YMJA Announces Extreme South Regional Retreat In Antarctica Satire, from our friends at Messianic Meow
                   In response to the overwhelming success of their various regional conferences, the YMJA has announced the first ever youth-only Extreme South regional retreat, which will be the first regional conference to take place outside of the United States. The event will take place in January of 2018, and will be held at McMurdo base in Antarctica.
’re very excited to announce this new regional retreat,” said YMJA President Jason Rich. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all of our YMJA members who are currently conducting scientific research at the South Pole, as well as those who would simply enjoy the change of scenery, to gather together and focus on their spiritual walks. This will be a true retreat, even more so than any of our other conferences – a chance to get away from all of life’s distractions and focus on fellowship and drawing closer to God.”

Obviously, the retreat’s polar location has prompted some adjustments to the YMJA’s usual retreat format. Rather than being set for a specific place and time, outdoor events such as the snowman competition, the penguin safari and the ice fishing will be scheduled to occur somewhere within a certain time range, with the precise time and location announced shortly before the event based on weather and leopard seal sightings. Indoor events will still have specified times, but since the base functions primarily as a research station, the events may shift locations due to the needs of the site’s staff.

The unusual site has also prompted some additions and tweaks to the rules. For example, the YMJA’s infamous modesty motto, If your belly button shows, you’ve got to change your clothes,” has been altered to better suit the situation of the retreat’s extreme climate; as such, attendees will instead be informed that,If your belly button shows, remember these helpful tips to prevent frostbite.” Also, in a move sure to please the under 18 crowd, the usual midnight curfew has been waived. The reason for this change is that it was judged superfluous in a facility where all outdoor travel requires the presence of a qualified chaperone due to the cold and the need to protect the environment from excess human interference. Additionally, the YMJA leadership team has specifically asked that people refrain from bringing a particular item. We realize that the temptation must be great to watch the movie ‘The Thing’ while you’re in Antarctica,” said YMJA treasurer Ravi Goldberg. After all, it takes place at the very facility we’ll be staying at. However due to its R rating, we ask that attendees not bring or watch the movie while at the retreat.”

As for the cost of attending, which may be high due to the exorbitant rental fees charged by the base for use of their facilities, Goldberg says that some financial assistance will be available for those unable to cover the expense. We don’t want the cost to force anyone to miss out on this wonderful opportunity,” he said. Sadly we can’t do anything about travel expenses, but we will have a limited number of scholarships available to cover the price of the conference.”

For those interested in attending, details including registration information will soon be available on the YMJA website. And if you are looking to come out, President Rich has one last piece of advice for you. Whatever you do,” he says, don’t forget your coat!”

To learn more about The Messianic Meow check out their website and Facebook page.
Debate: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?
Last night, Thursday, March 23, the Ratio Christi chapter of Kennesaw State University in Atlanta hosted a very important debate entitled “Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah.” The debate was open to the public and held at Kennesaw State University and was also live-streamed online for those outside of the Atlanta area. The voices debating were Dr. Michael Brown (founder of FIRE School of Evangelism, radio host, author and Messianic Jewish apologist and theologian) and Rabbi Aaron Freitag (lecturer of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel and anti-missionary).

The debate was originally scheduled to be Dr. Michael Brown and Asher Norman, J.D., however, unfortunately Norman fell ill shortly before the day of the debate. Rabbi Freitag graciously stepped in with only 48 hours notice.

Brown and Freitag were both given time for open arguments, several rebuttals and then the floor was opened to questions from the audience which were answered and rebutted by each. Both their made their cases for their position, however, post-debate Dr. Michael Brown came out the stronger debater and if points were tallied, likely the winner of the debate as well.

Watch the debate here.

The originally intended debate between Brown and Norman will be reschedule for a future date.
Ted Pearce in Kansas City

Ted Pearce in Kansas City

Messianic recording artist Ted Pearce will be in concert at Messianic Congregation Or HaOlam in Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City area) this weekend. The concert will be on Sunday, March 26th at 6:30PM and will be in promotion of the Kansas City March of Remembrance and the March of Remembrance Jerusalem Jubilee Tour.

Ted Pearce has become one of the most recognizable names in the Messianic music scene. His music has touched the lives of countless people across the globe and shined the Light of Messiah in the lives of countless more. He is the catalyst for the March of Remembrance (MoR) movement in the United States, occurring across the country on or around the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The MoR was birthed from the European version called the March for Life.

