3 things Jews are doing to Arabs that will shock you  Feb. 19, 2017

It has been reported that some 500,000 Syrians have been killed in the six-year-old civil war. This has created a refugee problem numbering more than 10,000,000. Yet, it is the country on Syria’s southern border—her mortal enemy, Israel—that has done more for the refugees and for those wounded in attacks, than Arab countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Israel agrees to take 100 Syrian Orphans

According to an Amnesty International report, these countries have not taken in even one Syrian refugee. And yet, Israel is preparing to receive 100 Syrian refugee orphans. (Note: some of the nations listed dispute the Amnesty report.)

It does seem quite strange that you would take in refugees from a country that would love to see you eliminated from the face of the earth. In fact, the L.A. Times published an article back in 2015 entitled: One country that won’t be taking Syrian refugees: Israel.

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JNN News Update Feb. 19, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 19, 2017

INVESTORS SAY ISRAELI ECONOMY STANDS TO GAIN FROM WARMER TREATMENT JEWISH STATE WILL RECEIVE FROM TRUMP: According to the American MarketWatch web-site report, exchange-traded funds that track the Israeli equity market have flourished since Donald Trump won the Nov. 2016 presidential election. “The Trump administration has repeatedly signaled that it is going to treat Israel as a major USA ally and strategic asset. While the Obama administration maintained security ties between the countries, you didn’t always get this kind of language,” MarketWatch quoted Steven Schoenfeld - chief investment officer of BlueStar Indexes - as saying. “With a closer relationship, Israel will benefit not only in terms of investor perception, but also tangibly.” Schoenfeld further noted that the Israeli technology and defense stocks are in the highest demand. “If the Trump administration moves forward with its own initiatives on border security, military spending or intelligence, Israeli companies are likely to benefit from that,” he said. “The Israeli tech scene is second only to Silicon Valley, and it includes many of the biggest cybersecurity and ‘actionable intelligence’ companies that trade. The focus on closer security ties between the USA and Israel may mean bigger orders for Israel’s military or the militaries of its allies.” Any Trump administration policy initiatives regarding the peace process with the Palestinians, Schoenfeld stated, will have “minimal impact” on the Israeli economy. “There could be strife, but every time there’s geopolitical issues like that the market takes a short-term hit and brushes it off,” he said. “If there’s civil unrest, that doesn’t mean Check Point will export less software.” The report was published the same day Trump met with visiting PM Netanyahu at the White House. (Algemeiner)

OUR CROWD GLOBAL INVESTOR SUMMIT IN JERUSALEM: Over 6,000 guests from 82 countries attended the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, held Thurs. 16 Feb. 2017 at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. Now in its third year, the summit hosts thousands of investors, venture and corporate partners, entrepreneurs, global delegations, industry leaders and members of the press. According to OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved, OurCrowd is the leading global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. “OurCrowd provides post-investment support to its portfolio companies, assigns industry experts as mentors, and takes board seats,” said Medved. “The OurCrowd community of almost 17,000 investors from over 110 countries has invested over $400 million into 110 portfolio companies and funds.” Medved said Thursday’s summit was the largest equity crowdfunding conference in the world, and Israel’s largest investor event ever. “We have twice the number of attendees that we had last year, giving proof to the tremendous vitality and dynamism in the global equity crowdfunding market,” he said. The theme of this year’s summit was “The Future is Here,” and featured over 60 booths demonstrating a variety of frontier technologies, including industrial drones, companion care robots, tracking devices with centimeter accuracy, and phone-based glucose monitors. (J.Post)

ISRAEL’S ECONOMY POSTS STRONGEST QUARTER SINCE 2013: Israel’s economy had its strongest quarterly performance since 2013, the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics said on 16 Feb. 2017. The economy grew by an annualized 6.2 percent in the last quarter of 2016, 4.2% in the third quarter, and 5.3% in the second quarter. The increase in gross domestic product in the second half of 2016 reflected a 3.5-% increase in public consumption, and 2.9% growth in private consumption per capita. Israel’s exports of goods and services, excluding diamonds and start-ups, were up 4.5% in 2016, and investments in fixed assets climbed 10.2%. Imports of goods and services went up 10.6% in the second half of 2016, the report said. (Algemeiner) “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” Ps. 35:27

NETANYAHU AFTER TRUMP MEETING: ‘PRESIDENT UNDERSTANDS THE COMMON THREAT POSED BY IRAN’: The United States and Israel have a “grand mission” to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the Jewish state’s leader told Fox News on 16 Feb. 2017. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu - fresh off his White House meeting with USA President Donald Trump - said, “Since the signing of the nuclear deal, Iran has become more aggressive, more deadly, sponsoring more terrorism and with more money, a lot more money. And people are saying, wait a minute, this roaring tiger, if it’s not stopped, will devour all of us. We’re all prey to this militant Islamic regime that will arm itself with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could reach you. They’ve killed Americans all over the place. They sponsor terrorism against Americans all over the place. Now they’re going to build ICBM that can reach the United States and have the multiple warheads to do that. It’s dangerous for America, dangerous for Israel, dangerous for the Arabs. Everyone now understands it, and there is an American president who understands it, and we are talking about what to do about this common threat.” The prime minister called his White House visit this week “historical” and described his encounter with Trump as “a meeting of the minds and a meeting of the hearts. (Algemeiner/Fox) In a past report , a media interviewer had this to say: “I recently asked one of his advisers to gauge for me the depth of Mr. Netanyahu’s anxiety about Iran. His answer was to think in terms of Amalek – a nation that wished to wipe out the Jews.” Amalek was the first to make war against Israel, attacking the rear guard of the Israelites on their deliverance from Egypt. Jewish tradition hold the Amalekites are the undying foe of the Jews. “Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner. He said, ‘Because hands were lifted up against the throne of the Lord, the Lord will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation’” Ex. 17: 15-16

LIBERMAN: THE THREE MAIN PROBLEMS ARE IRAN, IRAN, IRAN: Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman met on Friday 17 Feb. 2017, in Munich with USA Secretary of Defense James Mattis. It was the first meeting between the two since Mattis assumed office. Mattis and Liberman said they plan to engage in an open and honest dialogue, and to cooperate in order to strengthen Israel's security and preserve American interests in the region. During the meeting, the two ministers discussed a series of issues, led by Iran. Liberman said, “The three main problems with which we have to deal are Iran, Iran, Iran. We must build a real and effective coalition that can deal with the terrorism that it is spreading around the world, with its development of missiles and with its nuclear arms race.” Liberman continued, “North Korea and Iran are the two ends of the axis of evil in which Hezbollah and the Assad regime are also integrated, and Iran is the common thread.” The two ministers agreed that firm action must be taken against Iran. The ministers concluded the meeting by saying that the United States and Israel are true allies that will continue to work together to maintain the common interests to both countries. They agreed to meet again soon. (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL AND ARAB STATES COMBATING COMMON THREAT OF RADICAL ISLAM AND NUCLEAR IRAN: In a media interview before returning to Israel, PM Netanyahu spoke about his successful meeting with President Trump, as well as the growing support and future alliances of Arab states with the State of Israel, speaking at length of the threat of nuclear Iran to the globe. On Israel’s growing relations with Arab states, particularly Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates, Netanyahu spoke of Israel and Arab states as combating the same threat of radical Islam. He went on to state that “Radical Islam has two fountainheads: The radical Sunnis led by ISIS and before that, by Al Qaida, and the radical Shiites led by Iran. The Arab countries are threatened by both, and when they look around they say ‘who is going to help us from these twin threats?’ Well, there is one country in the region that’s powerful, that’s determined, that’s resolved to fight this common enemy- and that is Israel. So they don’t view us anymore as their enemy, but increasingly they see us as their ally against a common threat.” When asked specifically about Israel’s forging alliances with the Saudis, Egyptians and Jordanians in relation to Iran’s efforts to gain “hegemony in the region”, Netanyahu stated, “That’s an understatement. They think Iran will cut their throats- and they are right.” He referred the threat of a nuclear Iran to the globe as a “roaring tiger,” that “if it not stopped, it will devour all of us.”

On USA-Israel relations under the Obama Administration, Netanyahu stated, “We had our differences-the most important was on Iran. The Arab countries sort of whispered things in the dark. I had to speak out for everyone in the region. But now, it is not just in the region- people understand that Iran is a malevolent force and if the nuclear deal with Iran is kept, the deal essentially says: no bomb today, 100 bombs in 10 years. And Iran doesn’t change its attitude. Iran has become more aggressive, more deadly, sponsoring more terrorism,” emphasizing “with a lot more money,” referring to economic growth and partnership between Iran with European states, most recently Sweden. (Kehila News) Intercede that the menace of the Islamic Republic posed to Israel, the USA and Arab nations will cement an alliance between them to deal effectively with this common threat.

