A perfect picture of peace

07 June 2017 Written by  Charles Gardner
www.israeltoday.co.il  June 1, 2017

The massacre of the innocents in Manchester last week was a shocking reversal of scenes I witnessed in the city two years ago which was a perfect picture of reconciliation and peace.

The twisted ideology of Islamist suicide bomber Salman Abedi was a complete contrast to the loving arms I saw reaching out to one another at the event I headlined ‘Middle East peace in Manchester’.

Delegates from all over the Arab world had come together for a unique conference. And as Iran continued its aggressive stance against Israel, threatening to wipe the Jewish state off the map, Iranian refugees and asylum seekers now living in Britain embraced their Jewish ‘brothers’, some of whom had travelled from Jerusalem to meet with them. Also present was a sizeable contingent of Egyptians along with representatives from Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria.

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