JNN News Update Dec. 4, 2016

LIBERMAN: THE UN IS IRRELEVANT: Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has told a delegation of UN ambassadors that the UN is failing to stop mass killings and rogue dictators. Liberman met Thurs 1 Dec. 2016, with the UN ambassadors of Canada, Russia, India, Italy, Ukraine, Senegal, Singapore, Rwanda, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Argentina. The meeting was hosted by Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon. Liberman told the ambassadors that "What has been happening these past ten years regarding global security is very troubling. The UN, like other international bodies, has been unable to solve these problems, and is becoming far less relevant on the international stage. "What happens in Syria, where more than half a million people have been killed, and what happens elsewhere in the Middle East, where hundreds of people are killed on a daily basis, as well as what is happening in some African countries and other regions around the world should trouble everyone." Liberman said. Liberman raised the issue of the actions of North Korea. "A crazy leader holds his own people hostage and violates all international laws regarding the use of nuclear weapons, and there is no real effective action by the Security Council or the UN to stop it. All of this is connected to other areas, such as the absurd anti-Israel resolutions from UNESCO and the Human Rights Council. The UNESCO decision that there is supposedly no connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount is a decision which reeks of hypocrisy and proves that the UN, including the Security Council, do not perform their duties and are becoming irrelevant to the rest of the world." (Arutz-7) “Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.’ He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure.” Ps 2: 1-5

OBAMA POSTPONES MOVING OF EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM: As is customary since 1995, President Barack Obama on Thurs 1 Dec 2016, signed a waiver which prevents moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Congress passed a law in 1995 mandating the move of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but allowed the President to exercise a waiver delaying the move. The waiver must be renewed every six months. Thursday marked the eighth time Obama has signed the waiver, which has been signed by every President since Bill Clinton, each time citing “national security” as the reason for the delay. However, this could be the last time the waiver is renewed – if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his campaign promises. During the election campaign, Trump promised to move the USA Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in recognition of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital city. The Palestinian Authority, which wants Jerusalem to be the capital of its desired future state, has expressed anger over Trump’s campaign promises and vowed to “make life miserable” for the United States at the United Nations if he follows through with the move. (INN)

‘TIME TO DUMP THE ANTI-ISRAEL CROWD IN THE STATE DEPARTMENT’: Marc Zell, Chairman of the Republican Party in Israel, spoke with Israeli media sources on 1 Dec. 2016, regarding the USA State Department and the importance of Trump’s choice for top diplomat in fulfilling his campaign promises vis-à-vis Israel. “Currently there are three likely candidates for the position,” said Zell, “Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and John Bolton. Trump needs a Secretary of State who can clean house in the Department in Washington, which is currently filled with Arab supporters. In order to move the USA Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, you need to neutralize these people – which means firing them. Only people like Giuliani and Bolton are able to do that.” Zell noted that despite a 1995 law requiring the relocation of the embassy to Israel’s capital, State Department bureaucrats have prevented its implementation. “According to a law passed in 1995, the president is obligated to move the embassy to Jerusalem, unless he invokes the clause,” which permits the president to delay the transfer for immediate safety concerns. “At present, there are officials in the State Department who are working to undermine this move. In Washington there are some 4,000 political appointments that need to be filled, including in the State Department, and the president has the right to fire those remaining from the past administration.” (Arutz-7)

ADL: REP. ELLISON’S REMARKS ON ISRAEL ‘DEEPLY DISTURBING’: The Anti-Defamation League sharply criticized Congressman Keith Ellison's remarks in a surfaced recording in which Ellison claimed that USA foreign policy is "governed" by Israeli interests. The audio recording is from a private fundraiser from 2010 and was released this week by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. Ellison is a leading candidate for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee and has received the support of several mainstream Democratic leaders. “The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people,” Ellison is heard saying in the recording. “A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right? When the Americans who trace their roots back to those 350 million get involved, everything changes. Can I say that again?”

The ADL released a statement on 1 Dec. 2016, saying that the recording “raises serious doubts about Rep. Ellison’s ability to represent traditional Democratic support for Israel." ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt said: "Rep. Ellison’s remarks are both deeply disturbing and disqualifying. His words imply that USA foreign policy is based on religiously or national origin-based special interests rather than simply on America’s best interests. Additionally, whether intentional or not, his words raise the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government, a poisonous myth that may persist in parts of the world where intolerance thrives, but that has no place in open societies like the USA.” Ellison has been under scrutiny by right-wing groups for his past associations with extremist Louis Farrakhan and the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam movement. (INN)

EUROPOL WARNS OF ISIS ATTACKS, SAYS DOZENS OF TERRORISTS MAY BE IN EUROPE: ISIS is likely to launch more attacks in Europe, the EU police agency Europol warned on Friday 2 Nov. 2016, with several dozen terrorists already in place and more possibly arriving as ISIS faces setbacks in Syria and Iraq. In a report on the threat the Islamist group poses to the 28-nation bloc, Europol said the most probable forms of attack would be those used in recent years, from the mass shootings and suicide bombings seen in Paris and Brussels to stabbings and other assaults by radicals acting alone. “Essentially the entire European Union is under threat as almost all its governments back the USA-led coalition in Syria,” the agency said, warning that ISIS was likely to infiltrate Syrian refugee communities in Europe in an effort to inflame hostility to immigrants that has shaken many EU governments. "If ISIS is defeated or severely weakened in Syria/Iraq by the coalition forces, there may be an increased rate in the return of foreign fighters and their families from the region to the EU or to other conflict areas," Europol said in a statement. (J.Post) Pray according to scripture: “I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless.” Isa 13:11

ONTARIO LEGISLATURE VOTES TO REJECT BDS: On Thurs. 1 Dec. 2016, the Ontario Legislative Assembly approved a motion affirming that the legislature "stands firmly against any position or movement that promotes or encourages any form of hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance in any way." The resolution further affirmed strong bilateral relations between Ontario and Israel and declared that the legislature "rejects the differential treatment of Israel, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement" - also known as BDS. (Canadian Jewish News) Continue to pray against the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel BDS movements where ever they surface in educational institutions, industry, trade, churches and cultural events.

AMAZONIAN JEWS THRIVE IN THE DEPTH OF THE RAINFOREST: After their ancestors journeyed across an ocean from the edge of the Sahara to the center of the Amazon, their current numbers have dwindled in the wake of grim economic prospects and geographic isolation. Yet the pulse keeps beating for the Jewish community of Iquitos, Peru. “We as a community in Iquitos are trying to create a Jewish life, which is not easy, because the conditions for it do not exist,” said community leader Rebeca Abramovitz in an interview in Spanish. Located in Loreto, Peru’s northernmost region, Iquitos is the largest city in the world unreachable by road. Visitors must either fly in or arrive by boat along the Amazon River. Jews constitute only a fraction of a percent of the city’s population, which numbered just under 440,000 last year. The Jewish community of Iquitos consists of about 70 individuals, led by president Jorge Abramovitz, Rebeca’s husband. The Iquitos community does not have a rabbi, and meets for worship in the Abramovitz house. Its members represent a fraction of the hundreds of people who once practiced Judaism by the banks of the Amazon. Yet if their numbers are small, their story is compelling. They are the descendants of entrepreneurs who left Morocco for the promise of riches in the Amazon rubber boom in the late 19th century. Their Judaism has been revived by visits from rabbis elsewhere in Peru, as well as Argentina, the United States and Israel. Some have even undertaken another journey, to Israel, where they have made aliyah or are striving to do so. (Times of Israel)

MASSIVE GROWTH ANTICIPATED IN ISRAELI PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET: The Israeli pharmaceutical market is set to rise from $1.75 billion in 2015 to around $2.12 billion by 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s latest report states that medical technological advances and R&D expenditure in the field of science and technology are distinguishing features of the Israeli pharmaceutical market. Indeed, the pharmaceutical space is supported by a network of recognized academic and research institutes, R&D facilities, and well-developed medical centers. Israeli research expertise and clinical advances have led to the development of blockbuster drugs and promising treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite a long history of armed conflict with neighboring Arab countries and large-scale immigration, which has placed a heavy burden on the economy, Israel is a developed, industrialized country with a small, technologically-advanced agricultural sector, a growing service sector and a substantial high-tech sector. In this way, the economy is fairly robust and presents ample opportunity for a thriving pharmaceutical sector. (Israel National News)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News Update Dec. 1, 2016

‘THANK YOU TO ALL FOREIGN FIREFIGHTERS WHO HELPED BATTLE BLAZES: Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan thanked foreign firefighters who worked to extinguish the fires that blazed across the country last week at a special ceremony at the Hatzor air force base. "It was an extremely complex operation." Erdan said. "There were more than 1,700 individual fires, more than 70 thousand people were forced to evacuate their homes, and 1895 homes were damaged. We had to fight together, both firefighters on the ground, and pilots from the air, against 39 large fires that threatened many, many parts of Israel, and you succeeded. But the most important number," Erdan stated, "is zero. Zero is the number of people who lost their lives." Erdan credited the firefighters, police, and pilots for preventing any fatalities from the fires. "In the name of the government, the firefighters, the police, and the people of Israel, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart," Erdan said. Israel received aid from many countries during last week's fires, including from the USA, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Britain, Azerbaijan, and even the PA. (Arutz-7) 

ISRAEL ATTACKS TARGETS IN SYRIA: Arab media reported on Wed. morning 30 Nov. 2016 that Israeli aircraft carried out two airstrikes in the Damascus area overnight Tuesday. One report said that the first airstrike hit a weapons warehouse belonging to the Syrian army near Damascus. The second attack targeted a convoy of cars belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist group. Other Syrian websites reported that the attack on the Hezbollah convoy was meant to thwart a delivery of missiles from Syria to Lebanon. According to these reports, the convoy was bombed after it left the airport in Damascus. On 28 Nov. 2016 Israeli aircraft attacked a facility belonging to the ISIS terrorist organization in the Syrian part of the Golan Heights. The assault was in retaliation to Sunday’s attack on IDF forces who were engaged in operations along the Syrian border. (Arutz-7)

THE UN, OBAMA AND THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT’S MOMENT OF TRUTH: Barack Obama has for months held his cards close to the chest on plans for action on Middle East peace at the UN Security Council. Meanwhile the outgoing administration says it is looking at ways to ensure that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not die on their president's watch. The current debate in the West Wing is whether USA support for UN action would further the president's goal or, conversely, precipitate the very consequences he fears the most: An entrenchment on both sides of the conflict and diminished odds of a negotiated outcome. By taking action at the UN during Donald Trump's transition period, Obama would force the president-elect and his burgeoning team to come up with a policy response the White House believes would be half-baked. The Obama administration expects that Trump would take their action as an attempt to box him in– prompting a response that would likely aggravate the situation further, placing Trump's new administration far to the right and facilitating Israeli and Palestinian actions that Obama has long considered counterproductive.

