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15 March 2017 Written by  Vision for Israel
4 ARRESTED FOLLOWING JERUSALEM TERROR ATTACK: Police raided the eastern Jerusalem home of the Arab terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack which left two Border Police officers injured early Monday morning 13 March 2017. The attack took place at a security post just outside of the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist entered a booth occupied by the two officers and proceeded to stab them before being shot and killed. One officer suffered serious injuries, while the other has been listed in light-to-moderate condition. Both were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and are in stable condition. After the attack, police and Border Police officers raided the terrorist’s home in the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, searching the premises and taking four of the terrorist’s relatives into custody. Police say the four are being questioned in connection with the attack. Jabel Mukaber has been dubbed a terrorist hotbed by security experts, who warn of increasing support there for the ISIS terror movement. "The neighborhood school brings parents of terrorists to laud the greatness of their children's activities,” said Dr. Ephraim Herrera, an expert on Islam and the Middle East. “Our inquiries to the Education Ministry were answered saying it is a private school, so don't be surprised that this is happening." (Arutz-7) Pray for the swift and complete recovery of Israel’s latest terror victims – also for the protection of Jerusalem and surrounding areas from brutal outbreaks of terrorist violence.

24 PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY SCHOOLS FUNDED BY UK, EU IGNORE AID CONDITIONS, CONTINUE TO INDOCTRINATE STUDENTS TO COMMIT VIOLENCE AGAINST ISRAELIS: A British daily revealed on 12 March 2017 that 24 Palestinian Authority schools are openly ignoring Western demands to cease encouraging violence against Israelis - or else forfeit foreign aid. According to the Daily Mail, despite public outrage over the UK government’s payments to the PA as part of a commitment to spend £12 billion on foreign aid - following an expose by the paper last year about how taxpayers’ money was going toward paying salaries to convicted terrorists and families of suicide bombers - the schools in question have been continuing to incite students to terrorism through text books and classroom indoctrination. MP Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel - for which a report was prepared by Jerusalem-based research organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) - said that though she supports sending aid to the Palestinians, “We cannot stand idly by while the Palestinian Authority sanctions anti-Semitic incitement which poisons young minds and makes a two-state solution ever more difficult to achieve.”

Among the 24 schools in question, all dedicated to prominent Palestinian terrorists, are four named after the mastermind of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, one after the founder of Hamas and one after Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who backed Hitler during WWII and helped recruit for the SS. Another of the schools on the list, in Hebron, is one of three named after Dalal Mughrabi, the woman behind the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history - the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre, which left 37 people dead, among them 12 children. “Britain and the European Union bear responsibility for this terror when they are funding a school system that is actively promoting, and thereby creating, terrorism,” PMW head Itamar Marcus told the Daily Mail. “This is simply child abuse, encouraging kids to die in armed struggle. It is a terrible message for the next generation. Children are the key to peace, but look at what they are being exposed to from a young age, growing up in an environment of terror and told the killing of Israelis is a heroic action.” (Algemeiner) How grave is the tragic truth that Palestinians are destroying the souls of their own society and especially their children. They do so by glorifying terrorists as heroes, furthering incitement to hate and kill Jews via children’s TV programs, school text books and in summer camps designed to instill jihad aspirations in the young. Pray against the sacrifice of Palestinian children to jihadist hatred and murder.

JORDANIAN WHO KILLED ISRAELI GIRLS SAYS ISRAELI ‘HUMAN WASTE’ MUST BE ERADICATED: Hours after his release from 20 years in jail for gunning down seven Israeli schoolgirls, ex-Jordanian soldier Ahmed Daqamseh declared on 12 March 2017 that Israelis are “human waste” that must be eradicated. Daqamseh made his remarks to al-Jazeera TV station, shortly after returning from jail to his home village of Ibdir to cheering friends and family. “The Israelis are the human waste of people that the rest of the world has vomited up at our feet” he told the TV station. “We must eliminate them by fire or by burial. If this is not done by our hands, the task will fall on the future generations to do.” In a later media interview Daqamseh said that he did not want to cause political instability in Jordan, and indicated he was not planning to carry out future attacks. “My position regarding Zionists is known. I did what I did 20 years ago and that’s it,” he said. In March 1997, Daqamseh opened fire with an automatic weapon at Israeli schoolgirls on a trip to the Jordan-Israel border, killing seven of them and wounding five others and a teacher. A Jordanian court deemed Daqamseh mentally unstable and sentenced him to life in prison, rather than imposing the death penalty. Early this week Daqamseh was released from the Bab al-Hawa prison in Irbid, 60 miles north of the capital Amman after serving 20 years. Daqamseh was driven home in a convoy of dozens of cars whose drivers were honking their horns. His brother Bassem said the family home was full of well-wishers. (Times of Israel)

