A New Messianic Hebrew Primer from Olive Press Publications

25 March 2014 Written by 

Musician and grandmother, Mary Merritt, and her late husband raised and homeschooled eight children.

When one son married actress Alyse Merritt (of Tender Shoots Films], Mary was impressed with Alyssa's Jewishness and her evident love for the Lord. Alyse tweaked Mary's interest in Hebrew and was soon teaching her the alef-bet. Mary was hooked and began delving into her late minister husband's many Hebrew resources. She was encouraged by the benefits of finding special Hebrew meanings in the Scriptures, and took Hebrew classes at Beth Israel Sephardic Congregation in Lutz, Florida. She also learned from the Israeli Hebrew professor, Dr. D. Michael Michael. Now, as a blessing to all of us who would like to venture into learning the language, Mary decided to create a very colorful, beautiful Hebrew Primer, Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey. Her idea became a whole family effort. Her two artist daughters played major roles: Melissa painted all the full page watercolor art and many of the smaller ones; Annie artistically created the eye-catching cover and interior design, as well as some of the smaller illustrations on the alef-bet pages. The rest of Mary's children, many friends, and even her daughter-in-law, Alyse, contributed photos and artwork. Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey is wonderful for your first year of learning Hebrew: the letters, a beginning vocabulary, some phrases, many verbs roots; all reinforced with reading and writing practice and quizzes. It is great for beginning to learn about alphabetical Psalms and to use the Hebrew section of Strong's Concordance. This book is also a wonderful visual companion to any audio Hebrew course, or a great picture book to sit with your children and begin to expose them to Hebrew the same way you began teaching them the English alphabet with illustrated words that started with each letter. Many of the full art pages are Biblical illustrations. All of them have Bible verses that go with them. It is excellent for homeschooling with a whole school year's lesson plans included.

Rabbi Steven J. Weiler, Senior Rabbi of the Shoresh David Messianic Synagogues across central, western Florida, has endorsed this exquisite, new Hebrew Primer and has written the resounding foreword to it. "... Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey, by Mary A. Merritt, is a great way for young and old to start the journey of learning Hebrew. It makes great sense. The pictures are informative and visually inspiring. Tying the Hebrew to the Scriptures is motivating and extremely helpful in 'hiding the Word in our hearts.' The logical progression in this book makes the learning of Hebrew attainable. You have what you need to step-by-step get to the next level: lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, writing practice – the list goes on and on. This is a journey worth taking. May God bless you and your family as you experience the joys of learning Hebrew."

Go to olivepresspublisher.com to take advantage of Mary's special offer. For a limited time, she is offering a small portion of the book in a pdf that you can download from the website. It gives you everything you need to do one week's worth of lessons for only $3.00! Remember, this is a limited time offer.

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