JANUARY TALLY OF TERRORIST ATTACKS IN ISRAEL BLOODIEST IN 6 MONTHS: The slaying of five Israelis by Palestinian terrorists made that month the deadliest since June 2016, according to the Shin Bet security service. Four of the victims were killed by a terrorist in Jerusalem on 8 Jan. 2017 when the assailant drove his truck into a crowd of soldiers near the Armon Hanatziv building in the neighborhood of East Talpiot. Another man was killed the previous week in Haifa. A total of 100 attacks recorded in January left 16 wounded in total, according to Shin Bet’s monthly report, which was published earlier this week. Shin Bet recorded 98 attacks in Dec. 2016. Of the attacks documented last month, 81 involved the hurling of firebombs. (J.Post) Continue to pray against murderous terrorist attacks, especially in and around Jerusalem.

FRANCE PASSES LAW TO PUT OPERATORS OF PRO-LIFE WEB SITES IN PRISON FOR TWO YEARS: On 16 Feb. 2017, the French legislature passed a new law that could jail people who operate pro-life websites that they claim give women “misleading” information to discourage them from having an abortion. “Obstruction to abortion” has already been a crime in France, and the new law applies the existing punishment - up to two years in prison and a €30,000 fine - to online activity. Pro-life attorney Gregor Puppinck, who is based in Europe, explained: “The French administration makes it every day more difficult for pro-life associations to express their ideas and to promote pro-life choices. The mere display on a website of information about the risks of having an abortion, or an attempt to convince women that there are other solutions than abortion would be considered, with the new law, as a criminal offense punishable by up to 2 years of imprisonment and €30,000 fine,” he said. Approximately 220,000 unborn babies are killed in abortions every year in France. (Politico)

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Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff
JNN News Update Feb. 17, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 17, 2017

ISRAEL’S RIGHT HAILS ‘NEW ERA’ AFTER TRUMP, NETANYAHU CONFERENCE: Israel's right wing on Wed. 15 Feb. 2017, welcomed what they called a "new era" following a joint press conference by USA President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in which Trump said he would support a single state if it led to peace -- dropping the long-held public USA stance that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state was the only viable solution to the conflict. Hard-line Education Minister Naftali Bennett wrote on Twitter after the conference: "A new era. New ideas. No need for 3rd Palestinian state beyond Jordan & Gaza. Big day for Israelis & reasonable Arabs. Congrats." Culture Minister Regev wrote on her account: "The construction freeze in Judea & Samaria is over. The freeze in USA-Israel relations is over. A new diplomatic era began in Washington today." Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan also said Trump's remarks "prove we are in a new era. The stances expressed by the president testify to the understanding that the two-state solution is not the only solution for achieving peace and that the moment has come to flip the equation and put the pressure on the Palestinian side, which is the rejectionist side, and send a clear message that rejection of peace and teaching of hate and violence will have a price." (i24)

DEPUTY FM HOTOVELY: ‘TWO-STATE EPOCH HAS ENDED’: Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely referred to the press briefing in Washington between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu on 15 Feb. 2017 and said that "the press conference with Netanyahu and Trump this evening ushers in a new era of statesmanship and initiates the idea of a regional solution. I welcome the fact that for the first time in 25 years there is an American desire to think afresh and to respect the Israeli interest which was determined by the people of Israel." Hotovely added that "the two-state epoch has ended. The prime minister is talking now about new ways of achieving peace." She described the political commentators as "shocked by the thought that finally pressure won't be exerted on Israel and we will be able to shape our future according to our national interests." (Arutz-7) “The nations shall see your vindication and all the kings your glory.” Isa 62:2

TRUMP AT JOINT WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE WITH NETANYAHU: PALESTINIANS MUST STOP TEACHING HATE: The Palestinians “have to get rid of some of the hate they are taught from a very young age” before a peace deal with Israel can be reached, USA President Donald Trump said on Wed. 15 Feb. 2017. “They’re taught tremendous hate,” Trump stated at a joint White House press conference with visiting PM Netanyahu. “I’ve seen what they’re taught. It starts at a very young age and it starts in the schoolroom. They have to acknowledge Israel; they’re going to have to do that. There is no way a deal could be made if they’re not ready to acknowledge a very, very great and important country.” Earlier at the East Room event, Trump turned to Netanyahu and said, “As far as settlements, I’d like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. We’ll work something out. But I’d like to see a deal be made. It might be a bigger and better deal than people in this room even understand. That’s a possibility. So let’s see what we do.” Netanyahu then chimed in tersely, “Let’s try,” to which Trump replied, “That doesn’t sound too optimistic.” Both Trump and Netanyahu touted the idea of rethinking the traditional paradigm of Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. (Algemeiner) It is an important turning point that a USA president finally has addressed the issue of Palestinian hatred of Israel, taught almost from the cradle. In actuality, beneath the facade of the so called “moderate” Palestinian Authority and Israel’s unrelenting enemy, the Hamas terrorist group, there is little difference. Little has been said in the past by Western leaders regarding ceremonies honoring terrorists, or hate-filled Palestinian text books and children’s television shows. Scant mention has been made of how the wide-spread and ongoing malice in Palestinian Authority society shatters Israel’s trust that Palestinians have any plans for future Arab generations living side by side with her in harmony. Intercede that changes will be made in the education of the Palestinian young that make peace a goal in their hearts and minds, rather than the jihad destruction of the Jewish State.

NETANYAHYU: ‘WE CAN SEIZE A HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY’: “For the first time in my lifetime, and the first time in the life of my country, Arab countries do not see Israel as an enemy, but increasingly, as an ally, said Israeli PM Netanyahu at a White House conference with USA President Trump on 15 Feb. 2017. “This change in our region creates an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen security and advance peace. I believe that the great opportunity for peace comes from a regional approach, from involving our newfound Arab partners in pursuit of a broader peace and peace with the Palestinians,” the prime minister went on to say. On the same matter, Trump stated, “We have been discussing that. It is something that is very different and hasn’t been discussed before. It’s actually a much bigger deal, a much more important deal, in the sense that it would take in many, many countries and would cover a very large territory. I think it’s a terrific thing. And I think we have some pretty good cooperation from people who in the past would never, ever, have even talked about doing this.” The two prerequisites for peace, Netanyahu stated - Palestinian recognition of the Jewish state and Israel maintaining security control over all land west of the Jordan River. (Algemeiner)

NETANYAHU PRAISES TRUMP AS LEADER TO DEFEAT RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM: At a joint press conference Tues. 14 Feb. 2017, Israeli PM Netanyahu said President Trump was the right leader to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. “Under your leadership I believe we can reverse the rising tide of radical Islam,” Netanyahu told the president during his first visit to the White House since Trump took office. The prime minister commended the president for showing “great courage in confronting this threat head-on.” During the campaign, Trump ran on a strong pro-Israel platform and vowed to make defeating the terrorist army, ISIS, a top priority of his administration. He frequently criticized former President Obama, who had a strained relationship with Israel, and avoided even saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” (Washington Times)

TRUMP PROMISES ISRAEL: ‘IRAN WILL NEVER GET THE BOMB’: President Donald Trump hailed the United States' "unbreakable" bond with Israel on Wed. 15 Feb. 2017 and promised PM Netanyahu that Iran would never be permitted to build a nuclear weapon. Trump's vow was designed to address Israeli concerns over the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, which Netanyahu has warned expires too soon to permanently remove the threat. "The security challenges faced by Israel are enormous, including the threat of Iran's nuclear ambitions, which I've talked a lot about," he said. "One of the worst deals I've ever seen is the Iran deal. My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing -- I mean ever -- a nuclear weapon." Critics of the agreement, including Netanyahu, have argued then when some of the terms of the deal expire in 10 and 15 years it will leave Tehran on the threshold of building a bomb. (Yahoo)

SHADOWY IRANIAN GENERAL VISITS MOSCOW, VIOLATING SANCTIONS: A shadowy Iranian general responsible for the deaths of nearly 500 Americans traveled to Moscow on 15 Feb. 2017, to meet with high-ranking Russian officials -- a trip that violated multiple UN resolutions forbidding him from leaving his country, numerous western intelligence officials with direct knowledge of the visit told media sources. Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani arrived in Vnukovo airport outside Moscow and was scheduled to remain in Russia for a few days for meetings, officials said. This is Soleimani’s third trip to Moscow following visits in April and July 2015. Soleimani is thought to be the mastermind behind Iran’s proxy war in Syria in order to prop up the Assad regime. Soleimani met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu days after the Iranian nuclear deal was agreed to in Vienna. Iran has been a key ally along with Russia in Syria, working together to shore up support for Syrian President Assad against opposition fighters, some of who are backed by the United States.

