strip. The new draft document is reportedly being distributed in the Gulf states including Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the Gulf States according to a Wall St. Journal report. Netanyahu’s office did not respond to a request for a comment from the newspaper. Israel and the Gulf states have improved relations in recent years over mutual worry about Iran and the ISIS. (INN)

HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS ATTEMPT TO PREVENT LINDA SARSOUR FROM CUNY EVENT: A group of about 100 Holocaust survivors wrote a letter to NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking him to stop anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour from speaking at a City University of New York graduation next month. Despite a public outcry and strong opposition from Jewish leaders, CUNY has chosen to maintain its invitation for Sarsour to speak to graduates of its School of Public Health scheduled for 1 June 2017. Sarsour, who was among the organizers of January’s Women’s March on Washington, which was heavily backed by billionaire puppet-master, George Soros, has stirred controversy by speaking against Israel. In a recent interview, she said one cannot be part of the feminist movement unless he or she is critical of Israel’s “occupation” of Judea & Samaria. Sarsour was also highly criticized for publicly supporting convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh at a conference advocating for the boycott of Israel last month. “What Linda Sarsour advocates for - boycotts against Jewish businesses in Israel and random acts of violence against the innocent - are no different than the things that we personally experienced,” the survivors wrote in their letter. “This is a frightening reality that we hoped we would never see again. But what makes matters worse is to again see good people and respected institutions responding with indifference,” they added. Nothing good can come of Ms. Sarsour telling young people, with CUNY’s imprimatur, that violence against the innocent for any reason at all is acceptable or courageous.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat and an Orthodox Jew, has been leading the efforts to get CUNY to cancel the speech. Hikind sent out a list of comments made or written by the Palestinian- American activist illustrating her anti-Israel and pro-terrorism stances. “It’s a sad day for New York,” Hikind said. “Our most vulnerable citizens – elderly Holocaust survivors who understand the price of ignoring evil – have to cry out to their elected officials regarding something as obvious as not offering an official platform to a hate peddler like Linda Sarsour. This wolf in sheep’s clothing has fooled some of the people, but her tweets and the things she’s said on stage betray her fondness for violence against Jews,” the assemblyman added. “This is something NY State-funded schools should distance themselves from, not tacitly approve.” The some 100 people who signed the letter to Cuomo are survivors of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, and numerous other camps. (J.Post) Intercessors, please pray that Linda Sarsour will be exposed for the wolf in sheep’s clothing that she is and that her destructive influence on college campuses and wherever she has been scheduled to speak will be blocked and cancelled.

USA REVEALS SYRIAN MASS EXECUTIONS AND NAZI-LIKE DISPOSAL OF BODIES: The United States Department of State is claiming that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has turned Saydnaya prison into a Nazi-like factory for mass murder and the disposal of bodies. It alleges that thousands of prisoners have been killed - an estimated fifty are hanged each day - and their bodies burned in a crematorium installed at the prison. The State Department has released photographic evidence of the horrific killing factory, saying the Assad government has “sunk to a new level of depravity,” and blaming Russia and Iran for supporting Assad. Reports of mass murder behind the walls of Saydnaya prison are not new: Amnesty International, for instance, has estimated more than 13,000 hangings there between 2011 and 2015. (Medialine)

NAZI HUNTER GIVEN HIGHEST HONOR BY AUSCHWITZ MEMORIAL: Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld was recognized with the highest honor bestowed by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial. Klarsfeld received the Light of Memory award this week in Izieu, France, from Piotr Cywinski, the director of the Auschwitz Museum, in a ceremony held at a conference marking the 30th anniversary of the trial of Klaus Barbie, the head of the Lyon Gestapo. Klarsfeld, a child survivor of the Holocaust in France whose father was murdered in Auschwitz, for many years tracked Nazis who hid in Europe, Africa or South America. He found Barbie, which led to the Gestapo leader’s extradition from Bolivia and his trial in France. In 1944, Barbie and his Gestapo unit found 40 Jewish children from various European countries who were being hidden by a French couple in Izieu. The children were deported to Auschwitz and murdered in its gas chambers. Fifty years later, French President François Mitterrand opened a memorial and education center at the home where the children had lived. After World War II, the Romania-born Klarsfeld created and published a list of some 11,000 Jewish children who were deported to Nazi death camps. A historian and lawyer, Klarsfeld is also the author or co-author of many books, exhibitions and educational events. The Light of Memory is awarded to those who promote education about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Avner Shalev, the head of the Yad Vashem Holocaust center in Jerusalem, was recognized in 2013. (JTA)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

JNN News Update May 18, 2017

‘MOVING THE EMBASSY WILL FINALLY SHATTER THE ARAB FANTASY’: PM Binyamin Netanyahu weighed in Sunday evening, 14 May 2017 on the issue of the USA embassy in Israel, after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said President Trump was still considering whether to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and was “listening to input from all interested parties in the region.” The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement reaffirming the Prime Minister’s support for the relocation of not only the American embassy, but all embassies, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying that such actions would be conducive to regional peace by finally putting to rest Arab aspirations to divide the Israeli capital. "Israel's position has often been expressed to the American administration and to the world,” the PMO’s statement read. "The transfer of the American Embassy to Jerusalem not only will not harm the peace process, but the opposite. It will advance it by correcting a historic injustice and by smashing the Palestinian fantasy that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. Israel's stance is that all the embassies belong in Israel's capital of Jerusalem, and the USA Embassy should be one of the first to move." (Arutz-7) Intercede that USA President Trump in May 2017, will make this very important decision in favor of Israel; that is, the relocation of the USA embassy to Jerusalem in accordance with his campaign promise – and without a political price-tag attached to it that would be too high for the Jewish state to pay. Israel’s coalition chairman David Bitan (Likud) said on Mon. 15 May 2017 that while the Trump administration may be prepared to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it would likely demand a concessions from Israel in return beyond what PM Netanyahu would be willing to accept.