Pearce is originally from and still lives in the great state of Texas. He has been involved in music for most of his life, having played in rock bands before coming to faith in Yeshua as Messiah. His early music as a believer was with several Christian rock bands. He has been writing, playing and recording Messianic music since the 2000s.

Or HaOlam is located at 9898 W 95th Street in Overland Park, Kansas and is led by Rabbi Shmuel Wolkenfeld.
Apply Today! To The Paul Liberman Messianic Jewish Studies Scholarship

Application for the Paul Liberman Messianic Jewish Studies Scholarship

Please copy and paste this into a document. After all information is filled out and essays are written.  Please send completed document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicant Information:
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________
Phone  ___________________________________________________________________________________
Email  ____________________________________________________________________________________
Congregational Information:
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone  __________________________________________________________________________________
Email  ___________________________________________________________________________________
Rabbi's Name  ___________________________________________________________________________
* Have Rabbi Mail recommendation in separate envelope directly to Scholarship Committee.
Last School Attended:
Name __________________________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________________
Phone  _________________________________________________________________________________
Email  __________________________________________________________________________________
Degree or Diploma  ______________________________________________________________________
*Attach Transcript

Essay Required:

1) How you came to Faith
2) Why you want to enter a Messianic Jewish Studies Program
3) Why should you receive this scholarship

Dee Brestin Interviews Rabbi Michael Wolf About New Book "Linotype Operator"
Internationally bestselling women’s author and speaker Dee Brestin interviewed Rabbi Michael Wolf recently about his newest book, novel “The Linotype Operator.” To watch this fantastic interview click on this link

Brestin is a Christian author who has written numerous books which have sold millions of copies and have ministered to the hearts of thousands of women over the years. She is also one of the most well-known, respected and sought after women’s ministry speakers around.

Rabbi Michael Wolf is the rabbi of Beth Messiah Messianic Congregation in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is part of the steering committee of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues as well as a member of the executive board of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. “The Linotype Operator” is his second novel, his first was “The Upper Zoo.” He is also a screenwriter and filmmaker.

The Kindle version of “The Linotype Operator” is currently on sale for a limited time for $0.99 on Amazon. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to read an excellent novel.
Dr. Michael Brown Debate at Kennesaw State University
Thursday, March 23rd at 7PM EST (6PM CST) Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) chapter of Ratio Christi will host a highly anticipated debate titled “Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah. This debate will be between Dr. Michael Brown (a Messianic Jew) and Asher Norman, J.D.(an Orthodox Jew) and will be moderated by Dr. Michael Sanseviro (Dean of Students at KSU). As part of the debated, there will be an open mic Q and A with the audience.

This event is free and open to the public. However, there is limited seating available in the auditorium, but overflow rooms will be available where the event will be live-streamed.

The debate will be held in the Social Sciences Building Auditorium- room 1021.

For those unable to attend, the entire debate will be live-streamed as well here.

Asher Noman is an attorney, an Orthodox Jew, and a recognized expert in Jewish-Christian polemics. He received his JD from University of San Diego School of Law. He has lectured nationally on this subject for several years. He is the recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award for Constitutional Law and the Moot Court Award for Oral Argument. He is the author of the book "Twenty-Six Reasons Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus," which won Book of Merit Award by the National Jewish Book Council. The book is also the leading anti-missionary book in the United States, and in it he utilizes his legal training to put faith claims about Jesus “on trial.” Rabbi Aaron Parry has said of Mr. Norman’s book, “This book is a must for anyone interested in gaining a greater insight into the clear distinctions between Torah Judaism and Pauline Christianity.”

Dr. Michael Brown holds a PhD from New York University in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures and is recognized as one of the leading Messianic Jewish scholars in the world today. Dr. Brown has spoken throughout America and in more than 25 countries, and he hosts the nationally syndicated, daily talk radio show The Line of Fire. He is the founder and president of Fire School of Ministry. Dr. Brown is the author of 27 books including the highly-acclaimed five-volume series, Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus and The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing the Mystery of the Hidden Messiah. He has contributed numerous articles to scholarly publications, including the Oxford Dictionary of Jewish Religion and the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament.

Dr. Michael Saneviro has served as the Dean of Students at Kennesaw State University since October 2010. He received his BA in Educational Research, Philosophy, and Religion. He was the youngest graduate that year from Emory, at 19 years old. He received his MS in Higher Education Administration at Florida State University in 1991. Dr. Sanseviro also worked on coursework toward an MBA at Polytechnic University, and then later finished his Ph.D. at Georgia State University in Educational Policy Studies in 2006. He also teaches in KSU's University College, and is a senior faculty member for Keller Graduate School of Management.
This Week on Bagels and Blessings

This Week on Bagels and Blessings

This Saturday, March 18, on the popular Messianic Jewish radio program Bagels and Blessings with Ethel Chadwick, the guest will be Hali Berry. The show airs at 2:00 p.m. (EST) in the Rochester, New York area and can be heard online.