The Quds Force, which Soleimani heads, is the special operations wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, responsible for supporting terrorist proxy forces across the Middle East. Soleimani reports directly to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Soleimani was first designated a terrorist and sanctioned by the USA in 2005 for his role as a supporter of terrorism. In October 2011, the USA Treasury Department tied Soleimani to the failed Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States at a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C. UN Resolution 1747 prohibits Soleimani to travel, and any country that lets him transit or travel is also defying sanctions. Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and would be a aware of the restrictions against meeting him. During his confirmation hearing before Congress in 2015, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford said many Americans were killed by Iranian-backed forces under the command of Soleimani. The number is estimated to be about 500. (Fox)

OVER 100 MEMBERS OF INDIAN ‘LOST JEWISH TRIBE’ TO MAKE ALIYA THIS WEEK: Thirty members of India’s Bnei Menashe Jewish community landed in Israel on Tues. evening, 14 Feb. 2017, the first in a group of 102 due to immigrate to Israel this week. The aliya is being facilitated by the Jerusalem-based organization Shavei Israel, which works to strengthen ties between the Jewish people and descendants of Jews around the world. The 102 new immigrants arriving this week all hail from the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, which borders Myanmar and Bangladesh and is home to the second-largest concentration of Bnei Menashe in India after the state of Manipur. The olim plan to make their homes in Nazareth Illit, following in the footsteps of other members of the Bnei Menashe community. Shavei Israel Founder Michael Freund said this week’s arrivals mark the launch of Operation Menashe 2017. “Over the course of the coming year, with God’s help, we will bring a total of more than 700 Bnei Menashe immigrants to Israel – the largest-ever airlift in a single year,” Freund added. “After 27 centuries of exile, this lost tribe of Israel is truly coming home. But we will not rest until all the remaining Bnei Menashe still in India are able to make aliya as well.” (J.Post) “He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel; He will assemble the scattered people of Judah from the four quarters of the earth” Isa. 11:12. Pray for Israel’s new arrivals from India. May they quickly adapt, learn the language, find housing and employment and enjoy their new home all the days of their lives.

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.
From darkness to light: Story of Israeli Messianic artist Shoshana Silver  Feb. 17, 2017

Born in New York and raised in Miami with conservative Jewish parents and a religious grandfather, artist Shoshana Silver found her own path to Yeshua in 1978. Her journey exemplifies how the Good Shepherd seeks and saves the lost and those seeking him — even though the person himself doesn’t yet know it.

As an art student in university, Silver applied for further study, but was rejected by seven universities and placed on a waiting list of the eighth one, Albany. A private art teacher of hers, an Albany graduate, intervened and helped her get accepted. It was Silver’s last choice, but she accepted. Little did she know that God had a plan.

“During my studies in Albany I found myself in severe crisis and couldn’t paint at all. I was in pieces, and had no idea what to present for my finals,” she told KNI.

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JNN News Update Feb. 16, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 16, 2017

HAMAS ELECTS NEW RADICAL LEADER IN GAZA: Yahya Sinwar has been elected to lead Hamas in the Gaza Strip after internal elections were held for the organization's institutional and leadership positions. Sinwar was one of the most senior officials released by Israel in the Shalit deal in which hundreds of terrorists and political prisoners were released in exchange for the return of captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. He has developed a reputation as being among the most radical in Hamas, calling since his release for further kidnappings of IDF soldiers, and is thought of as the link between the military and political wing of the terror organization. With his ascent to power, Sinwar will take the reins to rule the Strip from Khaled Mashal. (Ynet) Terrorist murderers released in prisoner swap deals notoriously return to their terrorist occupations despite signing promises to refrain from doing so. They receive the status of Palestinians heroes, and, as in the case of Yahya Sinwar, rise to the ranks of elected Palestinian leaders. As such, it is a reflection of the values of the society and officials who put such men into power. Pray there will be growing numbers of Palestinians who weary of terrorist leaders and their focus on destruction of Israel, rather than on building better lives for their own citizens.

LAWMAKERS SAY THAT ELECTING SINWAR REVEALS HAMAS’ INTENTIONS TO START A NEW ROUND OF VIOLENCE: Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman and also a former Shin Bet director, MK Avi Dichter (Likud), said that Hamas elected a leader, Yahya Sinwar, in Gaza who is a murderer by all means. "Even when he was in prison he continued his activities – he lives for killing," said Dichter. "This appearance that Hamas has a political branch and a military branch was always wrong and today it's officially gone." Dichter added that "Hamas leadership sees the world through the rockets, the tunnels and the attacks on Israel. This is what they wish for." Dr. Kobi Michael, former Deputy Director General at Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, said Sinwar "represents the most radical and extreme line of Hamas," and is affiliated with, and favors support from, Iran. Describing Sinwar as a "bitter enemy" of Egypt, Michael said Sinwar also favored cooperation with ISIS affiliates fighting the Egyptian Army in Sinai. (J.Post)

BEREAVED FATHER: ‘WE WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN’: Ron Karman, the father of Tal Karman who was murdered in 2003 by a suicide bomber on a bus in Haifa, spoke with media sources about the appointment of Yiahya Sinwar to Hamas leadership. Sinwar was released from Israeli jail as a result of the Shalit deal in October 2011. He had been given four life sentences for murdering Palestinian policemen and was also involved in the capture and murder of IDF soldier Nachshon Wachsman in 1994. “We fought against the release of terrorists and warned that more would join the ranks of the bereaved, and now another graduate of Israeli jails is becoming a leader of Hamas,” Karman said. “It hurts to say, ‘We told you so’ every time, but we thought that there were other ways to get Gilad Shalit back to Israel.” Karman pointed out the heavy price that terror victims pay. “In a number of days, on March 3, it will be 14 years since Tal was murdered along with 17 others. Imagine what it’s like to hold a memorial service and have to coordinate with so many other bereaved families, all going to the gravesite. We need to coordinate among ourselves the memorial service times so that they don’t overlap, it’s a painful reality which, unfortunately, is the lot of many terror victims in the country,” the bereaved father said. (Arutz-7)

TWO PALESTINIANS KILLED IN GAZA TUNNELS: Hamas said on 13 Feb. 2017 that one of its fighters, Ahmad Asaad Shihada al-Barim, 22, from Khan Yunis, was killed when a "resistance tunnel" collapsed. The term "resistance tunnel" generally indicates terrorist tunnels between Gaza and Israel. Separately, the Palestinian Information Center said the same day that Mumin Abu Hamid was killed when Egyptian forces flooded a smuggling tunnel between Gaza and Egypt. (Ma'an News-PA) “He who is pregnant with evil and conceives trouble gives birth to disillusionment. He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made.” Ps 7:14-15

‘SECRETARY OF STATE TILLERSON, STOP FUNDING TERROR!’: A new investigation by the Israeli organization "Shurat Hadin", an Israel-based civil rights organization and world leader in combating terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them, has revealed that the grant funds transferred by the American administration to Gaza in the last few years to promote reconstruction were instead diverted to terror activity and to sources that identify with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The investigation demonstrated that through an organization posing as a Palestinian humanitarian aid agency, millions of dollars were transferred over the last few years to educational and welfare institutions identified with Hamas, which is considered a terror organization by the USA. In the wake of the latest revelations, Shurat Hadin appealed to the new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, demanding a cessation of funding to the aid agencies that effectively aid terror organizations by providing funds for Jihadist educational and welfare activities. In 2015 the bogus organization received grants of $28 million USA and in 2016, $24 million USA. Additionally, Shurat Hadin demands that the Secretary of State require the organization to be transparent about its funding activities. (Arutz-7)

ISRAEL QUIETLY WITHDRAWS AMBASSADOR FROM EGYPT ‘OVER SECURITY CONCERNS’: Israel quietly withdrew its ambassador from Egypt several weeks ago, according to Israeli officials. Sources in Egypt said Ambassador David Govrin was pulled out of the country at the end of last year over concerns about his security. The ambassador is currently working from Jerusalem and the Israeli government hopes that he will be able to return to his post soon. It is not clear what the security concerns were but Egypt has been wracked by a series of terror attacks in the last year. The case highlights the difficulties Israel faces in carrying out diplomatic work in Egypt, which along with Jordan is the only Arab country to have diplomatic ties to the Jewish state. Israel and Egypt established diplomatic relations in 1980 after thirty years of war but the relationship is sometimes referred to as “a cold peace”. While the two governments cooperate closely on security issues their citizens rarely visit each other’s countries and anti-Israeli sentiments still run high in Egypt. (UK Telegraph)

LE PEN: ‘IF ELECTED, FRENCH JEWS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETAIN ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP’: French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, from the far-right Front National party said that if she is elected, people holding dual French and Israeli citizenship would have to give up one of their nationalities. The remark was made during an interview with French media sources last week, where the candidate said that she would not allow French citizens to hold dual citizenship in non-European countries, adding that "Israel is not a European Union country.” Le Pen noted that such a policy would not be about Jews but rather about French Israelis, "to whom I ask to choose their nationality." Former MK Shmuel Plato Sharon, reported that conversations with Jews in France reveal that should Le Pen be elected to the high office, they will leave France. Sharon notes that the Le Pen family has been immersed in French politics for fifty years, and that Marine's father is nothing but a fascist who not only does not like Jews, but "hates Jews". “In contrast to her father,” says Sharon, “the daughter maintains a policy of smiles and announces that she has nothing against Jews, but in reality conducts a policy that emanates from her father's worldview. There are six-hundred-thousand Jews in France, and many of them are well-situated. If she wins I can guarantee that within a year, three-hundred-thousand of them will be here.” (J.Post)