10,000 POLICE ASSIGNED TO SECURE TRUMP’S STAY: More than 10,000 police officers will take part in securing the two-day visit of USA President Donald Trump, expected to take place on 22-23 May 2017. Trump will arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport, where he will fly by helicopter to Jerusalem to visit the Old City and Yad Vashem, and sleep in the King David Hotel’s presidential suite. Officers from the full range of regular and special patrol units including undercover units, border police and counterterrorism units will secure the visit. The Israel Police are operating in coordination with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Trump’s Secret Service detail for the visit. Major traffic disruptions are expected in Jerusalem during Trump’s stay, and Yad Vashem will be closed to all visitors on the day of the presidential visit. From Jerusalem, Trump is expected to visit Masada and Bethlehem, flying in a helicopter in coordination with the police and the IDF. The Masada fortress will be under heavy security for the president. Around 900 personal, and 56 vehicles, including 14 limousines, will accompany Trump to Israel while some 30 C-17 transport planes will land in Israel carrying bullet proof glass to be installed in the president’s hotel suite, along with hundreds of tons of other equipment, according to the report. (J.Post) Pray for the safety of USA President Trump during his time in Israel and against terrorist attacks and Islamist violence during Jerusalem Day, (Yom Yerushalayim). Jerusalem Day 2017, takes place on 23-24 May and marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967. President Trump’s will likely still be in Israel for the opening of this year’s landmark celebration. What a perfect time it would be for the USA leader to announce his final decision to move the USA Embassy to Jerusalem!

HAMAS TV STATION TO BROADCAST RAMADAN SERIES THAT GLORIFIES THE ‘HEROES FIGHTING FOR JERUSALEM’: During the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan, an official Hamas-run television station will broadcast a series that glorifies the “heroes [terrorists] fighting for Jerusalem.” The show, titled “Gates of the Sky,” will begin airing on Al-Aqsa TV on 27 May 2017, the first day of Ramadan (a fasting month in which many Muslims remain at home and watch television). The series will feature violent clashes between Palestinians on one side and Israeli settlers and soldiers on the other. “If you live in Jerusalem, you know the meaning of life,” one of the show’s actresses says in a promo. “You can die at any moment.” Another actor says, “We must oppose them [the Jews], and open the gates of hell on them.” Ramadan is often a time of increased tensions in Israel, with security forces on heightened alert for potential Palestinian terrorist attacks. (Algemeiner)

BARGHOUTI CALLS ON PALESTINIANS TO CARRY OUT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: Archterrorist Marwan Barghouti met with his lawyer for the first time since he initiated a hunger strike last month. Barghouti was later caught on camera breaking the hunger strike. Barghouti transferred to the lawyer a letter in which he called on the Palestinian public to strengthen its identification with [terrorist] prisoners and to initiate civil disobedience against the [so called] "occupation." (Arutz-7) A Tel Aviv judge convicted former Fatah terrorist commander Marwan Barghouti on 20 May 2004, of murder for his involvement in three terrorist attacks in Israel that killed five people. He was acquitted for 33 other murders due to lack of evidence of his direct involvement in those crimes. When arrested in 2002, he headed Fatah's military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. After he was imprisoned, he was re-elected member of the PA parliament. Such are the men Palestinians glorify as their leaders and heroes.

USA: IRAN STILL DEVELOPING NUCLEAR MISSILE TECHNOLOGY DESPITE UN RESOLUTIONS: Director of USA National Intelligence Daniel Coats told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last week that Iran has been steadily improving the range and power of its ballistic missiles in order to carry a nuclear warhead over thousands of miles to reach USA soil, in violation of UN resolutions. Coats said Iran is using its space program as a disguise to illegally perfect ICBMs. (Daily Alert)

NORTH KOREA: NEW LONG-RANGE MISSILE CAN CARRY HEAVY NUKE: North Korea said Mon. 15 May 2017 that the missile it launched over the weekend was a new type of “medium long-range” ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. A jubilant leader Kim Jong Un promised more nuclear and missile tests and warned that N. Korean weapons could strike the USA mainland and Pacific holdings. The announcement marks another big advance toward the North’s goal of fielding a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the USA mainland. Some experts, including officials in Tokyo, estimate that Sunday’s launch successfully tested a new type of missile in Pyongyang’s arsenal. The test is also an immediate challenge to South Korea’s new leader, Moon Jae-in, a liberal elected last week who expressed a desire to reach out to North Korea. Pyongyang’s aggressive push to boost its weapons program also makes it one of the Trump administration’s most urgent foreign policy worries, though Washington has struggled to settle on a policy. North -Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency called the missile a “new ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket,” and said the “Hwasong-12” was “capable of carrying a large, heavy nuclear warhead.” Kim Jong Un witnessed the test and “hugged officials in the field of rocket research, saying that they worked hard to achieve a great thing.” Experts estimate that Pyongyang’s test of new arsenal could be game changer, posing an urgent challenge to region. (Times of Israel)

THANKS TO OUR MISTAKES WITH IRAN, THE NORTH KOREAN THREAT TO THE USA IS AT RECORD LEVELS: USA President Trump is dealing with many national security challenges. These range from cyber attacks, radical Islam, securing national borders and rebuilding the American military. The North Korean threat, with its combined nuclear and ballistic missile technology capability, must rank near the top. Donald Trump during his campaign called the Iranian nuclear deal “the stupidest deal of all time” and said that his top priority would be to “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.” With regards to N. Korea, Trump said he wanted China to get more involved to get Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program. As he now confronts the North Korean nuclear threat, Trump needs to remember the dangerous link between Iran and N. Korea. In short, Iran has been the “great enabler” of the national security threat America faces today from N. Korea. As documented years ago by the Federation of American Scientists, Iran has been intimately linked with N. Korea since the early 1980s and has helped fund N. Korea’s missile development through oil and cash payments. We are now seeing the consequences of getting a nuclear deal with Iran just to get a deal. Allowing Iran to be at least $150B. richer as a result of unfreezing its assets, makes the current N. Korean threat Trump now faces much more difficult. Thanks to “enablers” like Iran, N. Korea is the greatest nuclear weapons challenge to the USA since the Cold War.

Meanwhile, days ago, a senior IDF officer said at a special briefing that ongoing tension between N. Korea and the USA could also impact Israel’s security. The officer referred to the developing diplomatic rift between the USA and the peninsula following N. Korea’s recent and defiant attempts to extend its nuclear activity, despite repeated warnings from the West. He explained that Israel could bear the brunt of such an escalation in the relations between Washington and Pyongyang should it occur, because the USA would have to divert security resources from the Middle East to Korea. Also, in regards to N. Korea, for 16 consecutive years, Open Doors has ranked N. Korea “the most oppressive place in the world for Christians.” Tens of thousands of Christians are believed to be held in political labor camps. Often sick and malnourished, these captives are subject to extreme violence and crude torture, suffering beatings with electric rods and metal poles, and even being used as test subjects for medical experiments, as reported in Christian Solidarity’s 2016 report on N. Korea. Christians are frequently sentenced to these labor camps simply for owning a Bible. (Fox/Arutz-7/JNN) Intercede for divine relief and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be with those who are persecuted, imprisoned and suffering for their faith in North Korea.