Israeli leadership is gravely concerned that Obama will take action in his final days in office, joining a French effort to outline parameters at the Security Council for an ultimate peace agreement. Obama administration officials have, in the past, opposed such action as contrary to the pursuit of peace, expressing the belief that a peace agreement must be directly negotiated between the two parties. Israeli officials argue that a parameters resolution would codify the Palestinian Authority's opening negotiating position, setting the bar for future talks on their terms. Such a development would destroy any chances for a negotiated outcome, they warn. Several of Israel’s media sources have said they believe the Israelis must learn that they do not have, through proxy of the USA, the power of an automatic veto at the Security Council. Maintaining this threat of USA action, or of USA support for action, has not only provided the State Department with much-needed leverage over Jerusalem, but has also allowed them to remind Israel of the dynamics of the relationship. These diplomatic advantages end with the decision to act, however, and that decision is fast approaching. Obama recognizes this and has been advised of the many risks accordingly. (J. Post)

JIMMY CARTER URGES OBAMA TO RECOGNIZE ‘PALESTINE’ BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE: Jimmy Carter asked President Barack Obama to recognize a state of Palestine before leaving office. In a New York Times op-ed this week the former president said before Donald Trump assumes the presidency on 20 Jan. 2017, the United States should back a UN Security Council resolution that lays down the parameters of a two-state solution, including the rejection of Israeli settlement beyond the 1967 lines and guarantees for Israeli security. The resolution would recognize the Palestinian entity as a state, as a number of other countries have already done. Otherwise, said Carter, who brokered the 1978 Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel, the two-state solution is at risk. Obama has indicated he would be reluctant to advance any major new policies during his lame-duck period, although administration officials have left open the possibility that he may try to reinforce his commitment to a two-state outcome, perhaps in a speech. Israel’s government rejects outside pressure to finalize a deal, while the Palestinians have said they would favor UN intervention. A Security Council resolution would have the force of international law, even if Trump, as president, rescinds any recognition of a Palestinian state. (JTA) Please pray the out-going USA President, Barack Obama will, as he has indicated, refrain from advancing this unjust and extremist resolution against Israel as his parting shot against the Jewish state. The possibility is there and should be covered with prayer.

ISRAEL CANNOT RETURN TO THE PRE-1967 BORDERS: Israel cannot return to the pre-1967 borders. It would leave the center of the country a mere nine miles wide and its borders indefensible. The Jewish State could be cut in two by an Arab tank charge in just minutes. Arab forces would be positioned all along Israel’s eastern border, including the areas that contain the greatest concentration of Israel’s population, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. Israel would be stripped of its protective Judea-Samaria mountain ranges. USA Lieut.-General Thomas Kelly, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War, pointed out that Israel would be virtually indefensible without those mountainous areas. An Israeli retreat to the pre-1967 borders would also include the re-division of Jerusalem. The Arabs would gain control of the Old City section of Jerusalem (known as “east Jerusalem”), which includes the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. That area also includes the historic Jewish Quarter and the Mount of Olives cemetery, which is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world. An Israeli retreat to the indefensible pre-1967 borders would encourage further Arab attacks and lead to an all-out war. (Compiled by JNN editors) Nations whose leaders have sought to divide the land and the people of Israel will clearly face God’s judgment: “In those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.” Joel 3: 1-3 DICTER: PALESTINIANS WILL LOSE WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE: Chairman Avi Dichter of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee said on Tues. 29 Nov. 2016, "It is interesting that on the 29th of November, the day when 69 years ago the UN approved the partition plan which recognized the existence of a Jewish state west of the Jordan, that the UN chose to mark this 29 Nov. 2016 - as a day of solidarity with the Palestinians. What an unlucky coincidence." Reviewing a history of Arab military losses starting with their refusal to recognize the 1947 partition plan, Dichter said, "The UN canceled its decision regarding Zionism and racism and UNESCO's recent decision to deny non-Muslim ties to Jerusalem will undergo a similar process. The Palestinians, who are trying to get a state through the force of terror, will lose chunk after chunk of what is already in their hands. It's with the state of Israel that they have to speak, and agree, and sign - and uphold an agreement. Telling stories and rewriting history do not yield anything." (Arutz-7) UN General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on 10 Nov. 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), "determined that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". On 17 Dec 1991 the UN overwhelmingly repealed that bitterly contested resolution.

ISIS SAYS IT WAS BEHIND OHIO STATE ATTACK: The ISIS terror movement said on 29 Nov. 2016 that it was behind the previous day’s attack at Ohio State University, in which nine people were wounded, one critically, before the attacker was shot to death by police. An 18-year-old of Somali background ran into pedestrians with a car and then stabbed people with a butcher knife. Meanwhile, when it comes to radical Islamic terrorism, the Obama White House is going out on a consistent note. President Obama’s spokesman acknowledged the same day of the terrorist assault that an attack by a Muslim student at Ohio State University may have been motivated by extremism, but he cautioned against blaming it on radical Islam - a phrase he carefully avoided, in keeping with Mr. Obama’s practice. During the presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump criticized Mr. Obama and his team frequently for avoiding the term “radical Islamic extremism,” saying the USA can’t defeat an enemy without describing it accurately. (Arutz-7/Washington Times)

UNDERGROUND CHURCH MOVEMENT GROWS IN IRAN DESPITE REGIME’S EFFORTS: Hundreds of Iranian citizens have been converting to Christianity, and many are being baptized in large ceremonies in underground churches held in private homes across the country. This month, Christian ministry ELAM estimated that more than 200 Iranian and Afghans were secretly baptized in a service just across the Iranian border. “It’s an astronomical increase,” Mani Erfan, CEO of CCM Ministries, which has been involved in Iran’s underground church movement for more than two decades, told media sources. “And it’s been predominately young people. We call it an awakening.” Erfan adds experts predict that by 2020, the Christian population in Iran will top 7 million -- or 10% of the total population. “That’s a paradigm shift,” he said. “It would change the dynamic of the country and the region.” Much of Iran’s Christian population is forced to obtain religious materials and teachings from satellite TV, or social media and gather for worship services in the homes of pastors and other clergy members. The Iranian government deems such meetings to be illegal gatherings. The news out of Iran provides a glimmer of hope for the Christian community elsewhere in the Middle East. With the rise of extremism in neighboring Iraq and Syria, Christians have been under siege in the region due to ISIS. The Christian population in Iraq has plummeted from 1.5 million in 2003 to current estimates of 275,000. The dwindling numbers have been due to genocide, refugees fleeing to other countries and forced conversions. (Fox) What an encouraging report and confirmation of God’s promise that He will build His church “and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Intercede that the Christian Community across Iran and other Islamist nations will know hope, protection and mounting increase. (Scripture reference: Mt 16:18)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

JNN News Update Nov. 29, 2016

NO ACTIVE FIRES LEFT’ AFTER 2,000 BLAZES SCORCH ISRAEL: Firefighters have extinguished blazes that ravaged Israel for over five days and caused close to 100,000 Israelis to flee their homes, authorities said Sunday 27 Nov. 2016, blaming arsonists for a large portion of the outbreaks. There were no deaths but 122 people were treated for injuries, mainly smoke inhalation, medical officials said. Around 700 homes were damaged or destroyed as the flames fed by high winds ripped through thousands of acres. Firefighting planes from a list of countries, including supertankers from the USA and Russia, flew low over Israel, dropping tons of water and fire retardants. At one point last week, flames towered over an area near Jerusalem, and residents the following day surveyed charred homes and businesses. "There are no active sites left," said fire and rescue service spokesman Yoram Levy. Levy said firefighters dealt with about 2,000 fires across Israel, 20 of them major. He noted forces were still "on high alert" because of dry conditions and high winds not expected to change before rain expected on Wed 30 Nov. 2016. Israeli authorities suspect some of the worst blazes were set deliberately by Arab arsonists looking to kill civilians. (INN)

POST-FIRE REHABILITATION COULD TAKE 30 YEARS: The rehabilitation of natural reserve parks and infrastructures damaged by the rash of fires which were finally brought under control and extinguished on 27 Nov. 2016, is likely to continue for as much as 30 years, according to experts. While hundreds of apartments have been rendered uninhabitable in the aftermath of the disasters, particularly in Haifa, the damage is not restricted to humans. Indeed, natural sites such as forest and natural parks have been battered and burned by the merciless flames. The Jewish National Fund estimates that overall, 11,000 dunams of forests were incinerated by the fires by the time the 58 forest fire incidents had concluded. 7,500 dunams of the 11,000 were in the Jerusalem Hills alone. Uri Naveh, head of the Nature and Parks Authority Jerusalem district, said that the fear of other fires erupting has not yet fully dissipated. “It is not yet over. While all the points which had fallen prey to the unrelenting flames had been dealt with," Naveh said “we are in a situation where this kind of wind can kindle a fire in areas not yet spotted and quickly renew the fires because the wind situation is identical to that of the last few days.” He added that Cafira nature park in the Jerusalem Hills was one of the areas which was entirely decimated by the fires. “This is one of the important nature reserves in the Judean Hills. There are many animals there - deer, foxes, jackals and hyenas. The process of rehabilitating the reserve could continue for years or even decades,” he predicted. Even the pine trees which are still standing in the forests will not survive, Naveh explained. “They are essentially dead.” Naveh said that in the Jerusalem Hills the damage was extensive and that while some of the foxes and hyenas and other animals managed to flee the fires, others were not so lucky. Snakes and turtles for example, did not survive. (Ynet)

ISRAEL BATTLES ISIS ON GOLAN HEIGHTS: Israeli soldiers operating along the border between Israel and Syria on Sunday 27 Nov. 2016, came under attack. The terrorists, members of the ISIS-linked Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, fired at the Israeli soldiers, who were on Israeli-controlled territory, from a vehicle driving along the Syrian side of the Golan. The soldiers were conducting a mission in the buffer zone between the two countries, but still inside Israeli territory, when they came under small arms and mortar fire. Israel Air Force aircraft quickly responded, destroying a pick-up truck with a mounted machine gun and its four terrorist passengers. Early Monday, 28 Nov. Israeli aircraft bombed a facility in Syria that had been used as a base of operations by ISIS. The target was an “abandoned UN building that has been used by ISIS as an operations center along the border in the southern Syrian Golan Heights,” read an army statement. “This is an additional response to yesterday’s attack, and it is aimed at preventing the terrorists from returning to the installation which poses a significant threat.” (Israel Today)

NETANYAHU: ISRAEL WON’T ALLOW ISIS TO OPEN ‘A FRONT OF TERROR’ ON THE GOLAN: PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned ISIS and other groups in Syria on Monday 28 Nov. 2016, that Israel would have a zero tolerance policy for attacks across its border. He said that over the past few days there were multiple attempts to attack the IDF on the border with Syria. “We will not tolerate even isolated fire and we will respond forcefully and attack our enemies when necessary before they succeed in attacking us. We will not permit radical Islam or any other hostile entity to open a front of terror against us on the Golan." Later Monday, Defense Minister Liberman also threatened ISIS. He said that Israel did not have to coordinate its response to attacks in Syria with Russia, and that even though Israel normally holds Syria responsible for attack from its soil, this time it was clear that the perpetrators were from ISIS. "Israel is not seeking adventure, but we will respond to any attack wherever it comes from with great force," he said. It is the first time Israel has come under attack directly from the terror group that is based in Iraq and Syria. UN monitors are now on site to try and stop the situation escalating. (J.Post/UK Sun) It is vitally important to continue to pray for Israel’s safety and preparedness in the event of unanticipated developments or surprise attacks especially from its northern borders. This is especially true in the light of the words of the Biblical prophet who saw in Jeremiah 1:13 “the boiling pot facing away from the north,” tilting over Israel and set to be overturned.