PM TO DEMAND POLLARD BE ALLOWED TO COME TO ISRAEL: Israel’s PM Netanyahu is presently in Washington scheduled for meetings with USA President Donald Trump. Among other issues the two leaders will be addressing, Netanyahu will ask Trump to be more lenient with Jonathan Pollard's parole conditions. Pollard, who is living in New York after serving a heavy 30-year sentence in an American jail, was forbidden to immigrate to Israel. In November 2015 Pollard was released with restrictive conditions for the first five years after his release, including a prohibition on leaving a certain part of New York City, an electronic chip monitoring his whereabouts at all times, nighttime house arrest, continuous monitoring of his computer at work and at home, and a prohibition on contacting the media. (INN) Imprisoned for 30 years for having passed information to Israel about terrorist activity, Pollard's sentence is viewed by many as harsh. He was sentenced to life in prison on one charge of passing classified information to a friendly nation, a crime generally punished with a 2 to 4-year prison term. Pray for the easing of Pollard’s restrictive conditions and that he and his wife may to be able to come to Israel - and to live here if they desire.

WINTER RETURNS TO ISRAEL: Tens of millimeters of precipitation rained down on Israel early Monday morning, 13 Feb, 2017, with rain, hail, and even snowfall in north and center of the country. Parts of northern and central Israel, particularly along the coast, were hit by waves of hail, leaving a carpet of white ice. Snow fell overnight and early Monday morning on Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heights. Stormy conditions continued through Tuesday. The rainy weather will persist across the country through Wednesday and Thursday, with continuing snowfall expected in the Hermon and other mountains in northern Israel. (INN) When He thunders, the waters in the heavens roar; He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth. He sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses. Jer. 51:16

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.
JNN News Update Feb. 14, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 14, 2017

NETANYAHU TO DISCUSS IRAN, NOT ANNEXATION, WITH TRUMP: PM Binyamin Netanyahu traveled to Washington on Mon. 13 Feb. 2017, for a series of meetings with senior White House officials and lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The Prime Minister has been slated to meet with both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Based on reports, Netanyahu will emphasize the Iranian nuclear deal and the Iranian regime's attempts to destabilize the Middle East. Netanyahu has urged President Trump to place the Iranian conundrum at the top of his Middle East agenda. Regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict, senior political officials said Netanyahu will offer to restart negotiations with the Palestinian Authority – so long as they have no preconditions. Netanyahu will emphasize, however, that since he took office nearly eight years ago, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused calls for direct negotiations without preconditions, and is unlikely to change his position. On construction in Jewish communities across Judea & Samaria, Netanyahu has indicated he needs to clarify Trump’s position on the matter. Significant policy changes in Judea & Samaria, such as annexation of major towns or large construction projects outside of the ‘consensus blocs’ will not be raised during the meeting. Officials say the Prime Minister is unsure of President Trump’s position on Israeli construction in and control of Judea & Samaria, and is hoping to test the waters without raising core issues directly. (Arutz-7) Pray for this week’s meetings between USA President Trump and Israel’s PM Netanyahu that there will be ground laid for addressing Iran’s ongoing support for terrorism, hostility towards Israel and the West and defiant testing of ballistic missiles. Pray also that there will be clarity of understanding between the two leaders regarding construction across Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria

NETANYAHU TELLS ISRAELIS TO CALM DOWN OVER TRUMP MEETING: Israel’s PM Netanyahu is meeting with USA President Donald Trump in Washington on Wed. 15 Feb. 2017. Right-wing Israelis especially are anxious over the gathering, hoping that Netanyahu will take advantage of Trump’s sympathy for Israel to end the charade of the land-for-peace process. And if he doesn’t, Netanyahu could be in for a political firestorm at home. Education Minister Naftali Bennett wrote on Facebook that if Netanyahu and Trump come out of the meeting and mention a commitment to the two-state solution, “it will impact us directly for years to come. It will be an earthquake.” Like many Israelis, Bennett sees in Trump an opportunity for Israel to wrest itself free from a destructive peace process that has only brought decades of escalated conflict and bloodshed. At Sunday’s 12 Feb. 2017 cabinet meeting, Netanyahu tried to downplay the significance of the discussions, insisting that even with a president like Trump, there are limitations. “I understand that there is great excitement in advance of this meeting, driven by various motivations. But I only have one motivation: My utmost consideration is to ensure Israel’s security and strengthen our relationship with the United States as well as the joint interests that stand behind it,” Netanyahu told his ministers. “To think that there are no limits with Trump is a mistake,” he added. “After eight years of complicated maneuvering in the Obama era, we need to continue to act judiciously during the Trump era.” (Israel Today) Pray that patience among Israel’s leaders and citizens will prevail during the early months of USA President’s Trump’s presidency as he continues to familiarize himself with the critical issues in the Middle East through his advisers and also leaders in the region – but also that the subject of Israel’s major-block settlements, their expansion and eventual annexation will not be swept under the rug. Intercede that solid networks of trust and friendship will be established between Israel and the Trump administration wherever it is merited.

HOTOVERLY CALLS FOR GRADUAL SOVEREIGNTY: Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) on Sunday 12 Feb. 2017, expressed hope that PM Netanyahu would act to apply gradual sovereignty over Judea & Samaria. "In the years when we did not dare to ask for sovereignty we lost. We lost justice, truth, the Israeli story. In the years when we told the world that we can resolve the matter in a compromise because we are a peace loving nation, we did not engage in a struggle for justice in Israel. We learned the hard way that you cannot divide the country. We uprooted Gush Katif and we received the terrible Gaza which is bad for both Israelis and Palestinians," she continued, adding that during a meeting with Netanyahu last week, she urged him to apply sovereignty. "It can be done in a gradual manner, starting with the greater Jerusalem area and from there applying Israeli law on the entire settlement enterprise and later to sovereignty from the sea to the Jordan. We represent half a million people who want the law which applies to them to be the Israeli law and not the Civil Administration and the military regime. It is the settlers who are really under occupation, and it's time to end the occupation.” Hotovely noted that while the Iranian issue is an important one which Netanyahu should discuss during his meeting with President Trump this week, "it is more important to tell the world why we are here, because when we tell our truth, we’ll have stability all around us.” (Arutz-7)

MK YEHUDA GLICK: ISRAEL’S SUPREME COURT ‘HAS BECOME A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY’: Knesset Member, Yehuda Glick (Likud) criticized the Supreme Court on Sunday 12 Feb. 2017, as he expressed his support for a bill which would prevent the court from overturning laws passed by the Knesset. In a radio interview, Glick said: "This is a situation in which there is an existential threat to our democracy. There is an election for legislators every four years. When the Supreme Court has decided that it will decide what is good for us, then unfortunately, the Supreme Court has become a threat to democracy. Once again the Supreme Court annuls laws, and it is not entirely clear where that authority comes from. We need to get back to a reality in which there is a balance and each side knows its limitations. As soon as the Supreme Court shows that it preempts authority and rules independently, and does not allow a place for democracy, we must bring this phenomenon to a halt," Glick said. (INN) Intercede that the proposed bill which would prevent Israel’s Supreme Court from overturning laws passed by the Knesset will be passed and put into effect. In addition to undermining and annulling laws passed by duly elected and appointed Knesset members, Israel’ court receives millions of dollars from European governments and foreign-backed NGO’s used to defend terrorists and their families.

‘EUROPE SHOULD STOP UNDERMINING ISRAEL’S SOVEREIGNTY’: A new report shows how European governments defend terrorists in Israel's Supreme Court. The report focuses on the NGO "HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual," which submits dozens of petitions to the Supreme Court on behalf of terrorists and their families. The report aims to raise public awareness about the phenomenon of foreign-government backed NGOs operating in Israel’s Supreme Court in order to alter Israeli policy, specifically in regards to state-sanctioned home demolitions as a means to deter terrorism. The flood of petitions submitted to the Supreme Court hampers the ability of the IDF and Defense Ministry to operate. This sentiment was echoed in 2016 by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman: "There is currently a war of legal attrition being waged by international bodies funded by other international elements, including European countries." According to the report, from 2012-2016 HaMoked received over 15,500,000 NIS from the European Union, United Nations, and 11 European governments: Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition, from 2008-2012 HaMoked received nearly 3,000,000 NIS from the New Israel Fund, and in 2014, HaMoked received 3,300,000 NIS from a Palestinian-Arab foundation based in Ramallah. The new report released by the "Im Tirtzu" movement exposes the industry of foreign government-funded lawfare that works to provide protection for terrorists in court. Arutz-7) Im Tirtzu is an extra-parliamentary movement that works to strengthen and advance the values of Zionism in Israel.

