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The Art of Being David and Martha Stern

07 November 2016 Written by  Bella Davidov
David and Martha Stern are pillars of the Messianic Jewish movement. Through his books, David Stern has made an incalculable impact on the development of Messianic Judaism. Longtime friend and publisher Rabbi Barry Rubin says, “David Stern has made a greater single contribution to Messianic Judaism than anybody I can think of. His writings, theology books and Bible commentary books have been translated into many languages and distributed into many countries around the world. Through Stern’s work, Christians around the world are being introduced to Messianic Judaism, Israel and the Jewish people.” Martha Frankel, was born in 1947 to atheist Jewish parents. Since her parents didn’t believe in God, Martha sometimes went with friends to synagogue seeking to find God and her place with the Jewish people. She loved to read a children’s Tanakh that her family had. But she felt lonely living in a mostly non-Jewish world with no Jewish support system. After dabbling in the hippie and occult lifestyle, God showed Martha He was real and that Yeshua was the Messiah of Israel. Martha found that believing in Yeshua made being Jewish more significant to her. As a young girl, she had a desire to live in Israel. Now, knowing the God and Messiah of Israel, that desire was even stronger. Martha joined the staff of Jews for Jesus, and while attending the Messiah ’75 conference, she met David. A year later, they were married.

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