KENYAN MPs IN KNESSET: ‘WE MUST JOIN HANDS TO FIGHT TERRORISM’: Members of the Kenyan parliament`s Committee on National Security visited the Knesset on 28 Nov. 2016, where they met with Knesset Director-General Albert Sakharovich and other MKs. The Kenyan MP's spoke of the terrorist attacks which have been carried out on Kenyan soil by terrorist organizations, such as al Qaeda. They stressed the need for countries “to join hands" to combat terrorism. Director-General Sakharovich noted the friendship that has developed between the Knesset and the Kenyan legislature. ”I hope and believe that your visit will strengthen the ties between us even more,” he told the MPs. ”The war against terror is a war we are all forced take part in,” he added. “The Knesset members you have met with here have stood at the forefront of the war against terror in Israel.” (INN)

MK MICHAEL OREN CALLS ON ISRAELIS TO ‘THINK TWICE’ BEFORE BUYING FRENCH PRODUCTS’ OVER ‘GREEN LINE’ LABELING: Member of Knesset Michael Oren encouraged Israelis to reconsider buying French-made products following France’s decision to remove “Made in Israel” stickers from products made beyond the Green Line. “France is labeling Israeli products from Judea, Samaria, and the Golan. Israelis should think twice before buying French products.” Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the USA and current deputy minister for diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s Office, made his comment days after the French government directed businesses to adhere to last year’s non-binding resolution from the EU recommending that its member states use labels distinguishing between Israeli products from within and beyond the 1967 lines. The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying it “condemns” France’s decision. Experts have long noted the EU’s “official double standard”; targeting Israel’s control of its historic homeland while ignoring Morocco’s occupation of the Western Sahara, Turkey’s control in Northern Cyprus, and a number of other disputed regions around the globe. (Algemeiner)

ISRAELI ETHIOPIANS ARE DOING BETTER THAN EVER: In the past four years, the number of Ethiopian Jews requesting welfare income supplements has dropped drastically, by a startling 39%. In the past year alone, the number has dropped by 13%, reports the Government Employment Agency. Welfare and Social Services Minister Haim Katz said, "We have a national goal to successfully integrate Ethiopian immigrants into Israeli society." Though the number of Ethiopians requesting welfare supplements is still three times that of the general population, the statistics are encouraging, showing a significant drop in the number of Ethiopians requesting the government aid. Israel is currently home to 86,000 Ethiopian Jews, with 51,000 of them employable and aged between 15 and 65. Some 43% of Ethiopian Jews who found employment in the past year were aged 15-44; 23% were between the ages of 45-54; and the remaining 34% were above the age of 55. All of these people had requested welfare supplements in the past but had not returned to the welfare office as of the end of Sep. 2016. These statistics prove the drop in the number of requests is not the result of an aging population who request pensions instead of welfare, but the result of a larger number of Ethiopians successfully finding employment. (Arutz-7) “Yes, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul.” Jer 32: 41

Israeli scientists in the Galilee have discovered hundreds of limestone caves in which Jews hid from Roman troops 2,000 years ago during the Great Jewish Revolt (66-70 A.D.). Embellishments such as baths, water cisterns, and candle niches carved into the rock show that the caves had been prepared for extensive habitation. Pitchers, pottery shards, coins, and other artifacts dating to the 1st century A.D. were found, as well as dozens of Roman arrow-heads that had been shot into the caves, said Dr. Yinon Shivtiel from the Safed Academic College and Vladimir Boslove of the Israeli Cave Research Center. (Ha’aretz)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News Update Nov. 28, 2016

FIRES IN DIFFERENT AREAS OF ISRAEL THROUGH SHABBAT AS ‘ARSON INTIFADA’ CONTINUES: On Friday night 25 Nov. 2016, all the residents - 350 families - of the town of Neve Tzuf in Samaria were forced to leave their homes after arsonists set fire to 3 different locations throughout the town. Fifteen houses were completely destroyed and collapsed, while 25 other houses were seriously damaged from the flames. Four civilians were lightly injured, including two firefighters. Three firefighting teams from the Palestinian Authority helped to battle the blaze. A spokesperson for Neve Tzuf said, "The town has had a hard hit, but we're strong and we'll manage to deal with it.” As well, arsonists reignited a fire in Haifa on Saturday, 26 Nov. Three civilians were critically injured and nine others more moderately injured on Saturday morning 26 Nov. 2016, in a fire in Ma'ale Adumim on the outskirts of Jerusalem. On Friday, arsonists set fire to Beit Meir, also located near Jerusalem. Israeli police are currently holding 23 individuals suspected of arson or incitement to commit arson. More than 30 suspects have been questioned by police since the first fires broke out. Earlier Saturday, the Israeli said that more than 10 Palestinian suspects had been arrested and handed to the Shin Bet for further investigations. In several cases arson suspects have been caught in the act and on video footage. (Arutz-7/Ha’aretz) Intercede against spiritual forces of violence and hatred as well weather conditions contributing to these tragic fires. May those who have ignited fires intentionally be apprehended and brought to justice and those considering future acts of arson be detoured.

HAIFA INFERNO MOSTLY CONTAINED - BLAZE IN JERUSALEM HILLS SPREADS AND GATHERS FORCES OVER THE WEEKEND: Israeli firefighters on Friday 25 Nov. 2016, reined in a blaze that had spread across the country's third-largest city, Haifa, and forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, but continued to battle more than a dozen other fires around the country for the fourth and fifth day in a row. Multiple teams of firefighters were battling a blaze in the Ma’ale Hahamisha and Nataf areas on Friday afternoon and into the night, and more were being deployed. At least 20 planes were operating in the area, tackling the flames from the skies. The fire expanded and progressed through the afternoon and evening. Initially none of the homes in Ma’ale Hahamisha or Nataf were thought to be in danger, police said, but in mid-afternoon they ordered the evacuation of Nataf, and said homes were under threat. Some Nataf residents were taking refuge in the community center at the nearby Arab town of Abu Ghosh on Friday night. Rama’s Kitchen, a famed Nataf restaurant, was destroyed, and much of the owner’s home was destroyed in the flames as well. A wedding was taking place at the restaurant when firefighters ordered an urgent evacuation.

By Friday evening, the nearby settlement of Mevo Horon was also in danger. By late evening, most of the blazes in the Nataf area were said to be under control, but residents were told not to return home Friday night. An earlier massive blaze in the Jerusalem hills overnight Thursday-Friday nearby devastated at least 10 homes and threatened to destroy the small village of Beit Meir. The blaze was part of a wave of forest and brush fires that have cut a swath of destruction across several of Israel’s forests since 22 Nov. 2016, and in several places entered residential areas. No one has been killed, but hundreds have been injured, dozens of homes burned and, in Haifa, tens of thousands evacuated. (Times of Israel/Algemeiner)

ISRAEL’S DANGEROUS WEATHER CONDITIONS TO REMAIN THROUGH TUESDAY: The Israel Meteorological Service released a report Friday stating that weather conditions in Israel will remain dangerous and susceptible to wildfires through Tues. 29 Nov. 2016. The severely dry and west-ward winds are expected to continue in the mean time. (J.Post) Pray that extreme weather conditions that have led to the outbreak and spread of dozens of fires across Israel will subside and that much needed rain will ease the situation.

ISRAEL’S ARAB AND MUSLIM ALLIES AID IN FIRE FIGHTING EFFORT: In a show of regional cooperation and solidarity, several of Israel’s Arab and Muslim allies have sent firefighting equipment to help douse the fires raging across the Jewish state. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday 25 Nov. 2016 that Egypt was sending two helicopters, while Jordan was dispatching a number of fire trucks to battle the blazes. Azerbaijan, a Muslim-majority nation and one of Israel’s closest allies in central Asia, announced Friday that it sent BE-200CS amphibious aircraft to Israel. The Palestinian Authority has also contributed to the firefighting effort, sending several firefighters from Judea & Samaria to battle blazes in northern Israel. The show of solidarity from Arab and Muslim allies was a welcome sign for Israel after Arabic-speaking social media users had used the hashtag “Israel is burning” to celebrate the destruction. Israel has also received help from a number of its non-Muslim allies in Europe. “Thank you Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Romania & Bulgaria for sending help to fight the fires in Israel. True friends!” the Israeli Foreign Ministry tweeted. (Algemeiner)

USA SUPERTANKER LANDS IN ISRAEL TO ASSIST WITH RAGING FIRES: The USA 747 Supertanker landed in Israel Friday evening 25 Nov. 2016, to assist with extinguishing the raging fires that have erupted across the country. The Supertanker, based on the Boeing 747, is the largest aerial firefighting aircraft in the world and is capable of carrying up to 19,600 gallons of retardant or water. In addition to the Super Tanker arriving in Israel, the USA sent 50 firefighters to Israel. The Super took off on its first mission Saturday afternoon. Based on the Boeing 747, the plane was set to help extinguish the flames near Jerusalem, adjacent to Highway 1.

Meantime, a spokesperson for the Haifa Fire Department said Friday that they have evidence that a fire started near the city's main fire depot was an act of arson. Speaking to Channel 2, Uri Chibotaro said video evidence proved the cause of the blaze. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon told Israel Radio that the Haifa firestorm, which caused widespread damage on Thursday, was an "intentional act of arson." Earlier, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that the results of an investigation into Thursday's fire in the northern town of Zichron Ya'akov concluded that the blaze was caused by arsonists. Police reported that in total 13 individuals have been investigated for arson and incitement. (J.Post)

FORMER MK: WE ARE AT WAR: Former MK Dr. Michael Ben Ari, in a media interview, said that a war is currently being waged against Israel. "Whoever doesn't understand that we are at war, when these fires are destroying homes [across Israel] are blind." Dr. Ben Ari said. "These evil men are attempting to burn down the whole country. This war was planned. It was coordinated. And it has leaders. Our enemies wish to destroy us with fire and knives. We forget how during Operation Brothers Keeper when our three boys were kidnapped how Arab doctors and public officials celebrated the kidnapping. We kept our heads in the sand. This is our only country, and we have all of our enemies here. If they want to stay here they should declare loyalty and receive the benefits [of citizenship] without national rights. If they want national rights they should go to the Arab countries." He said that Israel should declare war on the enemy in its midst. "There is no difference between them and ISIS.’’ (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL FURIOUS AS FRANCE DETERMINES TO LABEL SETTLEMENT GOODS: Israel has slammed France for its decision to implement new guidelines for labeling goods from Judea & Samaria settlements, accusing it of aiding a boycott of the Jewish state. "The Government of Israel condemns the French government decision to implement European Commission directives regarding Israel products originating beyond the Green Line," read a Foreign Ministry statement issued Thurs. night 24 Nov. 2016. "We are saddened that it is France – where there is a law against boycotts – that is moving forward with these steps that could be interpreted as giving support to radical elements and to the boycott movement against Israel," the statement said. Israel further accused France of a "double standard" by focusing on Israel and "ignoring the other 200 territorial disputes around the world." (i24)