PA TV HOST SLAMS Al-AYYAM NEWSPAPER FOR CALLING WAILING WALL BY ITS JEWISH NAME: A Palestinian Authority television station berated a PA newspaper for referring to the Western Wall as "the Wailing Wall" and implying by the use of that term that the Jewish people have a historical connection with the site. The host of the TV program stated: "The Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam from this morning: 'The Israeli Ministry of Transportation announced that the project for extending the high-speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train line up to the Al-Buraq Wall (i.e., the Wailing Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem, has entered the stage of a feasibility study.' I don't know how Al-Ayyam can write 'Wailing Wall' on its front page, and not even put quotation marks." The PA Ministry of Information issued a book in 2012 instructing journalists and citizens not to engage in "the Israeli and American dissemination of poisoned terms" to describe many objects and places. The Star of David was only to be called the "six pointed star," and the Western Wall was only to be called the "Al-Buraq Wall." Terms which implied a Jewish connection or Jewish presence were to be suppressed. The Ministry of Information also issued guidelines requiring the use of language sanitizing acts of terrorism and murder against Israeli civilians, going so far as to mandate that suicide bombings be referred to as "Martyrdom-seeking operations." (Palestinian Media Watch)

ISRAELIS LEAD SECRET OPERATION TO DELIVER COATS TO REFUGEES IN SYRIA: Refugees in Syria will soon be receiving donated winter supplies - but they won’t know that the coats and boots keeping them warm came from Israel, an enemy state. Any logos or tags featuring Hebrew writing has been removed from the more than 100 tons of supplies collected by three Israeli groups, in order “to protect the effort and the recipients,” according to a statement. The organizers collected about 3,000 boxes of blankets, coats, sleeping bags, gloves, boots and other winter supplies as part of an initiative dubbed “Operation Human Warmth.” The items have been taken to a collection point. From there, a partner aid organization is facilitating the delivery of the goods to the refugees, who won’t know their country of origin. The representative said the delivery date and method could not be revealed due to the sensitive nature of the situation. (J.Post)

ISRAEL MAKES LIST OF BEST COUNTRIES FOR FAMILIES: A new report by InterNations lists the nineteen best countries to raise a family listed Israel third, just behind Finland and the Czech Republic. The UK and USA were not on the list. Each country was rated based on safety, cost of living, childcare availability and affordability, quality of education, and healthcare. Israel was listed in the top three countries, coming in just behind Finland and the Czech Republic. Just behind Israel, in places four and five, were Austria and Sweden. (Arutz-7)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.
JNN News Update Feb. 12, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 12, 2017

PALESTINIAN WOUNDS 6 ISRAELIS IN MARKET ATTACK: A Palestinian teenager, on 9 Feb. 2017, opened fire and stabbed shoppers with a screwdriver at a market in central Israel wounding six people, including a man and woman in their 50s, a man in his 40s, and a woman in her 30s. Most of the victims were shot by the terrorist, while at least one was stabbed. The injuries of all six were said to be light-to-moderate. Police say the terrorist, a 19-year old man from the Palestinian Authority city of Shechem in Samaria, was subdued by civilians at the scene while still carrying his gun. He was then handed over to authorities. A senior EMT who responded to the attack said the market was in “chaos” following the shootings. "There was a riot and chaos when I arrived on the scene. I identified a 30-year old female sitting on a chair at the entrance of a store. She suffered wounds to her limbs but was fully conscious. Ten meters away, there were a male and a female in their 50s, also fully conscious, with wounds to their lower extremities. We provided them with preliminary medical treatment and quickly evacuated them to the hospital." Since 2015, Palestinian attackers have carried out numerous stabbings, shootings and assaults using cars, killing 41 Israelis and two visiting Americans, plus wounding many others. (Fox/INN) Pray for the full physical and emotional recovery of those wounded in Thursday’s attack.

JAMMED GUN SAVES LIVES IN PETAH TIKVA TERROR ATTACK: The terror attack in Petah Tikva Thurs. afternoon 9 Feb. 2017, could have been deadly had the terrorist’s gun not jammed midway into the attack, says an eyewitness. The gunman, a 19-year old resident of the Palestinian Authority city of Shechem in Samaria, opened fire on shoppers at the entrance to the Petah Tikva market at approximately 4:40 p.m., wounding several people before charging into a sewing machine shop. But when the terrorist attempted to open fire at those inside, his firearm jammed and he was unable to continue shooting. At that point, the terrorist grabbed a screwdriver and began stabbing customers. The terrorist was then subdued and handed over to police. (Arutz-7) “Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign Lord comes escape from death” Ps 68:20. Continue to pray that God in His miraculous ways will undermine and avert murderous attacks against innocent Israelis.

TRUMP: “I WANT PEACE BETWEEN THE ISRAELIS AND THE PALESTINIANS”: USA President Donald Trump told Israel media sources on Friday 10 Feb. 2017, "I'm not someone who believes that advancing settlements is good for peace. But we are examining a number of options. No deal is a good deal if it isn't good for all sides. We are currently in a process that has been going on for a long time. Decades. A lot of people think that it can't be done. And a lot of smart people around me claim that you can't reach an agreement. I don't agree. I think we can reach an agreement and that we need to reach an agreement." Trump added that he has no interest in publishing condemnations of Israel during his time as president. "Israel has a long history of condemnations and difficulties. I don't want to condemn Israel during my term. I understand Israel very well and have a lot of appreciation for it. Israelis have gone through very difficult times. I want peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and beyond that I think peace for Israel will be great for Israel, not just good." (Ha'aretz) A society, whose leaders persist in perpetrating hatred and lies against the Jewish state, can never be considered a peace partner with whom Israel can reasonably negotiate. PA run-schools and their textbooks continue to teach children to abhor the Jewish state and to promote its destruction. Terrorists who have murdered and maimed Israelis, including babies and children, are openly glorified as “heroes,” and media incitement against the Jewish state is rampant. Intercede that changes will come from within the Palestinian society that result in softened hearts, educational and media shifts, and a true desire for good relations. Until such transformations occur, peace - as it has and is presently being touted - is only an illusion.

NEW USA GOVERNMENT ISN’T OBSESSED WITH WHERE ISRAEL’S JEWS LIVE: Stories about Israeli settlements invariably generate breathless international headlines, as though there is something uniquely newsworthy about Jews in the Jewish state building homes and schools to accommodate a growing population. It takes a curious derangement to conclude that all would be well in the Middle East if only Israel would stop enlarging Jewish neighborhoods. To its credit, the new USA administration rejects that paradigm, with the White House spokesman saying days ago that the president and his foreign-policy team "don't believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace." Palestinian rejectionism has always been the insurmountable impediment to Middle East peace - not Jewish housing. (Boston Globe) Pray Israel will stand strong in its resolve to provide much needed housing for its citizens and peruse its rights to expand long standing, well established and thriving Jewish communities – despite international unmerited and lopsided disapproval.

POLL: MOST EUROPEANS SUPPORT MUSLIM IMMIGRATION BAN: A majority of Europeans would support a ban on further migration from mainly Muslim countries, a poll of more than 10,000 people in 10 countries finds, according to NBC News. An average of 55 percent of those Europeans surveyed for the London-based think tank Chatham House agreed that immigration from Muslim-majority countries should be halted. The poll, released on 7 Feb. 2017, comes after a string of terrorist attacks across Europe which were linked to radical Islam, as well as record-setting levels of migration that have created social tensions across the continent. Majorities in all but two of the 10 countries polled supported a ban, ranging from 71% in Poland, to 53% in Germany, 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain. In no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32%, noted NBC News. Chatham House said the findings were "striking and sobering", adding that the figures "suggest that public opposition to further migration from predominantly Muslim states is by no means confined to Trump's electorate." The Chatham House poll, was carried out between 12 Dec. 2016, and 11 Jan. 2017, and involved 10,195 respondents. It was carried out before USA President Trump took office and implemented his executive order, which temporarily bans travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations until proper vetting measures are formulated. (NBC/Arutz-7)

