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Produced by Micah Mahoney
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Review by David Tokajer

There is a new generation of Messianic Jewish worship artists arising. Empowered by the Ruach HaKodesh and stepping into the mantle of their predecessors, these artists have a burning passion and desire to see hearts drawn into the Shechinah of Adonai and directly to His heart. One of these new women and men of God is Micah Mahoney, worship leader of Congregation Zion's Sake in Newport News, Virginia. Mahoney's début album is loaded with moving serenades that lift the soul, unshackle the spirit and leads the listener to the very throne of Adonai. Each song is skillfully composed; an entire CD is specifically designed and artistically compiled to lead its audience deeper into the presence of God.

When one lends an ear to Micah’s music, there is an obvious deep, sweet connection between the core of the artist and the core of the muse. Micah’s first worship album leads off with seven songs, each drawing its audience one step further along in the musician’s journey in the sweet embrace of the Father's Spirit. His first song and title track, “Gathering,” is a deep cry for the people of God to be consecrated and dedicated to Him and Him alone. The audience feels his every lyric flowing as if connected directly to the musician's heartbeat, each word a driving force urging the listener to seek the very face of God. From this point forward each song builds upon the last, each composing a painting presenting an auditory vision of the radiant glory of the Living God.

This new generation of Messianic Jewish worship leader is stepping beyond the long embraced klezmer-based music of the modern Messianic era and moving into a psalm-like melodious flow, of which Melech David himself would be envious. The prime example of this sweet and soul-touching sample of the new era of Messianic Jewish music is Mahoney’s “Sound of Rain,” the sixth oeuvre of his Ruach-imparted audio gift. Every word and note of this song is specifically and skillfully arranged in such a way that one can almost envision a rapidly approaching rain storm as the lyricist leads the receiver into the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of Adonai.

From the very first note of the intro song to the very last word of the final ensemble, listeners feel a deep spring of the life-giving Spirit of God rising up within their soul. Gathering may only be Micah’s début album, but it is clear from the beginning that he is not a one-hit wonder. This is the beginning of a graceful and inspired musical journey in which his growing audience will be embraced by the enveloping sound and warmth of the very presence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Mahoney’s compilation is a fresh new awakening to the ever-moving, ever uplifting wave of the Ruach HaKodesh flowing from the deepest parts of His worshipers, ushering them into the presence of the King. MT


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