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For Immediate Release: Destiny Image Announces Inspirational Book: "Jewish Roots"

Shippensburg, Pa. — Destiny Image announces the February release of the book, "Jewish Roots," by Dr.
Daniel Juster.

'The Harbinger' No. 1 Christian fiction book of 2012

'The Harbinger' No. 1 Christian fiction book of 2012

Story of 'Isaiah 9:10' prophecy No. 3 faith book overall

WASHINGTON – A book that has rocked the Christian world over the last year for tying the judgment of Israel with God's harbingers of warning to the U.S. was named the No. 1 bestselling fiction book by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Arubot Hashamayim: Book by Rabbi Michael Stepakoff

Arubot Hashamayim: Book by Rabbi Michael Stepakoff

Messianic Rabbi Michael Stepakoff will guide you through the scriptures, demonstrating how the biblical practice of tithing is the key to establishing a permanent, lifelong, covenant relationship with God, which is manifested by the outpouring of His promised blessings in your life.

Here are some highlights of topics discussed:

• Abraham as the father of the family of God.

• Being an "heir" to the covenant blessings.

• The Priesthood in the old and new covenant.

• Tithing in the Temple according to the laws of Moses.

• Does biblical tithing apply to money or just agriculture?

• How we know that tithing is meant for new covenant believers.

• The views of the Apostles and early believers on biblical giving.

• Blessing Israel, Jerusalem, and the salvation of Jewish people.

For more information, please visit

Author of book on judgment of U.S. will headline inaugural prayer breakfast

January 4, 2013  By: David W. Thornton

Jonathan Cahn, a controversial messianic rabbi, announced on his Facebook page today that he has been asked to be the keynote speaker at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on Jan. 21.

Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book Two

Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing Book Two

Casa de Naomi:
The House of Blessing
Book Two
By Paula Rose Michelson
Tate Publishing
248 pages
Review by Gabriel Patton

Drawing exquisite parallels from the Book of Ruth, Casa de Naomi, Book Two is both a spiritual quest and a fascinating historiographical work. Though the story initially focuses on Naomi’s search for a bedrock upon which to build her faith, it moves seamlessly through multiple narratives to uncover the trials the Jewish people have borne throughout history and the joy Naomi’s newfound friends have discovered in Yeshua.



A documentary film by Jews for Jesus
Running time: 30 minutes
Released March 2012
Review by Sarah Mebasser

Awakening is a short documentary created by Jews for Jesus in conjunction with the award-winning director-producer team of Herb and Amy Kossover. Narrated by actor Stephen Baldwin, it tells the story of the most recent New York Summer Witnessing Campaign. This month-long evangelistic effort takes place every July in Manhattan and is primarily a time of spreading the gospel through the distribution of broadsides (brief, attention-grabbing tracts) and by striking up conversations with people in public places.

You Are Holy

You Are Holy

By Joshua Aaron
Produced by Joshua Aaron and
Review by Rachel Wolf

Joshua Aaron Manarchuck, known professionally as Joshua Aaron, is a worship leader of excellence and an adept musician. His first release, Bo Yeshua, was recorded live at River of God Church in Enola, Pennsylvania. It boasts 15 tracks, including “HaTikva” (the Israeli National Anthem), “The Sacrifice Lamb” by Joel Chernoff, several Messianic and renewal favorites and original numbers. Joshua often sings in both Hebrew and English and his stated aim for this first album was to reach and connect traditional and Messianic Jews.

Hanukkah is Great!

Hanukkah is Great!

By David and Betty Weinberger
Illustrated by Christine McParland
Messianic Family Publishers
40 pages ©2012
Review by Nicole Schoen

Though demographically targeted for juveniles, Hanukkah is Great! is equally informative to individuals who want to know more about this holiday. The characters and colorful drawings offer detailed explanations about celebrating traditions and ideas to those who are new to Messianic Judaism.

David and Betty Weinberger dedicated this book to their first grandson, Chaim Lael Weinberger, and wrote it with the intention of “reviving the lost art of reading aloud.” Their previous book, published in 2008, “Passover Next Door,” was reviewed in the January/February 2010 issue of The Messianic Times. Both books are based on the Weinbergers’ own family experiences, and the characters are named after relatives.



Written and Directed by Joseph Cedar
Running time: 105 minutes
Release date in USA: March 2012 In Hebrew with English subtitles
Review by Sarah Mebasser

Eliezer Shkolnik (played by Shlomo Bar Aba) is a Talmudic Studies scholar at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He spends his life buried among piles of books, academic papers, and ancient documents. He is most comfortable when left alone to his research, comparing tiny details in antique texts.

New Book Release  "Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing" Book One

New Book Release "Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing" Book One

Using literature to fulfill Messiah's Great Commission

Fifteen-year-old Naomi wants to practice her faith in public, find her uncle, and help him raise enough money to bring their family to America.

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