ARAB COUNTRIES OFFER LIMP OPPOSITION TO TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDER: There are apparently voices in Arab countries supporting the executive order which President Trump is trying to enforce against the entry of nationals to the USA from seven countries defined as "encouraging terror". Researchers of the MEMRI organization have gathered a number of statements in this vein over the past few days which testify to the fissure in the Arab world. They also cited the fact that the Arab League did not loudly protest the president's directive but offered a laconic statement on the matter. Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan have also kept silent as they wish to maintain cordial relations with the new administration. Saudi Arabia has offered audible support for the president's initiative. Saudi Energy Minister Khaled Al-Falah said in a BBC interview that it was not directed against Islam and that "it is the right of America to ensure the security of its nation." Another senior Arab quoted by MEMRI is the Foreign Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who said that "there is no doubt that countries have the right to take sovereign decisions. America took a step within the framework of these sovereign decisions.” MEMRI estimates that the reason Trump's move is being supported by these nations is due to the fact that the directive included Iran together with six other Arab countries - Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. The UAE and Saudia Arabia have very strained relations with Iran and therefore support Trump's initiative. (Arutz-7)

IRAQI ARCHBISHOP BACKS TRUMP TRAVEL BAN, HOPES FOR AID TO CHRISTIANS: The Archbishop for the Christian community in Iraq said President Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from terror hotspots is a good thing and will help minority religious groups in the region. Bashar Warda, the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Erbil in Iraq, said as long as Trump's executive order includes special preferences for all victims of ISIS, it can be a positive for Christians in the region, whose plight Trump has been sympathetic to. “That said, the fact that an American administration seems to know that there are Christians and other religious minorities here who need help is something I find heartening. I hope this means that we will no longer be excluded from USA government and UN aid, which our people desperately need.” Warda, a key figure in the beleaguered Iraqi Christian community, has been vocal in the past about the lack of assistance from the previous Obama administration to Christians and other minorities in the region. Now, he hopes the current administration in Washington has started a helpful dialogue. “How is it possible that a community suffered genocide that has seen its numbers decline by more than 8 in 10 in a little over a decade, receives nothing at all from the American government that is funding countless humanitarian projects for internally displaced persons in this country?” he said.

The Nineveh Plain region, also known as the Plain of Mosul, has been the ancestral homeland of Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac Christians, Yazidis and other minorities -- all of who were under attack from ISIS since the terror group rose in 2014. These ethnic and religious minority groups were driven from the Plain when ISIS attempted to establish their caliphate. The Christian population in Iraq alone has plummeted from 1.5 million in 2003 to current estimates of 275,000 and could be gone for good within five years if no action is taken, according to a Nov. 2015 report from international Catholic sources. The dwindling numbers are due to genocide, refugees fleeing to other countries, and internal displacement. (Fox) Urgent is the need for ongoing intercession for the plight of persecuted Christians in Islamist countries. Please pray for their cause to be taken up by the nations in terms of granting aid, justice and protection. Intercede for courage and comfort to be granted to those who suffer.

PATRIOTS OWNER KRAFT TO DONATE $6 MILLION FOR ISRAEL’S FIRST AMERICAN FOOTBALL STADIUM: On the heels of his franchise’s latest Super Bowl title, New England Patriots owner and five-time National Football League (NFL) champion Robert Kraft has announced that he will donate $6 million for a new stadium near Jerusalem. “This isn’t a business trip. It’s something about spirituality,” said Kraft, who is currently visiting Israel. Set to open later this year, the stadium will be Israel’s first regulation-sized American football field and will serve the country’s growing interest in the sport. Currently, there are 1,350 active football players in Israel, with dozens of teams across the country. (Algemeiner)

The suggestions, opinions and scripture references made by JNN writers and editors are based on the best information received.

Barry Segal with the Editorial Staff
Israel Update from David Dolan

Israel Update from David Dolan


Anyone remotely familiar with the Good Book knows that the number seven holds a special place in Biblical numerology.  This revelation begins with the very first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, where we are told that the Sovereign Lord created the world in seven days, which then became the basis of our internationally recognized seven day week.  Later in Genesis God reveals to Pharaoh through Joseph that Egypt will be blessed by seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of drought and famine. 

In Leviticus 25, the Creator unfolds His pattern for the recurring seven year Jewish agricultural cycle that ends with the seventh “Shmitah” year.  God then reveals that seven cycles of seven years will end with the fiftieth “Jubilee Year.”  Later Ezekiel is told that the Israelis will spend seven years burning the weapons used in the end time “Gog and Magog” invasion, led apparently by Russia (more on that later).  The prophet Daniel learns from an angel that a total of seventy years have been “determined” for the Jewish people before history ends—the last week of sevens terminating with Messiah’s majestic rule over all the earth.

In modern times, years ending in seven have proved to be critical in the restoration of the Jewish state of Israel after an absence from the world stage of nearly 2,000 years.  In November 1917, the British government issued the seminal “Balfour Declaration” which played a pivotal role in Israel’s contemporary re-creation.  Exactly 30 years later in November 1947, the United Nations confirmed the British “Mandate” to oversee the establishment of a modern Jewish state within the boundaries of the biblical Promised Land, which sparked off Israel’s first war with surrounding Muslim countries.

Twenty years later, in June 1947, vastly outnumbered Jewish soldiers captured the walled Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site on earth for over three millennia, along with Jordan’s self-annexed “West Bank” and the outlying Sinai Peninsula in the south and the strategic Golan Heights in the north.  While these unexpected conquests greatly enhanced Israel’s power  and reach in the region, they also led to yet another major conflict in 1973, and contributed to the 1982 Lebanon war and other military bust ups that have taken place with wearying regularity ever since then. 

In June 1977, Menachem Begin became the first conservative Likud party leader to rule over Israel after three decades of left wing Labor party governance.  This led to many significant changes in Israel and the region, including the Camp David peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and the start of significant Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria, Israel’s biblical heartland.

In the final weeks of 1987, just before I began reporting for the American CBS radio network, the first “Palestinian uprising” began in the Gaza Strip, which would ignite further regional upheaval and result in many deaths.  Twenty years later in June 2007, Israeli Air Force jets destroyed a nascent nuclear reactor being constructed in the eastern Syrian Desert with North Korean and Iranian assistance, thus removing the probability that Syria and Iran would develop nuclear weapons in the near term. 

Some may argue that our Western calendar is not relevant to the Jewish people who follow their own, far more ancient, calendar.  This might be true except for the fact that Jewish years, which begin on Rosh Ha Shana in September, always end with the same digit as Gregorian calendar years.  Thus, we are now in the Jewish year 5777, which contains no less than three sevens in it!!  Given the biblical significance of the number seven, it may be an extraordinary year for sure.


Will this year, 2017—exactly 100 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued, 70 years after the UN basically endorsed it, and 50 years since divided Jerusalem was united under Israeli rule—prove to be another very significant year for the modern State of Israel?  Obviously only time will tell.  However the initial indications are that it may be an extremely crucial year indeed.

To begin with, it has only been a year and a half since the last of the four “Blood Moon” solar eclipses was visible in the skies above Israel and elsewhere on earth.  As many, including myself, noted at the time, the rare occurrence of such Tetrad eclipses on the Jewish festivals of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles have historically been closely related to crucial developments for the Jewish people, including the 1947 UN vote and the 1948-49 War of Independence and the 1967 Six Day War.  I and many others expressed the conviction that another major war could either precede, be concurrent with, or closely follow the latest rare round of Tetrad blood moons coinciding with Israel’s two week long biblical festivals.  I strongly suspect that this Jewish year, 5777, may well be the time when another major conflict engulfs the region. 


In my estimation, the foundations for a new regional conflict were laid in the 1980s.  Early in the decade, Iran—in the wake of the 1979 Shiite Muslim revolution—actively switched from being an ally of Israel to a self-declared enemy.   This new enmity was fleshed out in 1982 when Iran fathered the radical Hizbullah movement in war-torn Lebanon.  Today, the movement’s militia wing possesses one of the largest arsenals on earth, including chemical weapons and hundreds of thousands of mostly Iranian-supplied missiles and rockets.  For all we know, one or two “field” nuclear warheads may also be in its ever growing arsenal. It is fairly clear that Hizbullah would play a major role in any new regional conflict.

Later in the decade, the radical Sunni Muslim Hamas movement sprang up in the Gaza Strip.  Although Shiite and Sunni Muslims are currently busy slaughtering each other elsewhere in the roiling Middle East, especially in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, the mullahs in Iran have succeeded in allying their country with Hamas terrorists, providing financial aid, weapons, and military training to the radical movement which openly calls for Israel’s total destruction, as of course do officials in Tehran.  Earlier this month, Israeli army leaders declared that Hamas is now back to full fighting strength following the radical militia’s blistering defeat in the 2014 summer war, during which the terrorist group blasted parts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with mid range rockets for the first time. 

Another terror group, the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” movement based in Syria and Iraq, became a fully active player in the Muslim jihad war to annihilate Israel on February 9.  That is when the group announced that it had fired four rockets at the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat. The attack came from the nearby Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, where Islamic State fighters have been gaining strength for several years.  Israel’s highly sophisticated Iron Dome anti-rocket system successfully intercepted three of the rockets while a fourth landed in an open area outside of the Red Sea port city, which is always bustling with mainly European tourists this time of year.

