Busy Weekend for Ron Cantor in California
Ron Cantor will be busy this weekend. He, Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Erev Soref will be speaking tonight and tomorrow at a conference entitled “Israel, Islam and the Church” at Calvary Chapel Oceanside in San Diego. Tomorrow morning Ron will also be speaking at Tree of Life Messianic Congregation in San Diego in their Shabbat service at 10AM. If you live in or around San Diego, you will not want to miss this opportunity to be blessed.

Cantor is in leadership at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has taught this all over the world in places like the U.S., Canada, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Uganda, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine and Germany on the subject that later became his first book, Identity Theft– How Jesus Was Robbed of His Jewishness. Ron served on the leadership team at Beth Messiah Congregation in Rockville, Maryland, ministered in Ukraine and Hungary training nationals to Jewish ministry and was on faculty at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry teaching and mentoring young leaders.

In June 2003, Ron and Elana (his wife) returned with their three children to the Land of Israel where they now live and minister. Over the years, Ron has served as the associate leader of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem, as well as the interim senior leader. He has now served as senior leader of Tiferet Yeshua Congregation in Tel Aviv for some time and as of this week, just turned senior leadership over to Gil Afriat, and Ron is remaining as an elder on the leadership team.

Ron has also written two books, one mentioned early, Identity Theft- How Jesus Was Robbed of His Jewishness, and the follow-up book, The Jerusalem Secret which was recently released.

Calvary Chapel Oceanside is located at 3715 Ocianic Way in Oceanside.

Tree of Life is located at 11330 Campo Road in La Mesa, California and is led by Rabbi Joel Liberman.
Scott Volk to teach in Newcastle, Washington
Scott Volk, founder of Together for Israel, will be guest speaker at Beit Tikvah Messianic Congregation in Newcastle, Washington this Shabbat, Saturday, February 18 at 10:30 AM.

Scott was born in Brooklyn, New York into an American-Jewish family. Although he became a Jewish believer in Yeshua since age 10, Scott rarely identified with his Jewish roots or the Jewish culture. It was while Scott was flying home after leading a tour to Israel in June of 2010 that God put a burden for the Land and its people in his heart. As a result of that momentous flight, doors have miraculously opened for Scott to express this message to synagogues, churches, Bible studies and conferences around the globe.

For more information about Scott Volk and Together for Israel, please visit

Beit Tikvah is located at 7935 136th Avenue SE in Newcastle and is led by Rabbi Hylan Slobodkin.
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Publishes New Diet Book, The Mystery of the Fatted Calf Satire, from our friends at Messianic Meow
                    Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has taken the Messianic and Christian worlds by storm with his best-selling novel The Harbinger. But now he seeks to conquer another realm – the realm of health and nutrition. Cahn’s new diet book, The Mystery of the Fatted Calf, was released this week in Christian bookstores nationwide, and it has absolutely everybody talking.

                  “Throughout the Scriptures, the fatted calf appears as a symbol of God’s favor,” said Rabbi Cahn in a press release about the book. When God and His angels visit Abraham in Genesis 18, the fatted calf is the meal which Abraham prepares for them. In the parable of the prodigal son, the father gives an order for the fatted calf to be prepared as a celebratory feast. It is a symbol of our communion with The Creator, a feast that consummates our reconciliation with our God through acceptance of the Messiah. In this book, I combine in-depth Biblical study with the latest in cutting-edge nutritional research to unlock the mysteries of this marvelous wonder food which God has provided, and reveal how we can utilize it to maximize our health and even increase our lifespans.”

                  So, is Cahn’s revolutionary new diet plan the real deal? Well, obviously it will take a while before we can judge the long-term effects, but early reviews sound promising. This book is a revelation, plain and simple,” writes Greg Whitman of Christian literary review journal Holy Handwriting. [Rabbi] Cahn has an immense gift for finding previously undiscovered connections between passages and tying them together into a cohesive whole, and this book is perhaps his crowning achievement in that regard. Verses which once seemed unrelated blend effortlessly and seamlessly together as he delves deeper into the Word, backing it all up with a wide array of dietary studies to emphasize the fundamental unity of Scripture and reveal God’s divine will for our diets. Long live the fatted calf!”

