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09 February 2017 Written by  Vision for Israel
IRON DOME INTERCEPTS MULTIPLE ROCKETS FIRED FROM EGYPT OVER EILAT: A red alert siren sounded in Eilat in southern Israel Wed. night, 8 Feb. 2017 the IDF reported. At least four missiles were fired from the direction of the Egyptian border and three were successfully intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Eilat Police reported that none of the rockets fell within city limits. The incident comes just hours after a mortar fell in the Golan Heights near the border fence. There were no known causalities or damage. The IDF reported that the mortar was spillover from fighting within Syria, and in response, the IDF attacked a target in the northern Syrian Golan and confirmed a hit. Such spillover is not unusual, and the IDF has usually responded, even if it was expected to be accidental, with attacks against Syrian Army positions. (J.Post) Intercede for the ongoing protection of Israel’s southern and northern borders; against intentional missile fire from terrorist group, Hamas, in the Gaza Strip and ISIS associated factions operating from the Sinai Desert - as well as from spillover fire from the Syrian conflict in the North.

IDF RESPONDS TO ROCKET AND GUNFIRE FROM GAZA: IDF tanks and aircraft destroyed six Hamas positions on 6 Feb. 2017, after a rocket was fired toward Israel and Hamas forces opened fire on an IDF force working near the Gaza border fence. Israel’s PM Netanyahu said: "We will respond to all shooting with heavy fire. There is no way that someone can shoot at us and we don't respond." (Ynet News)

NEW HAMAS PROPAGANDA VIDEO: 'BE PRECISE, HIT ISRAELI ARMY HEADQUARTERS': As tensions between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip increase, Hamas has issued a new animated video in Hebrew, called “Zionist: You Will Perish in Gaza.” The song was uploaded to YouTube on Tues. night 7 Feb. 2017, and has started going viral. The rhetoric including “I will eat you alive, tastes best without salt, Zionist –Yes, yes, you” is accompanied by swords chopping bodies in half, and bloody heads being severed. The video threatens Israeli military sites including the “kirya” or Defense Ministry, and is sung in Arabic-accented Hebrew. Israeli analysts said the goal of the video was to scare Israelis into pressuring their government not to enter a new round of fighting in Gaza. Earlier this week, a rocket from Gaza hit southern Israel and Israel responded with a series of attacks on Hamas installations in Gaza. (Medialine)

GAZA STRIP TERRORIST GROUP PREPARES FOR THE NEXT ROUND OF WAR: Abu Ubaida, spokesman of Hamas' military wing, said at a recent ceremony in Gaza that Hamas views the Palestinian problem as a problem of the Islamic world and an existential, historical, struggle. "Hamas has never for a moment given up its strategy of destroying Israel. Although the military balance of power is in Israel's favor, Hamas is constantly improving its capabilities and building its military preparedness for the next round. It aims to inflict painful strategic blows on Israel through short- and long-range rocket fire, attack tunnels, booby-trapped drones, naval commando forces infiltrated into Israeli territory, and even cyber warfare and hacking into IDF soldiers' computers and telephones. Hamas has fully rehabilitated its military capabilities that were damaged in the 2014 Gaza war. Currently, Hamas has several thousand rockets aimed at Israel and dozens of attack tunnels, intended to infiltrate gunmen under the Gaza border into Israel for murder and kidnapping attacks against civilians and soldiers. Hamas works round the clock on manufacturing rockets and digging tunnels.” (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Everything; all resources, goals, hopes, educational tools, and endeavors of the ruling Gaza Strip terrorist organization are always and ever focused on the “destruction of Israel.” Hamas wastes hundreds of millions of financial aid dollars, donated by world governments, on unending incitement, attacks, and hopeless wars against the Jewish state. When Israel finally needs to defend its citizens against ongoing rocket fire and terrorist attacks, Hamas then cries to the world for funds to rebuild structures and areas shattered by who they call the “oppressor”, Israel. Such funds, instead of being used for construction, are then put into the terrorist coffers once again to start reequipping the arsenals and building terrorist tunnels for the next round against the Jewish state. Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. The Gaza Strip is clearly run by madmen. Pray for a miracle of change to take place in the Gaza Strip government and for an overthrow of the Hamas terrorist organization.