One of the latest threats emanating from Tehran came in late January when Iranian Revolutionary Guards official Musqtada Al Sadr said that any attempt by President Trump to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem, would be considered “an act of war” by Iran and other Muslim countries and groups, and would be responded to accordingly.  In fact, Iran needs no excuse to go to war with Israel since it has already been in an open state of hostility with the world’s only Jewish State since 1979.  What Al Sadr’s harsh words seem to indicate is that Iran is now ready to attack Israel at any time, at the very least via its Muslim proxy forces stationed in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

In early February, the Shiite Islamic regime test fired another ballistic missile in violation of a UN resolution endorsing the 2015 nuclear pact between Iran, the Obama Administration and several other world powers.  President Trump responded by saying Iranian leaders were “playing with fire.  Later his new national security advisor, Michael Flynn, told reporters that “The international community has been too tolerant of Iran’s bad behavior. The ritual of convening a United Nations Security Council in an emergency meeting and issuing a strong statement is not enough.” 

In response to the warnings coming out of Washington, Supreme Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a fiery a speech on February 7, proclaiming that President Trump “should be afraid of me.”  He added that Trump’s electoral triumph “confirmed what we have been saying for more than 30 years about the political, economic, moral and social corruption in the US ruling system.”

Earlier in the week, Iranian-backed Yemeni Shiite Houthi rebels announced that their forces successfully launched a long range ballistic missile that can reach the Saudi capital of Riyadh.  Any missile attack upon the oil rich Sunni Arab country would probably unleash a much wider regional war along with a worldwide oil price surge that would greatly benefit Vladimir Putin’s struggling petroleum-based economy.   

Another possible regional war spark is the vicious internal conflict raging in neighboring Syria since early 2011, which has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and always has the potential of spilling over into Israel.  In fact, numerous clashes have already taken place along the shared border, and Israeli warplanes have periodically bombed Syrian, Hizbullah and Islamic State positions inside of the crumbling Arab country.  Several Israeli military analysts say the Trump Administration’s contested travel ban from Syria and six other regional Muslim countries has also increased the prospect of armed attacks upon American and Israeli targets in the turbulent Middle East and elsewhere.


The escalating turmoil in the Middle East comes as Russia continues to grow in regional strength and influence, largely due to America’s widely perceived retreat from the region under former President Barrack Hussein Obama. The prospect that Russian military forces may end up clashing with Western and/or Israeli forces, either by design or accident, is always ever present and seemingly growing. 

Meanwhile the Kremlin continues to strengthen Russian naval and air force bases located on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, which were largely abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.  Most recently, Russian ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear payloads have been spotted at Russian air and naval bases in Syria.  Dozens of Russian fighter aircraft and naval vessels are now routinely stationed in the blood-soaked Arab country.  To the north, the Kremlin is busy strengthening ties with NATO member Turkey, announcing in February that a major fuel pipeline will soon be constructed, designed to bring Russian natural gas to Turkey and other area countries.  Moscow is already the biggest gas supplier to many parts of Europe, adding to European Union reluctance to rattle the increasingly brash and beefy Russian bear.

Evidence continues to mount on the ground that Vladimir Putin is planning to invade the three small Baltic Sea states that were once under Soviet control but are now NATO members.  Analysts say President Trump’s expressed ambivalence about the North Atlantic military alliance, along with his desire to improve strained US ties with Putin that were severely frayed by Russia’s military seizure of the Crimean Peninsula, have added to the prospects that the Kremlin will launch military aggression against Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. 

With American military forces now stationed in nearby NATO member Poland, Putin continues to strengthen his military forces and hardware in the small Russian-controlled Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad which lies between Poland and Lithuania.  European military officials say a new hot war between Russia and the United States and at least some of its allies could break out in the area at any moment.

Many Christian prophecy buffs are expecting Russia to soon launch the international attack upon Israel foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39.  I’ve already mentioned that I do not share this view, given that the prophesied end time assault is said to end with Israel’s total spiritual salvation.  Such a “pre-tribulation” attack does not jive with other biblical oracles which reveal that a powerful worldwide ruler known as Antichrist will govern and oppress the entire planet, including Israel, for three and a half years before the final battles of history engulf the Middle East and elsewhere.  However a separate “preview war” pitting Russian forces against Israel and its allies, possibly including the United States, is entirely possible in my estimation.  Given Vladimir Putin’s escalating worldwide aggression, and Donald Trump’s apparent assertiveness, such military clashes may now be considered probable.  It may be that in the midst of any pending clash between Syria and Israel, the Syrian capital city of Damascus will be entirely wiped out, as foretold in Isaiah 17.  I suspect that this ancient oracle will be the next one to be fulfilled on the world stage as the prophesied final military and spiritual showdowns of history unfold. 


Is the explosive Middle East about to erupt in another major regional war?  A longtime friend of mine living in
Jerusalem recently sent me a report stating that several prominent Jewish and Gentile believers have received “prophetic words and dreams” in recent months concerning imminent war in the Promised Land.  Although it now appears that Donald Trump may fail to keep his campaign promise to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem—in the face of intense Muslim opposition to the proposed move—many Muslim countries and militant groups remain upset that his newly appointed ambassador to Israel, an Orthodox Jew, intends to live in and operate out of Judaism’s holiest city on earth. Trump’s failure to echo Obama’s harsh condemnation of new Israeli home construction in Judea and Samaria, and the new President’s much tougher stand against Iran, have surely added to the chances that another major Middle East war is in the offing. 

Even before Trump was unexpectedly elected as America’s next Commander in Chief, Israeli security forces were busy preparing for stepped up Arab violence this year.  Several Muslim groups had already indicated they would mark Israel’s jubilee conquest of Jerusalem’s walled Old City and nearby Judea and Samaria by escalating violent assaults upon Israel’s Jewish population.  The recent Hamas rocket attack upon Israeli territory may well prove to have been the opening round in a fresh clash between the extremist Palestinian Muslim group and Israeli armed forces.  The unprovoked Hamas attack prompted Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to warn that the world’s only Jewish State would “win a decisive victory this time” if another clash with the terrorist militia breaks out.

Many analysts assert that Trump’s unexpected election has also added to the prospects that one or more of America’s bitter enemies may launch armed assaults against the United States and/or its close allies.  I still sense in my prayer times that a major attack upon the American homeland, possibly a nuclear one, is looming.  This could emanate from Communist North Korea which has vowed to fire nuclear weapons at the superpower.  Russia and Iran and their cronies are among several other obvious adversarial candidates as well.
Many American Christian leaders have been publicly stating their opinion that Donald Trump’s surprise electoral triumph signals a new, more spiritual road ahead for the deeply divided country.  Some assert that the divine judgments which many were expecting had Hillary Clinton assumed power have now been cancelled.  They point in particular to the fact that the new Vice President, Mike Pence, is a born again Christian, along with several other top administration appointees like Dr. Ben Carson. 

Now residing in the troubled United States after living over 30 years in Israel, I would obviously like to believe that no major internal or external upheaval is looming on the cloudy American horizon.  However it is already clear that Trump’s brashness and propensity to upset other world leaders, both traditional friends and foes (along with not a few of his own citizens), is stirring up anti-American feelings in many places.  America was already losing global respect and influence under the relatively hapless Obama, despite his attempts to placate the world with his “progressive” stands.  Under the more nationalistic and rather bombastic Trump, we can expect an escalation of anti-American sentiment and action for sure. 

Many more difficult days seem to lie just ahead for America, Israel and the rest of the sin-soaked world.  However we who know the Lord as our Savior and King can rejoice over the fact that these dark days were clearly foretold long ago by many ancient Hebrew prophets, including Peter, Paul and Yeshua (Jesus).  In fact, the Lord instructed His followers to “lift up your heads” toward heaven in response to the world’s end time drama because the dark days would signal that “your redemption is drawing near” (Luke 22:28).    And that is the glowing silver lining behind today’s stormy skies. 

Blessings and shalom,

David Dolan


DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who moved to Israel from his native America in 1980. Although he now resides once again in the United States, he continues to write and speak about the country that he keeps a watchful eye on. 
Regional children’s program in northern Israel  Feb. 10, 2017

Some years ago, God gave us a vision to create an after-school program that would bring together children from our diverse community in a fun and creative atmosphere. Since we started in 2012, over 100 children from 10 different congregations all over the Western Galilee have participated. In any given year around 40 children attend, both Jewish and Arab.

One of the main reasons we wanted to set up a program like this was to provide children from believing families with a midweek “oasis” – a safe place of fellowship and unity. They all attend different schools and are isolated in their day to day routine from other believers. (In Israel it is rare for there to be more than one or two believers in an entire school.) The congregational fellowship on the weekend is simply not enough.

In addition, our hearts have been broken to see division in the body of Messiah. We want to be an agent for unity. Children are a great place to start because they don’t have prejudices towards each other’s “worship style,” theology or ethnicity.