                  Jake Liebowitz of The Messianic Gazette was similarly enthusiastic. While it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the whirlwind of numbers and references that Rabbi Cahn throws at you,” he writes, it’s hard to argue with the results. The fatted calf is truly God’s greatest dietary gift to man, and one that all followers of Messiah should feel blessed to receive. If I wasn’t a vegetarian, I’d be eating at least a steak a day.”

                  However, Cahn hasn’t won over everyone just yet. While Michael Weisman of Messianic Health Review praises the book’s wealth of information, he maintains a bit of skepticism about the diet. Sadly,” he writes, for all the complexity of Cahn’s bold new dietary theory, I still find myself unconvinced by his conclusions, and certain sections – the part about dietary adjustments during blood moons, for example – feel like a bit of a stretch. Still, Rabbi Cahn definitely provides a massive amount of raw data to sift through, and the end result leaves any reader with a lot to think about. The theory may well have value, and certainly merits further investigation. I’m just saying don’t bet the whole hog (or calf, as the case may be) on it until further studies confirm the esteemed Rabbi’s findings.”

                  Regardless of Weisman’s reservations, plenty of believers seem quite eager to test out Cahn’s groundbreaking new dietary concepts. The Mystery of the Fatted Calf has leapt to the top of bestseller lists nationwide, and sales of beef and steak have shown a sharp spike as thousands of faithful embrace what Cahn calls the chosen meal for the chosen people.” As for the author, he insists his work on his theory is far from over. As he gears up for a whirlwind speaking tour in support of his new book, the Rabbi pledges to continue to refine his work, incorporating the latest dietary research and newly discovered obscure Biblical connections into his messages to ensure the most accurate possible information. After all, when it comes to radical new diets, you have to be careful – there’s a lot at steak.

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Special Event with Rabbi Itzhak Shapira in Stockton, California
The Congregation of Zion in Stockton, California will be hosting a special event Saturday, Feb. 18, at 11 a.m. with Rabbi Itzhak Shapira. He will be sharing an important message, coincidentally entitled “The Congregation of Zion.”

Shapira is the founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries and Yeshivat Shuvu. Ahavat Ammi Ministries is an international effort to shine the Light of Mashiach to the Jewish people and to share the Jewish roots of faith in Yeshua with the gentile believers. Yeshivat Shuvu is a growing and vital training and education ministry. It is an internet based Yeshiva program, providing sound Messianic Jewish instruction for those desiring to become Messianic Rabbis and for those wanting to learn more about the Jewish roots and history of the Body of Messiah.

Shapira travels around the world teaching in-depth Yeshiva style courses in Messianic synagogues and churches. These events are designed to be multiday, multisession endeavors providing valuable education.

The Congregation of Zion is a Christian church with a passion for the Jewish roots. They observe the biblical feasts, including worshipping Shabbat. They are located at 7475 Murray Dr., Suite 11 in Stockton, California.
Experience Jonathan Settel Live in Thomasville, Georgia
On Shabbat, February 18, 2017, Jonathan Settel will be at Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue in Thomasville, Georgia for a special time of praise and worship, beginning at 11:00 AM.

Acclaimed Messianic Jewish worship artist, Jonathan Settel, is a man after God’s heart. He has ministered all over the world through Messianic expressions of worship and teachings. Well known for his desire to “see all of Israel (the Jewish people) come to know Messiah,” Jonathan’s music flows from a passion to see the Body of Messiah unite in worship and in so doing, expose the anti-Semitism within the Church.

Jonathan's travels have taken him to many countries as well as a variety of Christian and Messianic Congregations. Many have responded to the call for salvation, and letters are received daily reflecting the impact Jonathan's music has had on people's lives.

