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27 June 2017 Written by  Vision for Israel
ISRAELI ARMY HITS SYRIAN TARGETS AFTER MORTARS HIT GOLAN HEIGHTS: Israel retaliated against Syria over the weekend after ten projectiles from Syria landed in the Golan Heights, a popular Israeli tourist destination. There were no casualties reported although the Israeli government warned both hikers and farmers to stay away from the border. In response Israel fired missiles at tanks in Syria and according to Arab media reports, killed two Syrian soldiers. Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu warned that Israel will not tolerate any violation of its security on any front, including what he called “drizzle” of fire.” Israeli officials are concerned about spillover from the fighting between Assad and Syrian rebel groups. In April 2017 Israel fired a Patriot anti-ballistic missile, intercepting a drone that entered Israel’s air space from Syria. (Medialine) Be prayerfully alert to events taking place in countries adverse to the Jewish state on the other side of Israel’s northern borders. This region, most immediately, includes Syria and Lebanon, out of which terrorists groups rabidly hostile to Israel and supported by Iran, operate. Pray for the Lord’s angelic shields to be along Israel’s northern borders.

REPORTS: TRUMP FURIOUS WITH PALESTINIANS, MAY PULL OUT OF PEACE PROCESS: The international mainstream media painted last week's meeting between Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and USA President Donald Trump's senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as "productive." The London-based Arabic-language daily al-Hayat instead called the meeting "tense," and said it ended with a serious rift between the Americans and the Palestinians. According to Palestinian officials who spoke to the newspaper, Trump is now considering pulling out of the Mideast peace process altogether. Abbas is said to have been outraged when Kushner entered the room and conveyed Israel's demand that he stop using international financial aid to pay salaries to terrorists sitting in Israeli jails. Kushner also insisted that Palestinian officials halt all incitement against Israel, and expressed disappointment that Abbas had failed to condemn a deadly terrorist stabbing which occurred days ago in Jerusalem and took the life of a young female Border Police officer. Al-Hayat wrote that Abbas fired back by accusing Kushner of "taking Israel's side," and was adamant that paying salaries to convicted terrorists was part of his "social responsibility." (Israel Today) The single hope for peace in the Middle East is for the good news of Yeshua to penetrate through Muslim strongholds. Please pray to that end.

TRUMP’S FACE, ISRAELI FLAGS SPREAD ON CASKET IN IRAN RALLY: Millions of Iranians poured onto the streets on Friday 23 June 2017, as anti-Israel rallies got underway throughout the country, with protesters condemning the Jewish state, chanting vitriolic slurs and screaming "Death to Israel." In addition to the usual burning of Israeli and American flags, the marchers laid a casket on the street bearing images of USA President Trump's face, bordered with American flags and topped with multiple Israeli flags. Iran also displayed three surface-to-surface ballistic missiles, including the Zolfaghar—the type that Iran used this week to target ISIS in Syria. Another missile on display was the Ghadr, with a range of 1,250 miles that can reach both Israel and USA bases in the region. The anti-Israel rallies are an annual event marking Al-Quds Day, the historic Arabic name for Jerusalem. Iran doesn't recognize Israel and staunchly backs terrorist groups, including Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Al-Quds day rallies are held each year on the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. (Ynet) “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you,” Isa 54:17

USA ANTI-ISIS ENVOY VOWS NOT TO LET IRAN THREATEN ISRAEL FROM SYRIAN GOLAN: The USA will not let Iranian proxies threaten Israel from the Golan after ISIS-rule in Syria falls, USA envoy for combating ISIS Brett McGurk said on 22 June, 2017. Speaking at the IDC Herzliya Conference, McGurk said that he was “recently on the Golan looking at ISIS across the border” and that neither ISIS nor “Iranian proxies” can be allowed to remain to trouble Israel. The USA envoy sounded a victorious tone with a narrative of how the USA has helped put ISIS on the run in both Iraq and Syria, focused on ISIS clean-up operations. He said that the USA has undertaken “30,000 airstrikes on ISIS to date in the most precise air campaign in history.” (J.Post)