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JNN News Update Feb. 10, 2017

JNN News Update Feb. 10, 2017

IRON DOME INTERCEPTS MULTIPLE ROCKETS FIRED FROM EGYPT OVER EILAT: A red alert siren sounded in Eilat in southern Israel Wed. night, 8 Feb. 2017 the IDF reported. At least four missiles were fired from the direction of the Egyptian border and three were successfully intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Eilat Police reported that none of the rockets fell within city limits. The incident comes just hours after a mortar fell in the Golan Heights near the border fence. There were no known causalities or damage. The IDF reported that the mortar was spillover from fighting within Syria, and in response, the IDF attacked a target in the northern Syrian Golan and confirmed a hit. Such spillover is not unusual, and the IDF has usually responded, even if it was expected to be accidental, with attacks against Syrian Army positions. (J.Post) Intercede for the ongoing protection of Israel’s southern and northern borders; against intentional missile fire from terrorist group, Hamas, in the Gaza Strip and ISIS associated factions operating from the Sinai Desert - as well as from spillover fire from the Syrian conflict in the North.

IDF RESPONDS TO ROCKET AND GUNFIRE FROM GAZA: IDF tanks and aircraft destroyed six Hamas positions on 6 Feb. 2017, after a rocket was fired toward Israel and Hamas forces opened fire on an IDF force working near the Gaza border fence. Israel’s PM Netanyahu said: "We will respond to all shooting with heavy fire. There is no way that someone can shoot at us and we don't respond." (Ynet News)

NEW HAMAS PROPAGANDA VIDEO: 'BE PRECISE, HIT ISRAELI ARMY HEADQUARTERS': As tensions between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip increase, Hamas has issued a new animated video in Hebrew, called “Zionist: You Will Perish in Gaza.” The song was uploaded to YouTube on Tues. night 7 Feb. 2017, and has started going viral. The rhetoric including “I will eat you alive, tastes best without salt, Zionist –Yes, yes, you” is accompanied by swords chopping bodies in half, and bloody heads being severed. The video threatens Israeli military sites including the “kirya” or Defense Ministry, and is sung in Arabic-accented Hebrew. Israeli analysts said the goal of the video was to scare Israelis into pressuring their government not to enter a new round of fighting in Gaza. Earlier this week, a rocket from Gaza hit southern Israel and Israel responded with a series of attacks on Hamas installations in Gaza. (Medialine)

GAZA STRIP TERRORIST GROUP PREPARES FOR THE NEXT ROUND OF WAR: Abu Ubaida, spokesman of Hamas' military wing, said at a recent ceremony in Gaza that Hamas views the Palestinian problem as a problem of the Islamic world and an existential, historical, struggle. "Hamas has never for a moment given up its strategy of destroying Israel. Although the military balance of power is in Israel's favor, Hamas is constantly improving its capabilities and building its military preparedness for the next round. It aims to inflict painful strategic blows on Israel through short- and long-range rocket fire, attack tunnels, booby-trapped drones, naval commando forces infiltrated into Israeli territory, and even cyber warfare and hacking into IDF soldiers' computers and telephones. Hamas has fully rehabilitated its military capabilities that were damaged in the 2014 Gaza war. Currently, Hamas has several thousand rockets aimed at Israel and dozens of attack tunnels, intended to infiltrate gunmen under the Gaza border into Israel for murder and kidnapping attacks against civilians and soldiers. Hamas works round the clock on manufacturing rockets and digging tunnels.” (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Everything; all resources, goals, hopes, educational tools, and endeavors of the ruling Gaza Strip terrorist organization are always and ever focused on the “destruction of Israel.” Hamas wastes hundreds of millions of financial aid dollars, donated by world governments, on unending incitement, attacks, and hopeless wars against the Jewish state. When Israel finally needs to defend its citizens against ongoing rocket fire and terrorist attacks, Hamas then cries to the world for funds to rebuild structures and areas shattered by who they call the “oppressor”, Israel. Such funds, instead of being used for construction, are then put into the terrorist coffers once again to start reequipping the arsenals and building terrorist tunnels for the next round against the Jewish state. Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. The Gaza Strip is clearly run by madmen. Pray for a miracle of change to take place in the Gaza Strip government and for an overthrow of the Hamas terrorist organization.

2017 TERROR FORECAST FOR USA, EUROPE ‘ALARMING,’ SAYS HOUSE REPORT: The USA and European terror forecast for 2017 'looks alarming,' in part because of increased pressure on ISIS and other terror groups on their home turf, according to a monthly assessment by House lawmakers. Officials predicted necessary efforts to crush foreign terror groups could actually spur more attacks on Western soil. Coming attacks in the USA and Europe could be carried out by lone wolves as well as homegrown terrorists who return from fighting in such places as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. “I am very encouraged that the Trump administration is preparing to put greater pressure on jihadists in their safe havens throughout the world,” said House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul. “But as they do, we can expect to see militants [terrorists] returning to the West to build new networks and to plot more deadly operations.” The report is based on information gleaned from the media, publicly available government data and documents and nongovernmental assessments. Since the beginning of 2016, there have been plots or attacks by 39 homegrown jihadists in 19 USA states. Two instances occurred on American soil last month: The attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport carried out in the first week of 2017 by Esteban Santiago, radicalized by ISIS videos, and the 31 Jan. murder of a Denver Regional Transportation District contract security officer by a suspect carrying jihadist material in his backpack. The report also cites numerous incidents in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (Fox)

PM: ISRAEL FIGHTS TERROR, PROVIDES A SERVICE TO EUROPE: Israel’s PM Netanyahu said on 7 Feb. 2017, "Israel is at the forefront of countries that fight against radical Islam. We share intelligence on terrorism." Speaking at the beginning of a meeting with Belgian PM Charles Michel, Netanyahu stressed, "It is important to recognize that Israel is the most powerful force in the Middle East preventing the collapse of the western Middle East. If this would happen, it would cause terrible suffering to many millions of residents of the region, and the flow of refugees to Europe would increase. Israel prevents it. In many ways it is one of the most powerful forces preventing the strengthening of the tragedy. I think in that sense, Israel is doing an important service to the peoples of Europe including Belgium." (INN)

NETANYAHU: BRITAIN AND ISRAEL SEE ‘EYE TO EYE’ ON NUCLEAR IRAN: During his visit to Britain to meet with PM Theresa May on 6 Feb. 2017, Israel’s PM Netanyahu confirmed that both states see “eye to eye” on nuclear Iran. Netanyahu met with May ahead of a diplomatic visit to Belgium. Speaking to the press following their meeting, he confirmed that Israel and Britain agree on the grave danger that stems from Iran’s buildup and aggression, and its expansion into vast areas, as well as consequences for Iran should its aggression continue. Netanyahu and May’s meeting centered on strengthening ties between the UK and Israel as Britain exits the European Union, as well as increasing cooperation and development in the areas of economy, cyber security and technology. Netanyahu stated that both leaders discussed not only Iran as the greatest threat to the Jewish State, but also spoke about Syria, terrorist group, Hezbollah and Iran’s involvement in supporting terror against Israel in the Middle East. He emphasized that both “agreed that it is important to stop this situation through a number of means.” Addressing the press, May stated that “Britain remains a very strong, close friend of Israel, with lots of areas in which we already work together, such as science and trade, but also other areas like security,” adding that there are “multiple areas that we can add to that, looking to the future.” (Kehila News)

HEBREW UNIVERSITY ARCHAEOLOGISTS FIND 12 DEAD SEA SCROLL CAVE: After years of fruitless searches for further Dead Sea Scrolls in caves on the cliffs near the historic Dead Sea, archaeologists on 8 Feb. 2017 claimed to have evidence of a 12th cave, which once held more hidden scrolls from the Second Temple period. However, after excavating the ancient hollow, located near the sea’s northwestern shore, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers concluded that the additional scrolls were looted by Bedouins in the middle of the last century. The archeologists, including Dr. Oren Gutfeld and Ahiad Ovadia from the university’s Institute of Archeology, are the first in over 60 years to have discovered a new scroll cave. “Numerous storage jars and lids from the Second Temple period were found hidden in niches along the walls of the cave, and deep inside a long tunnel at its rear,” recalled Gutfeld. “The jars were all broken and their contents removed, and the discovery towards the end of the excavation of a pair of iron pickaxe heads from the 1950s, stored within the tunnel for later use, proves the cave was looted.” Until recently, it was believed that only 11 caves had contained the coveted scrolls. “Although at the end of the day no scroll was found, the findings indicate beyond any doubt that the cave contained scrolls that were stolen,” he said. “Those findings include the jars in which the scrolls and their coverings were hidden, a leather strap for binding the scroll, a cloth that wrapped the scrolls, tendons and pieces of skin connecting fragments, and more.” While lamenting the theft, Israel Hasson, director-general of the Israel Antiquities Authority, contended that the discovery bodes well for future finds. (Arutz-7)

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