RESEARCHERS DISCOVER NEW BUTTERFLY SPECIES IN ISRAEL: For the first time in 109 years, researchers have discovered a new species of butterfly in Israel and neighboring Syria and Lebanon. The species, identified as Acentria’s fritillary was discovered by a team of researchers from St. Petersburg, Russia. The butterflies were seen over the slopes at the Hermon ski resort in northern Israel and researchers said they believe the butterflies were likely mistakenly thought to belong to an already known species. “Thousands of people had observed and many had even photographed this beautifully colored butterfly, yet no one recognized it as a separate species,” said researcher Vladimir Lukhtanov, entomologist and biologist. “The lepidopterists (experts in butterflies and moths) had been sure that the Hermon samples belonged to the common species called Persian fritillary, because of their similar appearance, but nobody made the effort to study their internal anatomy and DNA,” said Lukhtanov, the lead investigator of the study. The researchers believe these butterflies can only be found in northern Israel, Lebanon and Syria. (Times of Israel)

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JNN News Update May 16, 2017

ISRAELI OFFICER INJURED, ASSAILANT KILLED IN JERUSALEM OLD CITY ATTACK ON SHABBAT: A Jordanian citizen was shot and killed after he stabbed an Israeli police officer near Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday 13 May 2017. The attack shut down the Old City for hours on a busy day for tourists, leaving many confined to certain spots within the Old City for a few hours. A 57-year-old Jordanian citizen who entered Israel several days ago, carried out the attack, Israeli media reported. The police officer was treated at the hospital for his injuries. He was wounded in his neck, head and hands. He has remained conscious and in stable condition. Security camera footage released by the police shows the officer walking by when he is violently assaulted by a man with a knife. The two scuffle on the ground until the assailant, who had been on top of the officer making stabbing motions, is shot. While Israel expected Jordan to condemn the attack, instead the Jordanian government called the officer’s shooting of his attacker “a heinous crime,” and demanded an investigation. (Kehila News) Pray for the swift and complete recovery of the police officer injured in Saturday’s terrorist attack. Continue to intercede against Islamic violence in and around Jerusalem.

NETANYAHU: JORDAN IS PLAYING BOTH SIDES OF THE GAME: Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Jordan's response to Saturday's 13 May 2017, terror attack. "It is outrageous to hear the Jordanian government's speaker support the terror attack which occurred today in Jerusalem's Old City," Netanyahu's said. "The security video clearly shows a Jordanian tourist stabbing an Israeli policeman with a knife. It's time Jordan stopped playing both sides of the game. Just like Israel condemns terror attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn terror attacks in Israel. Terror is terror." Jordanian Minister of State Affairs Mohammed al-Momani said it was a "crime" to kill the terrorist, and that Jordan demanded Israel explain the act. (Arutz-7)

PA MEDIA BLAMES JERUSALEM ATTACK ON THE VICTIM: The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official news agency WAFA provided an alternative take on the weekend terrorist attack at the Lions Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a Jordanian terrorist stabbed and wounded a police officer before being shot and killed. The report laid blame for the attack on the Israeli officer, portraying him as a “racist” and “violent” individual, while claiming the terrorist was an innocent man. “A 57-year-old Jordanian citizen was killed on Saturday afternoon by the [so called] Israeli occupation forces in one of the gates of Old Jerusalem, on the grounds that he stabbed an officer in the occupation police,” was the language used by WAFA in reporting the attack. A WAFA reporter said the “forces of the occupation” shut down access to two gates in the Old City while “army and police reinforcements arrived and attacked the residents prior to the arrest of a young man.” The news agency did not present any evidence for the claims made by the "eyewitnesses" it cited. The PA has not condemned the attack. (Arutz-7)

DEPUTY FOREIGN MINISTER TO TRUMP: DON’T DIVIDE JERUSALEM: Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, followed by a large security detail, strode through the Lion’s Gate into the Old City of Jerusalem on Thurs. 11 May 2017. “The soldiers walked into this place after 2,000 years of expulsion,” she said in an interview with an Israeli daily. “I come from the generation where a united Jerusalem is a fact.” Ahead of USA President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel and the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, Hotovely said Trump should abstain from efforts to allow a Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem. “First of all, move the USA Embassy,” Hotovely said while touring the Old City. “We are expecting that moving the embassy is a symbol of the fact that Jerusalem should be recognized as the united capital of Israel.” Trump faces an expiring presidential waiver on 1 June 2017 that overrides a 1995 law mandating the USA Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The waiver has been extended since the Clinton administration, citing USA national security concerns. Hotovely stated that dividing Jerusalem “is definitely not a good idea, even if it was practically possibly,” and argued that Israeli control of the city “is the only way to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe.” PM Netanyahu issued similar statements on Thursday. “It’s fitting that all the embassies – first and foremost that of our friend the United States – will be relocated to Jerusalem, which is their natural place,” he said. (J.Post) Pray according to God’s promise: "For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous," Ps 125:3

MIKE PENCE: ISIS IS GUILTY OF GENOCIDE AGAINST CHRISTIANS: The Trump administration is raising alarms about the ISIS committing genocide against Christians, a conclusion that President Obama’s team reached reluctantly only last year. In a speech late last week that didn’t receive much press attention in Washington, Vice President Mike Pence told the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians that atrocities are being committed against Christians across the Middle East, from Egypt to Syria to Iraq. “The practitioners of terror harbor a special hatred for the followers of Christ, and none more so than the barbarians known as ISIS,” Mr. Pence said. “That brutal regime shows a savagery unseen in the Middle East since the Middle Ages. And I believe ISIS is guilty of nothing short of genocide against people of the Christian faith, and it is time the world called it by name.” The vice president also said President Trump won’t stand for the persecution of Christians. “He’s made it clear that America will stand by followers of Christ in this hour of need,” Mr. Pence said. “Our administration is fully committed in bringing relief and comfort to believers not only across the Middle East but across the world. This president knows the terrorists will not stop until we stop them. And under President Donald Trump, we will stop them.”

