This Week on Bagels and Blessings

18 May 2017 Written by 
This Saturday, May 30th, on the popular Messianic Jewish radio program Bagels and Blessings with Ethel Chadwick, the guest will be Rabbi Burt Yellin. The show airs at 2:00 pm (EST) in the Rochester, New York area and can be heard online. The interview will be pre-recorded.

Burt Yellin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He received his religious training in an orthodox congregation where he remained until he was fourteen years old. Although he always believed in God, he began questioning his connection to traditional Judaism. In his seeking for God’s face, his investigation of many religions and “paths” let to frustration and emptiness.

Burt met his first wife in 1968. They left New York and settled in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was there that their search for God ended when they came to faith in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. Burt always found a certain irony in the idea that after so many years of searching to find God, he had to return to his roots, Judaism, to find peace.

Since 1985 Burt Yellin has been the Rabbi of Congregation Roeh Israel in Denver, Colorado. Burt’s first wife, Sylvia, went to be with the Lord in 1997. He and new wife, Mary, live with on a ranch east of Denver Colorado.

Bagels and Blessings is weekly Messianic Jewish radio program hosted by Ethel Chadwick and aired in the Rochester, New York. The show is aired on 990 AM WDCX in the local Rochester area and can also be heard online at

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