Guest Editorials from Members of the Board of The Messianic Times

06 July 2017 Written by  Rabbi Frank Lowinger
Our nation was recently rocked by the violent actions of an delusional and deranged man who deliberately set out to assassinate members of the Republican Party. While political leaders may wield enormous power, and we may not agree with the positions they take; still they are people and as such are as weak and vulnerable as any of us. How do we explain this latest American tragedy? Without question the reason behind the gunman’s violence rests in the continual onslaught of hate speech and rhetoric aimed at Conservatives, Republicans and those who maintain a biblical world view.
In effect, the shooter had been seriously affected by the unabated and incessant flow of rhetoric geared to demonize and dehumanize his political opponents.

In a time before the printing press, newspapers, radio and internet, this same destructive demonizing was used effectively through rancorous words, evil speech. King David writes about this in Psalm 64:3–5:

Hide me from the conspiracy of evildoers, from the tumult of workers of iniquity, who sharpened their tongue like a sword, and aimed their arrow— bitter words, to shoot from hiding at the innocent, shooting suddenly at him, with no fear.

When it comes to being victimized by the “conspiracy of evildoers” or those who shoot “at the innocent,” as Jews, we are no strangers. This same sinister and scandalous hate predicated on falsehood continues to be directed towards Israel and the Jewish people.

Calls for a Two-State Solution along with the never ending accusations condemning Israel for supposed human rights violations has taken a toll as uninformed nations believe these lies, thus fomenting further animus toward Israel.

Fake and falsified information is the standard operating procedure for most of our mainline news sources; eerily similar to the way Russian propaganda controlled all information.

When it comes to The Messianic Times you will not find any phony, fake news but sound factual information coming to you from conservative biblical perspective.

At the present time the paper is working through a transitional period as Rabbi Eric Tokajer has stepped down as our Executive Director. We thank him for his contributions and efforts.

As we move forward with new leadership on the horizon, I can fully assure you that this vital and integral arm of ministry will continually serve our revival movement. News and events taking place through the broad spectrum of Messianic Judaism will be ongoing along with informative features accentuating the vibrancy of God’s redemptive purposes both here and abroad.

We thank you one and all for your continued support for Messianic Judaism’s one and only centralized news source!

Respectfully and thankfully, Rabbi Frank Lowinger

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