Hip Hop meets Theology: Hazakim Looks Toward Israel

30 September 2015 Written by 

Messianic music is constantly evolving and changing.

It has branched into mainstream Christian worship and now it has reached out into the Christian Hip Hop arena. Hazakim is a Messianic Hip Hop duo, comprised of Mike and Tony Wray, that presents sound theology to the backdrop of fantastic music. They use the medium of Hip Hop to proclaim the Messiahship of Yeshua to the lost, encourage the Believer, and to stick to the sound doctrine that was taught by Yeshua Himself. Instead of people, both believing and unbelieving, being filled with the negative messages that most secular Hip Hop artists put out, they can be built up in their faith by these brothers who are unashamed of their God, the God of Israel.

Hazakim has received an incredible opportunity to do outreach in Israel through their music. There are only so many places a non-believer will go. Someone who is uninterested in Yeshua will not be found at a local congregation's worship night. Hazakim goes to the places some music can't go. They are being a light where God has designed them uniquely to shine. Under the covering of Good News for Israel, Mike and Tony will be able to share Messiah with the Hip Hop community in Israel, as well as assist in the production of a video linking Yeshua to the Feasts of the Lord with Kings School of Media in Jerusalem. With the support of their Messianic brothers and sisters, they can truly be the salt and light in The Land.

Hazakim has already attracted a large number of listeners in the religious Jewish community and they are being introduced to their Messiah through this music. Hip Hop is a genre that reaches millions of young people, and Hazakim is at the tip of the spear, taking ground for The Most High and representing the beautiful diversity of the Messianic Community.

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