Mr. Pence said the Christian faith “is under siege” around the world. “Throughout the world, no people of faith today face greater hostility or hatred than the followers of Christ,” he said. “In more than 100 countries spread to every corner of the globe - from Iran to Eritrea, Nigeria to North Korea - over 215 million Christians confront intimidation, imprisonment, forced conversion, abuse, assault, or worse, for holding to the truths of the Gospel. The vice president said Mr. Trump “sees these crimes for what they are: vile acts of persecution animated by hatred - hatred for the Gospel of Christ.” He said Mr. Trump also knows who is committing the crimes. “He calls them by name - radical Islamic terrorists,” Mr. Pence said to applause. “From al Qaeda to al Shabaab, from Boko Haram to the Taliban, these extremist groups seek to stamp out all religions that are not their own. And believers from every background have suffered grievously at their hands.” (Wash. Times) Pray for the persecuted believing remnant across the globe to be shielded from fear and violence during these terrible times. Intercede for courage and victory against all demonic entities furthering Islamic hatred. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim 1:7

JEWISH, CATHOLIC HEADSTONES DAMAGED IN MAIN ROME CEMETERY: Unidentified individuals damaged dozens of gravestones and memorials in both the Catholic and Jewish sections of one of Rome’s main cemeteries. The damage was discovered Friday 12 May 2017 during an inspection before the Verano cemetery opened. The culprits smashed or toppled crosses as well as Stars of David and damaged headstones, tombs, vases and memorial plaques. Newspaper reports said surveillance cameras had filmed several youths entering the cemetery during the night and then running through it smashing tombs. Elsewhere in Europe, a synagogue’s window was smashed last week in North London. A group of youths was seen fleeing the scene. Separately, a monument commemorating the Holocaust in Chernivtsi in Southwestern Ukraine was defaced with neo-Nazi slogans. The incident took place on 11 May 2017. On a wall adjacent to the monument, the culprits, who have not been identified, painted swastikas and the neo-Nazi greeting “sieg”. Last week, several gravestones were desecrated at a Jewish cemetery in Cherkasy in central Ukraine. The vandals spray-painted swastikas on 10 headstones. (JTA) “Islamic terror groups have had a favorite taunt for several decades which says, "first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." This means of course, first the Jews then the Christians will be targets for terrorist persecution, subjection and elimination.”

Tayseer Abu Sneineh, the convicted murderer of six Israelis, was elected mayor of the Judea & Samaria city of Hebron on 13 May 2017 as head of the Fatah Party list. Abu Sneineh was one of four Palestinians behind the murder of six Israeli yeshiva students in 1980. The students, including two American citizens and a Canadian national, were part of a group that had danced from the Cave of the Patriarchs to Beit Hadassah in Hebron when Abu Sneineh and his terror cell opened fire. The six students were killed and 16 others were wounded. The Palestinians were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison but were later released in various prisoner exchanges Israel carried out throughout the 1980s. In response to the election, deputy head of the Shomron Regional Council Davidi Ben Sion called on President Donald Trump to cancel his planned meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas. “No one is surprised that the Palestinian Authority educates for murder, encourages terrorism and that the murderers are their cultural heroes and the leaders of their younger generation,” Ben Sion said. “So what's new? (J. Post)

PA SOCCER TOURNAMENT GLORIFIES ARCH-TERRORIST: Days before international soccer federation FIFA met last week for its annual congress, Palestinian soccer federation PFA, which holds membership in FIFA, continued to glorify terror. Watchdog, Palestinian Media Watch, reported that the PFA supervised last week - for the 23rd year in a row - an annual soccer tournament named after arch-terrorist Khalil Al-Wazir. Al-Wazir is responsible for the murder of 125 Israelis. The holding of the tournament came days before FIFA’s annual congress convened. Ironically, included in the list of items up for discussion at the congress was the proposal of the PFA, headed by PA official Jibril Rajoub, to have Israel barred from FIFA, on grounds that some Israeli teams hail from the “stolen land” of Judea & Samaria. While, ultimately, a solid majority of 73% of FIFA member states voted at the congress not to boot Israel from FIFA, no mention was made at the congress of PA soccer’s systematic glorification of terror against Israelis. (Arutz-7)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News May 14, 2017

USA PRESSURES ABBAS TO END CONTROVERSIAL PAYMENTS TO TERRORISTS’ FAMILIES: Western countries are pressuring Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to end payments to families of Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails and to families of those killed while attacking Israelis. President Trump raised these payments in a recent meeting with Abbas at the White House. Israel says the system incentivizes terrorism, and it sees the payments as a test of the Palestinians' willingness to make compromises. This "is not a social-welfare program," said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). "If the Palestinian Authority is truly concerned about human welfare, it should show a little more concern for the innocent people these terrorists have killed." The Palestinian Authority in 2016 paid out roughly $300 million to tens of thousands of families of prisoners or Palestinians killed by Israel, according to data published by the Palestinian administration and collated by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. (Wall St. Journal) Continue to intercede that this issue of paying salaries to terrorists jailed in Israel for murdering and maiming innocent Israeli men, women and children will be loudly and repeatedly exposed, reputed, and accompanied with stiff penalties from Western leaders. Abbas needs to be faced with the reality of his overwhelming hypocrisy when he speaks of being open to peace with Israel while, behind the scenes, he and the society he rules glorify terrorism, call murderers heroes, support anti-Israel media incitement, and groom their children to be jihadists. Intercede that USA President Trump and his administration will not be blind to the facts.

DANON: UN SECURITY COUNCIL MUST STOP PA FROM PAYING TERRORISTS: Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon demanded Thurs. 11 May 2017 that the UN Security Council intervene to end Palestinian Authority payments to jailed terrorists and their families, saying the PA policy incentivizes terror attacks on Jews and prevents the establishment of peace between Israel and the PA. “The Security Council must act immediately to put an end to the funding of terrorists by the Palestinian Authority. Aid provided by the donor countries to the PA every year ends up funding terrorist who murdered innocent Israelis,” Danon said in a media interview outside of the Security Council. Danon’s statements came a day after the ambassador sent a letter to the Security Council on the issue “According to Palestinian Authority laws and regulations, every terrorist arrested, tried and imprisoned receives monthly financial payments. The more Israelis killed, the longer the terrorist is sentenced to prison, the higher payment the terrorist receives from the PA,” Danon wrote. “A Palestinian terrorist who murders civilians and is sentenced to over thirty years in prison receives over 3,000 USA dollars a month. Put simply, this is official Palestinian blood-money, rewarding terrorists who murder Jews. The State and people of Israel want nothing more than to live in peace and security with all of our neighbors. If the Palestinians seek the same goal, then their first step must be to stop the glorification of terrorists.” (Arutz-7)