Rabbi Robert Ackerman and the congregation of Beit Shalom are excited to welcome Settel for a Shabbat which is sure to be a big “simcha” (joy) and blessing for all in attendance.

Admission is free and all are welcome. Visit Beit Shalom for more information on this event and check out Settel International Ministries to learn more about the music of Jonathan Settel.
Jacob Rosenberg’s Son Turns Five, Becomes Youngest Ordained Rabbi in IAMCS History Satire, from our friends at Messianic Meow
Chicago, IL - Historic news out of the Chicago Messianic community yesterday, as Rabbi Jacob Rosenberg’s son, Shmuly*, celebrated his fifth birthday and was immediately ordained as an IAMCS Rabbi, via FaceTime, making him the youngest ordained Rabbi in IAMCS history. Shmuly has chosen to follow in the footsteps of his Father, Messianic Rabbi Jacob Rosenberg, his Uncle, Messianic Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, his Grandfather, Messianic Rabbi David Rosenberg, and his Great-Uncle, Messianic Rabbi Jan Rosenberg.

Jacob Rosenberg was officially ordained as the fourth Rosenberg Rabbi last month at The IAMCS Rabbi’s Conference in Orlando, and the family was immediately presented with a buy-four-ordinations-get-one-free punch card, with no expiration date on it. Upon leaving the conference, The Rosenberg Clan had an emergency meeting at their family compound on Martha’s Vineyard to discuss what to do about the punch card, so as not to let it go to waste. After Matt Rosenberg’s six year old son, Shlomo* announced he wants to be a Dentist when he grows up, the family chose to option him to AAA, AKA “Youth Ministry,” until he could come to his senses. Thus leaving the soon to be five year old, Shmuly, as the obvious choice, by default.

President Bernis said, between the IAMCS and the UMJC, very few Frequent Ordainer punch cards have been handed out, though he is expecting that the next one turned in will come from either the Tokajer or Waldman/Klayman camps.

If you’d like to show your support for Shmuly’s new found career path, you may post on social media using the hashtag #TheRosenbergDynastyContinues

*Name changed to protect a minor

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Keeping Kosher: Jesus and Judaism at Wheaton

This Saturday, instead of studying or doing homework, senior Yudit Lang will take her Sabbath in her room, listening to sermons from home. Lang is one of the few Messianic Jewish students here at Wheaton College.

“Jews don’t typically believe in Jesus, but we do. So, we do Jewish things like keeping the Sabbath on a Saturday or keeping kosher, but we also believe in Jesus,” Lang said.

Lang’s mom isn’t Jewish — she’s a Christian Syrian from Iran. When her parents met, Lang’s dad attended a Messianic congregation at the time and he brought her along one Sunday. She enjoyed it and decided to raise Lang and her sister under those beliefs. Her family now lives in Skokie, a town located 50 minutes away from Chicago, and Lang goes home once a month to attend the congregation there.

Lang is a quarter Jewish, but her parents raised her and her sister up as Messianic Jews in a Messianic Jewish congregation. This means that she celebrates all the Jewish holidays.

Click here to read the full article at
An Open Letter to Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett - Guest Post from Ron Cantor, Messiah's Mandate  Feb. 13, 2017

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I see on Twitter that you have turned down a trip to come visit my country, Israel. In your note, you say that you will come in the future, but “it will be to see not only Israel but also the West Bank and Gaza.” What changed your mind was this article in the Times of Israel, so you say.

I don’t make it a habit of calling people liars, but I am not buying it. I read the article and it is harmless. It hardly claims that Israel plans to “use” you, but quotes Tourism Minister, Yariv Levin:

“I am sure that, after the experiences that the players will enjoy in Israel and after they have seen the unique tourist sites and the special atmosphere here, they will become ambassadors of good will for Israel.”

The way you portray it in your silly diatribe is as if the Israeli government had a sinister plan to trick you. You know what our main trick here in Israel is when dealing with people like you, who have developed an opinion of our country as racist and unjust, but have never visited our country? It is simply to introduce you to Israel and the Israeli people, so you can develop an informed opinion. That is all the minister was saying.

