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Art from Ashes - A Concert To Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Music of Remembrance Presents

Art from Ashes—A Concert to Mark International Remembrance Day
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 5:00pm at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Washington

November's Book of the Month––Through the Eyes of a Gentile

The Messianic Times Book of the Month for November 2015 is, "Through the Eyes of a Gentile" by Rebbetzin Irene Laster.

Meet 'The Harbinger Man'

Meet 'The Harbinger Man'

Exclusive: Joseph Farah introduces one of the world's most important prophetic voices  October 11, 2015   Joseph Farah

Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn seemingly appeared out of nowhere in 2012 with the debut of his huge bestselling book, "The Harbinger."

October 2015 Book of the Month––One New Man: Uniting Kingdom People for His Greater Purpose; Paul Wilbur

Orlando, Florida—Did you know that you have a rich heritage, where God exposes His purposes, power, timing and future to you as a citizen in His kingdom?

Rejoicing in the Torah Never Sounded So Good––Ted Pearce at Congregation Gesher Shalom

Think that Hoshanna Rabbah, Shemini Atrzeret and Simchat Torah couldn't get any better than it already is?

Hip Hop meets Theology: Hazakim Looks Toward Israel

Messianic music is constantly evolving and changing.

The Messianic Times Book of the Month: Peace in Jerusalem

The Messianic Times' Book of the Month for August is Charles Gardner's "Peace in Jerusalem." Throughout the month of August, all the readers of The Messianic Times can read the first chapter of Gardner's book for free.

The Messianic Times Book of the Month: Don't Call Me Christian

The Messianic Times' Book of the Month for July is Paul Liberman and Jack Wasson's "Don't Call Me Christian."

The Messianic Times Book of the Month: Naomi, the Rabbi’s Wife

The Messianic Times' Book of the Month for June is Miriam Finesilver's "Naomi, the Rabbi's Wife."

The Messianic Times Book of the Month: God's Appointed Times

This month’s Book of the Month includes an excerpt from the book entitled, “God’s Appointed Times” concerning the celebration of Shavuot.

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