FRANCE: FOILED TERROR PLOT WAS DIRECTED FROM ISIS HEARTLAND: Five men arrested in France for planning an attack in the Paris area were directed from the ISIS group's heartland, a prosecutor said 24 Nov. 2016. Over last weekend police had arrested seven men and seized weapons in raids in the cities of Strasbourg and Marseille. Islamist extremists have carried out three large-scale attacks in France since January 2015, when gunmen targeted the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and the Jewish supermarket Hyper Cacher, where four Jews were murdered. Ten months after those two attacks, ISIS jihadists massacred 130 people in attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, France's national stadium and a handful of bars and restaurants in eastern Paris. In July 2016 a terrorist ploughed a truck into crowds watching fireworks in the southern city of Nice on Bastille Day, killing 86. ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack as well. The government has said 17 attacks were foiled since the beginning of the year in France, and seven in 2015. Hollande said Friday the "fight against terrorism," will be "long and difficult but one thing is certain, we will win because France, when it stays together, is capable of overcoming all challenges." (INN) It is difficult to grasp the mentality of those who fight against terrorism in France and yet continue to push Israel to make a false peace with the same kind of evil entities seeking to destroy the Jewish state with ongoing vicious acts of violence and destruction. Likewise, France now endorses the labeling of Israeli products from Judea & Samaria, giving support to radical elements and to the boycott movement against Israel. French Government efforts to fight terrorism on their own turf will likely be subject to failures if they don’t support and help Israel who is at the forefront of the battle against terrorism.

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

JNN News Update Nov. 23, 2016

ISRAEL’S HEALTHY FOOD REVOLUTION: Health Ministry Director General, Moshe Bar Simon, on behalf of a special committee, on Monday 21 Nov. 2016, submitted to Health Minister Yaakov Litzman the committee’s recommendations for new regulations to promote healthy nutrition in Israel. The recommendations include the requirement that all food products carry a green or red sticker indicating whether they are a healthy food or not and specifying the level of health risk associated with the ingredients. In the first stage, which will begin next year, red stickers will be assigned to foods containing more than 800 milligrams of sodium, 22 grams of sugar, or 6 grams of saturated fat. Later on, the criteria will be tightened, and salty cheeses, kid’s cereals, sauces such as ketchup, snacks, sweets, and processed meat products will have to carry the red sticker. The recommendations also include limitations on the advertising and marketing of harmful food, and the promotion of health education programs.

Minister Litzman told a news conference, “I welcome the work of the recommendations committee, and I want to make it clear that we are determined to change the nutrition habits of Israel’s citizens. The first step is to raise public awareness of the dangers of unhealthy food and to subsequently encourage the consumption of healthy food.” According to Litzman, the data indicate that Israel is among the worst in per capita sugar consumption and in child obesity rates. “The Health Ministry is determined to eliminate these phenomena, to protect public health, and to prevent disease.” (Arutz-7)

300% JUMP IN ALIYAH FROM BRAZIL: The number of immigrants making Aliyah from Brazil to Israel surged in 2016, rising more than 300% over the average annual rate. According to a report by the Jewish Agency, some 700 immigrants will have moved from Brazil to Israel by the end of the year. About 650 immigrants have already moved to Israel, with 50 more expected over the next six weeks. This year’s Aliyah will be the largest from the South American country in 45 years. Brazil is home to roughly 120,000 Jews. Revital Poleg, who heads the local Jewish Agency delegation in Brazil, suggested that the country’s current economic woes contributed to the upsurge in Aliyah, but added that the Jewish community’s Zionist ethos was also a major factor. “Many of the immigrants note that they view Israel as a place where they can lead Jewish lives in an environment that feels like home,” Poleg said. “Some 70% of the immigrants are young families who want to provide their children with high-quality education, or young people looking to start university studies in Israel and build their careers there.” (INN) Pray Jewish people throughout the world will hear the summons of the Holy Spirit to return to Israel. “He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; He will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth.” Isa. 11:12

PRESIDENT OF WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS: ‘I’VE KNOWN TRUMP 50 YEARS, HE’LL BE A STRONG ADVOCATE FOR ISRAEL’: While voicing concern about rising antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment around the globe, World Jewish Congress President, Ronald Lauder, stresses that Israel is still the only thriving democracy in the Middle East, and that the USA-Israel relationship remains strong despite recent tension. In an exclusive interview with Israel’s daily, The Jerusalem Post, Lauder – the preeminent leader of global Jewry – says last year’s Iran deal put an unfortunate strain on USA-Israel ties, “but I am confident that President- elect Donald Trump, who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for nearly 50 years, will be a strong and resolute advocate for the Jewish state.” When Lauder was asked what he views as the main challenges facing the world today, he replied: "There’s no denying that we face tumultuous times and consequential challenges, from the spread of ISIS and radical Islam, to the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history in Syria. The loss of life and suffering is staggering, and unrest in the Middle East is unsettling for all of us who care deeply about a secure Jewish homeland.”

Lauder added that he couldn’t overstate his concern about the rising tide of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiment around the world. “This level of antisemitism is unprecedented since the 1920s and 1930s in Europe. I’ve seen it myself in the streets of Paris, and on college campuses in the United States in the form of Students for Justice in Palestine and the BDS movement. It’s deeply unsettling that Jews are being harassed, attacked, and made to feel unsafe in their own communities. However, I’m heartened that leaders in Europe and around the country are taking decisive action to combat BDS; most recently legislation was passed in New York and California, and it’s imperative that similar legislation is passed at the federal level. However, even as anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are on the rise, we, as a people, whether in the Diaspora or living in the Jewish state, will always strive to make the world a better place, which is why I remain optimistic about the future of the Jewish people and the State of Israel." (J.Post) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer. 29:11

NETANYAHU: ABBAS IS NOT PREPARING PALESTINIANS FOR RECONCILIATION WITH ISRAEL: On the 39th anniversary of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic visit to Jerusalem, PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday 20 Nov. 2016: "A peace agreement was achieved between Israel and Egypt through direct negotiations; this agreement has stood for almost 40 years, currently under the courageous leadership of Egyptian President al-Sisi. I note this because here one can see the contrast with what is occurring vis-a-vis the Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas refuses to come to direct negotiations without preconditions, is also continuing to incite his people regarding the idea of a right of return and erasing the State of Israel, and, to my regret, is not taking the right steps to start calming things and preparing public opinion for reconciliation with the State of Israel, which we see among certain Arab countries." Meanwhile, although many Egyptians continue to regard Israel as a threat and sympathize with the Palestinian cause, the relationship between the two countries has become markedly explicit under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. "Egyptian-Israeli relations are today at their highest level in history," Nathan Thrall, senior analyst for an International Crisis Group, told media sources. (Prime Minister's Office/Al Jazeera-Qatar) Pray that good relations between Israel’s government and that of Egypt will continue to grow and be strengthened on all levels including technology, military co-operation, culture and trade.

PA BECOMING ISOLATED IN ARAB WORLD: A severe crisis has broken out between the Palestinian Authority and the moderate Arab world. Abbas is close to cutting off relations with the Sunni Arab states, Egypt and Saudi Arabia first among them. Saudi Arabia has suspended its financial aid to the PA, and Jordan could not care less about what happens in Ramallah. With the support of only part of Fatah, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, 82, stands alone - against Hamas, Israel, the Arab countries, and his own enemy from within - Mohammad Dahlan. Yet there is no shortage of would-be successors. (Times of Israel)

WHY DOES JERUSALEM RANK AS ISRAEL’S POOREST CITY: A Central Bureau of Statics report has once again ranked Jerusalem the country’s poorest large city. But the municipal officials are optimistic that several initiatives, including the hi-speed rail to Tel Aviv due in 2018 and a sprawling business district being built at the western entrance to the capital, will revitalize its long-foundering economy. The report, published late last week, ranks the socioeconomic conditions of 255 communities in the country on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being best. Among cities with populations of at least 200,000, Jerusalem – which has roughly 828,000 residents and the nation’s highest concentrations of Arab and haredi residents – came in last, with a ranking of four. The coastal city of Ashdod, which has a population of 216,000, came in second to last with a score of five. Haifa, population 272,000, received a ranking of eight, edging out Tel Aviv, which received a seven amid its population of roughly 417,000 residents. The common denominator among the country’s poorest communities was the high proportion of Arab, Beduin or haredi residents. According to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, with an investment of NIS 1.4 billion, the Jerusalem Gateway Project will become the most prominent business district in the country, creating an estimated 40,000 jobs. It will include 24 buildings spread out over 52 acres near the central bus station, including 14 skyscrapers of at least 24 floors each and nine buildings with 36 floors. (Jerusalem Post)

HITLER YOUTH TREND RISING IN GREAT BRITAIN: A growing number of children across the United Kingdom are being radicalized by far right-wing or neo-Nazi ideology, stoking fears that a new "Hitler Youth" is on the rise, The Daily Mirror reported Monday 21 Nov. 2016. Recently released figures by the UK government's anti-radicalization task-force, "Prevent," notes that nearly 300 children across Britain have been referred to the agency over the last year. Of those 300 cases, at least 16 were reported to be as young as 10. Prevent is the UK's strategy in fighting radicalization in Britain, which seeks to stop citizens from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Compounding concerns is the recent appearance of stickers plastered across the streets of Liverpool proclaiming some neighborhoods to be "Nazi-controlled zones." One British parliamentarian has noted that the rate of growth emanating from the extreme-right is now outpacing recruitment into Islamist extremist groups. According to figures from The National Police in Britain, the rise of such groups is strongest in the Midlands and the North, with a 74% increase in referrals from last year. (J. Post)

12 MEMBERS OF NUCLEAR NEGOTIATING TEAM ARRESTED BY IRAN FOR ESPIONAGE: At least a dozen senior officials who were part of the negotiating team that conducted talks with the west regarding the Islamic Republic's nuclear program were arrested by Iranian authorities on espionage charges, Israel’s Channel 2 citing an Iranian member of parliament reported on 18 Nov. 2016. Iranian MP Husein Al Haj said earlier this week that some of those arrested had dual citizenship but he did not disclose their identities or nationalities. Government controlled media in Iran did not comment or acknowledge the arrests but Arab media outlets have been covering the story quite extensively. Iranian authorities earlier in the year had carried out a similar arrest against another member of the negotiating unit, claiming the suspect was a "spy who had infiltrated the nuclear team." (J.Post)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

JNN News Update Nov. 21, 2016

123 COUNTRIES SUPPORT ISRAELI RESOLUTION AT THE UN: The UN on Friday 18 Nov. 2016, approved an Israeli-sponsored resolution focusing on international innovation and development. The resolution, entitled "Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development," passed with 123 countries supporting it, 30 countries opposing, and eight abstaining. After months of diplomatic efforts, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon succeeded in passing the resolution by working together with many countries and despite the fierce opposition from the Arab bloc to all Israeli resolutions. The Arab member-states opposed this resolution as well, despite the fact that many elements of the decision will positively influence countries around the world, including many countries in the Middle East. "This resolution is further proof of the important contributions that Israel makes to the world as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship," said Ambassador Danon. "The hypocritical opposition by the Arab bloc did not succeed. Every day, more and more countries are showing interest in Israel's success. We are proud to cooperate with countries around the world and to share knowledge and know-how as we work together to build a better world," he added. The Israeli resolution focuses on key ways in which UN member states, and the UN itself, can help remove the barriers facing entrepreneurs and unleash the talent that is innate in all societies. By promoting entrepreneurship education through capacity-building, training programs, and business incubators, the resolution will increase access and opportunities for women, youth and individuals with disabilities. The resolution marks yet another victory for Israel in the usually hostile halls of the UN. (Arutz-7) Pray for Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, a man who is making outstanding headway against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias in this world organization. May he continue to have creative ideas to press ahead with his opinion-changing/world changing policies in the UN.