TRUMP CALLS MAHMOUD ABBAS, SAYS IT’S TIME TO MAKE PEACE: USA President Donald Trump on 10 March 2017 phoned Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and said the time had come to seek a genuine peace agreement with Israel. The President noted that the United States cannot impose a solution on the Israelis and Palestinians, nor can one side impose an agreement on the other,” read a statement released by the White House. Trump reportedly invited Abbas to visit Washington “in the near future.” Last month, Trump served notice to the Palestinians that he was not married to the two-state solution, and suggested he’d be willing to back any solution that Israel found most fitting. “I’m looking at two-state and one-state solutions, and I like the one that both parties like. I can live with either one,” he said during a press conference with visiting Israel PM Netanyahu. (Israel Today)

‘THERE’S NO ONE FOR ISRAEL TO NEGOTIATE WITH’: Israel is interested in pursuing bilateral negotiations for the resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict, National Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz said Monday 13 March 2017, but has no partner in the Palestinian Authority willing and able to make peace. Steinitz made the comments on Israel Radio just ahead of the arrival of special White House envoy Jason Greenblatt, who was slated to land in Israel Monday for talks with PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas. Minister Steinitz slammed the PA leader, arguing his extremist positions made negotiations between the PA and Israel impossible. “Israel is just telling the truth about Mahmoud Abbas’ extreme positions, which negate the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.” (INN) Former Deputy Education Minister Avi Wortzman has likewise in the past sharply criticized the Palestinian Authority for making endless demands to continue peace talks. ''They demanded independence, and we gave it to them. They demanded recognition of a Palestinian state, and we gave it to them. They demanded weapons and we gave them to them. They demanded Hebron, and we gave it to them. They demanded Gaza, and we gave it to them. They demanded terrorist releases, and we gave it to them, again and again," said Wortzman. "In response: we received attacks, we received wounded and dead, we received damage to our economy," he continued. "Now they're coming back and demanding we withdraw to '67 borders, with eastern Jerusalem as their capital. If we do it, God forbid, what will they ask for tomorrow? It's time to demand that we stop giving," he stated. "It's time to put our existential needs and our security before their demands. The time has come to say it clearly: this is our country. Ours - period."

LIBERMAN SUGGESTS NEW PEACE PUSH AFOOT, CALLS FOR POPULATION SWAPS: Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Monday 13 March 2017 that any future peace agreement with the Palestinians should not see some current Israeli Arab MKs as citizens of Israel. Liberman suggested that a new push for peace was on the horizon and warned against repeating what he said were the mistakes of the past. "On the threshold of a new attempt to start up diplomatic negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, we must learn the lessons of the past, and the first lesson is: every attempt to solve the Palestinian issue on a land-for-peace basis is destined to fail." Liberman said that "the only way to a sustainable agreement is through land and population swaps as part of a larger regional peace deal." The defense minister suggested that Israel's Arab population should be part of a Palestinian state if a two-state solution were to be agreed upon. "It cannot be that a hegemonic Palestinian state will be established, without a single Jew - 100% Palestinian, and Israel will be a bi-national state with 22% Palestinians," he stated. "There is no reason that Sheikh Raed Salah, Ayman Odeh, Bassel Ghattas or Haneen Zoabi will continue to be citizens of Israel," he added, referencing the leader of the Islamic Movement's Northern Branch as well as three Joint List MKs. (J.Post)

JEWISH CENTERS IN USA, CANADA HIT WITH FRESH SPATE OF BOMB THREATS: Several Jewish centers in the USA and Canada received bomb threats Sunday 12 March 2017, as a wave of menacing calls and emails showed little sign of subsiding. Threats were reported at JCCs serving Rochester, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Houston, Texas. All the threats were found to be non-credible and the centers were able to resume operations a short time later. The calls and emails came as Jewish communities around the globe celebrated the holiday of Purim. According to the Anti-Defamation League, there have been 152 threats this year against Jewish institutions in 37 states and two Canadian provinces. Many of the institutions have been threatened more than once. In New York, where the Rochester JCC was evacuated for the second time in a week, Governor Andrew Cuomo called the threat “a despicable and cowardly act” of anti-Semitism on the Jewish holiday of Purim. He directed the New York State Police to work with federal and local law enforcement on an investigation. (Times of Israel)

INTEL TO BUY ISRAEL’S MOBILEYE FOR $15 BILLION: Technology giant Intel is purchasing Israeli company Mobileye for $14-15 billion, in the biggest deal in the history of Israel's high-tech industry. Mobileye, based in Jerusalem, develops driver assistance systems and is developing the technology for automated cars. In 2016, Mobileye teamed up with BMW and Intel to develop new technology that could put self-driving cars on the road by 2021. (Ha'aretz)

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