Revival in Romania and Rome

Revival in Romania and Rome

As most are aware, Judaism has a rich history throughout Europe, both good and bad. God has protected a remnant of Jews through the Holocaust, Pogroms, the Inquisition, and numerous other expulsions and tragedies all across Europe. Even today, there is a boisterous and growing anti-Semitic spirit ever present. It is in this same part of the world that the Jewish community is seeing the beginnings of revival as God is restoring His people through the revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach.

The above words are the very real, literal experience of the story of the birthing of a Messianic Jewish community in Arad, Romania. Sitting near the border of Romania and Hungary, Arad has a deep and substantial history. It is one of the original birthplaces of the Reform Jewish movement, and there is a longstanding, active and traditional Jewish community there today.
Opportunities at RII's 13th Annual Camp Chalutzim
Reach Initiative International (RII) is an international Messianic Jewish ministry led by Rabbi Stewart and Chantal Winograd. RII was birthed from the Messianic synagogue in Belarus that the Winograds planted, led and still oversee and RII has grown into more of a blessing to the Kingdom of Messiah than could have been imagined.

RII’s ministry efforts has been instrumental in many in the Jewish community coming to faith in Messiah Yeshua, including Holocaust survivors and young people. Each year RII hosts Camp Chalutzim, a Messianic summer camp operated in Poland for Belorussian Messianic kids. This summer RII will venture into its 13th annual Camp Chalutzim, and each year the impact and effects on these young Messianic lives undeniable and more powerful.

On average, Camp Chalutzim serves about 100 teen and children campers, many of whom return the following year to serve at camp. The team who plans and orchestrates the camp consists of around 40 young adults from RII’s 4 Belorussian congregations. The team joyfully gives up their vacations in order to serve the Lord ministering to these young people hungry to encounter the Lord’s Presence.

Along with this team of Belorussians ministering at the camp, RII also opens up the opportunity for young adults (between the ages of 18-35) to come and join them as camp counselors. If you might be interested in serving as a Camp Chalutzim counselor this year please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application package and visit for more information.

The cost to serve with RII as camp counselor is $870 per person (plus roundtrip airfare to Poland).

You can enjoy some highlights from CAMP CHALUTZIM 2016 here:
UK Messianic Synagogue Gets a New Home
Adat Yeshua purchases its first Synagogue building!

Two years ago, our Messianic Jewish community was attacked during our Shavuot service. The police were called and we were forced to leave the building we rented and meet in a nearby home to conclude our service. As disruptive as it was we knew the Lord had removed our comfort zone and expelled us onto a journey of faith that would take us to today where we now own our own property and have a final, permanent place to call home. As a Messianic Jewish community here in Norwich, UK, we have existed for over 20 years, yet were never truly settled and rooted into the city where the Lord has called us to work. Yet His words of encouragement and prophecy continued to come, to expand the ministry and reach more people. His final word to us before we experienced the expulsion from the hall during Shavuot was ‘we must learn to walk on water’.

Two years later and feeling still wobbly on our faith ‘sea legs’ we set in motion a plan to purchase an old (1870s) church hall that had fallen on hard times. Originally designed and built for the glory of God, it had been sold to local secular users and then finally stood empty for three years. As soon as we saw it our hearts and spirits knew that this was the venture in the Lord we had to undertake: the restoration of this old building’s calling and designed purpose. The hall has been rededicated and consecrated for the Lord’s purposes once more. In six months, we began from having no finances to make this happen, to having over £200,000 in cash. We experienced some amazing miracles and watched as the ‘divine jigsaw’ of this vision came together before our eyes.

After the refurbishment is completed, we plan to have not only our own ministry housed in this place, but see it extended into Foodbank, educational initiatives and working with refugees amongst many other areas. The challenges are huge, but we know our Lord is bigger! Please join us in not only celebrating this amazing breakthrough for us, but also in upholding this project in prayer. As we have taken possession of this wonderful building the word of the Lord has changed this week from ‘walk on water’ to ‘live on water’. We shall trust and KNOW His provision!

To learn more about Adat Yeshua visit To contact the Rabbi, please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Rival Outreach Groups Feud Over DNA Test For ‘Lost Tribe’ of Jews   March 14, 2017

A program to test the Igbo of Nigeria for genetic links to Jews has heightened tensions between international groups representing mainstream Jews and Messianic Jews.

In February, Jewish Voice Ministries International organized a test to compare genetic samples from some 100 members of the Igbo group, who claim ancestral connections to the biblical Israelites, against a DNA bank of genes collected from Jews.

Shavei Israel, a high-powered Israeli organization also ramping up their own outreach to the Igbo, does not welcome the test and sees it as part of the growing threat Messianic Jews pose to the Israeli group’s mission.

“So called Messianic Jews are soul-snatchers and missionaries, who are trying to sell people a false bill of goods,” said Michael Freund, Shavei’s founder and chairman. “They try to convince some of these communities to unwittingly call themselves Jewish while at the same time believe in the Christian faith.”

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“Out of Zion” Brings Israel to the World
In October 2016 the God TV international television network launched Out of Zion, a daily devotional program broadcast from Israel and presented by Messianic Jewish leader Ron Cantor.

Out of Zion was created to help viewers learn about Israel, its historic Biblical sites and to understand Scripture from a Jewish perspective. Affirming his role, Cantor says, “I love Israel, not just the people, but the Land and the history. It has long been a dream of mine to go around this country and film, sharing with people about this amazing place.”
Ministering to Souls In Seoul

Ministering to Souls In Seoul

Quickly becoming one of the most globally impacting Messianic Jewish ministries, Ahavat Ammi founded and led by Rabbi Tzahi Shapira does not seem to be slowing down. In the past few years Rabbi Shapira has shared the Word and Messianic Jewish vision in numerous countries around the globe from France to Columbia and now to South Korea, and more to come.
Ecumenical Prayer Week in Oradea, Romania
For almost a century now believers in Romania from various denominations have gathered together every year in January for the Ecumenical Prayer Week. Each day of the week the participants unite in a different congregation, attempting to have this unifying time be hosted by each denomination participating. This event takes place now all across Romania.

