Yes, Seders Are For Christians*

10 April 2017 Written by  Michelle Van Loon  April 8, 2017

Yes, Seders are for Christians. The asterisk in the title above

Last week’s guest opinion piece written by Rabbi Yehiel Poupko and Rabbi David Sandmel entitled “Jesus Didn’t Eat A Seder Meal” was published on the Christianity Today website as a pushback against the appropriation of Passover Seders by a growing number in the Christian community. The two rabbis pointed out that Passover was given to the Jews, and all others should cease and desist.

A year ago, I interviewed Reform rabbi Evan Moffic about this very topic for Christianity Today.  Moffic has a different point of view on the subject, to say the least. His words belong in this conversation about Christians and the Seder. The fact is, this is a conversation – an important one. Poupko and Sandmel don’t speak for all Jews. The Jewish community has a saying: “Two Jews, three opinions.” In other words, our history of learning by questioning cultivates an environment where loving, spirited debate is hard-wired into our very souls.

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