Commitment, Country, Calling

21 April 2017 Written by  Stephanie Escalante
For her first job, Rachel Katz Barnett would wake up and head off to a blueberry field. She wanted to get there early in the morning because the blueberries were plump from the condensation, and therefore, heavier. From the time she was 12 until she was 15 years old, she would bicycle through a cemetery to work.

Bucket in hand, and a diligent worker, she was not paid by the hour or by how many buckets filled. Each bucket of blueberries had to weigh a gallon.  Each gallon earned her two dollars and fifty cents. This was in Missouri and over two decades ago.

Now 34, Rachel Katz Barnett politely and graciously refuses to eat blueberries. Barnett now works on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Just last March Barnett was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander working as a Navy Intelligence Officer.

Growing up in Missouri, and then Houston, Texas, she now travels the world. Through the Navy and alongside her husband, John Barnett, who is also in the Navy, Barnett has been able to feed a sense of wanderlust and discovery. Uniquely, Barnett is carving out a Naval career that compliments her character, intentionality, adventure and ambition.

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