Iranian family reunited in U.S. before new travel ban takes effect

13 March 2017 Written by  Josh Skurnik  March 10, 2017

SAN ANTONIO - An Iranian family has been reunited after escaping persecution in their home country. They're one of many hoping to take advantage of the break in the president's travel ban.

Since a federal judge blocked the first ban on Feb. 3, the leader of the family's congregation said the number of families wanting to come to the United States has jumped from five to 40, and is hoping to get three more in before the new ban goes into effect on March 16.

The Ashkanzad family was finally together Monday when the mother and daughter landed on a flight from Turkey. This was the same day President Trump signed the new ban for six Muslim majority countries, including Iran, which is where they are all from.

The family said they almost didn't make it because of confusion on the ground.

"They (were) asking a lot of questions. They (were trying) to, even over the tickets, (trying) to make something, find something to can stop her," said Hooman Ashkanzad of his wife and daughter.

As Messianic Jews, they follow Jewish teachings but also believe in Christ. Converts like them are against the law in Iran.

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