UK Messianic Synagogue Gets a New Home

16 March 2017 Written by 
Adat Yeshua purchases its first Synagogue building!

Two years ago, our Messianic Jewish community was attacked during our Shavuot service. The police were called and we were forced to leave the building we rented and meet in a nearby home to conclude our service. As disruptive as it was we knew the Lord had removed our comfort zone and expelled us onto a journey of faith that would take us to today where we now own our own property and have a final, permanent place to call home. As a Messianic Jewish community here in Norwich, UK, we have existed for over 20 years, yet were never truly settled and rooted into the city where the Lord has called us to work. Yet His words of encouragement and prophecy continued to come, to expand the ministry and reach more people. His final word to us before we experienced the expulsion from the hall during Shavuot was ‘we must learn to walk on water’.

Two years later and feeling still wobbly on our faith ‘sea legs’ we set in motion a plan to purchase an old (1870s) church hall that had fallen on hard times. Originally designed and built for the glory of God, it had been sold to local secular users and then finally stood empty for three years. As soon as we saw it our hearts and spirits knew that this was the venture in the Lord we had to undertake: the restoration of this old building’s calling and designed purpose. The hall has been rededicated and consecrated for the Lord’s purposes once more. In six months, we began from having no finances to make this happen, to having over £200,000 in cash. We experienced some amazing miracles and watched as the ‘divine jigsaw’ of this vision came together before our eyes.

After the refurbishment is completed, we plan to have not only our own ministry housed in this place, but see it extended into Foodbank, educational initiatives and working with refugees amongst many other areas. The challenges are huge, but we know our Lord is bigger! Please join us in not only celebrating this amazing breakthrough for us, but also in upholding this project in prayer. As we have taken possession of this wonderful building the word of the Lord has changed this week from ‘walk on water’ to ‘live on water’. We shall trust and KNOW His provision!

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