TERROR VICTIMS AND BEREAVED FAMILIES LOOK TO MEET WITH TRUMP: Israelis wounded by Arab terror attacks and the bereaved families of Israelis killed by terrorism have requested that President Trump meet with them during his upcoming trip to Israel later this month. Victims of terrorism and bereaved families associated with the Almagor Terror Victims Association penned a joint letter to Trump, calling on him to meet with representatives of the group prior to making any push for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In the letter, the victims and bereaved families wrote that it was important for the president to see the results of the PA’s years of anti-Israel incitement and funding for jailed Arab terrorists. “We are concerned that you intend to open direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority before the PA stops paying salaries to murderers, who murdered Israelis, our dear ones,” the letter reads, adding that “funding of terrorists is part of the incitement which motivates youths to become murderers. Before any negotiations the Palestinians must demonstrate that they are truly ready to change their way by stopping incitement and payment of salaries to terrorist murderers." (INN)

FRIEDMAN TO TRUMP: NOT MUCH CHANCE FOR ISRAEL-PA PEACE DEAL: While President Donald Trump has expressed his “personal commitment” to help reach a final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, senior advisers are less than optimistic such a deal can be brokered, and have made their skepticism clear to the president. President Trump is scheduled to arrive in Israel in 10 days, a trip that will likely kick off his much-anticipated effort to bring Israel and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table. A week before Trump arrives, USA Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will land in Israel. Friedman, a long-time Trump confidant, has reportedly warned the president that the chances of brokering a comprehensive deal between Israel and the PA are exceedingly slim. Two senior officials have said that Friedman and others told the president that efforts to secure a lasting peace would be unlikely to succeed. “Trump heard this from Friedman, from other people on his team, and also from people outside the White House whom he consulted,” one official was quoted as saying. Nevertheless, Trump apparently remains optimistic. (INN) Beneath the facade of the so called “moderate” Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel’s unrelenting enemy, the Hamas terrorist group, there is little difference. Not much is said by Western leaders regarding ceremonies honoring terrorists, or hate-filled Palestinian text books and children’s television shows. Small mention is made how ongoing evidence of animosity in PA society shatters trust in Israel that Palestinians have any plans for future Arab generations living side by side with them in harmony. Commitment to peace must start with hard work on the part of PA leaders to make changes within their own society – to create an atmosphere - a womb in which peace can be nurtured without bias, hypocrisy, or shaping the minds of the young for unceasing hatred and violence against the Jewish people and Israel throughout future generations.

HAMAS TERRORIST GROUP CONFIRMS NOTHING HAS CHANGED REGARDING CALL FOR ISRAEL’S DESTRUCTION: Lest observers be confused by the recent news stories about a “new” Hamas charter that softens some of its most rabid terrorism, Hamas leadership has clarified the point. According to senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar, the original 1988 charter calling for the destruction of the Jewish state remains very much in effect. Because of the media focus of attention on the changes in language in the supplemental document and the media’s insistence that because of a reference to pre-1967 borders being acceptable to Hamas the charter supplement somehow implied acceptance of Israel’s right to exist, A-Zahar set the record straight. “When people say that Hamas has accepted the 1967 borders, like others, it is an offence to us. We have reaffirmed the unchanging constant principles that we do not recognize Israel; we do not recognize the land occupied in 1948 as belonging to Israel and we do not recognize that the people who came here (Jews) own this land. Therefore, there is no contradiction between what we said in the document and the pledge we have made to God [Allah] in our original charter.” (Media Line) In actuality, there is no such thing as a Palestinian people; who have supposedly had their non-existent entitlement to the land of Israel violated. There is no such thing as a Palestinian history; and no Palestinian language exists. There has never been any independent, sovereign Palestinian state in all of recorded history – let alone an Arab independent state of Palestine. You will search in vain for Palestinian Arab coinage or Palestinian Arab archaeological artifacts specifically related to any Palestinian Arab king or ancient leader. But what you will find are coins, pottery, ancient scrolls, all providing conclusive, empirical and millennial evidence of Jewish civilization dotting the land known correctly as Israel – not Palestine. The present-day so-called “Palestinians” are an Arab people sharing an overwhelmingly Muslim Arab culture, ethnicity and language identical to their fellow Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, with few if any distinctions. Yasser Arafat, the arch-terrorist, who imposed himself undemocratically upon the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, was fond of repeating the absurd myth that Palestinian Arabs were descended from the Canaanites and the Philistines. As we know, the bigger the lie, the bigger the number of people will believe it. And so Arafat twisted history in order to disinherit the indigenous native people of the land: the Jews. Continue to pray that the lies being fostered by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority will be exposed, challenged and toppled by the historical facts.

REPEAT BRITISH ROYAL SNUB TO ISRAEL: Following Prince Charles’ two non-diplomatic visits to Israel, there were high hopes that relations between the monarchy of Great Britain and Israel could be warming up, even possibly leading to a return visit by Prince Charles - potentially the first historic diplomatic visit to Israel by a senior member of the royal family. Days ago, the Sun tabloid quashed the hopes and silenced the rumors when they reported that the first in line to the British throne will not be visiting Israel as the British Foreign Office has curtailed his trip. Prince Charles’s attended the late President Shimon Peres’ funeral last year as well as the funeral of the late PM Yitzhak Rabin in 1994. His father, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, made a brief visit to attend a ceremony in tribute to his late mother, Alice of Battenberg, who is buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. None of these visits were recognized as official. Despite the amicable relationship between Israel and the current and previous prime ministers of Great Britain, no U.K. government has approved any of the numerous, official invitations extended to the royal house over the years. This means that since the end of the British Mandate and the establishment of the state in 1948, no member of the monarchy has visited Israel in any official capacity. (Kehila News)

ISRAELI GROUP WINS BIRDING CONTEST: Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel birdwatchers participated in an international birding contest - and won first prize, for the third time in the past few years. The 34th World Series of Birding was held on 6 May 2017 in New Jersey, and the annual contest is considered to be one of the world's most important and exclusive birding contests in the world. During the contest, birdwatchers are required to identify as many types of birds as possible within a 24-hour period, within a given area at Cape May. The Israeli group, which took first place in both 2014 and 2015, identified 169 different species of birds during the allocated 24-hour period, nine more than the Cornell group which won second place. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel initiated a similar project called "Birdlife," bringing bird-watchers from all over the globe to the Negev, Arava, and Eilat. (INN)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