SAUDI PRINCE PROMOTED AS HEIR TO THRONE IS HARDLINER ON IRAN: In a stunning palace reshuffle with implications for Israel, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has designated his son Muhammad Bin Salman as his successor, boosting his already formidable powers while ousting the previous crown prince, his nephew Muhammad Bin Nayef. A royal decree also appointed 31-year-old Muhammad Bin Salman, who had been the deputy crown prince and will continue to serve as the defense minister and oil minister, to the additional post of deputy prime minister, while stripping Muhammad Bin Nayef, 57, of his post as interior minister. Thirty-one of the 34 members in Saudi Arabia’s Allegiance Council, which is made up of leading figures of the ruling Saud family, backed the changes. The new crown prince is ultra-hawkish on Iran. Bin Salman's firm anti-Iranian positions make him an important partner for Israel and the USA. He also agrees with America on the need to thwart Russian influence in the region; to topple President Bashar Assad's regime in Syria; and to act firmly against ISIS and other radical organizations, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hezbollah.. During the last two years, several Arab websites have reported that bin Salman also met with top Israelis. (J.Post/Ha’aretz)

RISING BRITISH ANTI-SEMITISM A THREAT TO JEWS EVERYWHERE: Isi Leibler is a veteran Diaspora Jewish leader and prolific commentator on Jewish and Israeli affairs. In a recent article, Leibler presented a grim picture of the predicament of Great Britain’s Jews. The threat to the well-being and safety of that community is real, and he suggests the threat may be worse than at any time since 1656 when Jews returned to that country after having been expelled in 1290. The need for Jews in the UK to hide their identity and provide armed guards for Jewish facilities and events has reached a critical point. Attacks upon Jews have been increasing, but the recent large vote in favor of the British Labour Party is really the ominous sign. The leader of that party, Jeremy Corbyn, came dangerously close to ousting PM Theresa May. He is a clear friend of Hamas and is a terrorist partisan. His surging popularity therefore suggests an imbalanced and negative attitude on the part of the British population toward Israel, and following that, hostility toward the Jewish People. Despite disclaimers by many of Israel’s enemies, anti-Israel movements, programs and policies are deeply anti-Semitic in intent, and represent a threat to Jews living outside of Israel. Imagine this: despite 69 years of sovereignty, despite thousands of years of claims to the Holy Land, Israel is still trying to “prove” its right to exist to people throughout the world. (J.Post)

UN EXCUSES WIFE-BEATING AS NATURAL REACTION TO ‘ISRAELI OCCUPATION’: First, they called terrorism a "natural reaction" to the presence of Jews in the Holy Land. Now, Palestinian men are being excused by the United Nations for taking out their frustrations with Israel on their own spouses. At a UN Human Rights Council debate this month, the director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, challenged a new report blaming Israel for when Palestinian husbands beat their wives. "Is it right to continue infantilizing Palestinians, such that when a man in Ramallah beats his wife, we encourage him to say ‘Israel made me do it’?" Neuer asked the report's author, Dubravka Simonovic, the UN Rapporteur on Violence against Women. Neuer further noted that while Israeli counter-terrorism measure might put pressure on the Palestinian population, that doesn't explain why violence against women is equally prevalent in the neighboring countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Nor was there any excuse for Simonovic's lack of actual evidence to support her conclusion. But, most notably, Neuer wondered how the report could draw a dubious link between Israeli security and Palestinian spousal abuse, while ignoring entirely the regular weekly sermons by Palestinian Muslim clerics encouraging such domestic violence. (Israel Today)

NASCAR’S FIRST ISRAELI DRIVER IS AN UNLIKELY SUCCESS STORY: Israeli race car driver Alon Day’s rise to the highest ranks of NASCAR has been an unexpected one for a variety of reasons. Here’s one of them: The 25-year-old has done the bulk of his training on computer-screen simulators. That’s because Israel didn’t have a motor sport race track until this year. This week he will become the first Israeli to compete in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series - the sport’s highest league of competition - when he races the No. 23 car for the BK Racing team at the Sonoma Raceway in Southern California. Day wears his Israeli and Jewish identities proudly. His car for this week’s race will sport a few Israeli flag stickers, and he’ll also have Stars of David on the left arm of his racing suit and on his belt. Day is well aware of the unlikeliness of his story - one that involves Israeli go-karts and plenty of computer games. “I’m going to make history for myself and for my country, Israel,” the Tel Aviv resident said. Day last week won the NASCAR Whelen Euro race in England (JTA)

ISRAEL – 70 YEARS CELEBRATION TOUR: After a very fun and successful tour last month in Israel, we are already announcing next year's "Israel - 70 Years Celebration" tour for 2018. The date of arrival and beginning of the tour in Israel will be April 15 and the departure date or end of tour will be on April 23. This is a one time opportunity to celebrate with the Israeli nation 'for such a time as this' during Independence Day. For more information as it develops, go to www.visionforisrael.com or make sure you are receiving the JNN news and prayer updates.

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