NETANYAHU TO URGE TRUMP INTO TOUGHER SANCTIONS ON IRAN, NOT SCRAP NUKE DEAL: PM Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to urge President-elect Donald Trump into tougher Iran sanctions. A senior Israeli official said that Netanyahu had already talked with national security advisers and plans are in the works. Former national security adviser to Netanyahu, retired Major General Yaakov Amidror stated that, “The urgent task is to stop Iran from becoming a superpower in the region, something that has been occurring for some time now. The prime minister will make a case, first and foremost, that the USA should work to diminish the partnership between Russia and Iran in the region,” Amidror added. “As far as the Iran deal itself goes Netanyahu isn't looking to end the Iran deal he instead is looking for Trump to have a firm stance against Iran, according to an official. The official elaborated stating that stronger sanctions may be needed along with stronger retaliations working to stop ballistic missile development in Iran. Working to stop Iran's proxies that are close to Israel, such as in the Gaza Strip as well as in Lebanon and Syria was also listed as a goal. (J.Post)

TRUMP’S CIA DIRECTOR: ‘LOOKING FORWARD TO ROLLING BACK DISASTROUS IRAN DEAL’: Kansas congressman Mike Pompeo, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for CIA director, is a fierce critic of the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the six world powers, and has promised to work to cancel it. On 17 Nov. 2016, a day before his nomination was made public, Pompeo said, “I look forward to rolling back this disastrous deal with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.” Pompeo has been at the forefront of the efforts against the Iran agreement. Trump, of course, has publicly spoken out against the Iran deal, calling it “disastrous” and vowing to “rip it up” as president. Iranian officials have downplayed Trump’s threats to annul the nuclear agreement, insisting he cannot do so even if he wishes. One of Trump's foreign policy advisers, Walid Phares, said that while Trump might not actually rip up the agreement, he would act to change it. And former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is under consideration for a top spot in the Trump administration, indicated that Trump could cancel the Iran deal on his first day as president since he’s not bound by it. Giuliani pointed out that Trump could take this action because Obama never submitted the Iran deal to the Senate for approval. (Arutz-7)

REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN THE ONLY ‘LONG-TERM SOLUTION,’ SAYS FORMER USA AMBASSADOR: Former USA ambassador to the UN John Bolton said last week that the only "long-term solution" to erasing the threat Iran poses to the Middle East is regime change. “The ayatollahs are the principal threat to international peace and security in the Middle East,” said Bolton. “Now, their ouster won’t bring sweetness and light to the region, that’s for sure, but it will eliminate the principal threat. I think the people of Iran would long for a new regime. I don’t think the regime is popular, but I think it has the guns. And I think there are ways of supporting the opposition that does not involve the use of American military force that does involve helping the opposition to get a different kind of government.” The former ambassador has advocated for attacks on Iran in the past, telling Israel’s Jerusalem Post Israel should have carried out a preemptive strike against the Islamic Republic back in 2013. “Every day that goes by puts Israel in greater danger. I can understand why Israel wants us to take action, but the longer Israel waits for something that is not going to happen, the greater the danger Israel is in.” (J.Post)

WHY DID DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMEN MEET WITH ANTI-ISRAEL TERRORIST? Five congressional Democrats met with an Arab terrorist affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the organization responsible for the assassination of Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi and decades of murderous terror attacks on Israeli civilians and security forces. The five House Democrats, including Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Hank Johnson (Georgia), Matt Cartwright (Pennsylvania), Dan Kildee (Michigan), and Mark Pocan (Wisconsin), toured Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem on a guided tour paid for by the American Global Institute. The AGI, which was founded by Sudanese-born Arab lobbyist Alsadig Omer Khalafalla, covered the expenses for the five congressmen – amounting to between $11,000 and $15,000 for each participant. During the trip, the five met with Shawan Jabarin, whom the itinerary described as the General Director of Al-Haq, for a discussion on “Palestinian political prisoners”. What the AGI itinerary failed to note, however, are Jabarin’s ties to terrorism.

A member of the PFLP, Jabarin was convicted for his efforts to enlist support abroad for attacks on Israel. He was sentenced to two years in prison, but was released after nine months due to respiratory difficulties. While Jabarin has since denied any ties to the terror group after his release from prison, rebranding himself as a “human rights activist”, a 2007 ruling by the Supreme Court found that he has used his ties with alleged human rights groups to conceal his terrorist activities. According to the court, Jabarin is “an activist in a terror organization which has not shied away from murder and attempted murder, which have nothing to do with rights; rather, they violate the most basic right of them all - the right to life.” Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies slammed the legislators, saying their failure to properly scrutinize the itinerary was either gross carelessness – or tacit support for terrorism." Two months after the trip, one of the participants, Hank Johnson, compared Jewish families living in Judea and Samaria to “termites”. (Israel National News)

FBI CONCERNED ABOUT TERRORIST ACTIVITY ON THANKSGIVING, INAUGURATION DAY: The FBI is alerting law enforcement officials across the USA that there is concern about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving or the Inauguration. The alert specifically warned of homegrown terrorists and cited shopping malls, special events and other crowded venues as possible targets. Specific locations in Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia are described as “target-rich” zones. Potential tactics that could be used include guns, IEDs or drones equipped with IEDs. The FBI warned about potential indicators of lone-wolf activity, including isolation from friends and family, lifestyle changes, increased use of encrypted forms of communication and more. The warning comes from activity in al Qaeda’s “Inspire Magazine.” The magazine of ISIS had called the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade an “excellent target.” (CBS) Pray against terrorist attacks in the USA during these vulnerable holiday times and transition periods in the American government.

ALL HOSPITALS IN ALEPPO CLOSED FOLLOWING HEAVY BOMBARDMENT: All hospitals in the Syrian city of Aleppo closed Friday 18 Nov. 2016 after a series of relentless airstrikes targeting medical facilities. The only specialized children's hospital in the area was targeted for the second time since President Bashar al-Assad's regime and Russian forces resumed the bombardments on 15 Nov. and three other hospitals also took direct hits, according to Doctors Without Borders. "The attacks have destroyed entire hospitals, electric generators, emergency rooms and wards, forcing them to stop all medical activities," Teresa Sancristoval, of Doctors Without Borders, said. More than 150 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded by the bombardment which also left 300,000 residents without medical care. "This destruction to the vital infrastructure has left the besieged and resilient people without any medical facilities to provide treatment and a chance to save their lives," the Aleppo's opposition-run health directorate said. "And it has left them to die, which is what the regime is trying to achieve. The regime army and Russian forces are using all kinds of weaponry in bombing civilians and infrastructure with a view to preventing civilians, including women, children and elderly, from receiving medical treatment.” The health directorate extended a plea to all world governments "to instantly intervene to stop the war crimes in Aleppo." (UPI) Pray for God’s mercy and comfort to be with the besieged people of Aleppo. May they somehow be liberated or find the way of escape. Pray according to scripture: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Ps 34:18

RIVLIN: INDIA IS ISRAEL’S MOST IMPORTANT TRADE PARTNER: Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin met in New Delhi with the heads of Israel's defense industries who accompanied him on his official Indian trip. Rivlin heard about their activities and the challenges the companies they represent face in India and shared his positive impressions from his visit thus far. At the outset of a joint Israel-India Innovative Partnership seminar, Rivlin said, "In the last two years, trade relations between Israel and India have increased remarkably. Our partnership in industry and trade includes an increasing amount of goods and knowledge, from water to communications services, from optics to iron, from defense and aviation to diamonds, textile, chemicals and medical equipment. I came here to clearly state: India is our most important trade partner." Shraga Brosh, president of the Manufacturers Association of Israel and the head of the special Israeli economic delegation in India, also praised ties between the countries. He said that he and his Indian counterpart agreed "to work to triple trade and cooperation between the two countries in coming years." (Israel Hayom)

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The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

JNN News Update Nov. 18, 2016

ERUSALEM PROJECT REVEALS HOW JEWS LIVED 2,000 YEARS AGO: More than 1,500 years after Jewish life flourished in the Cardo section of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter, renderings of ancient markets mounted on mosaics, discovery of a Byzantine arch, and reconstruction of a bombed-out synagogue are breathing new life into the historically rich area. The Cardo, which stretches north to south from Damascus Gate to David Street, dates to the 6th century A.D., and is depicted on the Madaba Map, a part of a floor mosaic discovered in 1884 in a Byzantine church in Madaba, Jordan. The endeavor was initiated several months ago, but was only made officially public on Wed. 16 Nov. 2016. To mark the capital’s half-century milestone, Pini Refael, manager of education and tours for the reconstruction and development company, said it was decided to focus on the area’s historic culture and art. “We are going to renew the Cardo by creating special mosaics that are going to show people what life was like here 1,500 years ago,” Refael said. “We’re also going to recreate nine shops to illustrate that time.” Refael said the shops will match mosaics of ancient jewelry, fabric, fruit, vegetable, animal and ceramics stores that once lined the ancient street. “All the mosaics will be a replica of this period of life,” he noted. “And the shops will only sell things from that time.” The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-2017. (J.Post) “Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion on the sides of the north, the city of the great King.” Ps 48:2

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JEWS NOW HAVE AS MANY CHILDREN AS ARABS: Israel’s Bureau of Statistics this week announced that for the first time in the history of the modern State of Israel, the Jewish birth rate is on par with the Arab birth rate. Both Jewish and Arab women are having an average of 3.13 children. Several years ago, the birth rate for Arab women stood at 4.3 children, while their Jewish counterparts were only having 2.6 children on average. But for around a decade now, the birth rates have been converging, with Jewish women having more and more children, while the trend in the Arab sector has been the opposite. Further to the birth rates, the government body noted that at the end of 2015 there were 2,798,000 children in Israel (33 percent of the population), out of which 1,996,000 were Jewish and 718,000 were Arab (the discrepancy between these two numbers and the total number of children is due to other, smaller minority groups). Taken as a whole, these new statistics are yet another repudiation of the notion that Israel faces a demographic threat if it does not surrender Judea & Samaria for the creation of a Palestinian Arab state. (Israel Today) “But the Israelites were exceedingly fruitful; they multiplied greatly, increased in numbers and became so numerous that the land was filled with them.” Ex 1:7

TERROR INCIDENTS IN JERUSALEM DOWN 40%: According to Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, Jerusalem police have stopped the terror wave, thanks to their hard work and the unprecedented strengthening of security in the city. A recent report reveals that the number of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem has dropped by 40%. Jerusalem district police officials, reported that, although the number of incidents is still great, the changes in the enforcement of public security have been the main factor in this drop. Minister Erdan explained that “this is the first time since the reunification of the city that police positions have been established in East Jerusalem neighborhoods. In the coming years, they will be joined by more police and security officers who will significantly strengthen security in these areas.” However, on the roads of Judea and Samaria, and particularly in Gush Etzion and the Har Hevron area, the situation has gotten worse. In these areas, there has been a rise in rock attacks.” The Security Division of the Mount Hebron Regional Council continuously monitors the throwing of stones and Molotov cocktails on the roads, and their data shows that after a period of calm, there is now a marked increase in these attacks. (Arutz-7) Please intercede that terrorist incidents in and around Jerusalem would continue to decline and that rock throwing and Molotov cocktails attacks would be thwarted on Israel’s roads.