Hali Berry grew up in northern New Jersey. She was raised Orthodox until she was about 11, including going to yeshiva till eighth grade and attending religious sleep away camps.

By 13 years old Berry was completely Conservative but still attended Shabbat services.

When she was 16, her dad left the family and married her mom's best friend and moved one and a half miles away into her house. For her mom, brothers and I, we simply stopped ALL synagogue activities.

Berry immediately started using drugs. At age 25 she moved to Southern California by herself and instead of drugs, she became obsessed with food and body image. By 28 she was going to the 12-step program Overeaters Anonymous. There she met a Messianic woman who told her about Jesus, and she knew that wasn't for her.

At the age of 30, at a retreat, she read the Sermon on the Mount and something changed in her, but she didn't move in it for years.

Berry moved back to New Jersey in 1995, married and with a six-month old daughter. It was there where she was finally moved to jealousy for her God by Christians and began going to church.

She met Grant Berry and read in his book that Christianity is extension of Judaism and THE VEIL WAS LIFTED. She is still proud to be learning more and connecting with her Jewish roots.

Bagels and Blessings is weekly Messianic Jewish radio program hosted by Ethel Chadwick and aired in the Rochester, New York. The show is aired on 990 AM WDCX in the local Rochester area and can also be heard online at
Concern: Will the WH celebrate a terrorist?  March 15, 2017

The head of a messianic Jewish ministry is fearful the Trump White House will succumb to the myth that the Palestinian leadership in the Middle East actually wants peace.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has confirmed that President Donald Trump has extended an invitation to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas (above) to come to Washington "in the near future" to resume the political process.

The Palestinians clearly are not happy at the more favorable approach shown by Washington toward Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since Trump took office. Palestinian officials indicated that during the meeting Abbas would emphasize his concern about Israeli settlement-building on what he calls "occupied land" and the need for a two-state solution to the conflict.

Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, admits being "very disappointed" that Abbas will be coming to the White House.

"He'll be wined and dined, he'll be celebrated – [but] he's a terrorist," she tells OneNewsNow. "Mahmoud Abbas was trained by the Soviets some 50 years ago. And the Israelis are deluded if they think any good is going to come from this. There will only be evil come from this."

Click here to read the full article at
Healing Conference at Ruach Israel

Healing Conference at Ruach Israel

Do you want to learn more about how to hear words of knowledge, the role of faith and expectation in prayer and effectively praying for physical healing and deliverance?

The Ruach Israel Tefillah Team hosts a Healing Conference featuring Mike Evans from Wholeness Ministries! The conference will be held Thursday, March 16 through Saturday, March 18. There will be multiple sessions throughout the weekend.

Registration for the conference costs $75 per person, with a discounted rate of $60 for Ruach Israel members. Registration can be made at

Where: Congregation Ruach Israel (754 Greendale Ave, Needham, Massachusetts)

When: March 16th through 18th
    Thursday, March 16th 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30): workshop and training.
    Friday, March 17th 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30): workshop and training.
    Saturday, March 18th:
        2:00-4:00pm: workshop and training
        4:00-7:00pm: break for dinner.
        7:00: Healing Service (doors open at 6:30).

For more information visit, call 781-449-6264 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Iranian family reunited in U.S. before new travel ban takes effect  March 10, 2017

SAN ANTONIO - An Iranian family has been reunited after escaping persecution in their home country. They're one of many hoping to take advantage of the break in the president's travel ban.

Since a federal judge blocked the first ban on Feb. 3, the leader of the family's congregation said the number of families wanting to come to the United States has jumped from five to 40, and is hoping to get three more in before the new ban goes into effect on March 16.

The Ashkanzad family was finally together Monday when the mother and daughter landed on a flight from Turkey. This was the same day President Trump signed the new ban for six Muslim majority countries, including Iran, which is where they are all from.

The family said they almost didn't make it because of confusion on the ground.

"They (were) asking a lot of questions. They (were trying) to, even over the tickets, (trying) to make something, find something to can stop her," said Hooman Ashkanzad of his wife and daughter.

As Messianic Jews, they follow Jewish teachings but also believe in Christ. Converts like them are against the law in Iran.

Click here to read the full article at
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