JNN News Update May 12, 2017

ANTI-SEMITIC INCIDENTS IN CANADA SET RECORD IN 2016, STUDY FINDS: The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Canada set a record in 2016, rising by 26% over the previous year, according to an annual audit. In total, B’nai Brith Canada recorded 1,728 incidents nationwide last year, compared to 1,277 incidents in 2015. The previous record was 1,627 in 2014. The increase did not appear to have been affected by the election of Donald Trump as USA president, B’nai Brith Canada said. Possible reasons for the increase, the audit reported, included Holocaust denial on social media, university campus anti-Zionism and anti-Israel sentiment found in some Arabic-language newspapers. The year 2016 saw a dramatic rise in incidents involving Holocaust denial, to 20% from 5% in 2015. In addition, a new trend in Canadian anti-Semitism was found to be incitement against Jews in the mass media. “The findings of this year’s audit – that anti-Semitism has reached a record high in Canada – demonstrate the need for real, immediate and strong action,” B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn said. “It is time to stop hoping that this problem will go away or take care of itself. It is time to deal real consequences to the purveyors of anti-Semitism, and to fight back.” (J.Post ) Continue to pray that many people from threatened and harassed Jewish communities across the globe will make the decision to immigrate to Israel.

STUDY: OVER 10% OF EASTERN EUROPEANS DON’T WANT JEWS AS CITIZENS: More than 10 percent of Central and Eastern Europeans do not accept Jews as citizens of their countries, according to a new study. The study, released 10 May 2017 by the Pew Research Center, surveyed the residents of 18 countries and found that 80% of respondents would accept Jews as fellow citizens. The remainder was not sure or declined to answer. Many fewer respondents would accept Jews as family and neighbors. Less than half would accept Jews as family and fewer than three-quarters wanted them as neighbors. The study interviewed 1,500 to 2,500 residents in each of the countries from June 2015 to July 2016. In some countries, the number of respondents who do not accept Jews as citizens was far higher than the median, notably Armenia, where a third of respondents said Jews should not be citizens. Several countries with large Jewish populations before the Holocaust also topped the average: Lithuania, at 23%; Romania, 22%; the Czech Republic, 19%, and Poland, 18%. (INN) As you have been an object of cursing among the nations, O Judah and Israel, so will I save you, and you will be a blessing. Do not be afraid, but let your hands be strong, ” Zech 8:13

‘THE USA EMBASSY WILL MOVE TO JERUSALEM’: Marc Zell, the co-chair of Republicans Overseas in Israel, on Wed. 10 May 2017, said there was no truth to the reports that President Donald Trump had decided that the USA Embassy in Israel would remain in Tel Aviv. "According to my sources, and according to what I know, there is no intention of extending the waiver ordering that the Embassy remain in Tel Aviv," said Zell, adding that the Embassy move would happen in a quiet manner. "I have said more than once in the media that in order for the Embassy to move to Jerusalem, the President simply does not have to do anything. If he does not do anything, then according to the law, the Embassy must move to Jerusalem. I understand that this is the plan and I think it's wise to do it without declarations. Let the American law do the job,” he said, adding that he believes Ambassador David Friedman will live in and work from Jerusalem. "The Ambassador is due to arrive here in five days, and I intend to meet him and he will tell us what he intends to do," said Zell. His remarks came following reports in Israeli media that Trump has already decided to extend the order which prevents the Embassy in Israel from being moved to Jerusalem. (Arutz-7)

‘THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION NEEDS TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX:’ Israel's Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who is at the moment in New York, spoke with media sources about the planned visit of USA President Trump to Israel. “It’s nothing new that the two-state solution is completely out of the question as far as we’re concerned. I hope the Trump administration will think outside of the box,” she said. “When they talk about a ‘deal,’ it’s not necessarily a political deal, but maybe regional economic peace which could be interesting. I hope that this administration will not be held captive to the paradigms of the previous administration.” She noted the significance of Trump’s arrival in Israel at the time of Jerusalem Day. “I don’t know if it was planned that way, but it’s certainly symbolic,” she said. “There’s a new administration and a positive atmosphere and I think a lot of good things can come out of it,” she said, adding that she is to meet with the USA head of the Justice Department and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “We will speak about cooperation that we can have and the struggle against incitement on the Internet and the funding of terror. I think that the Attorney General is a great friend of Israel and that it will be possible to work together on matters important both to Israel and the USA.” (Arutz-7)

FOR ARAB GULF STATES, ISRAEL IS EMERGING AS AN ALLY: Attitudes about Jews are beginning to change in some parts of the Arab world. Mohammad bin Abdul Karim al-Issa, secretary-general of the Saudi-based Muslim World League, recently pointed to a lesson in coexistence from Islam's past. "The neighbor of the Prophet Muhammad was a Jew, and when that Jew was ill, the Prophet visited him and gave him kind words," said al-Issa, who is also a former Saudi minister of justice. "The hard-liners don't wish to know that." The White House said last week that Trump's first foreign trip as president will feature stops in both Israel and Saudi Arabia. "We have the same enemy, the same threat," said Saudi Maj. Gen. Ahmed Asiri, the kingdom's deputy intelligence chief, "And we are both close allies of the Americans." Most of the influential TV news channels and pan-Arab newspapers are owned by the Gulf states. "On TV, we no longer hear the usual words 'Israeli aggression.' Now, it's mostly about the 'Persian aggression,'" said Ahmad al-Ibrahim, a Saudi political analyst. (Wall St. Journal)

SETTING STRAIGHT MUHAMMAD’S RECORD WITH THE SAUDI JEWS - THE JEWS OF MEDINA: Although the Prophet Muhammad supposedly once had a Jewish neighbor – and once said nice things to him when he was sick - the more significant history of Muhammad’s relationship with the Jewish community is as follows: For almost a thousand years (three times longer than the Jews have been in America), Jews lived in the oases of Teyma, Khaybar, and Yathrib (later known as Medina), in the northern Arabian Peninsula. The Jewish community of northern Arabia was one of the largest ancient Jewish communities in the history of the Jewish people. They were powerful and wealthy. They were respected by the local Arabian tribes for their religion, culture, erudition, and literacy. They built castles on mountaintops and developed productive plantations. They had military prowess, horses, and advanced weaponry. And they were almost totally annihilated in the short span of a few years. The Jews of Medina were divided into three groups: The Banu Qaynuqa were blacksmiths, weapon wrights, and goldsmiths. The Banu Nadir had date plantations. The Banu QurayUa were wine merchants.