HAMAS MP BLASTS PA FOR HALTING SALARIES OF 30 RELEASED TERRORISTS: Palestinian MP Nayef Rajoub, a member of the Hamas-affiliated Party of Change and Reform, has blasted the Palestinian Authority (PA) Finance Ministry’s decision to stop paying the salaries of 30 released terrorists, on the grounds that they are working against the legitimacy of the PA government. Rajoub said that the move was clearly political and warned that it would deepen the split within the Palestinian Arab people. It has been estimated that 6% of the PA’s annual budget goes toward the payment of some $4.5 million a month to jailed terrorists and another $6.5 million to their families. Rajoub’s remarks essentially confirm that the payments made by the PA government to terrorist prisoners were intended all along to help them fight against Israel, and are in essence support for terrorism. In recent years, the PA has come under increasing pressure, including from several European countries, to stop paying salaries to terrorists, both those who are currently in jail and those who have already been released. Last month it was reported that Britain would suspend millions of pounds-worth of aid payments to the PA, due to concern the money is ending up in the hands of terrorists. Recently, Republican senators in the United States introduced legislation that would withhold funds from the PA until it is clarified that it has stopped rewarding terrorists or their families for attacks on Israelis and Americans. (INN) Bravo!

HAMAS THREATENS TEL AVIV: The Hamas terror group is continuing its military build-up, a senior official in the organization claims, and now possesses a large stockpile of powerful, long-range missiles capable of wreaking havoc across large swaths of Israel. A Hamas official and spokesperson for the group, declared that the terror organization possessed “hundreds and even thousands of missiles that can blow up Tel Aviv and even targets beyond it.” The Hamas source also touched upon the two fallen Israeli soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, whose bodies have been held by Hamas since 2014, saying that they would not be released, except as part of negotiated deal, on terms determined by Hamas. He said Hamas remains confident that a deal will ultimately be reached that is beneficial to the terrorist group. (Arutz-7) Pray for the release of Israel’s two fallen soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, to their grieving families. As far as Hamas missile treats against Tel Aviv and beyond: “The king of Israel answered, “Tell him: 'One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'" 1Kings 20:11

RUSSIA, IRAN PLAN $10 BILLION ARMS DEAL: Russia and Iran have been negotiating the supply of $10 billion worth of weapons to Tehran following the delivery of Russia's S-300 air defense missile system to the country in October 2016, Viktor Ozerov, the head of the defense and security committee of the Russian upper house of parliament, reported this week. He said the arms include T-90 tanks, artillery systems, and aircraft. Ozerov noted that the arms in question fall under a UN freeze on Iran obtaining weapons, in force through October 2020. (RT News)

HOUSE VOTES TO EXTEND IRAN SANCTIONS IN BID TO INSURE NUCLEAR COMPLIANCE: The USA House of Representatives voted 419 to 1 on 15 Nov. 2016, to extend American sanctions on Iran for 10 years to ensure Iranian compliance with an international nuclear agreement. Under the deal, many economic sanctions were suspended or relaxed in exchange for Iran's verifiable pledges of peaceful nuclear work. But the deal also contained a "snapback" provision that would allow for the re-imposition of sanctions if Iran were found to have violated the terms. The legislation approved by the House would also extend longstanding American sanctions against Iran that predate the dispute over that country's nuclear activities. (NY Times)

ARAB NATIONS SLAM IRAN FOR SUPPORT OF MIDEAST TERRORISM, SAY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC MUST BE CONFRONTED: Iran is actively wreaking havoc across the Middle East, a group of 11 Arab nations declared in a letter sent recently to outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “It is with a deep sense of frustration that we note that the Islamic Republic of Iran, with its expansionist regional policies, flagrant violations of the principle of sovereignty and constant interference in the internal affairs of Arab States, continues to play a negative role in causing tension and instability in our region,” the letter - signed by the UN envoys of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen - said. Furthermore, the Arab UN representatives expressed “concerted alarm” at Tehran’s promotion of “the export of its revolution to other countries.”

“We stress that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism in our region, from Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria, to Houthis in Yemen and terrorist groups and cells in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and elsewhere,” the letter stated. Since the signing of the nuclear deal by Iran and six world powers in July 2015, the letter noted, “we have seen nothing but increased Iranian aggression in the region and the continuation of support for terrorist groups. We remain firm in our resolve that any interference by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the domestic affairs of Arab states is unacceptable and must be confronted,” the letter stated. “The only way forward is for the Islamic Republic of Iran to comprehensively change its foreign policies and end hostilities, thus paving the way for the region to enter a new era of stability and development.” UN Watch - a Geneva-based watchdog NGO that monitors the activities of the global intergovernmental organization - praised the letter. “Iran likes to dismiss all criticism of its human rights violations and brutality at home and abroad as part of a Western plot, but that’s hard to sustain when the accusers are all Muslim governments, including recent allies of Iran like Sudan,” said UN Watch Director Hillel Neuer. (Algemeiner)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News Update Nov. 16, 2016

NETANYAHU WARNS MINISTERS AGAINST PREDICTING TRUMP’S ISRAEL POLICY: PM Benjamin Netanyahu on 13 Nov. 2016, cautioned his cabinet ministers not to turn to the media with their predictions of what USA President-elect Donald Trump’s policy will be toward Israel. “I’m asking all the ministers and the parliamentarians to wait until the start of the new United States government. Let's Israel and the USA form a new policy together through quiet and acceptable diplomatic channels and not through interviews with the media,” Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem. He spoke to the ministers about his conversation last week with Trump. “He spoke of this deep friendship for Israel that has characterized him and the team around him for many years,” Netanyahu said. The prime minister said that Israel's government had in the past years handled USA-Israel relations wisely and responsibly and that it planned to continue in that vein in the coming years. (J.Post)

CONWAY: OBAMA, CLINTON SHOULD CALL FOR CALM; REID SHOULD ‘BE VERY CAREFUL’: President-elect Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on 13 Nov. 2016, called on Democratic leaders -- including President Obama and Hillary Clinton -- to publicly call for an end to violent protests over Trump’s election victory, while warning outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to “be very careful” about his personal attacks on Trump. “I am calling for responsibility and decency. I hope President Obama says, ‘Cut it out,'" Conway said. “Everybody is looking for a peaceful transition, and you have the Senate minority leader acting like a garden variety of political pundits. "I think that the president of the United States, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, perhaps others, can come forward and ask for calm, ask for a peaceful transition and ask their supporters, which are masquerading as protesters now -- many of them professional and paid by the way -- ask them to give this man a chance so that this country can flourish," she said.

Conway warned Reid, a Nevada Democrat retiring from the Senate in January, to “be very careful about characterizing someone in a legal sense” regarding his verbal attacks on Trump. Reid on 11 Nov. 2016 said Trump has the responsibility for healing a divided, post-election American and that he was “a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate.” The protests in major USA cities, on college campuses, outside Trump Tower in New York City and elsewhere across the country have included flag burnings and other violence, including a man being shot during a protest in Portland, Ore. (Fox) Intercede against undermining and violent protests across the USA, in some cases being carried out by professional protesters in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in last week’s USA elections. Pray that USA president Obama and influential leaders in his administration will call for a halt to bad behavior on the part of those who are disappointed and angry at Clinton’s political defeat.

GIULIANI LATEST PRO-ISRAEL CONTENDER FOR SECRETARY OF STATE: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a candidate for the position of secretary of state in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. Giuliani, 72, was an early and vocal backer of Trump’s presidential campaign. He served as mayor of New York from 1993-2001, and ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. An outspoken supporter of Israel, Giuliani is fondly remembered in the Jewish community for expelling Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief Yasser Arafat from a UN concert at Lincoln Center in 1995. Giuliani said he took that step because Arafat was responsible for the murders of “dozens of American citizens abroad,” such as Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly, wheelchair-bound New Yorker who was murdered and thrown overboard by the Palestinian hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985. Giuliani becomes the latest pro-Israel contender for Trump’s secretary of state post, with the other rumored candidates including former USA ambassador to the UN John Bolton, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) (Algemeiner) Continue to pray that president-elect Donald Trump will be surrounded by strong, righteous men and women, and wise counselors.

‘I AM A MUSLIM – AND I VOTED FOR TRUMP’: One woman’s declaration of support for Donald Trump provides insight into the rationale of the so-called “silent voters” for Donald Trump - those who didn’t express their pro-Trump inclinations before the elections but still contributed to Trump’s victory at the moment of truth. Asra Nomani, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was one such voter. Her vote for Trump is all the more intriguing because she is a Muslim. Trump’s declarations that he would ban Muslim immigration fed a perception that a Muslim voting for Trump would be unheard of. Nomani explained that her reasons for voting for Trump stemmed from dissatisfaction with Obama’s policies - both pertaining to the economy and to the war on terror. “As a liberal Muslim who has experienced, first-hand, Islamic extremism in this world, I have been opposed to the decision by President Obama and the Democratic Party to tap dance around the ‘Islam’ in Islamic State [ISIS],” Nomani explained in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, noting that Hillary Clinton seemed to be continuing the “Obama dance” with respect to Arab terror. Nomani said that she made the decision to vote for Trump over Clinton after revelations leaked by Wikileaks that Clinton, as Secretary of State, had received multi-million dollar personal donations from Saudi Arabia and Qatar - despite being aware that those countries were providing “financial and logistic” support to ISIS. “That poisoned the well for me,” Nomani said. (Ynet)

CONGRESS PREPARING TO WORK WITH TRUMP TO SQUEEZE IRAN: Republicans in Congress are preparing to work with the incoming Trump administration on a number of foreign policy and national security issues. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told media sources, "There are several issues that I can work with the new president on, the Iran deal being number one. Trump has been right about the Iran deal, it needs to be renegotiated. I'm going to create leverage for him." Graham said he and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) will reintroduce the Iran Ballistic Missile Sanctions Act, which would expand the non-nuclear-related sanctions on Iran to include entire sectors of the Iranian economy that aid in Iran's ballistic missile program. Even if the Trump administration keeps the Iran deal in place, the Obama administration's effort to encourage Iran toward better behavior through positive engagement is now over and the USA is going back to a policy of pressure, said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. (W. P.)