In Oradea, Romania there are nine denominations represented in the Ecumenical Prayer Week, and as such, they have opted to extend the time to nine days to allow each to host. For the past three years, one of the invited participants is Rabbi David Nagy of Comunitatea Evreilor Mesianici, the local Messianic Jewish synagogue.

This year the Ecumenical Prayer Week began on January 15th at the Roman Catholic Cathedral. The participants will spend time in prayer in each congregation and hear a message based on the theme for the year. The current theme is from 2 Corinthians 5:14- “The love of Messiah compels us.” During this week the following denominations will be participating, and their congregational buildings will each serve as a gathering point for one day:

The Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church

The Bishop of the Greek Catholic Church

The Bishop of the Reformed (Hungarian) Church

The Priest of the Orthodox Christian Church

The Priest of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Priest of the Unitarian Church

The Pastor of the (Regional) Penticostal Church

The Pastor of the Penticostal/Charismatic Church

The Rabbi of the Messianic Jewish Community of Romania
Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Hanukkah with RII in Israel and Belarus
Reach Initiative International (RII), a Messianic Jewish ministry founded by Rabbi Stewart and Chantal Winograd, ministers faithfully in three different countries simultaneously. In two of those countries, Belarus and Israel, one of the primary focuses is sharing the love of Messiah with Holocaust survivors. The following is an update from their Hanukkah celebrations and ministry with Holocaust survivors in December 2016.

“There was joy, singing, dancing and fellowship over a meal for Holocaust Survivors in Israel and Belarus this past Chanukah.  Our teams took this opportunity to make sure that they knew they were loved and cared for.  Home visits with survivors really nurture deep personal relationships with them, and we become family to the many that don't have family and feel lonely especially on the holidays.

“In Belarus, one of RII's congregations presented a Chanukah play with special cast members… some of the survivors participated in it! It was such a warm atmosphere that brought all generations together.

“In Israel, we held celebrations in 4 different cities. Some of the Survivors shared their musical gifts and talents, some got up to dance and celebrate, and all enjoyed the time together celebrating.”

The generation of Holocaust survivors is getting smaller and smaller. With each pressing year the need they have for the love and hope of Messiah grows exponentially. These are people who have experienced the worst of humanity and have survived. Ministries like RII take on an important role in caring for, loving on and sharing the Gospel with them on a daily basis.
HIIM Update on Ethiopian Jews

HIIM Update on Ethiopian Jews

One of the most detrimental situations that anyone in the world’s Jewry today finds themselves in is that of plight of the Ethiopian Jews currently remaining in Ethiopian. With hopes of making Aliyah to their homeland of Israel as many as 10,000 Jews are awaiting just such an opportunity, while facing extreme hatred and torment from Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

In past years, many Ethiopian Jews were granted entrance to Israel under the immigration law to return. Since then, the plan to bring them home has been continuously interrupted and stopped by the government for various reasons; however, today, the aim to gather them back continues as the government of Israel approved yet another plan in 2015 to bring home the remaining 10,000 Ethiopian Jews. In October 2016, another 63 immigrants arrived to Israel welcomed by the Israeli Jewish community and family members.

Rabbi Kokeb Gedamu, who resides in Jerusalem, will be making an upcoming ministry trip to Ethiopia to assess and minister to the needs of Jews remaining in Ethiopia. This particular reality has a huge place in his heart personally being he and his family are Jews who were blessed to be able to make Aliyah to Israel years ago.

Gedamu is also the founder of House of Israel International Ministries (HIIM) which aims to bring relief aid and the Truth of Messiah Yeshua to Ethiopian Jews.
March of Life opens U.S. office!

March of Life opens U.S. office!

March of Life has opened a new international office in Dallas, Texas. The office opened officially on November 1st, 2016. March of Life Representative Katlyn Witherspoon is returning after a six-year stay in Germany to run the office. Her job will include supporting the March of Remembrance (the U.S. sister to the March of Life) nationally, contributing to international publications for the March of Life and maintaining public relations for the March of the Nations in Israel 2018.

The March of Life was initiated by Jobst Bittner in Tuebingen in 2007. Over the past years, events of remembrance and reconciliation have taken place across the globe; some of which were even held for days at a time and extended over hundreds of miles. The March of Life has been honored by the Knesset on several occasions for significant engagement with Holocaust survivors. The presiding Officer of German Parliament Norbert Lammert directed the following greeting towards the movement, "The initiative March of Life is worthwhile and important. Starting as a humble prayer campaign, it has long since turned into an international movement that incorporates eye-witnesses and descendants (after the Holocaust). I hope that many will allow themselves to be moved by this idea."¹

The March of Life stands for remembering the Holocaust, reconciliation and taking a stand against modern anti-Semitism and for Israel. The March of Remembrance will be held in several cities across the map for Yom haShoah on April 23rd, 2017.

March of Life Founder Jobst Bittner states, "We are very thankful that we have been able to send Katlyn Witherspoon, who has been a longstanding and trusted co-worker at our ministry in Germany, to become the representative for Global March of Life in the United States. Through her work she will help to strengthen the ties between March of Remembrance and Global March of Life and mobilize many for the March of the Nations in Israel 2018."

Sign up for the Global March of Life Newsletter: stay up-to-date on the March of the Nations in Israel!

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March of Life -

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