When Mohammed fled from Mecca in 622, he went to Medina. At first, he entered into an alliance with the Jews. He studied in their study halls and adopted many of their customs into his new religion (e.g. not eating pork). But when, after two years, Mohammed could not convince the Jews to accept him as a prophet and convert to his religion, his attitude turned toward open hostility. He instructed his friends to murder and decapitate Ka’b Ibn al-Ashraf, a renowned Jewish poet and chief of the Banu Nadir (date farmers tribe), and ordered his followers, “Kill every Jew you can.” Mohammed then besieged the Banu Qaynuqa (blacksmith tribe). Although the Banu Qaynuqa were proficient warriors, the lack of food and water due to the siege weakened them to the point of surrender. The protagonist, Mohammed openly declared his intention to kill every Jew. And he started his killing campaign with the grisly beheading of the head of the date famers tribe. (JNN/Aish)

An Egyptian court on 8 May 2017 sentenced the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, to life in prison for "planning violent attacks", judicial officials and a lawyer said. Badie was part of a group of 37 people accused of conspiring to stir unrest during protests that followed the July 2013 military-led ouster of Egypt's former Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, who hailed from the Brotherhood. The court sentenced Badie to a life term along with Mahmoud Ghozlan, a Brotherhood spokesman, and Hossam Abubakr, a member of its guidance bureau. Badie has in the past called for a jihad (holy war) to liberate Jerusalem from Israeli rule. A video released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) showed him telling the court that his movement was not against Egypt but only against the Jews. The Brotherhood has faced the toughest crackdown in its history since Morsi’s removal, with thousands of Brotherhood supporters having been jailed. The rise of mass convictions in Egypt has been described by the United Nations as "unprecedented". (Arutz-7)

FORMER ANTI ISRAEL MEDICAL JOURNAL DEDICATES ENTIRE ISSUE TO ISRAEL’S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: After publishing a harshly-worded letter critical of the Israel Defense Forces during the 2014 Gaza war, the British medical journal Lancet has dedicated its latest issue to Israel's healthcare system. The edition published this week features ten articles showcasing Israeli lifesaving medical devices, detailing groundbreaking genetic research, and highlighting Israeli efforts to treat Syrian refugees injured in the civil war. Lancet editor Prof. Richard Horton had previously apologized for the letter and promised to publish an edition that would highlight Israel's contributions to the medical profession. (i24news) "The Lord will vindicate His people,” Deut 32:36

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News May 10, 2017

APRIL A RECORD MONTH FOR TOURISM: The Ministry of Tourism reported on Tues. 9 May 2017 that 349,000 tourists entered Israel last month, marking an all-time high in the number of tourists entering the country in one month since the establishment of the modern Jewish state. The figure is 38% higher than April of last year and an increase of about 21% compared to April 2015. (Arutz-7)

JERUSALEM DAY: EXPECT ‘A SPECTACULAR’ OPENING EVENT: Jerusalem Day celebrations are to open this year with a central event commemorating 50 years since the liberation and unification of Jerusalem. The ceremony, the initiative of Culture Minister Miri Regev, will take place along the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem on 21 May 2017. It will see the presence of PM Netanyahu, President Rivlin, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and Regev herself. The ceremony will entail an artistic presentation, the first of its kind that will be projected onto the walls of the Old City and will tell the story of Jerusalem, from the period of the Bible through the battles and stories of heroism, until the present time. The breathtaking audiovisual presentation will be projected along 250 meters of the Old City walls. In addition, some 100 drones will fly over Jerusalem to create a presentation the likes have which have not yet been seen in Israel. The event will also include performances by well-known Israeli artists, who will perform new arrangements of well-known songs about Jerusalem. Minister Regev said Tues. 9 May 2017, “There is no other nation in the world that has such a deep and old connection with its capital city as the Jewish people has with Jerusalem. Jerusalem has never been more built-up, prosperous and flowering as she is today, and there never has been such a spectacular multimedia presentation on the walls of the city. Come, everybody, and celebrate with Jerusalem in the jubilee of her liberation and unification.” (Arutz-7) "Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice greatly with her.” Isa 66:10

FRIEDMAN: HOPEFULLY I’LL BE WORKING IN JERUSALEM SOON: USA Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who was sworn in 29 March 2017, will be arriving in Israel on 15 May 2017, to begin his service at the USA Embassy. After his arrival on Monday, Friedman will present his credentials to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who will officially receive him as America’s ambassador to the Jewish state. Friedman also fueled speculation in his tweet that the Trump administration may be preparing to relocate the USA Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital, Jerusalem. “I hope to work out of Jerusalem very soon!” As a candidate in the 2016 presidential election, Trump pledged to implement the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act and relocate the USA Embassy to Jerusalem and to formally recognize the city as the undivided capital of the State of Israel. (INN)

‘WE MUST ESTABLISH OUR HOLD ON JERUSALEM’: Housing and Construction Minister Maj. Gen. (res.) Yoav Galant addressed the opening of the "Touching the Moment" exhibition at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem on 8 May 2017, to strengthen the city's status. "Jerusalem for the Jewish people is not 'another place.' The entire world looks to Jerusalem because the deepest and most fundamental values of justice and morality for all the nations of the world were formed here in Jerusalem," Galant said. "We must establish our hold on Jerusalem, from Ma'aleh Adumim in the east to Giv'at Ze'ev in the west, from Atarot in the north to the Bethlehem area and Rachel's Tomb, to the outskirts of Efrat and Gush Etzion.” Galant continued that, "Anything that can possibly be done relating to my area of responsibility will be done with an aim to strengthen Jerusalem, whether we are talking about the Western Wall elevator we are working to strengthen, the establishment of the Tiferet Israel synagogue, various commemoration projects, discovering antiquities and their connection to our heritage and history. It is important to explain to the world the rightness of our way, especially these days when there are Holocaust deniers and those who deny the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and everything in it.” (Arutz-7)