PM BACKS BILL TO LIMIT VOLUME OF MOSQUE LOUDSPEAKERS: Israeli PM Netanyahu said 13 Nov. 2016 that he is backing a bill limiting the volume of calls to prayer from mosques. Netanyahu, who spoke as a ministerial committee was to discuss the draft bill later in the day, said he would support such a move that some have labeled unnecessarily divisive. Israeli media reported that the bill would stop the use of public address systems for calls to prayer. "I cannot count the times -- they are simply too numerous -- that citizens have turned to me from all parts of Israeli society, from all religions, with complaints about the noise and suffering caused them by the excessive noise coming to them from the public address systems of houses of prayer," Netanyahu said. While the draft bill applies to all houses of worship, it is seen as specifically targeting mosques. In Arab villages across the north and southern portions of the country, and in mixed cities like Jerusalem, Haifa, and Jaffa, traditional Muslim calls to prayer by muezzins through PA systems can be heard five times daily, including at night and before dawn. (Arutz-7)

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION RECOGNIZES ISRAEL AS TOP EMERGENCY AID FORCE IN THE WORLD: The Medical Corps unit, which has been sent to provide aide in disaster zones around the world, is the first to have been recognized as Type 3 under recently developed WHO standards, the Israel Defense Forces announced 13 Nov. 2016. After a yearlong vetting process, a team from the WHO visited Israel last week and made the final determination. The ranking recognizes the unit as a world leader in emergency medicine and assures it continued early access to disaster scenes. “It was a great privilege to hear from the WHO, which is part of the United Nations, saying that other countries should come and learn from Israel first of all how to operate within the right ethical values and the right moral values in disaster areas,” said Dr. Ofer Merin, who heads the unit. “This is a great honor for Israel, for the IDF, and of course for the medical corps of the IDF.” Israeli disaster relief teams have been among the first and largest to arrive at the scenes of natural disasters, including an earthquake in Turkey in 1999, an earthquake in Haiti in 2010 a typhoon in the Philippines in 2013 and an earthquake in Nepal in 2015. (Arutz-7) “Israel shall blossom and bud and fill the face of the earth with fruit.” Isa 27:6

ISRAEL’S CREDIT RATING RAISED TO A+ BY FITCH: Credit rating agency Fitch last weekend raised the state of Israel's credit rating for its foreign currency debt to the level of A+ (with the top rating being AAA). The state is now rated A+ by all three of the world's largest credit rating agencies: Fitch, Moody's, and Standard and Poor's. Despite Israel receiving praise for its stable growth and fairly low national debts, Fitch still mentioned that it sees the state of the Middle East as volatile, posing a risk to the Israeli economy. Fitch representatives stated that further development of Israel's gas reserves could boost its economy further, and that the state enjoys a high level of funding flexibility. Geopolitical factors will, according to Fitch, continue to be a possible challenge for the Israeli economy, as the chances for a peace accord with the Palestinians in the foreseeable future are slim. (Ynet)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

JNN News Update Nov. 14, 2016

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: THE MEDIA DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THE ‘GOD FACTOR’ IN TRUMP’S WIN: Evangelist Franklin Graham said that prayer - and God’s answer to it - helped Donald Trump and Mike Pence pull off “the biggest political upset of our lifetime.” Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said he has traveled across the United States this year, holding prayer meetings at each state capitol. “I could sense going across the country that God was going to do something this year,” said Graham. A day after Trump was elected to become the nation’s 45th president, Graham said God had answered their prayers. “Did God show up?” he wrote on Facebook. “In watching the news after the election, the secular media kept asking ‘How did this happen?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ‘How did we miss this?’ Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor.” Evangelical leaders from the religious right - including Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins and Ralph Reed - stood by Trump during a heated election season. By Wed. morning, 9 Nov. 2016, Christian leaders across the United States also extended congratulations and prayers to the president-elect. (WP) Pray earnestly for Donald Trump that he will be able to put into effect the many positive changes that have been contained in his political promises to Americans and Israelis. Time and patience will be needed by all who voted him in, for experience and wisdom to be gained by the new president and changes to be made for the good. “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” I Tim 2: 1-2

MIKE PENCE TAKES OVER TRUMP TRANSITION FROM CHRIS CHRISTIE: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being replaced by Vice President-elect Mike Pence to lead Donald Trump’s transition team, it was announced Friday 11 Nov. 2016. Pence spent a decade in Congress and is familiar with the way Washington works, an asset the Trump team is tapping as it prepares for Inauguration Day. Christie will continue to serve as one of three vice chairs of the transition team, along with Rudy Giuliani and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. (NY Post)

CLINTON BLAMES FBI’s COMEY FOR HER DEFEAT IN CALL WITH DONORS: Hillary Clinton blamed FBI director James Comey for her stunning defeat in last week’s presidential election in a conference call with her top campaign funders on Saturday 12 Nov. 2016. She told her supporters that Comey's decision to go public with the renewed examination of her email server had caused an erosion of support in the upper Midwest, according to three people familiar with the call. Comey sent a letter to Congress only days before the election announcing that he was reinstating an investigation - on the heels of a trove of new emails suggesting possible security risks to the USA - as to whether Clinton mishandled classified information when she used a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2012. Comey announced a week later that he had reviewed emails and continued to believe she should not be prosecuted, but Clinton claims the political damage had already been done. (Reuters).

TRUMP AIDES TELL OBAMA TO AVOID ANY LAME-DUCK FOREIGN POLICY MOVES, INCLUDING IN ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN REALM: Aides to President-elect Donald Trump are cautioning outgoing President Barack Obama to refrain from moving forward with any end-of-term initiatives - including a potential Israeli-Palestinian peace push - that Trump opposes. “On big, transformative issues where President Obama and President-elect Trump are not in alignment, I don’t think it’s in keeping with the spirit of the transition to try to push through agenda items that are contrary to the president-elect’s positions,” said an unnamed Trump national security adviser. “It’s not going to be just counterproductive, but it will also send mixed messages.” Last week, Jonathan Schanzer - vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think tank in Washington, DC - said Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election could make Obama feel “less encumbered” about launching a lame-duck diplomatic initiative in the Israeli-Palestinian realm. Schanzer emphasized, however, that it was still unclear what, if anything, Obama would do regarding the matter before Trump’s inauguration on 20 Jan. 2017.

In remarks at a New York City gathering on 10 Nov. 2016, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said, “I think that the end of an administration is not a good time to start a fundamental initiative that then has to be carried out by the next administration. Moreover, there is no great demand for it in the Arab world. The demand in the Arab world I see is for protection against Iran.” Malcolm Hoenlein - the executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations - said, “I think the president will use these months after the election to consolidate his legacy, in both domestic and foreign policy. But there is not a lot of time and there may not be a lot of options. We should be careful not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, but at the same time we have to consider and be ready for any potential action or policy pronouncement, while also working with the incoming administration,” he continued. (Algemeiner) Please continue to intercede that there will be no last minute, lame-duck, surprises on the part of outgoing President Barack Obama that will be injurious to the Jewish State.

Israeli PM Netanyahu informed his Russian counterpart, PM Dmitry Medvedev, that he will prevent Iran from establishing a military presence in Syria. In the 10 Nov. 2016 meeting with Medvedev in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said Israel has two key objectives concerning Iran: “First, prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons and second, to prevent Iran - in any situation that arises in Syria, from establishing itself militarily in Syria, on the ground, in the air or at sea.” Netanyahu also noted that Israel will continue to prevent Lebanon-based terrorist group, Hezbollah, or any other Iranian-backed Shi’a Muslim militias from obtaining dangerous weapons. Despite warm relations between Israel and Russia, Russia is a staunch supporter of embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is backed by Iran and its Lebanese terror proxy Hezbollah. Medvedev hailed the strong bilateral ties between Israel and Russia, noting the “special values” the countries share. (Koenig)

TOP IRANIAN GENERAL: TEHRAN GAVE HEZBOLLAH MISSILES IT USED AGAINST ISRAEL: “Iran established the missile industry for Syria in Aleppo in the past years and produced missiles that were used during the 33-day Lebanese war against Israel,” Iran’s General Mohammad Hossein Bagher said in Sep. 2016. The conflict in 2006 began after Hezbollah killed five IDF soldiers at the Israel-Lebanon border and snatched the bodies of two - Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev - sparking a bloody, month-long war. The fighting resulted in the deaths of 43 Israeli civilians and 119 IDF soldiers, and over 1,700 dead on the Lebanese side, including 600 to 800 Hezbollah combatants. During the 34 days of fighting, Hezbollah launched over 4,000 rockets at Israel, an average of over 100 a day. Israel believes that Hezbollah currently has as many as 100,000 rockets pointed at Israel, in violation of the UN resolution that ended to 2006 conflict. Hezbollah rockets are said by Israel to be capable of reaching anywhere in the country, and including missiles far more precise and potent than the rockets used and amassed by the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip. Israel has long accused Iran, which frequently urges the demise of Israel, of funneling weapons to Hezbollah, and has carried out several air strikes across its northern border in recent years to prevent shipments of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah. (Times of Israel) Be prayerfully alert to events taking place in countries adverse to the Jewish state on the other side of Israel’s northern borders. This region, most immediately, includes Syria and Lebanon, out of which terrorists groups rabidly hostile to Israel and supported by Iran, operate. Pray for the Lord’s angelic shields to be along Israel’s northern border communities.

ALBANIAN MUSLIM SPIRITUAL LEADER WELCOMES ISRAELIS: After ISIS threatened to attack a World Cup qualifying match between Israel and Albania, the highest ranking Albanian Muslim religious leader welcomed the Israel soccer team for a World Cup qualifier on Sat. 12 Nov. 2016. Grand Mufti Skender Brucaj used his Facebook page to wish "sportsmen and guests from Israel a calm and peaceful stay in the Albanian land! We are proud of our predecessors; Albanian Muslims and generous ones, who sheltered thousands of Jews at their homes during World War II, turning Albania into the only country in Europe with more Jews after the war than before it started," he said. Some 2,000 police surrounded the stadium, with extensive checks on supporters going to the Group G match. Small shops, coffee bars, and other businesses near the stadium were shut down and the main road between the match venue Elbasan and the capital Tirana was closed three hours ahead of the match. The venue was changed for "security reasons" from the northern city of Shkoder to Elbasan, much nearer to the capital Tirana. The decision followed media reports that an alleged terror group of 15 persons, arrested in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, planned an attack during the match. (Ynet)

ISRAEL FIRST IN OECD IN PERCENTAGE OF STUDENTS STUDYING ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL SCIENCE: Israel has come in first place among all 32 OECD countries in the percentage of people who study social and environmental sciences in higher education. Meanwhile, the Jewish state comes in fourth in terms percentage of students who study law, and 12th in terms of people who study education. The Israeli Chief Economist noted that the last several years has seen a significant rise in the number of people studying medicine and other paramedical professions, such as nursing. There has also been a rise in the number of people pursuing computer studies. The numbers of students studying law, biology, and engineering has remained stable, while students studying for their MBA and management degrees have gone down. (Ynet)

COME ONE, COME ALL, FOR THE MILLENNIUM TOUR WITH BARRY AND BATYA SEGAL: Join Barry and Batya Segal in Israel this coming spring. In addition to touring, sightseeing and stimulating insights into Israel, we will be dedicating our new Millennium Center on May 14, 2017. Those joining us from the USA will depart on May 7, arrive in Israel on May 8 and remain until May 17. The package price for touring, flights, hotels, even all tips included will be $3,650 per person sharing a double room. Contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or call JDI Travel in the USA at: 248-340-9191 Ext. 110. The UK dates will be May 8-16. Mark your calendar and make your reservations soon! We hope to see you in Israel this coming May.