But let’s be honest, here is what most likely happened. Others on the left saw that you were going to ‘evil’ Israel and began to call you out. They told you what to think about Israel. They probably said, “visiting Israel is like a vote for Trump.” If your cancellation really is because of Israel’s supposed injustice, why did you agreed to come in the first place?

Dr. King Loved Israel

It is kind of funny that you posted a picture of Dr. King with your statement that you are not coming to Israel. Dr. King loved Israel and did not see her as an occupying, oppressive force. But then again, Dr. King did not have twitter trolls to tell him how to think.

“The whole world must see that Israel must exist and has the right to exist, and is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world” —MLK

“Thousands of Years” Really?

In your note you say:

“When I go to Israel — and I do plan to go — it will be to see not only Israel but also the West Bank and Gaza so I can see how the Palestinians, who have called this land home for thousands of years, live their lives.”

British Minted Palestine Coin from 1927. There has never an actual Palestinian Arab currency in History.

No, there have not been Palestinian Arabs here for “thousands of years”, or a thousand years, or even one hundred years. The word “Palestine” was given to the region by the Romans in 135 AD, after crushing the second Jewish revolt. It had no connection whatsoever with any Arab ethnicity. By the 20th century, a Palestinian was anyone who lived in what is now modern day Jordan or Israel. It had no ethnicity attached. Before Israel’s birth in 1948, Jews who lived her called themselves Palestinian.

A coin from 1927, when the British controlled the region of Palestine has the word in English, Hebrew and Arabic. If Palestine were an Arab ethnicity, then why in the world would they use Hebrew? In fact, Arabs didn’t mint Palestinian coins, the British did. The Jewish-owned newspaper was the Palestine Post.

Only in the 1960s did some Arabs began to call themselves Palestinian as national identity, as Yassar Arafat, the father of modern day terrorism (as in ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda), led the Palestinian Liberation Organization with the goal of destroying Israel.

“No Palestinian People”

Most Arab leaders took issue with his use of the term Palestinian. The Syrian President Assad said, in 1976, to so-called Palestinian leaders:

“You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Do not forget one thing: there is no Palestinian people, no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria! You are an integral part of the Syrian people and Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the real representatives of the Palestinian people.”

He correctly saw Palestine as a region, not an ethnicity.

Peaceful Gaza after Israel liberated her from Egypt, who had locked up Gaza like a prison from 1948-1967.

In 1967, when Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza, the territories experienced unpresented economic growth under Israeli rule. (In case you don’t know, Egypt controlled Gaza before ‘67 and it was like a prison and Jordan controlled the West Bank—there has never been a Palestinian nation).

“During the 1970s, the West Bank and Gaza became the world’s fourth-fastest-growing economy, ahead of Singapore and Hong Kong, and one of the world’s fastest growing populations.”

Israel set these people free. My wife, as a child, would go into Gaza with her father, shopping for produce. Israelis spent millions of shekels in Arab towns. Everyone was happy—Jews and Arabs.

During your Gaza Trip

Hamas drags body of suspected collaborator through Gaza.

When you do find the time to visit Gaza, please let Hamas leaders know of your passion for justice. Because while you ignorantly accuse Israel of what you do not even know, Hamas routinely murders their own people.

  • During the last war with Israel, Hamas killed dozens of Palestinian Tunnel diggers so they could never tell Israel where the tunnels were.
  • Hamas routinely stole U.N. aid meant for the people of Gaza and used it for Hamas.
  • They impose strict Islamic law in Gaza. One teen was beaten mercilessly for using Western hair gel.
  • Hamas terrorists behead suspected traitors without trials and often drag their headless bodies through the streets by motorcycles as a warning to the people.
  • They use hospitals, mosques, churches and schools to shoot rockets at Israel, in hopes that Israel would respond and it can be a PR bonanza. They would fire from balconies and rooftops full of women and children as Human Shields.
When you are visiting, make sure you bring these topics up to Hamas leaders. You might want to check this out.

