Ancient Staircase Possibly Linked to Second Temple

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced in a late August press release the discovery of a stone structure in the Jerusalem Walls National Park within the City of David archaeological site. The structure has been dated to the era of the Second Temple (349 bce  to 70 ce ).

Uncovering Proof of the Bible

Uncovering Proof of the Bible      December Edition of the Israel Today Magzine  By Dr. Avshalom KAPACH, archaeologist

When Israel's President Reuven Rivlin visited the Vatican in September, he brought a special gift to Pope Francis: a replica of a basalt stone stele (slab) dating between the 9th and 8th century BC. It contains the earliest mention of King David's Dynasty outside of the Bible.

In Unique Discovery, Archaeologists Find King Hezekiah's Seal   Dec. 4, 2015   ARI RABINOVITCH/REUTERS

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a mark from the seal of biblical King Hezekiah, who helped build Jerusalem into an ancient metropolis.

Byzantine-era potsherd from Temple Mount may contain engraving of holy site’s menorah     Dec. 10, 2015   By DANIEL K. EISENBUD

Relic discovered by archaeologists from Jerusalem's Temple Mount Sifting Project

Ancient Temple Mount ‘warning’ stone is ‘closest thing we have to the Temple’    By Ilan Ben Zion      Oct. 22, 2015

The unassuming slab of limestone doesn't look like much.

Have Israeli archaeologists uncovered the long-lost tomb of the Maccabees?  By James Rogers   Published September 22, 2015

A large mausoleum recently uncovered in Israel may be the Tomb of the Maccabees, the celebrated Jewish family that led an uprising against the Greeks in the second century B.C. Archaeologists, however, are still searching for conclusive evidence that the site is the Maccabees’ final resting place.

Return of the Giants: Biblical Story of Goliath Proven True   By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz    August 16, 2015

The return of giants is mentioned in various Jewish teachings as part of the process of redemption. A recent archaeological discovery indicates that Biblical stories of these famed beings are no longer mere myths.

Israeli archaeologists uncover city gate in Goliath's hometown   By Rosie Perper    August 3, 2015

Archeologists at Bar-Ilan University have discovered the remnants of the ancient city of Gath, one of the largest and most influential cities in the region.

Archaeologists Find Place of Yeshua's Trial

Archaeologists Find Place of Yeshua's Trial   January 5, 2015  Michele Chabin

The site where Jesus may have been tried, prior to his crucifixion, is now open to the public for the very first time.

Israeli archaeologist says he's found citadel captured by King David   Published May 06, 2014    Associated Press

JERUSALEM –  An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem, rekindling a longstanding debate about using the Bible as a field guide to identifying ancient ruins.

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