Bible Society Sends Bibles to Arkansas Prison

12 April 2017 Written by 
Filling an Arkansas Prison with GOD’s Word!

It was a simple request . . . An Arkansas prison inmate named Richard contacted the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society and politely asked for a Bible. Just one Bible. The Family Bible Society’s protocol with these requests is to respond by personal letter instructing them to refer their need to their chaplain, who would then formally request a Bible from the Society.

Eight days later, Richard’s chaplain contacted the Bible Society about requesting Bibles for his whole facility. He wrote, “I heard about you through an inmate at my facility. . . We have 500 inmates, but will be satisfied with any amount.”

Satisfied with any amount. This chaplain had the faith to humbly mention his dream of a Bible for every man in this prison. Terri Gillespie, COO of the Family Bible Society said, “When I read the chaplain’s email, it touched my heart. I wanted to meet this chaplain’s vision, but that was a tall order. So I took it to the rest of the team.”

When Gillespie shared this request with the staff, their eyes lit up. A Bible for every prisoner? A prison filled with GOD’s Word? Their unanimous response was, “Yes! Let’s do it!”

But how? In one afternoon, the team organized the Free the Captives Arkansas Prison campaign. They needed to raise $9,000 to process and ship 500 Bibles. The hope was that others would capture the vision of every precious inmate having their own Bible.

The vision was cast—and caught! In one week, almost to the hour, they raised over $9000!

The seed planted by this chaplain produced more requests from three chaplains in three other prisons. That overflow of funds will now fulfill the heart’s desire of other chaplains across the nation! And more letters continue to flow in.

CEO Daniah Greenberg said, “Each day, more letters come from prisoners. Which proves to us that ADONAI’s Kingdom is advancing. And no bars or barbed-wire will stand in His way.”

The Family Bible Society had already given over 200 Bibles this year to inmates. Their hope is to meet their goal of 1,000 Bibles to prisoners in 2017. It looks like they will meet and exceed that goal.

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