Wise Money Israel to give seminars on Investing in Israel

23 June 2017 Written by  Wise Money Israel Staff
Wise Money Israel Founder and CEO Evan Liberman will be holding several important “Invest in Israel” seminars in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Georgia to educate the Messianic community on the Biblical and economic foundation for investing in Israel. The seminar demonstrate why it is imperative in today’s volatile financial climate to diversify some funds out of Wall Street, and to include stocks and bonds in Israel denominated in the Shekel. These hour-long talks are being held at local Messianic congregations and international conference, and are followed by Q&A sessions to address common questions.

Son of former MJAA President Paul Liberman and the first Messianic Jewish Registered Investment Advisor in Israel, Evan’s Israeli believer-staffed asset management firm assists individuals and couples, IRA/401k/457/303b/TSP holders, organizations and companies around the world to invest in solid Israeli stocks and bonds through investment accounts at Israel’s largest brokerage firms. 

The seminars are free, with no obligation to open an investment account.

Invest in Israel seminars will be held at:

Israel: Start-Up Nation – A Unique Economy class will be held at:

Wise Money Israel will also be hosting a Marketplace booth July 2-8 (2:00pm-6:00pm, 9:00+ at the MJAA Messiah ’17 National Conference; 1 College Ave, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; (610) 338-0482

If you’re considering opening an Israeli investment account, please bring your passport and driver’s licenses as identification.

For more information:

  • Go to www.wisemoneyisrael.com
  • Previously recorded seminar here
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: +972-54-7931830

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