‘YOU’RE A LIAR,’ ISRAELI SOLDIERS TELL BREAKING THE SILENCE ACTIVIST IN HARD HITTING NEW VIDEO: An Israeli veterans organization has released a hard-hitting new video attacking “Breaking the Silence” – an Israeli NGO that publishes what it says are the anonymous testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in abuses against Palestinians – for “lying” about an incident in which a Palestinian prisoner was allegedly beaten unconscious. The group, Reservists on Duty, said that the original Hebrew version of the video had garnered one million views, triggering their decision to release it in English as well. “Organizations promoting BDS such as Students for Justice for Palestine use testimonies provided by Breaking the Silence to further their agenda of demonizing Israel and attempting to curtail Israel’s right to defend itself from murderous terror,” said Reservists on Duty Executive Director Amit Deri. The video focuses on the claim of a Breaking the Silence activist, Dean Issacharoff, who said at a protest rally that he was compelled by his commanding officer to tie up and beat a Palestinian prisoner while his soldiers watched. The soldiers in the video, who served with Issacharoff in the army, strenuously deny his version of events. A number of them are filmed looking directly into the camera and telling Issacharoff, “you’re a liar.” Another soldier asks, “Where do you come up with this stuff?” (Algemeiner) Breaking the Silence describes itself as "an organization of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada who have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the [so called] Occupied Territories." For around 12 years, Breaking the Silence has delivered anonymous testimonies from soldiers about alleged IDF abuses during conflicts with the Palestinians. In fact, Breaking the Silence is guilty of espionage against the IDF, and has consistently refused the IDF's demands to turn over to its authorities the evidence the NGO has accumulated. Instead, Breaking the Silence has chosen to provide the information to international bodies. In Jan. 2017, Breaking the Silence publicized a video claiming that "stabbing an IDF soldier is not a terror attack." Billionaire George Soros is one of the big financial supporters of Breaking the Silence. Soros has been a magnet for criticism for his funding of Palestinian and Israeli NGOs which criticize Israel or attack its legitimacy. Pray that Breaking the Silence will continue to be exposed for what it is and its lies silenced.

NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL MEMBER RAISES PRESSURE ON CUNY OVER HONORING OF BDS ADVOCATE LINDA SARSOUR: As the row continues over the forthcoming honoring by the City University of New York (CUNY) of Linda Sarsour – a prominent advocate of the BDS campaign targeting Israel – a leading N.Y. City Democrat is calling on fellow progressives to recognize her as a bigot. Rory Lancman, a member of the New York City Council from Queens, said on 8 May 2017 that it was “inappropriate” for CUNY to honor Sarsour, given her persistent record of anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist statements. Sarsour is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at a 1 June 2017 commencement ceremony for CUNY’s Graduate School of Public Health. Although Sarsour has been lionized by Democratic Party leaders, including former President Barack Obama, who named her as a “Champion of Change,” Lancman takes a much less sanguine view of her public outbursts. These include tweets declaring that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and open incitement against the anti-Islamist writers Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Sarsour has also encouraged stoning the Israel Defense Forces. She posed for a photograph with Salah Sarsour, a former Hamas operative jailed by the Israeli authorities in the 1990s. She acknowledges having many male relatives in Israeli prisons. (Algemeiner/J.Post) Sarsour, a left-wing activist, has a slew of ties to radical figures including devilish billionaire puppetmaster, George Soros, who is well-known for bankrolling various left-wing activist groups and causes. Linda Sarsour helped organize and lead a ‘Day Without a Woman’ march in New York on 8 March 2017, an event heavily funded by Soros. Well known commentator and president of the Middle East Forum, Daniel Pipes, interviewed Sarsour in Feb. 2017. Among other unflattering comments following the meeting Pipes noted that Sarsour, “indulges in coquettish vanity. She publicly boasts of her ‘striking good looks,’ announces ‘I am beautiful,’ and raves about ‘Such a beautiful photo taken of me.’ Sarsour also clumsily self-inflates, for example, by referring to herself as one of the ‘amazing people.’”

TURKEY’S ERDOGAN RESUMES HIS EXTREME TIRADES AGAINST ISRAEL: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has returned to form when it comes to vicious tirades against the state of Israel. Once a close and important ally who represented an all-important bridge between the Jewish state and the Muslim world, Erdogan was said to be playing to extremist elements in the Islamic world when he changed his tune and became arguably the angriest anti-Israel voice on the international scene. Then, in May 2010, a Turkish ship led an illegal flotilla that set out to run the blockade of the Gaza Strip and things turned violent when armed passengers on the Mavi Marmara fought with Israeli naval commandos, leaving nine Turks dead. Despite Erdogan’s continuing vitriol, after several years of negotiation, American intervention, an apology issued by PM Netanyahu and the payment of $20 million to the families of those who died on the Mavi Marmara, relations between Israel and Turkey resumed and Erdogan toned down his anti-Israel ravings – but apparently not for long. On Mon. 8 May 2017, the Turkish president returned to form, appearing at a festival of Turkish support for Palestinian control of Jerusalem’s holy sites being held in Istanbul. Erdogan repeated the accusation that the Israelis are seeking to “Juda-ize” the holy sites of Jerusalem and called on the masses to flock to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and resist Israel’s plans. (Media Line)

ISIS STAGES ANOTHER ATTACK ON A CHRISTIAN TARGET IN EGYPT: A Christian man was shot and killed by an ISIS gunman on Saturday evening, 6 May 2017, one more attack against Egypt’s Christian population. The incident occurred in the northern Sinai Peninsula town of El-Arish, where fifty-year old Nabil Saber Ayoub was sitting in a barber’s chair. ISIS this month, re-issued a statement promising more attacks on Egypt’s Christian Coptic population. Recent church bombings that killed more than 40 aside, Ayoub is the seventh Christian to have been killed in such incidents. Last week the decapitated bodies of a Christian father and his two sons were discovered in the Sinai town of Rafah. ISIS took responsibility for all of the killings and promised there will be more. Egyptian security forces are battling ISIS as well as smaller factions that have broken away from the Muslim Brotherhood. (Media Line) Continue to intercede for the persecuted and endangered Christian community in Egypt.

PLEASE HELP US TO ASSIST ISRAEL’S POOR: Vision for Israel continues in its decades-long endeavors to provide comfort and provision for many of the nation’s poor, including terrorist victims and their families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors. Please give generously at www.visionforisrael.com For residents in the UK and outside N. America visit our website at www.josephstorehouse.co.uk Your donations are needed and appreciated.

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