2017 TERROR FORECAST FOR USA, EUROPE ‘ALARMING,’ SAYS HOUSE REPORT: The USA and European terror forecast for 2017 'looks alarming,' in part because of increased pressure on ISIS and other terror groups on their home turf, according to a monthly assessment by House lawmakers. Officials predicted necessary efforts to crush foreign terror groups could actually spur more attacks on Western soil. Coming attacks in the USA and Europe could be carried out by lone wolves as well as homegrown terrorists who return from fighting in such places as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. “I am very encouraged that the Trump administration is preparing to put greater pressure on jihadists in their safe havens throughout the world,” said House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul. “But as they do, we can expect to see militants [terrorists] returning to the West to build new networks and to plot more deadly operations.” The report is based on information gleaned from the media, publicly available government data and documents and nongovernmental assessments. Since the beginning of 2016, there have been plots or attacks by 39 homegrown jihadists in 19 USA states. Two instances occurred on American soil last month: The attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport carried out in the first week of 2017 by Esteban Santiago, radicalized by ISIS videos, and the 31 Jan. murder of a Denver Regional Transportation District contract security officer by a suspect carrying jihadist material in his backpack. The report also cites numerous incidents in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (Fox)

PM: ISRAEL FIGHTS TERROR, PROVIDES A SERVICE TO EUROPE: Israel’s PM Netanyahu said on 7 Feb. 2017, "Israel is at the forefront of countries that fight against radical Islam. We share intelligence on terrorism." Speaking at the beginning of a meeting with Belgian PM Charles Michel, Netanyahu stressed, "It is important to recognize that Israel is the most powerful force in the Middle East preventing the collapse of the western Middle East. If this would happen, it would cause terrible suffering to many millions of residents of the region, and the flow of refugees to Europe would increase. Israel prevents it. In many ways it is one of the most powerful forces preventing the strengthening of the tragedy. I think in that sense, Israel is doing an important service to the peoples of Europe including Belgium." (INN)

NETANYAHU: BRITAIN AND ISRAEL SEE ‘EYE TO EYE’ ON NUCLEAR IRAN: During his visit to Britain to meet with PM Theresa May on 6 Feb. 2017, Israel’s PM Netanyahu confirmed that both states see “eye to eye” on nuclear Iran. Netanyahu met with May ahead of a diplomatic visit to Belgium. Speaking to the press following their meeting, he confirmed that Israel and Britain agree on the grave danger that stems from Iran’s buildup and aggression, and its expansion into vast areas, as well as consequences for Iran should its aggression continue. Netanyahu and May’s meeting centered on strengthening ties between the UK and Israel as Britain exits the European Union, as well as increasing cooperation and development in the areas of economy, cyber security and technology. Netanyahu stated that both leaders discussed not only Iran as the greatest threat to the Jewish State, but also spoke about Syria, terrorist group, Hezbollah and Iran’s involvement in supporting terror against Israel in the Middle East. He emphasized that both “agreed that it is important to stop this situation through a number of means.” Addressing the press, May stated that “Britain remains a very strong, close friend of Israel, with lots of areas in which we already work together, such as science and trade, but also other areas like security,” adding that there are “multiple areas that we can add to that, looking to the future.” (Kehila News)

HEBREW UNIVERSITY ARCHAEOLOGISTS FIND 12 DEAD SEA SCROLL CAVE: After years of fruitless searches for further Dead Sea Scrolls in caves on the cliffs near the historic Dead Sea, archaeologists on 8 Feb. 2017 claimed to have evidence of a 12th cave, which once held more hidden scrolls from the Second Temple period. However, after excavating the ancient hollow, located near the sea’s northwestern shore, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers concluded that the additional scrolls were looted by Bedouins in the middle of the last century. The archeologists, including Dr. Oren Gutfeld and Ahiad Ovadia from the university’s Institute of Archeology, are the first in over 60 years to have discovered a new scroll cave. “Numerous storage jars and lids from the Second Temple period were found hidden in niches along the walls of the cave, and deep inside a long tunnel at its rear,” recalled Gutfeld. “The jars were all broken and their contents removed, and the discovery towards the end of the excavation of a pair of iron pickaxe heads from the 1950s, stored within the tunnel for later use, proves the cave was looted.” Until recently, it was believed that only 11 caves had contained the coveted scrolls. “Although at the end of the day no scroll was found, the findings indicate beyond any doubt that the cave contained scrolls that were stolen,” he said. “Those findings include the jars in which the scrolls and their coverings were hidden, a leather strap for binding the scroll, a cloth that wrapped the scrolls, tendons and pieces of skin connecting fragments, and more.” While lamenting the theft, Israel Hasson, director-general of the Israel Antiquities Authority, contended that the discovery bodes well for future finds. (Arutz-7)

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