Israeli Arabs

Here’s another fun fact your handlers probably didn’t tell you. They are about 1.5 million Israeli Arab citizens. They do not call themselves Palestinian, but Israeli. Because of your passion for justice, you should know that they have all the freedoms Israelis have, such as freedom of speech.

That makes them the freest Arabs in the Middle East. Listen to me, Michael…there are no Arabs in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, certainly not Syria (where you can be hanged just for demonstrating against the government), Yemen, Egypt, etc. who have more freedoms than the 1.5 millions Israeli Arabs. That’s a fact!

Are you aware that Israel has a black population from Ethiopia of 125,000? They were rescued from Ethiopia where they suffered persecution. And lastly, did you know:

  • Israel is taking in 100 Syrian refugee children. Which is 100 more than many of our Arab neighbors like Kuwait
  • An Israeli group just shipped 100 tons of goods for the Syrian people, but had to remove all Hebrew tags first, so they would not know that it was ‘evil’ Israel that was helping them. And still, we help.
  • After the Haiti earthquake, Israel’s field hospital operated at the highest level and was the first emergency field hospital to receive the highest score.

Get the Facts before your Tweet

So…if you want to be a Social Justice Warrior, you might want to get educated first. Here is a free book to help you get started: And if you really care about social justice, then ask yourself how it is that all the Palestinian leaders are rich and the people are poor. How is it that Yassar Arafat died with nearly one billion US dollars in his personal bank account? Why have Christian Arabs fled the Palestinian territories? Don’t be a selective SJW, get educated.

I don’t fault you for wanting to have a voice, I fault you for being ignorant to the facts.
The Quintessential Sizzle of Karen Meissner

The Quintessential Sizzle of Karen Meissner

Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in those years.” If he could have met Karen Meissner somewhere, somehow, it is possible that she would have been his favorite writer, producer, editor and over-protective Jewish mother. She would have proofread all his speeches until they reached “sizzle factor” status, bringing out her red pen, circling all his errors to make his piece would shine. Had Lincoln actually met her, he may have been as impressed with her as so many others were during her short, but astonishing life. Although Karen wasn’t born until 1951, long after Mr. Lincoln had passed, for this generation, her grammatical skill from as early as the sixth grade earned her a reputation in a multitude of career fields that stretched over three decades.
Response to Review

Response to Review

Critics show up at concerts to do their criticize. But I found Brian Schuth's review of Julie Lavender's "Rising" titled "Warning Signs Ignored" to stray into unfair territory. His review appeared in the Boston Musical Intelligencer

I am thinking about two telling comments.

First, his foray into the composer's motivational mix seems disingenuous. Suggesting that Rising was a "vanity project directed to her supporters" misses the larger point of her effort. The work was a labor of love - an offering to God and a heartfelt tribute to the Jewish people for producing The Prayer, as the Talmud calls it...the Amidah. Yes, her theological matrix was quite particular. She is a Christian enamored with the Jewish people's unique calling in the world. But to suggest the work came primarily from self-absorbed places does not convince because it does not fit the woman. I suggest Mr. Schuth can know little of Ms. Lavender's inner world. He should not be expected to. He is a music critic. I am a rabbi, not a psychiatrist. But, I know from long professional experience that guessing why people do what they do is very tricky business.

Second, as we know from the glorious outcome of this year's Super Bowl, leaving even at halftime can lead to premature dark pronouncements. The reviewer quit after hearing only four of its twenty short musical sections (before the end of the first quarter!)

The overall effect of Rising might have made a different impression had the reviewer given the extra hour before taking to his IPad. At Rising's conclusion, the work's emotional impact became evident. The crowd had experienced something meaningful, even profound. I am sorry the reviewer wasn't present for the celebration.

Rabbi Richard Nichol

Congregation Ruach Israel

Needham, MA
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