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff

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JNN News Update Nov. 10, 2016

USA ELECTION RESPONSES IN ISRAEL AND INTERNATIONALLY: JNN editors are updating friends and faithful intercessors near and far with responses to the 8 Nov. 2016 USA presidential elections. Thank you to those who have so faithfully prayed. Please continue to do so as many political transitions take place. Change will take time and may there be patience and support for new leaders as they move into position and gain vital experience. Intercede also that Israel, while rejoicing in new and potentially stronger relations with the coming USA administration, will put her trust increasingly in the God of Israel and not unduly in men or governments.

TRUMP INVITES NETANYAHU TO MEET HIM IN THE USA: President-elect Donald Trump invited PM Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with him in the United States at the earliest opportunity. Netanyahu had called Trump to congratulate him on his electoral victory earlier in the day. The invitation came during that phone call. Netanyahu assured Trump that the United States has no better ally than Israel as they discussed regional issues. The conversation between them was heartfelt and warm. Both men have known each other for many years, the PMO’s office said. In addition, Trump’s inner circle is very close to the Netanyahu and to Israel. Netanyahu told Trump that he and his wife Sara looked forward to meeting him and his wife Melania. Earlier in the day, Netanyahu had issued a statement in which he said that Trump is a “true friend” of the State of Israel. “I look forward to working with him to advance security, stability and peace in our region,” Netanyahu said. “The ironclad bond between the United States and Israel is rooted in shared values, buttressed by shared interests and driven by a shared destiny. I am confident that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights,” Netanyahu said. (Jerusalem Post)

ISRAELI RIGHT HAILS TRUMP: Right-wing Israeli politicians competed Wed. 9 Nov. 2016, in their praise for USA president-elect Donald Trump, expressing hope that America’s policies toward Israel would soon change dramatically. Former minister Gideon Sa’ar said there is a strong basis to think Israel has an unprecedented window of opportunity after the very pro-Israel statements Trump made during his campaign. “In past years, diplomatic pressure led to a lack of building in Jerusalem. There will be less pressure from Trump, so we should be building much more in our capital. I will not be surprised if the new president keeps his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.” Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett went further, declaring that “the era of a Palestinian state is over. “Trump’s victory is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state in the center of the country, which would hurt our security and just cause,” Bennett said. “This is the position of the president-elect, as written in his platform, and it should be our policy, plain and simple.”

The Knesset’s Land of Israel caucus held a celebratory meeting in the Knesset in which more than a dozen MKs called upon Netanyahu to take advantage of the USA election to restore construction throughout the country, abandon the two-state solution, and begin annexing Judea & Samaria. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) congratulated Trump in the Knesset plenum, speaking in English, despite protocol prohibiting MKs from addressing the plenum in a foreign language. “Distinguished members of Knesset, allow me to congratulate, on behalf of the Knesset and myself, the elected president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump and vice president-elect Mr. Mike Pence,” Edelstein said. “I am confident that the longstanding friendship and alliance between the United States and Israel will remain strong during Mr. Trump’s term in office. We send our best wishes to the American people and are certain that they will remain united in dealing with the challenges facing America and the world today. Good luck!”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat sent a congratulatory letter to the president-elect praising him and asking him to follow through on his recent pledge to move the USA Embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog said Trump’s campaign was indicative of “the continuation of a global trend of disgust with the old, power elite and the desire for swift and direct change.” He called the Trump election a “social, economic and leadership tsunami,” and said it could lead to change in Israel as well. (J.Post)

RABBI RISKIN: TRUMP’S VICTORY IS A VICTORY FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, the chief rabbi of Efrat and head of the Ohr Torah Stone institutions, said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 7 that he believes Trump's victory is auspicious both for the world and for the State of Israel. “This is a victory for the ‘common American,’” he said. “The USA does not like hypocrisy and is very much in favor of equality and democracy.” “Clinton,” he said, “is the opposite of that, and there was a lot of talk about her corruption and the large sums of money she took from special interests, and Trump talked about all this openly.” Regarding the failure of the polls, Rabbi Riskin said that, “because Trump seemed coarse and crude, people were reluctant to publicly say that they supported him. But people felt that he spoke the truth. American Jews also voted for Trump, but did not publicize it because of the demonization of Trump.” According to Riskin, the American people could also not forgive those who made a deal with dictators. “America’s founders wanted the USA to be a supporter of democracy and to oppose tyrants. When he designed America’s seal Thomas Jefferson included the motto ‘ Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.’ The truth is that President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary didn’t hear this message, especially when they made the agreement with Iran.”
“Iran is Israel’s biggest enemy today threatening Israel’s existence, and when he made the deal with them, he allowed them to continue to have nuclear power, even while they were shouting ‘death to Israel and death to America.'” Rabbi Riskin is very hopeful about the impact of the elections on Israel. “Obama was the first American president who did not recognize the large Jewish 'settlements' that have been built here. Previous presidents had recognized these communities as important for Israel’s security. Trump speaks very differently than Obama about Israel and our Prime Minister, and supports the need to transfer the US[A] embassy here to Jerusalem, so I have a lot of hope.” (INN)

TRUMP ADVISER TO THE JERUSALEM POST: PRESIDENT-ELECT WILL BE BEST FRIEND ISRAEL EVER HAD: Israelis are going to have a friend in President-elect Donald Trump the likes of which the Jewish state has “never seen before," David Friedman, Trump’s adviser on Jewish and Israeli matters, told The Jerusalem Post on Wed. 8 Nov. 2016. Speaking shortly after Trump delivered his victory speech in New York, Friedman – co-chair of the President-elect’s Israel Advisory Committee - said that the hostility which existed between Washington DC and Jerusalem under President Barack Obama would completely disappear under Trump's leadership. Friedman is said to be a leading candidate to become the USA’s new ambassador to Israel under Trump. According to Friedman, one of the administration’s first moves will be to follow through on a campaign promise Ivanka Trump made last month according to which her father will move the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if elected. “It was a campaign promise and there is every intention to keep it,” Friedman said. “The hostility will be gone between Israel and the USA,” he added. “We know how Obama treated the prime minister of Israel and how [Hillary] Clinton berated the prime minister. We will move forward with mutual respect and mutual love and a much better future for the USA and Israel.” (Jerusalem Post)

TRUMP VICTORY A ‘MIRACLE’: Attorney Marc Zell, the head of Republicans Overseas Israel, came to the Western Wall to say a prayer of thanksgiving after Donald Trump's surprise victory in the USA presidential elections on Nov. 8 2016. "I am so full of emotion,' Zell said."I came to give thanks for this miracle." Zell, who was interviewed by Israel’s daily Arutz-7 a week ago, predicted a Trump victory then despite the polls overwhelmingly favoring Clinton. He stated then that "even those who are not enamored by Trump will vote for him, since these elections are about the need to return the government to the people. Clinton is part of the establishment, and people want the leadership in Washington to be returned to the nation." Zell added then that "after the elections, America will have to take stock and recognize that the main media outlets in America and Israel - besides Arutz Sheva which is balanced and fair and I hope you will continue in this manner - were all biased in favor of Clinton. It is a universal, international phenomenon that everybody is against Trump. We are very disturbed by this phenomenon and I hope that, after our victory, things will change." (Arutz-7)

POLL: SERIOUS POLITICAL BIAS IN ISRAELI MEDIA: Yifat Media Research recently conducted a study of the public’s attitudes towards the media. The study found that 53% of the respondents felt that political bias is a major problem in the mainstream media. In second place, crony capitalism, the giving of special political and economic favors to those who are wealthy or well-connected, was viewed as a major problem by 29% of the respondents. Pornography and inordinate media focus on trivial issues was considered a major problem by 27%, and 25% thought too many advertisements was a major problem. Only 9% said that there is no major problem in the media. Shachar Gur, director of Yifat Media, said that "both the media and the public see the politicization of the media as the main threat in the communications industry but from different directions - the media is concerned with political interference in the media and the public is concerned by the political bias of the media itself.” (Israel National News)

TRUMPS VICTORY HAS SENT SHOCK WAVES AROUND THE WORLD: World leaders have reacted with disbelief after the surprise election of Donald Trump as USA president - and Russian President Vladimir Putin has become one of the first to congratulate the Republican on his win. A senior figure in the German government has described the result as a 'huge shock', and questioned whether it will mean an end to 'Pax Americana' - the state of relative peace overseen by Washington since the end of World War Two. And the current French ambassador to the United States wrote that the 'world is collapsing before our eyes' in an astonishing attack on the newly-elected President. In a now-deleted tweet, before Trump's victory was confirmed, Gerard Araud wrote: 'After Brexit and this election, everything is now possible. A world is collapsing before our eyes. Dizziness.' But the result has been welcomed in Moscow, where Vladimir Putin said he is optimistic of improved relations with the USA under a Trump presidency. (UK Daily Mail)

CHINA AND IRAN REACT; GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS STUNNED BY DONALD TRUMP’S WIN: Global financial markets plunged in shock during the initials hours after President-elect Donald Trump’s victory but they were climbing back by Wed. morning 9 Nov. as cautious reactions and congratulatory statements began pouring in from some world leaders. In China, where Mr. Trump was seen as more popular than Hillary Clinton heading into the vote, President Xi Jinping expressed hope that relations between Washington and Beijing will grow rather than be damaged by the election night’s result. “I am looking forward to working together with you to expand China-U.S. cooperation in every field,” Mr. Xi said in a statement to Mr. Trump.

Iran was more cautious, with officials saying Mr. Trump’s win won’t change Tehran’s posture toward the world. “The result of the USA election doesn’t affect the Islamic Republic of Iran’s policies,” President Hassan Rouhani told a cabinet meeting in Tehran. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was slightly more blunt, saying earlier Wed. that Mr. Trump’s will be under pressure to comply with the nuclear deal the Obama administration and other powers inked with Iran last year. Mr. Trump had, during the campaign, lambasted the deal that reduced Iranian nuclear stockpiles in exchange for international sanctions relief. On repeated occasion, he called it a “horrible contract.” But his campaign stopped short of saying a President Trump would try to repeal the agreement. Global investors, meanwhile, were initially stunned by the Trump victory. Worried a Trump win might cause economic and global uncertainty, investors were in full flight from risky assets on election night and early Wed. 9 Nov. according to Reuters. But the USA dollar and world stocks began to steady in the European morning on 9 Nov. 2016, having been hammered overnight, the news agency said. (Washington Times)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.
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