The Messianic Times Book of the Month: HEBREW: Beginning Your Journey

03 April 2014 Written by 

The Messianic Times' Book of the Month for April is Mary A. Merritt's "HEBREW: Beginning Your Journey." Throughout the month of March, online subscribers of The Messianic Times can read the first chapter of Mary A. Merritt's book for free.

Enjoy beautiful artwork while you learn the Hebrew language. Feast your eyes on original, full color, full page art for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet and enjoy smaller, full color images to illustrate many Hebrew words. Learn to pronounce consonants and vowel marks and begin to read Hebrew words. Learn to write using the writing practice pages. Learn root words to help build vocabulary. Begin to speak a few phrases.

"Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey" is written for all ages. The older student can study primarily on his own, and a homeschool parent can guide the younger ones in the family using the lesson plans provided. Many helpful learning exercises are provided, including picture matching quizzes, fill-in-the blank quizzes, and Hebrew Bible verse and Concordance assignments. Depending on the age and determination of the student(s), the mastering of the material may be accomplished in a forty-week school year or less. A good share of the studying is based on inspiring verses from the Tanach (Old Testament), which is very motivating to those who love God's Word and desire to know it better. The hope is that your appetite will be whetted to continue searching the Bible's original Hebrew for more "hidden treasures."

Hebrew is for all of us who want to better know how to "handle accurately the Word of Truth." "Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey," by Mary A. Merritt, is a great way for the young and old to start the journey of learning Hebrew. It makes great sense. The pictures are informative and visually inspiring. Tying the Hebrew to the Scriptures is motivating and extremely helpful in "hiding the Word in our hearts." The logical progression in this book makes the learning of Hebrew attainable. You have what you need to step-by-step get to the next level: lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, writing practice - the list goes on and on. This is a journey worth taking. May God bless you and your family as you experience the joys of learning Hebrew.

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