Israeli Messianic youth take a stand for their faith in school

27 April 2017 Written by  Kehila News Israel Staff  April 27, 2017

A new and encouraging phenomenon is taking place among Messianic young people in Israel: Israeli students who are believers are openly sharing about their faith in Yeshua at their schools. This sort of boldness seems to have been unprecedented until now.

After years of being suspended between their parents’ beliefs and a mostly secular society, Israeli Messianic youth are defining their identity and growing in confidence. Thanks to them, more Israelis hear the gospel every day.

Israeli law forbids adults from evangelizing minors, but there is no law prohibiting children from sharing their faith. The Kehila News Israel team contacted a few Messianic students who have shared their faith in their class. Here is what they had to say:

Sarit Roitman, 18, Jerusalem

“I wanted to do something more than just believing in my heart, beyond the fact that everyone knows me as a ‘Christian girl’ or ‘the girl with the strange religion.’ Specifically, I wanted to take a significant step in my life for Yeshua, to glorify His name, not just to introduce who ‘Messianic Jews’ are. I really wanted to tell my classmates about Yeshua, and that is what pushed me and gave me the courage, the will and the faith to share in front of the class.

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